Mojang for the love of money, please accept Bitcoin. I've ...

Mojang for the love of money, please accept Bitcoin. I've Tried three times to buy your game now

Mojang for the love of money, please accept Bitcoin. I've Tried three times to buy your game now submitted by btchombre to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Help persuading Mojang to accept Bitcoins to pay Minecraft

Minecraft - 0.5323 BTC
You can help contacting Jeb in twitter or sending emails to Mojang.

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I just finished a detailed response to various critics of bitcoins and crypto coins on the minecraft forum in regards to the possibility of Mojang accepting bitcoin... How'd I do, fellow shibes?

I just finished a detailed response to various critics of bitcoins and crypto coins on the minecraft forum in regards to the possibility of Mojang accepting bitcoin... How'd I do, fellow shibes? submitted by Dr__House to dogecoin [link] [comments]

PSA: Mojang made an unannounced change to the Commercial Usage Guidelines / EULA

Note: while I am a lawyer, I am not your lawyer, and none of this is legal advice that you may rely on. Please consult competent counsel in your jurisdiction before making any decisions that affect your rights, as whether or not any particular server's for-sale offerings comply with the EULA is a fact-specific inquiry and your results may vary. Additionally, Mojang may update the Guidelines or issue a statement contradicting this information at any time, and you should regularly review the Guidelines for any updates or changes that may affect your rights.

On April 11, Mojang published a new help site article stating that:
Hard currency is real money or anything that can be converted into real money, including, but not limited to, Bitcoins. Soft currency is available in-game only and has no real-world value. You may not sell soft currency for hard currency, neither separately or along with ranks as a single or recurring payout. This is regardless of what you can use the soft currency for.
That article, despite being linked to elsewhere on live help site pages, now results in a 404.
Until May 20th, the Commercial Usage Guidelines read as follows:
use in-game currencies IF (i) they are “soft currencies,” i.e., a currency earned and expended only through gameplay that has no real world value and that cannot be cashed out, used, or transferred across free or paid servers, or into any other currency with real-world value; (ii) you don’t give the impression that it comes from or is associated with Mojang, and (iii) they don’t look like or have similar names to Minecoins or any other official virtual currency.
As of May 20th, the Commercial Usage Guidelines now read:
use and sell in-game virtual currencies IF (i) they have no real-world value and that cannot be cashed out, used, or transferred across free or paid servers, or into any other currency with real-world value; (ii) you don't give the impression that it comes from or is associated with Mojang, (iii) they don't look like or have similar names to Minecoins or any other official virtual currency, and (iv) anything you sell with the currency follows our monetization guidelines.
This is a major unannounced change and I was unable to find any other posts on this subreddit (or anywhere) explaining or noting it.
This change allows the sale of soft currency (coins, gold, etc) so long as the use of that currency is compliant with the rest of the EULA/Guidelines. For example, it appears that the Guidelines now allow the sale of cosmetic-only currency. In addition, in combination with the new "provided they do not give a competitive gameplay advantage" exception, the sale of soft currency that affects gameplay is allowed (again, subject to that exception and the rest of the EULA).
I don't work for Mojang and I can't predict whether this change will be reverted or accompanied by additional changes, and I didn't review the other terms to see if anything else had changed. I just wanted to write this post as a PSA.
I've previously authored an extended write-up of EULA compliance on my Substack and am writing a "version 2.0" that includes both a history of the recent changes and explanations that incorporate them.
Thank you to Mergu from the Denizen Discord server for (inadvertently) making me aware of this change.
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I just wrote a response to various bitcoin critics on the minecraft forums regarding the possibility of Mojang accepting bitcoins for payments. How'd I do? Hoping some other crypto coin users might be able to chime in and share the knowledge with the people at minecraft forums.

I just wrote a response to various bitcoin critics on the minecraft forums regarding the possibility of Mojang accepting bitcoins for payments. How'd I do? Hoping some other crypto coin users might be able to chime in and share the knowledge with the people at minecraft forums. submitted by Dr__House to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

[WTB] Scrolls mojang $20 in bitcoins

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Mojang Scrolls (Activation Key) NO RESERVE is for sale on for Bitcoin and Litecoin

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WWYDI a guy named Rifter tries to take over the multiverse?

On a desert planet named Planet Riftia, there lives a man named Rifter (original character). Rifter can open dimensional rifts, fly, and is invulnerable, physically strong, and highly intelligent. He doesn't need to eat, sleep, drink or breathe. He's 5 foot 10 inches tall.

Rifter decides to take over the multiverse. To do that, he must take the most important object from each universe and place it in his own universe. After he has done that for every universe, he will gain total omnipotence over the multiverse, and he'll be truly unstoppable.

An example of the 'most important object of the universe' would be the Triforce from The Legend of Zelda, or the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic.

