How do I install php-cgi? I tried MacPort, Package and ...

They are already installed, so the only help would be yum remove php-mhash php and reinstall php (mhash is included in 5.3). @OlivierS: looks like it's CentOS 6. @OlivierS: looks like it's CentOS 6. – AndreasM Feb 13 '12 at 12:22 XHProf was developed by Facebook and abandoned when they moved to HHVM. There is now a fork of the project called Tideways that promises to add support for PHP versions 5.6 and 7.. Unfortunately Tideways has renamed the functions their library provides so it won't be a simple drop-in replacement. Actually, php53-mcrypt did get installed when I followed colechristensen's post. But php53-pear and php53-mhash failed. I don't want to mess with compiling, so I think better options are 1: try to do all this again with php52 (I need at least php 5.2). And if that fails, I would try upgrading CentOS to 5.7. And if that fails, buy a new server and install a workable OS myself. I think this is the first question I should have asked. 5.1 is the default on CentOS 5.7. I figured I would upgrade to 5.3, but ran into a dead end when php53-mhash and php53-pear were not availa... Aktualizowalismy ostatnio serwer z dystrybucja linuxa CentOs, - okazalo sie pozniej, ze nie ma w ogole pakietu php53-mhash, ktorego potrzebowalismy.. Tak na prawde od wersji >5.3 mhash jest usuniety i zadnym sposobem nie bylismy wstanie go zaladowac. Zamiennikiem mhash'a jest funkcja hash, ktora jest instalowana w w/w dystrybucji przy instalacji pakietow PHP'a..

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