Bitcoin vs. Altcoins: Which Will Make You More Money in 2020?

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Mining help for digibyte mining.

cryptorigporn: pure hashing power - the good, the bad and the ugly

Pictures of bitcoin/litecoin/altcoin mining rigs in all their glory! Show us your pride and envy!

Alternate Cryptocurrencies aka altcoins

News about and related to altcoin: all blockchain projects (like Ethereum, NEO, NEM, Stellar, Ripple, Ontology, Nexus, Ardor, Lisk, Ark, OmiseGo, BOScoin) and related currency that exist in addition to Bitcoin.

Automated Bitcoin/Litecoin/Altcoin trading bot 1.0 released.

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[FOR HIRE] Bitcoin/Litecoin/Altcoin Rig Builder for Cheap! CompTIA A+ Certified

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Beginner's Guide to Exchanges - Part 2

Beginner’s Guide to Exchanges – Part 2

A little late, but as promised here is Part 2 of the Beginner’s Guide to Exchanges. I would like to sincerely thank everyone for their support and feedback in making these.
Link to Part 1
This time I also made a Google Docs survey in the hopes of sharing the results with the community. I thought we could share what we use as a whole and why redditors choose the exchanges they do. For skeptics (as you all should be), I assure you that I am not collecting personal information. This is for recreation and if you are still wary, then by all means abstain!
Link to Survey
In Part 3 I will be wrapping up this series by covering decentralized, semi-decentralized, and derivative exchanges. Here it goes!

00 – Concepts and Definitions (Continued)

04 – Fiat Exchanges – Canada


Country Linked Bank Transfer Wire Transfer Paypal Credit/Debit Crypto Transfer
CAD Deposit 1%/ Withdraw Free Free Free (Withdraw Only) 1% (Withdraw Only) Free
USD - Free Free (Withdraw Only) - Free
Exchange Type Maker Taker
Fiat .5% .5%
BTC/ETH .2% .2%
Feature Details
2FA Google Authenticator or Email 2FA Available
Wallet Security Undisclosed amount of funds in cold storage
Web Security 3rd Party Security provided by CloudFlare
Bug Bounty Expired $50 bounties
Tier Level Name Email DOB Phone Address Official ID Bank Info Credit Score Limits
Basic Account X X Digital only, Limits Vary
Verified Account X X X X X X Limits Vary

05 – Fiat Exchanges – Europe


Country Credit/Debit Bank Transfer Crypto Transfer
Europe 3.5%+ €0.24 Deposit €0 / Withdraw €25 (SEPA €10) Free
Russia 5% + ₽ 15.57 - -
UK 3.5%+ £0.20 Deposit £0 / Withdraw £20 (SEPA Free
US 3.5%+ $0.25 Deposit $0 / Withdraw $50 Deposit $0 / Withdraw 1%
Exchange Type Maker Taker
All Currencies 0% .20%
Feature Details
2FA Google Authenticator Available
Wallet Security Undisclosed amount of funds in cold storage
Credit Card Data Overseen by 3rd Party Kyte Consultants
Web Security SSL Certificates and Encrypted Personal Data
Tier Level Name Email DOB Phone Address ID + Photo Bank Info KYC Limits
Basic Account X X X Digital only
Verified Account X X X X X X $10,000 Daily/$100,000 Monthly


Country Credit/Debit Bank Transfer Paypal
Europe - SEPA - Deposit .5% / Withdraw 1% (€100 min) -
Russia 6% 6% -
US 7% Deposit .5% ($20 min) / Withdraw 1% ($100 min) 7%
Exchange Type Maker Taker
All Currencies .20% .20%
Feature Details
2FA Google Authenticator Available
Password Expiration Must be changed every 6 months
DDoS Protection 3rd Party Security Services provided by CloudFlare
Bug Bounty Yes at xBTCe
Tier Level Name Email DOB Phone Address Official ID Bank Info KYC Limits
Verified User X X X X X No Stated Limits