The universes Rifter will try to take over are:
planet riftia (Rifter's home universe), real life, super mario, the legend of zelda, CDI zelda, pokemon (main series games), pokemon (main series anime), pokemon origins, pokemon (main series manga), sonic, sonic boom, sonic the comics, crash bandicoot, halo, call of duty, earthbound, undertale, five nights at freddy's, fnaf world, superman 64 (game), DC cinematic universe, superfriends (cartoon), Marvel cinematic universe, ghostbusters, ghostbusters (2016), pac man, mega man (classic timeline), mega man fully charged, mega man (battle network timeline), bomberman, the lego movie, scooby doo, super meat boy, rage comics, wreck it ralph, skylanders, teen titans, teen titans go, the a-team, knight rider, the goonies, mortal kombat, street fighter, blend s, vocaloid, utau, spyro the dragon, simpsons, futurama, harry potter, fantastic beasts and where to find them, lord of the rings, mission impossible, gremlins, gnomeo and juliet, powerpuff girls, powerpuff girls Z , powerpuff girls (2016), beetlejuice, my little pony friendship is magic, black rock shooter (song), black rock shooter (anime), black rock shooter (psp game), midway arcade, portal, plants vs zombies, machinarium, rock em sock em robots, baldi's basics, puzzle puppers, crane game toreta, snipperclips, tetris, Madou Monogatari, puyo puyo, kirby, lego city undercover, ninjago, chima, nexo knights, diary of a wimpy kid (books), diary of a wimpy kid (movies), poptropica, poptropica worlds, poptropica (comics), resident evil, peanuts, robot chicken, scribblenauts, splatoon, arms, bee movie, shrek, octopath traveller, bubsy, fifa, drawn to life, drawn together, toy story, a bug's life, finding nemo, wall-e, the good dinosaur, inside out, captain underpants (books), captain underpants (movie), timmy failure, spongebob, the loud house, fairly oddparents, invader zim, cow and chicken, samurai jack (original), samurai jack (reboot), adventure time, regular show, steven universe, clarence, uncle grandpa, plague inc, sailor moon, sailor moon crystal, ghost trick, ace attorney, professor layton, looney tunes, yu gi oh, beyblade, yo kai watch, cars, team fortress, half life, the sims, cory in the house, annoying orange, my hero acadamia, mr. peabody and sherman, e.t the extra terrastrial, back to the future, rick and morty, family guy, doki doki literature club, angry birds, fruit ninja, jetpack joyride, out there, akinator, dragon ball, dragon ball z, lego dimensions, super smash bros, star wars, charlie and the chocolate factory, willy wonka and the chocolate factory, lonely wolf treat, syrup and the ultimate sweet, first kiss at a spooky soiree, romance detective, tunnel vision, kaima, her tears were my light, mermaid splash passion festival, the twilight zone, disaster log c, yandere simulator, yanderella, mikoto nikki, mix ore, the dark side of red riding hood, makoto mobius, you me and empty words, shihori escape, tsukimi planet, full boko youchien, love live, menhera fresia, roco kingdom, sai er hao, mole, hawaiian slammers, planes, frozen, tangled, one piece, fairy tail, naruto, persona, digimon, no matter how i look at it, it's you guys fault i'm not popular, i can't believe my little sister is this cute, idolmaster, highschool dxd, hihi puffy ami yumi, momoe link, minecraft, minecraft: story mode, locked heart, confess my love, transparent black, nintendo badge arcade, swapdoodle, world of goo, rayman, little inferno, amazing alex, banjo kazooie, yooka lele, sly cooper, RWBY, despicable me, minions, WWE, nomad of nowhere, bravest warriors, xenoblade, punch out, contra, silent hill, tokimeki memorial, spelunker, spelunky, zork, bit trip, VVVVVV, runman race around the world, N, princess tomato in the salad kingdom, hitman, tomb raider, metal gear solid, fire emblem, animal crossing, metroid, gradius, zone of the enders, parodius, i wanna be the guy, jumper, braid, alien hominid, castle crashers, charlie murder, the emoji movie, castlevania, animator vs animation, brave, hello neighbor, the storey treehouse, wacky game jokez 4 kidz, nightmare before christmas, bayonetta, mii channel, warioware, donkey kong country, yoshi, unikitty, sword art online, squid girl, slenderman, the flintstones, berenstain bears, the jetsons, okami, sushi striker way of the sushido, shovel knight, kid icarus, jurrasic park, tom gates, paper mario, art academy, fortnite, player unknown's battlegrounds, fallout, the land before time, doctor who, the lego batman movie, himegoto, marchen madchen, bojack horseman, total drama, toradora, one punch man, attack on titan, pleasant goat and big big wolf, full metal alchemist, the wizard of oz, super smosh, alfred and poe, dev guy, valentine panic, seduce me the otome, trick and treat, haruka winter dreams, scratch, 9 (film), 9 (video game), problem solverz, animal inspector, liar liar, love or die, misSHAPEn love, pervert&yandere, paper roses, bookSLEEPer, heartbaked, lads in distress, telletubbies, thomas the tank engine, the 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Rifter will NOT gain omnipotence until he has collected the most important item from EVERY universe.

