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Bitcoin Cash: Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) brings sound money to the world. Merchants and users are empowered with low fees and reliable confirmations. The future shines brightly with unrestricted growth, global adoption, permissionless innovation, and decentralized development. All Bitcoin holders as of block 478558 are now owners of Bitcoin Cash. All Bitcoiners are welcome to join the Bitcoin Cash community as we move forward in creating sound money accessible to the whole world.


[Mastercoin]( is a new protocol layer being built on top of bitcoin

Free BSV | BitCoin Faucet Website

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Free BSV | BitCoin Faucet Website

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FreeBSV | BitCoin faucet Website

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FreeBSV | BitCoin faucet Website

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Free BSV | BitCoin Faucet Website

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[TASK] Need help editing php and html on my bitcoin faucet website - $10

I run a bitcoin faucet website and I need help with adding code that tracks how many times a user fails a captcha and adds mandatory completion of a shortlink to claim bitcoin. Slave must create a account and add their bitcoin address their in order to receive payment. Withdrawing the btc from there will likely take a total of 3 days for you.
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free bitcoin faucet website xfaucets com

Now the bitcoin faucet website xfaucets com, three satoshi Bitcoins are issued every five minutes, sharing the promotion link successfully and life commition 10%. Take a little time each day and get a bit of bitcoin. When the real value of Bitcoin is reflected, you don't have to regret it like you didn't buy the coin in 12 years. You didn't start the coin at xfaucets com from today.
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Ultimate Guide To Running Your Own Bitcoin Faucet Website (Free PDF Ebook)

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Ultimate Guide To Running Your Own Bitcoin Faucet Website (Free PDF Ebook)

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Get 100 Free Bitcoin Faucet Websites - FK Teach

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[Blockchain Classroom] Lesson 10:Bitcoin faucet

In the first few years, Bitcoin was cheap and very easy to obtain. At the end of 2010, in order to let more people know and try to use Bitcoin, programmer Gavin Andreson paid $50 to buy 10,000 Bitcoin and created a website called "Bitcoin Faucet", which gave away 5 Bitcoin to anyone who visited the site for free. At the time, it was worth about 5 cents, which had a significant effect on people's acceptance of Bitcoin.

Later, someone imitated Gavin and set up a website similar to the Bitcoin Faucet. On one hand, a small amount of Bitcoin was distributed to users who visited the website. On the other hand, since these websites tend to get a lot of views, Bitcoin faucet websites can earn advertising fees by diverting traffic to major Bitcoin websites.

Bitcoin faucet websites have even formed a new business model. In the early days, about 50% of Bitcoin websites relied on them for traffic diversion.
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\Applying for CryptoCurrency Mod/

  1. 1 year + and 1851 Positive karma.
  2. No external subs. Have experience with CSS, SCSS, and even some frameworks for styling. Programmed a simple Javascript bot for auto free rolls and reward redemptions on a bitcoin faucet website I won’t name, even though they written no policy or stances on bots.
  3. None.
  4. VET and NAV are invested in. BTC as a default, invested in. Have interest in ICON, XRP, RVN, NULS, IOST and ETH.
  5. Eastern Standard time (EST). Pretty active on reddit due to consistent time implementations of FullStack development and also interest in learning more of blockchain development.
  6. I am hoping to become a capable developer for all types of development of interest. Currently mostly proficient in Front End development, FullStack capable, dabbled in some blockchain tech stacks (Web3js, IPFS so far.). Keep on learning and implementing projects, network and expand connections for sole development purposes, and interests in coding expands beyond the listed activities. Machine learning is also something I’d I want to spend more time on, however keeping pace in my current area is better to pace on. FullStack and sometimes even replacing the typical CRUD for RW (blockchain networks) depending on projects of interests.
  7. Not at the time being. Gathering resources on reddit for possible research content and interests relating to cryptocurrency is the primary use of my account.
  8. If developing and assisting with bot development is apart of the responsibility, I’d definitely be interested.
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A Winning Strategy For Free Bitcoin Faucet / Gambling Website

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A Winning Strategy For Free Bitcoin Faucet / Gambling Website

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Everipedia's Brave Contributor of the Day: After discovering Bitcoin in 2010, Gavin Andresen created a website called 'The Bitcoin Faucet', which gave away free bitcoin! He would be designated by Satoshi to lead development of Bitcoin core ⛏

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[TASK] Need php Html developer to help me integrate php files from the source code of of website into mine - $20

I run a bitcoin faucet website that uses a pretty lame script. I need help with adding code from php files from another faucet script into my website. I would like to basically suck all of the powers out of one script and put them on my website that is already running a different script.
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For Burst Marketing Team, ideas for Fundraising for free!