Exchange Type Maker Taker
All Digital Currencies 0.1% .25%
Feature Details
2FA Google Authenticator Available
Bug Bounty Reported bounty posted on HackerOne (unconfirmed)

06 – Fiat Exchanges – South Korea

안녕하세요 여러분! 혹시 우리 한국인 친구 이 보고서를 한국어로 읽고 싶어한다면 알려주세요. 관심이 많이 있다면 간단한 한국어 보고서도 만들 수 있습니다. This year, ETH has taken off like a rocket in the Land of the Morning Calm. With a population of just 50 million, South Koreans account for almost 30% of daily ETH trade volume. Even more surprising is that currently the daily volume of ETH is about 5 times higher than that of Bitcoin on Korean exchanges. Since demand is high, ETH is trading at a premium on Korean exchanges. Some users have been talking about capitalizing off this imbalance by trading on arbitrage between exchanges. For those who have no connection to Korea and hope to do so, I have bad news – all Korean exchanges require a National ID number and access to a Korean bank account. This makes Korean exchanges virtually closed to Korean nationals and those with long-term visas. Sorry everyone.




07 – Fiat Exchanges – China

With a great deal of anticipation, major Chinese exchanges started trading ETH this summer. Since these exchanges deal huge volumes of Bitcoin already, naturally it was expected that they invest heavily into ETH as well. So far this hasn’t quite lived up to the hype with many exchanges still favoring Bitcoin, Litecoin, Altcoins, and even Ethereum Classic (Gulp). Three of these exchanges underwent inspections by the Peoples Bank of China earlier this year and will be working closely with the government to ease fears of money laundering and market manipulation. There are a lot of Chinese sites, and since my Chinese is non-existent this list is basically just for name recognition. In many ways these sites are very similar in regards to security, verification, and fees compared to their western counterparts; just marketed at a different audience and currency. If users are seriously interested in these exchanges and making reviews, please contribute or ask!

OK Coin




08 – Coinswaps & Cryto-converters



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Etheum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin Lead Grayscale’s $283M Altcoin Bag

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Discord Server

Aim: My goal is to spread and bring cryptocurrency to meme lovers. We use Bitcoin memes and emotes to pique one's curiosity and interest towards cryptocurrency. So far, 8 people on the server have been convinced to dig deeper into cryptocurrency and the blockchain tech.
Features: Fun bots and chat games (e.g. Connect4, Duck Hunt, PokeWorld etc.), Cryptocurrency price bot (to query cryptocurrency prices as well as 24-hour percentage changes), More and more and more bots (at least 40), Cryptocurrency chat channels (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Altcoins, ICOs, Mining etc.)
Join Now:
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Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin Lead Grayscale's $283M Altcoin Bag

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Etheum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin Lead Grayscale’s $283M Altcoin Bag (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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What is Blockchain Technology?

blockchain #cryptocurrency #technology #bitcoin #litecoin #altcoin #ethereum #blockchaintechnology

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A proposed method to facilitate p2p trading between fiat and cryptocurrencies