Just to clarify, Rifter only opens one rift at a time, when he's travelling to and from dimensions. He also makes rifts sometimes if he's attacking, or summoning an object he wants, or something like that. When he's done using a rift, he closes it.

However, Rifter will have to open many rifts along his journey. He opens so much rifts, that the space time continuum becomes unstable, resulting in random rifts opening and closing throughout the multiverse. Rifter isn't aware on how to make space time less unstable, so as his journey goes on, more and more random rifts will appear.

The random rifts will occur so often, that is it guranteed you will get sucked into one and experience at least 90% of the universes.

Rifter will start in his own universe. The universe he goes to first will be Real Life. After that, he'll do the rest in a random order.


What would you do in this situation?
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The underground business of selling Minecraft accounts and how I grew in it (Long Post)

What is value? How is it determined? What gives something value over the internet
Value, according to the English Dictionary:
  1. the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. "your support is of great value"
  2. a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life. "they internalize their parents' rules and values" "society's values are passed on to us as children"
What I am about to tell you could possibly be illegal, I know that the selling of accounts on certain platforms breaks EULA or terms of service.
The truth is, value is determined by people not by price. It is a made up concept that can date back to thousands of years ago. Believe it or not, supply and demand determines value. An example of this can be, I have a bracelet, that I view to be very valuable. The reinforcing fact that leads me to believe it has value is because it has diamonds on it, which are considered to be very scarce.
You're probably wondering how does money flow through the internet? Well despite the fact we live in a informational technological age. Concepts that have been around since early 2000's such as Paypal, Ebay, and Skrill have been helping money flow virtually. As of 2018, we now have concepts and apps such as Crypto, Venmo, Cashapp, Stripe, and Square. All of these concepts have helped boosted internet trading market demand through the roof. It's amazing how far the internet has gotten us. Enough of this, let's get into my story.
It all started when I grew a liking to selling things. I sold candy at my high school (2015) and racked in a good $60 a day while learning in classes. The connection came from my family's cornerstore, which they grew close to the whole sellers around the area. I was getting these bars 1/4th price of retail. Good money to me, since I was only 15. This only lasted for about a year until the school principal caught me and confiscated my work. I had to move my hustle somewhere else. I usually saved up money to buy shoes, Air Jordan's mainly, but that's for another story.
At the time, I played lots of Minecraft with friends. I was on a popular server called Hypixel, where you could invite players into your party. I built a reputation on that server for being a quite decent player. This means I was good at combat and mini-games. One particular day, I was in a party with a friend of mine who invited someone with the username "Super" and "1y" to the party. I saw these usernames and thought, "god damn". That's badass. I was completely struck in awe that a username could be so clean. How does someone get a username like this? Most likely they’ve gotten it when the game first came out. Hence the name “OG” (Original)
Why does a username like this have value? People like the cleanness and owning it represents a high social level or high status. It's attention grabbing. That's the truth.
After a few minutes of convo, he told me to go to the Main Minecraft Trading Site which I will not disclose. This was a third party site meaning it wasn't owned by Mojang. It was legit the wild west. Scams were so common. I setup my own paypal, and paid my pops cash to get money into my paypal account. I copped my first OG, "Pimp" for around $60 in early 2016. Expensive at the time. This was my first act towards an actual business in this game. About a month later, I found someone on the market who would be willing to trade the username "Cash" for "Pimp". We conducted the trade however a few weeks later, I lost possession to the account and found out I've been scammed. He pulled the account. This was my first encounter with a internet scammer.
How did he do this? Well when you change the email on an account, an email gets sent to your previous email just in case a "hacker" steals your Minecraft account and changes the email on your account. In that email is a "dispute link" which expires in 30 days but can be usable anytime. When this link is clicked, you pretty much get your account back. He did that, I felt like shit.
February 2016, My friend "Super" ended up giving me the account "Cobra" which was insane at the time. Worth about $150. Everyday, after school, I played for around 6-7 hours. I built a good name for myself on the marketplace by interacting with other people and playing with them on Hypixel. I created a guild named Royalty Gang, this was the first ever guild/team that consisted of OG Minecraft names. We later on changed our name to OG nation and our guild grew to around 100+ members. This way of networking became amazing but toxic. We had a skype group which pretty much consisted of it's own marketplace. I gave Cobra back to Super and he got the new name "Love". Ended up buying Harm off of him which was worth $200 at the time. I also ended up buying Hawkeye and Wart for $100 from the owner of Hulk who later exit scammed the marketplace for $300. June 2016, about a few months in, I still had lots of money saved up but I decided to take my game up. There was word that a real OG player who had auto-claimed over 1000 OG names when Minecraft first came out was trying to get rid of his accounts. He owned over 50% of the market supply. He went by the name of WaterSpice. I got Sharp, Honor, Heal, gz, Omega, Fable, Steak, and Sneak off of him for a bulk price of around $1200. This was a huge transaction for a 15 year old like myself. But I had the capital saved up from selling “Harm” for $350 ($150 profit), candy at school (around $50 a day), and Hawkeye and Wart ($200). I placed all of these accounts, except Sharp, on the marketplace immediately and started to get offers. I made a profit of around $450-500. I continued to play daily and build a name for myself. November 2016, I later sold Sharp for $450 profit to a marketplace user when the value of MC accounts risen.
My $1,900 MC account: Before I get into this, I got to explain the value of minecraft capes. Capes are usually only obtained by going to a special Minecon event or given out by Minecraft Developers themselves. That being, out of all the 20 million minecraft accounts, this was one of the 20 accounts. The Cobalt cape. This cape was only given to the winners of a tournament of another game that Mojang created called Cobalt. The guy who won the tournament didn’t even play Minecraft much. I got in contact with him around December 2018 and bought his account for $200. Which was a complete steal. I later sold the account for $550 in Jan 2017. By this time, I quit playing. I didn’t come back until mid August 2018 when I found out the Cobalt cape account I sold apparently got locked and value of MC accounts were 3 times from what they were before. I came back, got the Cobalt cape account back for free since I knew info on it that others did not. 3 days after I got the account I sold it for $1,500 in Bitcoin.
Why did I include so many particular events in my story? Because these key events shaped me into who I am now and how I do my business. I feel as if it's important that really take into account these events and try to get the best meaning out of them.
All in all, I probably made a 2-3 thousand dollars from just being in this game. So many young people, like myself, nowadays are doing not only internet making money techniques but learning networking techniques using the internet like CS:GO skin trading, Fortnite Account selling (Which I will share about my experience on this later) , Clash of Clans account, and the most notorious Social Media OG's. This is only the story of myself, there are so many others who I bet have had a larger run than me. Young people are teaching themselves newer ways to make money and i'm all for it. Let's keep this money flowing! However, hope ya enjoyed! Ask any questions, I will be glad to answer.
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Challenge #2: Solution!

