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GSM-nation has a special page for Bitcoin Black Friday - Are they about to accept bitcoin as payment?!

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On Bitcoin Black Friday, GSM Nation, seller of unlocked smartphones, unveils cell phone plan you can pay for with bitcoins. Reddit, OK Cupid, AdaFruit, Humble Bundle, and 500 more participate.

On Bitcoin Black Friday, GSM Nation, seller of unlocked smartphones, unveils cell phone plan you can pay for with bitcoins. Reddit, OK Cupid, AdaFruit, Humble Bundle, and 500 more participate. submitted by evanFFTF to technology [link] [comments]

NanoSMS - A SMS interface to a Nano Wallet to open access to anyone with a 2G Mobile/Cell Phone

A SMS interface for a server based Nano wallet to provide access for 2G devices to the Nano network. The aim is to develop a community driven project with careful research, development and marketing with the aim to introduce Nano to a new demographic - the unbanked. Post is for discussion as well as request for volunteers to help out.
Cryptocurrencies currently focus on the rich, tech savvy western world, where the ‘crypto’ economies are controlled by individuals and large corporate organisations, ironically going against the original premise laid out by Satoshi Nakamoto (https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf). One demographic that currently are missing out (on both traditional and crypto finance) are the unbanked - individuals who don’t have access to any banking services and instead use cash or other forms of physical exchange. 38% of adults worldwide don’t have a method of managing their money (either a bank or using a mobile device) and looking at percentage banked at the top with 100% banked are Norway, Finland and Denmark while at the bottom is Turkmenistan 1.8%, Niger 3.5% and Madagascar 5.7% (Raconteur - Banking the Unbanked 2017). While cryptocurrencies seem like a perfect fit for these individuals there are still barriers to adoption, current cryptocurrencies require an internet connection and a powerful device such as a smart phone, laptop or desktop. There are currently 2 billion 2G phone subscriptions worldwide (Statista 2018) and yet they have minimal access to using cryptocurrencies in any form (see Appendix 1). SMS (Short Message Service) is a key component of 2G and in many developing nations this has already been used for a centralised financial system.
A small number of cryptocurrencies have begun to explore providing a decentralised financial system for the unbanked. Nano, a near instant and feeless cryptocurrency based on a novel block lattice concept, (https://nano.org) and its passionate community have already made it their aim to support the unbanked with particular focus on South America. The currency itself is well know by its original name RaiBlocks particularly due to its faucet based distribution system that was able to provide an income to many people.
NanoSMS combines SMS and the Nano network by providing a SMS interface to a server backed Nano wallet. Users ‘text’ the wallet with commands, these are parsed, passed to the server which then manages the wallet and sends SMS replies. Users are identified by their telephone number as a unique number, these are directly linked to private keys held on the server. By identifying by telephone number its also possible to use telephone numbers as a transaction address therefore hiding the complex nano address system (however it also supports xrb_ and nano_ addresses).
The current prototype works using a cloud based SMS gateway system (https://www.twilio.com) unfortunately these services aren’t available in the countries that might be targeted, this will need to be overcome either through partnership with these organisations to expand or through the development of our own SMS gateways. If a user has access to a smart phone then they should use a mobile wallet rather than NanoSMS as they retain their private keys.
To provide ‘micro-liquidity’ to the system a internal faucet system could be used where users could claim a small amount of nano in return for an SMS advertisement. This would also provide a driving force behind adoption.
Concept for NanoSMS, GSM/ESP32 may not be required if using a web service such as Twilio
Some attack vectors and suggested methods to manage them
For NanoSMS to be successful it will be necessary to develop multiple aspects of the project including software, hardware, research and marketing.
How Can You Help?
Appendix 1
Other SMS Cryptocurrency Wallets
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10, 5 and 1 oz silver for sale, Engelhard, JM, US Assay Office, National, and many other brands of bars and rounds. (Pics)[http://imgur.com/gallery/FWdCv]

I am well established with feedback on ebay (15 yrs) and Bullion Stackers (3 yrs), ask for more info. I gladly accept Bitcoin, PPFF, PP +3%, USPS money order, personal check & concealed cash. Checks must clear (7 days).
Free shipping if paid with Bitcoin.
Postage $3 mailed in padded envelope up to 4 oz, $4 up to 10 oz. Over 10 oz I pay shipping. (1st class w/tracking). No shipments without payment, no exception. Will consider offers after Noon Monday EDT. Thank you for looking.
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Crypto Rebels

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Public-key cryptography, in the words of David Kahn, was not only "The most revolutionary new concept in the field since...the Renaissance," but it was generated totally outside of the government's domain-by a privacy fanatic, no less! By the time Diffie and Hellman started distributing pre-prints of their scheme in late 1975, an independent movement in cryptography, centered in academia, was growing.
If privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy.
In essence, the Cypherpunks propose an alternative to the continuation of the status quo, where cryptography is closely held and privacy is an increasingly rare commodity.
Ultimately, the lessons taught by the Cypherpunks, as well as the tools they produce, are designed to help shape a world where cryptography runs free-a Pac-Man-like societal maneuver in which the digital technology that previously snatched our privacy is used, via cryptography, to snatch it back.
"We are not asking to threaten the national security. We're asking to discard a Cold War bureaucratic idea of national security which is obsolete. My response to the NSA is: Show us. Show the public how your ability to violate the privacy of any citizen has prevented a major disaster. They're abridging the freedom and privacy of all citizens-to defend us against a bogeyman that they will not explain. The decision to literally trade away our privacy is one that must be made by the whole society, not made unilaterally by a military spy agency."
In the name of privacy, each GSM handset encrypts its signal using an algorithm called A5. As a sort of backhanded testimonial to A5's effectiveness, NATO governments have decided that it is far too good to sell to those whose privacy they would not wish to respect-like Saddam Hussein's tank corps.
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How to disappear on the net/OPSEC : what tools to use ?