Hi all,
I've been thinking for awhile for a good method to enable P2P exchanges. The recent thread regarding Bitmessage (BM) and OpenTransactions (OT) left me swimming in my thoughts for the past couple of days.
One of the main issues with getting Bitcoins is moving fiat money in and out of the system. Wiring money around or doing a bank deposit has been the best method so far with large quantities to MtGox or similar. Smaller quantities are taken are of with the Localbitcoins OTC system. My proposal will allow a global P2P exchange by all participants by first converting their fiat to digital fiat. The issues of this will be covered and a solution proposed afterwards.
After reading about OT I think I understand the general gist of it. My proposal is an extension of the coloured coin system I first read about here. The coloured coins will be used to convert fiat to the digital equivalent of that fiat, pegged to that fiat's value. The difference with my concept is having there being only one type of digital fiat for each country's currency, such as dUSD or dAUD, as opposed to per company as described in that post (Mt Gox Dollars, Silk Road Pounds).
The problem with issuing from USD to, say, dUSD is that the issuer of the currency can flood the market with a supply of dUSD if supply is not controlled. So the issuer can just generate his own dUSD and go spend it in the global OT economy. This is not desirable and removes the value of dUSD. To counter this, I propose the value of the fiat be stored in Bitcoin and locked away until the dUSD is returned to the system. The OT servers will operate as a sort of 'bank' but without the crazy fractional spending that banks do today. People can deposit Bitcoin and receive the equivalent dUSD in return, either for trading, exchange or whatever. If desired, the dUSD can be redeemed at the OT servers for the equivalent Bitcoin.
I will attempt to explain this from points of view of different parties in a world where my concept has taken hold and is available globally.
The following currencies are available in the OT global economy:
Local exchanger
Alice wants to become a local exchanger of cryptocurrency. She has offered Bitcoins for quite some time but the demand is not high as face to face meetups aren't suitable for geeks, or the value of Bitcoin is too unstable. She owns 10BTC. Instead of sitting around waiting for someone to trade BTC with she decides to send 10BTC into the OT system and as a result the OT system issues 1000dUSD back. She can not receive any more dUSD than this until she puts in more BTC. Alice now advertises that she sells dUSD! Alice finds she gets a lot more interested parties because the value of the dUSD is obvious and not subject to speculation.
Interested trader
Bob wants BTC, but is not comfortable with the crazy rise and fall of Bitcoin. He does, however, know that 1 dUSD is always equal to 1USD so is happy to transfer a large amount of cash for that. He finds Alice through the crazy magical OT system and then he wires Alice 1001USD for 1000dUSD. He has now suddenly given his fiat money access to the entire global OT economy! He can use this to convert money to Bitcoins when the price is more ideal, trade with other altcoins or perhaps he can hang on to it until he goes on a holiday to Australia where he can use the OT system to convert to dAUD before he departs America, or perhaps the OT system will find someone willing to convert dUSD for real AUD.
In a foreign land far far away
Chen is travelling to America soon and needs USD. He only has dRMB. Using the OT system a triangular transaction is setup (Bob goes to China and needs dRMB, Chen is going America and needs dUSD, Bob is going to Australia and needs dAUD). This will allow everyone to exchange local currencies quickly and easily without any fees.
Meanwhile since Alice is working in Bitcoin she can just deposit the Bitcoin into the OT system and convert to the digital fiat equivalent of any country she wants to visit.
Why is this system good?
Because the amount of value of the issued dUSD is equal to the amount of Bitcoins deposited into the OT servers and locked away, there is no value being created out of thin air. This controls the supply of dUSD which is important. The OT servers become a bank which won't play with your money and lose it. Nor will it demand exorbitant fees from you. This also means that dUSD holds true value as opposed to just representing an IOU. With IOUs, the issuer can refuse to accept your dUSD to USD. If this happens, the holder of dUSD can just send it into the OT servers and convert the dUSD back to the original Bitcoin that was used to mint the dUSD! Or they can do any of the options I outlined above.
Also having a 1:1 value of dUSD to USD is clear, simple and leaves no room for speculation or concern. Just buy it, bam, you hold the same value in your hands and it won't become valueless tomorrow.
Also while the world slowly plays catchup and adopts Bitcoin, this system will allow you to go to any country and convert your digital fiat into that country's fiat. Enjoy your holiday! While the world still uses fiat, using a digital version of that exact same fiat just makes things easier.
The proposed system prevents a central point of failure. OT servers can be everywhere, linked with other locales with Bitmessage, and all currencies are supported, which can all be traded together. It becomes a true P2P trading/exchange system.
Expanding this system also provides a great method of remittance, which is something I'm interested in. For instance I might be in Australia and want to send money to friends in Ghana. If the proposed system is up and running then I can put BTC into the OT system and receive freshly minted dGHS. I can send these to Ghana easily to my friends wallets. Hopefully the local economy there is happily accepting dGHS in my vision.
Wouldn't people just buy BTC directly?
Yes and no. I know I don't want to put so much money into a wildly fluctuating commodity just yet. Bitcoin, however, works well as a reserve currency which is why its used to allow issuance of a specific amount of equivalent digital fiat to whoever deposits in.
This proposed system is more of a intermediate measure between today's economy and a full global bitcoin-only economy. Its important because people like to think in their own respective currencies. This system has digital fiat types pegged to the value of every single fiat in the world. This system allows people to transform their existing money into a digital form to be used globally easily.
What happens if the issuer no longer wants to redeem the dUSD? What if too many people want to redeem their dUSD into USD and there isn't enough money between all of the exchangers?
By having a large number of exchangers in the country, hopefully this will be prevented. Alternatively I've thought of a couple of other solutions.
The people with the dUSD can convert their dUSD to Bitcoin in the OT system. This can be done by standard trading, or perhaps the Bitcoin that was locked away when it was deposited and dUSD can be released by returning dUSD to the system. For instance, Bob comes to Alice demanding to convert 500dUSD to 500USD, but Alice is now homeless and is dirt poor. Bob can either:
  1. Find another exchanger in his area
  2. Since it is a global economy, he will be able to trade his dUSD for Bitcoin or Litecoin or perhaps another digital fiat.
  3. Bob can become an exchanger on his own. He needs to find one of his friends willing to convert their USD to dUSD and then they can trade.
  4. The Bitcoin that was locked away in the beginning to allow issuance of the dUSD can be released by returning the dUSD to the OT servers. So Bob returns 500dUSD to the system, and in return he receives 5BTC.
Point 4 is cool because its like having the OT servers act like a bank, issuing currency. But the cooler thing is that fractional reserve banking is not possible here, and the value that was deposited into the OT 'bank' always remains there waiting to be redeemed.
Anyway I'm still thinking about this concept, I was wondering what were your thoughts? Am I onto something here or is there no point creating digital fiat currencies with controlled supply? I feel that this idea has value because as soon as the fiat is converted to digital fiat (that has provable equivalent value to the real fiat through use of Bitcoin deposits) the entire global economy is available instantly and without fees.
Ideally everyone would just work in Bitcoin but we know that is not the case. Fluctuating prices and price discovery is still working. Bitcoin can be the 'gold' and the value of the dUSD and other digital fiats can be based on this 'gold'. While Bitcoin is busy fluctuating, pegging digital fiat values to real fiat will really get the global economy ball rolling.
TL;DR - Make fiat currency become digital, whose value is backed by Bitcoin.
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Avoiding "Thermal Cutoff Limit"