If you have not already seen it, I made a challenge two days ago where I hid 6 different hidden messages in a text file, well, here is the solution. If you have not checked out the original challenge I highly suggest you do that before you continue reading! (Link below)
I’m just gonna add a few links right here;
Challenge #1
Challenge #1: Solution
Challenge #2
As you might already know u/whaliam has kindly offered a 5$ reward in bitcoin to a random person who found all 6 hidden messages. Except for the fact that, nobody actually found all six, in fact, one was never found by anyone! So I had to roll all the people who found the remaining five, and the winner is... drumroll or whatever u/treebus! A PM will be sent shortly! (Sorry u/Torvaun)
Now, the solutions.

Again, obligatory THIS HAS SPOILERS!!!!

I should mention that the text this is based on is not actually readable text in any language, it’s dummy text written in the 1500s known as Lorem impsum
  1. “Herobrine is real”
Solution: You might notice that a lot of capitalization is weird in this text, which is intentional as by filtering out all capital letters (except for the first line), you get what Mojang has been hiding from us all this time!

  1. “Leave me alone”
Solution: Another thing you might find is that lines are separated kind of suspiciously. This is, of course, intentional as by reading the first letter of every line downwards you get “Leave me alone”

  1. “Giraffes haha”
Solution: The text is riddled with “13..13” marking certain letters scattered around; “Exam13p13le”. By taking all of these letters and (as hinted by the number) decoding them in a rot13 decoder, you will get the above-mentioned message.

  1. “Horse”
Solution: the capitalization of the very first line can actually be decoded as binary ASCII code. By interpreting small letters as 0 and big letters as 1 you get the output: “horse” (if I’m being honest, the only reason that word is so short is that I’m lazy :p)

  1. 1337HAX
Solution: the end of the file has a bunch of hidden tabs and spaces, which are hard to see unless you have an editor configured to specifically see them. These can then be translated as Morse code, using single tabs as short, and double tabs as long, where each signal is separated by single spaces, and characters separated by triple spaces.

  1. “Nothing here”
Solution: Looking at the last “paragraph” in the text, you simply start from the first character, or the “top left”, and read diagonally, or downwards and to the right. (Note, this is easier if you have a monospaced font, meaning all letters are of equal width.)