I have a way for the community to potentially raise funds for marketing efforts without having to start a donation fund or anything of the sort. I am not 100% sure if it would work, but honestly I don’t see why it wouldn’t.
I think the Burst marketing team should create a free website (just use or something), populate it with generic Burst articles (what is Burst, why choose Burst, etc.), and then fill it with ads from several different ad groups. This website would need to have a weird name to keep it free (it costs a monthly fee to add a custom domain name) but that should be fine, because its not meant to be a landing page for new Burst community members. The point of the website is that members of the community can follow a link to the website and view/click on ads, generating revenue for the marketing team that runs the website. Each time a different community member does this it should generate some profit that can then be used by the Burst marketing team in their future efforts.
This would provide a simple way for the average community member to feel useful and a part of something bigger with the coin, a simple easy way to raise funds for the parts of marketing where spending money is unavoidable, and best of all the community wouldn’t have to give up any of their Burst investment to do it! Likely the website would have to begin with just using anonymous ads ( because most other ad sites require your website to have so many daily views and a high enough alexa rank and such. (we could earn a bonus by making an initial account that “refers” the second main account, giving us an extra 50% on the first account from what we would be earning on the main account). However, with enough community support, we could bring this website into position to use ads from additional sources as well, boosting the income of the site. The reason we would want to have Burst articles on the site, instead of nothing but ads, is that many online ad companies require that your website have something useful/informational/entertaining on your website in order to use their platform.
The one problem with this is how to ensure that funds are used properly and not being taken by one individual or skimmed off the top or anything. One solution I thought of is having a group of three people that all know the password for the marketing accounts. That way there is a check if one of the three becomes a bad apple, so the other two can call them out and a new account can be made if needed. We essentially only need one of the people to be trustworthy then, so you have a much better chance of not running into corruption (no way to completely avoid this unfortunately). My thought was maybe it should be one dev, one high up person in the Guerilla marketing team, and perhaps just one other well trusted community member. Additionally, weekly “transparency” posts could be made where screenshots of the amounts earned, as well as a release of the public bitcoin address the raised funds would be stored would be good to prevent skimming or stealing by those in charge of the funds.
An additional way to potentially raise some funds is to create some Burst marketing accounts on bitcoin faucet websites, and then display the referral links on the reddit for community members to sign up there. Many sites give 50% commissions for referrals, so if just 200 community members used these links and earned 500 satoshi’s a day (depending on the site that can be easily achieved) the community would be generating 50,000 satoshi a day for marketing, without costing any of us a penny, or our burst! Just think if we could get 1000 members to use these links!
Please let me know what people think about this idea. I would be happy to work on the website (its really easy to make a decent website on wix) but I don’t think it would be a bad idea for the ground work to come from better known/trusted community members to inspire trust in the running of the website. (Not to say I wouldn’t be trustworthy, but the more up and up everything is, the better confidence the community can have in the fundraising efforts).
Also, one final note. I feel that even more important than getting onto new exchanges would be to get onto something like this as it would allow merchants to accept Burst MUCH easier, which is even more important than new exchanges for adoption. They have a vote that essentially costs 1 whole bitcoin from a coin’s community for them to list the coin (and it must be in the top 200 of market cap, which we will hopefully be back in soon). Just my thoughts on it. Sorry for the lengthy post, but I hope something comes out of it!
Edit: after some discussion on the burst marketing discord, I now see that this type of marketing scheme is probably not the direction that is ideal for Burst. As several dubious characters and communities leave the space, it would be very unwise for us to create a new plan consisting of similar schemes, such as scamming advertising platforms for funds as I was suggesting here. I simply want to see Burst succeed, and wanted to get the communities opinion on a plan that I had clearly not thought all the way through. Thank you to those who gave your thoughts and opinions about this idea. I feel that brainstorming as a group (even brainstorming bad ideas such as this one) is absolutely important to achieve success
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What are Bitcoin Faucets?