I just started getting into bitcoin/litecoin/altcoin whatever, and started running my computer as part of a pool. My question is, cgminer keeps stopping saying "Hit thermal cutoff limit on GPU 0, disabling!" how can I avoid this? Here are the settings I use:
cgminer --auto-fan --auto-gpu --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://(url) -u user.1 -p password -I 15 -w 64 --thread-concurrency 6720
my PC specs are a Sapphire HD6870, i5-2310, 8gb ddr3. I am using cgminer 3.6, 3.5 crashed on start and 3.8.3 said "unknown command '--scrypt'"
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[ CryptoCurrency ] We at enable our customers to purchase vouchers for everyday life with Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoins (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), XRP (XRP), Nano (NANO) and a variety of other Altcoins. Payments with Bitcoins or Litecoins can of course also be made through t

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[Discussion] GPU's That Have Been Used For Mining Crypto's

I see a lot of comments on here by users saying not to buy GPU's that have been used for mining as running them at 100% load will have affected them in some way.
If a GPU has been run in a temperature controlled environment, not had it's fan ran at 100% there really is going to be no problem with it. GPU's have been used in [email protected] for longer than people have been mining crypto's and if anyone sold one of those no one would bat an eye.
Most GPU's used for mining would also have had their voltage lowered which means lower temps, lower power usage resulting in lower bills for the miner. Most cards that have been used for gaming machines would have at some point been overclocked with possibly memory, core and voltage changes. There is head room in these cards for increasing voltage to get stable overclocks but which is going to be worse for the card, lowering or increasing the voltage? There are also a lot of replies on forums about the temperature cycles of gaming rigs (heat up/down/up/down) being worse for cards than running them at a constant load and temperature for extended periods of time.
I have ran a GPU mine in the past, I have lots of cards I am currently selling off, I have sold a fair few now and I've not received a complaint about performance. I bench all of my cards before selling and not one has come back with an issue.
Before taking other peoples word as gospel that having used cards for crypto mining kills them, do a bit of research on bitcoin/litecoin/altcoin mining, [email protected] and just read through the comments.
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The international edition of Bitcoin Kan APP has released!