Nobody actually managed to find that last one, although u/treebus did think of some clever techniques that I didn’t even consider, including using line length and punctuation as a way to hide something (Alphabet numbering/morse/binary etc...)
Good job to anyone who managed to solve any of the challenges! I’d love to make more of these but I need more ideas from you guys for something new I could try to hide some messages in, or if you know any other techniques I could have used. Any feedback is appreciated!
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Minecraft's EULA is useless

The Minecraft EULA says you're not allowed to have cross-server currency. Ok.
Mojang endorses mods like qCraft, which let you send items between servers. Ok.
Both servers can have their own currency. Ok.
You can then buy items on one server, send them to the other server, sell them there, and buy other items there. Ok.
Wait, what? Not ok. How's that even possible?
Did we just prove the Minecraft EULA is easy to work around? Yes we did.
Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and you might not be able to use this train of thought in a courtroom.
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Of Wolves And Weasels - Day 12 - Hoping for a Bubble...?

Hey all! Goodshibe here!
Serious talk day, it seems...
Good things come and good things go. One of those things is 25 Satoshi Dogecoins. If you had confidence in the coin - in the community - to buy and hold even when things were looking shaky, you're being rewarded in a big way right now.
Heck, even if you bought in at 60, you've got yourself a tidy profit... should you choose to sell.
I know it's a sign of the moment - our jump to 80-90 satoshis has me reeling a bit too. But, not just today, I'm hearing lots of talk about people who are (quietly or otherwise) hoping this is all just a big bubble. That any day now, the world will collapse around them and they'll be here to pick up the pieces. And I understand that - it's human nature to want to have more. But at the same time let's examine what the reality of those hopes are.
Those of us who've been around since the start -- watched it grow to 200 Satoshis on the market, then crumble and fall to 25, understand that bubbles aren't something to wish for. We had the luxury of newness, the ability to mentally check the box in our heads that allowed us to say 'okay, yeah, this makes sense'. That this kind of crash was practically a given for an unsupported coin. It helped us make our peace - and, in some ways, ensured we were strapped in for the long haul with this coin. My first Dogecoin 'buy-in' was at around 150 satoshis -- and I did not know then what I know now. Be that about the markets, or trading or anything. I had some shards of bitcoin kicking around from various faucets, etc and I bought in. I think I got a few hundred DOGEs at that price. I tried to play speculator when the coin was falling (another mistake) bought some bitcoin, like $50 worth, and bought in again at 80 satoshis, thinking 'it's not going to go any lower!'. And it did.
That was a fun ride down, let me tell you. Watching my 'money' drain away. Again, I didn't know anything about anything. I did not have a good time. Thankfully, I found this community - this wonderful group of people who looked at the wreckage of our rocket, and with what could only have been a hint of madness in their eyes, had the utter gall to look at the sky and howl 'TO THE MOON!' anyway... and start building a new rocket out of the wreckage.
That's when I fell in love with this community.
That's when I became GoodShibe.
And from there, we've come so far. In just under 6 weeks, this amazing community has come together under the mantra 'who care's what it's worth, this is fun!'. It's that mantra that has brought our community to 30,000 Shibes. It's that mantra that has inspired us, together, to build Dogecoin into something that is starting to 'have value'. Moreso, the outside world is starting to agree with us.
We're not an unsupported coin anymore.
We're getting attention. We're getting new shibes joining the party every day -- who don't know our history, brief as it is -- and who don't have a stake, yet, in the community.
I guess my point here, my friends, is that I feel like we need to have a chat about what success is. And the way to do that is to take a look back, at our brief, but amazing history. To see the the trials and tribulations that have made this community what it is. We need to chronicle it for the future. To prevent Dogecoin from becoming Bitcoin-lite, full of businessmen only looking to profit.
You see, while greed is not a 'bad' thing -- it, like many things, is a natural motivator -- it does tend to limit one's view. It focuses you on the moment and not the long view. And hoping for all that we've built together to crumble around us, is really only a vision of greed.
I invite some of the shibes who've been here from the start to share their stories, help them be remembered.
And for those of you just joining us: Who cares if you bought in at 30 or 50 or 90? Take a look at the long view. Ask yourself: In one year, do I believe - no matter where it goes tomorrow - that Dogecoin will be worth more than it is today? If that answer is yes, then buy in now and help make 90 the one that new shibes look back on wistfully, saying 'man, I wish I could've gotten in back at 90'.
It's 9:09 AM EST, your global hashrate is hitting high at 55 Gigahashes per second and Difficulty is holding strong at ~682. My best guess is that Litecoiners, seeing how hard it is to make a buck on Litecoin these days, have all caught on to Dogecoin. Whether they're all going to start cashing those DOGEs out for LTC or whether they'll hold them will decide how DOGE fares for the next little while.
As always, I thank you all for your support!
EDIT: I've sent @notch a 5000 DOGE tip on Twitter to see if he'll allow us to spend Doges on Mojang games. Check it out here
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Sono tornato e voglio sapere tutto quello che è successo in mia assenza!