What are Bitcoin Faucets?
Bitcoin faucets are reward systems which are in the form of a website or app. The process involves the dispensing of rewards at predetermined intervals of time. Individuals are rewarded for completing a captcha or any other tasks described on the website and can win prizes for games like “Bitcoin fidget spinner”. Individuals can claim fractions of Bitcoin as rewards, and need to wait a certain amount of time between winning more free bitcoin.
Why Bitcoin Faucets?
Faucet websites strategically attract many visitors through the incentive to win “rewards”. Most of the faucet websites and apps offer Bitcoins as rewards in the form of Satoshi. One Satoshi is a hundredth of a million Bitcoin (BTC), which is 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 ฿. In turn, these websites display advertisements provided by advertisers who are paying the faucet owners to display ads on their websites. The reward system prompts visitors to return to the faucet website to spend time effectively earning Satoshi rewards. When visitors click the advertisements which are on display, faucet owners can generate high revenues.
Who uses Bitcoin Faucets?
Bitcoin faucet is a platform for many novice users who are willing to learn about bitcoin and who would like to spend extra time on these websites and apps to claim rewards.
How are Bitcoin Faucets websites and apps handing out free Bitcoins?
Bitcoin faucet websites are giving away free Bitcoins for the following reasons:
  1. People learn about Bitcoin
  2. People earn from Bitcoin
The business model of a bitcoin faucet is very simple; visitors visit the site and provide their bitcoin wallet address or email id that is associated with a wallet. Timers on these websites track the time spent by each visitor on the faucet website and after a certain period of time, the visitor is entitled to a reward. Filling out a captcha or solving a simple math puzzle is then required to claim the reward. This reward is credited to the wallet immediately or on a designated weekly payout day.
Both the faucet visitor and the faucet owner are paid for watching and posting ads respectively – most of these websites have an enormous quantity of ads posted on the web pages. To prevent one person from claiming all the rewards, faucets fix a time interval between 5 minutes and 24 hours between each visit. If someone claims over 120 times in 24 hours, he or she will be banned forever from logging into the website and getting payouts.
However, several deceitful faucets deliberately place ads such that an individual would accidentally click an ad instead of “claim bitcoins” button. This type of business model is attracting cheap traffic and driving them to click on these ads.
“Cheap” traffic gets generated from a referral system. Bitcoin faucets allow visitors to earn a percentage of the Bitcoins and the remaining is granted to visitors who have joined through a referral system. The generating of more traffic with this method is a thriving industry and has enabled the creation of a contemporary website known as “The Bitcoin Faucet Rotator”.
A faucet rotator is a website that allows a visitor to quickly surf through various faucets available without opening a new tab or a new site for each ad. Rotator, at a quick pace, helps individuals to visit every paying faucet to save time as some of the ads gets refreshed frequently.
You might think by visiting faucets that you could make a lot of money but keep in mind that it’s not a realistic choice. After hours of work, moving from website to website, you might end up with only a few bucks. Even after 24 hours of work, anyone who claims a new batch of coins every 30 seconds and plays faucets that are paying 10,000 Satoshis (which practically don’t exist), would be making 0.0024 Bitcoins on that day. That amounts to only 70 cents. However, someone who owns a faucet possibly could generate decent revenue but the website would need a lot of traffic to be sustainable.
Faucets are the most popular websites to help new users learn about Bitcoin while earning some Bitcoin. It is always worth being extra cautious when signing up to a faucet website. As a lot of these website owners provide many services such as, wallet hacking, account trading, and/or the cloud mining of miners can occur so one needs to be cautious when choosing passwords for the websites.
The source of this article: CryptoCurrency News
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List Of Websites And Faucets That Give You Free Bitcoin

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List Of Websites And Faucets That Give You Free Bitcoin

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New Bitcoin Faucet Earning Site 2020  Earn Crypto Faucet ... THE Highest Paying BITCOIN Faucet - Earn FREE Bitcoin NOW ... Worlds Best And Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucets!! October 2018!! Earn free bitcoin from top bitcoin faucet sites - YouTube Create Bitcoin Faucet Website With Admin Area PTC , Short ...

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[index] [8849] [3807] [38585] [44926] [13902] [3814] [10933] [11949] [50214] [47692]

New Bitcoin Faucet Earning Site 2020 Earn Crypto Faucet ... - New Bitcoin Faucet Earning Site 2020 Bitcoin Faucet Payment Proof AT Adil Tricks (1) Site Link: #ATAdilTricks #Bitcoi... 💰 My #1 Recommendation To Make Money Online - Click Here Now ️ 💰 Claim Your FREE Bitcoin / Crypto Here: ️ Create Bitcoin Faucet Website With Admin PTC , Short URL , Run Ad , Tasks Earn money online Whatsapp;;;; +923136119641 More Information Today I am showing you the worlds best and highest paying bitcoin faucets for October of 2018!! Links Freebitcoin - Freedogecoin - http... Skip navigation Sign in. Search