All-in-one app to track Bitcoin/Litecoin/Altcoin markets and buy/sell coins directly in app.
App Store
google play
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[PSA] Ebay deleting dogecoin sales.

I have had 3 listings deleted by Ebay in the last hour due to violations, be it for
Just wanted to give a heads up. Ebay is trying to spoil our fun.
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Relapse on 14 days of Monk Mode

It start it out with a lazy and unproductive sunday. I was stumbling on reddit thread about litecoins and as expected I was endulging on the greed of, wheter or not i should invest in bitcoin/litecoin/altcoin all day long. But in the end of the day i realized i was already far too late to join the profit train (my stupid emotion thinks there is still a good chance that it can be profitable). It will be good for long term future investment but not for short term profit, thats my final conclusion.
I dont know if this is a contributing factor, but this greed really disturbs my peace of mind. In the night i cant function effectively and mindlessly watching tv and going straight to bed skipping meditation. BIG MISTAKE. The first cycle of dream is just an ordinary wierd dream with no coherent storyline. A girl at the candy store giving me a love letter in a christmas sock, searching for a lumberjack with oedipus complex, etc etc. And then i woke up at 3am, but i decided to snooze for another minute (i switch sleeping position into my whole body facing down, with the risk of friction), ANOTHER BIG MISTAKE. This is where the dream started to get weirder, WARNING MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERS the part i remember was, i was in a pool filled with naked girls, but thankfully it was full of unnatractive girl (not my type). But there is one girl that is taunting me across the pool, i dont know why i started to form hand seal (that i often use to get a burst of willpower in real life) and i was starting to laugh sinisterly. By doing this the girl gradually becomes more beautiful, but shes not naked anymore. And thats when i realized the sensation in my pants. I said "WHAT THE?" I didnt even make contact with the girl or even have dirty thoughts about her, how can this be? At this point the girl is the one laughing as if she won over something.
When i woke up, just as i expected i jizzed in my pants, i sighed. Must i remind you that i did not have an erection while ejaculating, meaning that im not even turned on when that happens. I have encountered a more serious sexual dream in the past, but i handled it pretty well. I dont understand why this one failed so miserably. So i am now giving a new rule to this mode :
I hope this can give an insight to everybody that is taking the Monk Mode. And because this is Monk Mode, now i have to reset my counter sigh.
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Are the altcoins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin not good for the long term?

I was reading about Litecoin for the first time today and I'm wondering whether or not it's a good investment long-term.
Are there any other coins that you consider to be good long term investments?
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Litecoin News Today – Litecoin Surges Along with Side Bitcoin BTC and Other Altcoins in the Market – April 28th, 2020

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Altcoin Buzz talks with Charlie Lee on Bitcoin's Next ATH, Litecoin, DeFi, Proof of Stake, Monero and MimbleWimble

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Top Bitcoin (BTC) Analyst Says Altcoin Breakout Imminent, Predicts KAVA, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and Six Crypto Assets Set for Major Rallies!