Buongiorno eccomi qui. Per anni ho avuto la fissa della tecnologia. Appena mi alzavo la mattina la prima cosa che facevo pipì. Ma poi correvo a leggere tutte le news che ruotavano intorno al mondo tecnologico e quindi: slashdot, techchrunch, punto-informatico ecc...
Poi nel 2011 ho perso completamente interesse, mi sembrava che il mondo con le app si fosse appiattito e che la tecnologia intorno al mondo IT fosse meno interessante, ma forse ero solo io che avevo bisogno di staccare la spina. Ora però voglio tornare, voglio di nuovo sapere tutto ciò che sta accadendo e che è accaduto negli anni passati.
Ho voglia però di essere aggiornato. Quali sono state secondo voi le tecnologie software/hardware, i servizi e le acquisizioni più importanti degli ultimi sei anni?
Aggiornerò questo post creando una timeline man mano che ognuno di voi fornirà informazioni attraverso i commenti.
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Suggestion (extra land)

Would there an easy way to implement the ability to purchase additional land (around our home spawn)? Or maybe expand the dimensions of the home spawn? I'm an islander, but my island is somewhat bigger than my 64x64 plot, yet I've homesteaded 2/3 of the island. This would also give people more of an incentive to set up home further from the central spawn as they would be able to create larger farms/orchards/plantations.
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My Minecraft server now supports two gateways for donations...

My Minecraft server now supports two gateways for donations... submitted by GallopingGeese to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

how will banks stop the transfer of power?

in sixteen days....banks and wall street after pumping bitcoin and a hand full of other coins. will come to collect their prize! the one and only coin ready for world deployment, with a windows up date. will be walked into the hands of the rich.... for right around 2.50 a coin. in 16 days the jig is up..... and nobody in the room remembers Mojang think about the power behind the word Microsoft...computers are still "magic" to most of the world....and as far as they know it ALL comes from Microsoft.
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Monday Mornings with Akiyama64, Issue 20

This week featured some high tensions, the first Sunday Session, and the way overused CivDisease.
Nothing dramatic happened for me. I dug for the Hexagon, logged trees, and made a building. Oh, but editing the broadcast took a while since many periods had to be cut off the recording. Also, building even small structures can eat up your stone reserves, so make sure you have a lot of that good stuff before you begin (also, schematics are awesome).

Fellowship and Grundeswald

Correction on yesterday's Sunday Session's news: Oreo and Nico are not the leaders of the NEA.
One explanation of the situation from mrgerbic, many more are in the thread as well. Also, mrgerbic reddits in his car.
Remember, the citizens are still really nice. However, the quick change from peace to near war feels unreal.
IMF_Insider failed to role play as a Snowden. However, there was an earlier post that sort of felt more convincing.
The official UIA statement on NEA v. Grundeswald is good at ending the conflict for now.
Oreo's thread after he learned of the legendary leak.
Whatever happens, we know that there was snitching of Grundeswald.
Late to the party post from NL.
Also, Grundeswald is united since their civil war ended.

Clone and CIC

The building of the monster. Also, it sucked to dig, but I felt glad to help Clone. He has to compete with this one though.
Epic subreddit pvp and anger downvoted this 200d bounty thread on Clone. Resolution: Rail will be moved despite Clone's mistake, and bounty is removed.
It's great to admit mistakes.
Make humor for rail drama.


Started around last week on Monday with a link sent by Eldoorn to me, and then... it filled up an entire page of the subreddit.
This guy was ahead of the crowd by many hours.
Mokuno took down ServerError's Hexagon plot in the meantime.

EULA Lashes Out

There are four threads in /minecraft for people to read about this issue:
The Megathread that is stickied.
Defending Erik.
Strong and Firm with Reservations About How Far to Go.
Diamonds for Bitcoins.
For how it will affect CivCraft, we ponder that thanks to Josh. TeaJizzle's comment at the top is pretty relevant.
Anyway, be ready for more DDOS attacks. After all, “Mojang's new EULA will prevent ALL Minecraft servers!”

General Notables

I didn't get added to CivRadio but the crew has Sunday Sessions now. I loved recording that with Siksta, Sarin, Dovah, and Havok245.
Major drama of 300+ comments: Death threats and admins.
Praise ttk2.
Backstabd notes that gold < diamond with an analogy.
Natural Disasters instead of a map reset?
Someone adopt SamuelStringman. After all, he is on his way to become successful like roqlord. Four tips for success. Further advice regarding chickens and grave confusion.
Also, you're not that likely to be pearled, or are you? Just don't use an x-ray client due to risks.
Have Mumble Anxiety?
Meanwhile, SnitchCensor improves.
Also, check out GeoSharer, a way to share the map of CivCraft's surface.
The CivBall family.
And what the heck is around -4848, 4304? Well, it's not the admin's tower.
Players brag about their best builds here.
Players admit their sins before all of CivCraft.
Players confess how they found CivCraft.
Player places bounty on racist account, but posted evidence shows cave mode cheating.
Players post the best copypastas of CivCraft.
Nexus is now Vale.
Haven made a wonderful view of the hobo.
An impossible view of the wait at Carson's rail.
Saraliana Showcase.
The traveler's guide to Carbon.
Watch this guy for travels of CivCraft. And here is his visit to Commonwealth.
Plus Plus Activity Thread. As for the CAI, Jakebob told people that some people flooded the survey and made it worthless.
Bees enslaving Siksta wasn't much of anything, really. Also, Siksta has an alt.
The HCF relation with this scyfy plot is something though.
Who are the raiders atm?
This reality show will not be as interesting as CivCraft. After all, three acres.
Also, this offer to arbitrate for The_BadAsh is serious, but it likely won't work.
Legitimate advertising woes and suggestions.
Siksta advertises on secret forum.
WildWeazel's ads to many places. A source for inspiration to advertise anywhere.
This is not a serious ad, is it?
Rainmark Radio is describing the building of a city. It seems that them and Commonwealth don't get along.
The fastest method of travel does not use slime blocks.
Also, rails on CivCraft are not as nice looking as these wonderful constructs.
NDZHL encounters a match ending in a fight.
How did the Spleef go?

Simple Ads

Builder wanted for 32x32 plot, have D. Currently worked on by Siksta.
Sagan Acres: Farmers wanted.
Hexagon Shop Chest List
Watch /NDZHL for more matches and exciting gatherings.

People to Thank

Dovah, Sarin, Siksta, and Havok245 for recording the first broadcast of Sunday Sessions. We are not sure what to do this week, but we hope to improve your experience.
Clone for admitting his mistake.
UnknownOreo for Fellowship factory access.
Taargus for a trade with logs and emeralds.
DryPixel, DeceitfulFig, and OzzyVargas for helping dig out the expansion of the Hexagon.
Whistleblower for raising attention about hockey issues (Grundeswald being rejected entry).
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Does this mean no Dogecoin Minecraft server anymore?

Mojang have finally explained their EULA, and what it means for servers. See here for the full writeup.
I'm more focusing on this part:
What do you mean by "hard currency" compared to "soft currency"? Hard currency is real money or anything that can be converted into real money, including Bitcoins. Soft currency is available in-game only, and has no real-world value. The restriction in the EULA only apply to hard currency; you may unlock anything with soft currency.
This also follows on to this;
Can I sell “kits” for hard currency if I provide a balanced alternative for non-paying users? If the “kits” contain gameplay-affecting features they are not allowed. Gameplay balance is not relevant to the EULA. If the items included in the kit are purely cosmetic, you can charge real money/hard currency.
Does this mean that the Dogecoin servers out there can't use Dogecoin in-game for buying/selling items? Or am I missing something here? (Not trying to cause FUD here, just asking a serious question, I don't want anyone being fined or anything).
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Bitcoin and Steam/Gaming in general.

If we can get companies like VALVE , EA, Mojang , Indie Devs, HumbleBundle widgets, Indiegala/Other bundle providers to support bitcoin as a measure of payment, I can imagine bitcoin becoming more "mainstream". On another note, this could get people all fired up and saying crap like "bitcoin is only used for wasting your time and drugs"
Yes, I know about SteamLoader and stuff, but that has fees because the creator buys the steam codes for a profit (nothing against him, just that that is a deterrent).
Are there any reasons why they wouldn't incorporate bitcoin? It can't be charged back, it's damn near close to instant, near 0% transaction fees.
EDIT: Yes I know that humblebundle and their store already accepts bitcoin. Their widget purchases (like this) do not.
Thanks for reading, would love to know your thoughts.
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New to Terasology. Minecrafter since Beta. Open-source enthusiast/Microsoft sceptic. Can anyone answer some questions?