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Top Bitcoin (BTC) Analyst Says Altcoin Breakout Imminent, Predicts Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and Six Crypto Assets Set for Major Rallies - The Daily Hodl

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Pantera Capital: Bitcoin Set to Begin Meteoric Bull Run – But Ethereum and Certain Altcoins Will Outperform BTC. Last bull-run, NYCoin was TOP % GAINER +330,000%. Will history repeat?... New York Coin (NYC) is a lightning-fast, no fee version of Litecoin since 2014 🚀 Official New York Coin 💙

Pantera Capital: Bitcoin Set to Begin Meteoric Bull Run – But Ethereum and Certain Altcoins Will Outperform BTC. Last bull-run, NYCoin was TOP % GAINER +330,000%. Will history repeat?... New York Coin (NYC) is a lightning-fast, no fee version of Litecoin since 2014 🚀 Official New York Coin 💙 submitted by hivewalletvictim to NewYorkCoin [link] [comments]

📈 Crypto hedge funds are mostly traded by Bitcoin. (ETH, 67%), XRP (38%), Litecoin (LTC, 38%), Bitcoin Cash (BCH, 31%) and EOS (25%) are other popular Altcoins!

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Is Litecoin a Good Long-Term Investment? What Is Litecoin? [Cryptocurrency/Altcoin Deep Dive] Is Litecoin an Altcoin? Bitcoin Halving 2020 HAPPENING NOW! LITECOIN  MOST IMPORTANT VID  Sooner Than Expected Charlie Lee on Bitcoin's Next ATH, Litecoin, DeFi, Proof of Stake, Monero and MimbleWimble

Bitcoin oder Litecoin bedienen sich gleichermaßen der dezentralisierten Struktur, funktionieren also unabhängig jedweder Instanzen. Somit protokollieren beide ihre Transaktionen auf allen Rechnern der Blockchain, was einen soliden Proof-of-work-Algorithmus erfordert. Gesucht werden komplexe mathematische Ausdrücke, die kein Hochleistungsrechner knacken kann, die aber bei Kenntnis der Werte ... Litecoin erklärt. Litecoin (Kürzel: LTC) ist im Oktober 2011 aus einer Abänderung des Bitcoin-Protokolls entstanden, mit der es sich unter der Federführung von Charlie Lee vom originalen Bitcoin-Protokoll abgezweigt hat. Darum spricht man auch von einem sogenannten „Hard Fork“, bei der ein eigenes, weil technisch unterschiedliches Protokoll entsteht. BTC/EUR: Aktueller Bitcoin - Euro Kurs heute mit Chart, historischen Kursen und Nachrichten. Wechselkurs BTC in EUR. Litecoin’s value proposition simply sounds like another altcoin pitch to them. Less tech-savvy adopters hardly know what the mining process is like, let alone the difference between SHA-256 and Scrypt. So while Litecoin’s price has increased significantly over the past few months, it simply isn’t as attractive as Bitcoin’s. Litecoin additionally took a hard jab in the gut when Ethereum ... Altcoin ist der Begriff, der verwendet wird, um alternative digitale Assets zu beschreiben, also Assets, die nicht Bitcoin sind. Diese Nomenklatur kommt von der Idee, dass Bitcoin die ursprüngliche Kryptowährung ist und dass alle anderen dann als „Altcoin“ oder „alternative Coins“ betrachtet werden.. Was ist ein Altcoin?

[index] [14573] [8043] [20859] [28071] [16247] [51272] [13975] [45646] [3322] [6145]

Is Litecoin a Good Long-Term Investment? What Is Litecoin? [Cryptocurrency/Altcoin Deep Dive]

Hey Altcoin Daily Team! Today we dive into Litecoin! What is it? What makes it unique? Is it a good investment? Would love to hear your opinion in the comments. Let me know. Like the video if you ... Charlie Lee of Litecoin Foundation discusses Litecoin still being silver to Bitcon's gold and what his favorite altcoin besides bitcoin and litecoin are. We discuss if he still thinks we are in a ... Follow Altcoin Daily for DAILY videos on news, market analysis, education, perspective, and opinion. We are HUGE Bitcoin fundamentalists and take a "free mar... Altcoin Trader video tutorial showing how to buy and then send or receive a bitcoin on the trading platform! #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #news #btc #ethereum #eth #cryptocurrency #litecoin #altcoin #altcoins #eos #forex #money #best #trading #bitcoinmining #invest #trader #cryptocurrencies #top #investing # ...