After the Microsoft acquisition of Mojang, I felt it was as if my favorite band totally sold out. Minecraft was already a cash-cow, but I can already see it losing all it's integrity. I'm a big open-source enthusiast, and stumbled upon Terasology, I downloaded it to my wife's MacBook, and it played nicely, but I'm wondering how it will fare on my Ubuntu machine.
I saw other redditors post something similar to this (here and here), and a few of my questions were answered there. However, I want to know some other things:
Will there be/are there texture packages?
Can you modify "mobs" (or whatever they're called in Terasology)? I love Pokemon and Digimon, and the Minecraft mods that were produced for those franchises. Will this be/is this a feature?
What are the minimum spec requirements? What about specs for a server?
Is there/will there be implementation of in-game economy? Maybe bitcoin or reddcoin?
I understand this is free open-source software, but how much will donations help the game development? I paid $10 for Minecraft beta, but I don't mind paying a bit to get Terasology some good momentum.
Any help is appreciated! :)
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Questions pertaining to the new EULA and server "donations"

I have a few questions and I hope that you guys can give me some answers/opinions.
First, would Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency be allowed under the EULA for people to use for items, permission ranks, or anything else?
Second, are server owners allowed to sell items on servers if it is an item from a mod.
Lastly, I understand that some Mojang employees see these posts so if one of you happens to look across this, is there any hope for another change to the EULA that is more in the favor of server owners?
Quick disclaimer: I'm not trying to get around the EULA, I'm only trying to get a bit of clarification and see if we still have options.
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About Windows 10 edition and the future of BitQuest

Hey folks!
It's been a while since we last posted. We have been very busy, and though you may find that not much is changing, we are doing a lot of improvements on the backend: We sorted all the annoying bugs with our bitcoin integration and loot: two things very important to all players but is very difficult to make sure the players getting the prizes aren't gaming the system.
You can check out the progress for the whole project here in our updated trello board:
Soon we'll be testing Minecraft 1.9 to make sure we can get the new mobs, shields and all the cool new features as close to the vanilla game.
We also became aware of the windows 10 beta is mostly sure incompatible with BitQuest. With all the team at Mojang/Microsoft working on porting everything to C++ I'm not hoping this new Minecraft (It's a fork of the Xbox 360 edition) will be the same network protocol.
So what does this mean for BitQuest? We expect to see news coming from Mojang very soon respecting custom servers and modding, and when we make sure this new build is incompatible we will start to port all BitQuest code.
I know it's not very precise information but just wanted to let you guys know we are commited to support the future versions of Minecraft even if we have to port the code to a new platform.
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Distingen fällt!  Let's Play Minecraft Bitcoin #041 Mit Minecraft Geld verdienen  Let's Play Minecraft Bitcoin #001 Minecraft easter egg that pays out in actual BITCOIN Servervorstellungsvideo  Let's Play Minecraft Bitcoin #086 Eine teuflische Konstruktion  Let's Play Minecraft Bitcoin #074

Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/Bitcoin. log in sign up. User account menu. 214. Help persuading Mojang to accept Bitcoins to pay Minecraft. Close. 214. Posted by. u/_RME_. 6 years ago. Archived. Help persuading Mojang to accept Bitcoins to pay Minecraft. Imagine ... Mojang: 80 Millionen US-Dollar Umsatz mit Minecraft. Es gibt viele sündhaft teure Großproduktionen, die nicht so viel Umsatz erzielen wie Minecraft: 80 Millionen US-Dollar sind es nach Angaben ... Mojang recently announced the 1.16 Nether Update, one of the most extensive overhauls they did.Now, the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update for 1.17 will add many things to do. The Overworld will look better than ever next summer. Caves, archaeology, and new blocks are coming. Cave exploration in Minecraft is challenging and treacherous. A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are... Click on Create Mojang Account option located below. 10- Here, a four digit of character code will be sent to your email address. 11- Simply, put that four digit character code in the Mojang site. 12- Here, your email address is completely verified. 13- Congratulations! Now, your Minecraft account is converted into Mojang Account. The List of Free Minecraft Accounts of 2019 > [email protected ...

[index] [22691] [45448] [41585] [11222] [35620] [39909] [19884] [44607] [14195] [230]

Distingen fällt! Let's Play Minecraft Bitcoin #041

Minecraft Bitcoin Survival Mensch, da funktioniert die Maschine mal ohne Probleme da kackt das Plugin rum, was ist das für eine grausame Welt in der wir leben D: Erste Folge: ... Minecraft and cryptocurrencies are pretty much the two most popular things in the world (Well not including PUBG and chlamydia) and Mojang has found a way to combine the two. This Minecraft Easter ... ? kommt in unsere Stadt im Minecraft Bitcoin Projekt. Dabei frage ich mich natürlich, wer das ist :D Erste Folge: Twitter:... Minecraft Bitcoin Survival Auch wenn das Projekt nun beendet wird, möchte ich dennoch gerne das Servervorstellungsvideo machen, um mich und auch den Server zu unterstützen! Erste Folge: https ... Minecraft Bitcoin Survival Mit dieser Konstruktion werden wir die Läden sprengen, und unseren Talervorrat um ein vielfaches vergrößern :D Erste Folge: ...