What if someone wants to completely disappear from the internet, but still use it daily. For example, let's say you and your significant other want, from now on, to be untrackable.
What would be a good opsec ?
Example: 1) Each buy a new android phone with a prepaid cash simcard and only use TextSecure to communicate by texting. But the problem with this, is that the cell towers can still track you. And using only public wifi and disabling the GSM mode would be hard.. What alternatives are they ?
2) Email like communication : this could be emails, with PGP (but not easy to use, and a tiny mistake can just take down your whole efforts. This could be bitmessage but it has not been audited yet. What are other alternatives ? I saw this website called prism break, but I didn't find anything really usable..
3) Buying legal things on the net : one could use Bitcoin, but the problem point would be : where to ship it ? This could be having a PO box but.. it would need to be linked to, I guess, some sort of identifying information like a national ID or driver license. Obviously this is bad for the idea of disappearing.
If you have any onsight on this, or blogs/websites taking OPSEC seriously, please share.
Thanks !
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Comunidade de Bitcoins cria sua própria Black Friday

A comunidade das Bitcoins resolveu aproveitar a Black Friday para ajudar na disseminação da moeda virtual criando um evento próprio, o Bitcoin Friday. Centenas de lojas já aderiram ao evento criado pela organização Fight for the Future. Entre as empresas confirmadas estão a Cheapair (venda de passagens aéreas com desconto) e a GSM Nation (venda de aparelhos celulares desbloqueados). A Gyft também vai aceitar Bitcoins na compra de Gift Cards da Amazon e da Target. Além disso, os compradores podem fazer doações com as Bitcoins.
“Boas empresas que realmente entenderam a tecnologia e o potencial das Bitcoins estão se juntando a nós”, disse Homes Wilson, da Fight for the Future. Jon Holmquist, co-criador do Bitcoin Friday, destaca que as taxas de transações com as Bitcoins são consideravelmente menores que as de cartão de crédito. De acordo com Holmquist, as compras podem sair de 3% a 5% mais baratas.
Essa será a segunda Bitcoin Friday, apesar de que no ano passado o evento ocorreu algumas semanas antes da Black Friday. Desde então, a moeda virtual ganhou bastante notoriedade, o que fez com que Holmquist decidisse fazer o evento no mesmo dia da famosa data. “Eu acho que nós somos grandes o bastante para assumir a Black Friday” disse. “A Black Friday é o maior dia de compras do ano e é um ótimo modo de começar”.
Cerca de 150 empresas participarão do Bitcoin Friday esse ano. O dobro em relação às participantes do ano passado. Holmquist espera que até sexta-feira (29) o número de empresas participantes chegue a 500. Ele também espera uma quantidade maior de consumidores. Até agora, o site já recebeu 2.500 e-mails de cadastro; no ano passado, menos de 500 pessoas compraram com as bitcoins.
Além do Fight for the Future, a Bitcoin Friday está sendo apoiado pelo Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT). Barry Silbert, fundador do BIT, disse que a organização está apoiando o evento para “contar a todo mundo e promover a adoção das Bitcoins”.
Fonte e materia completa canaltech
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Sans limites TV - YouTube GSM Movie Screening Gematria Effect News - YouTube TEch GSM - YouTube GSM Update 7/15/18 - Öræfajökull Preparing To Erupt - Canadian Hail - Australia Record Lows

GSMcoin to Bitcoin ( GSM / XBT ) markets ( 0.00000055 ) - Coinhills Digital Currency Market Finder helps you to search trending coins including Bitcoin with a few clicks. It supports the overall statistics of digital coins and exchanges lively. Bitcoin Friday deals include unlocked phones from GSM Nation and discounted plane tickets from Cheapair.com. OKCupid, which has been accepting bitcoins since April, will be participating as well. As bitcoin prices shot through the roof over the last few weeks, ... You can also get a discount on Reddit’s Gold service on Black Friday if you pay using bitcoins. GSM Nation is even offering Black Friday deals on unlocked smartphones—specifically for those who pay using bitcoins. Other deals include offers on airline tickets, electronic cigarettes, artwork, books for kids, and more. You ... There is no use case for a sovereign nation to launch its own altcoin that is inferior to Bitcoin. Its like launching a new mobile phone network standard; no manufacturer is going to incorporate another set of protocols, chips, transceiver and antennae into its phone to accommodate you, and yet, this is exactly what these people believe they can do with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/Bitcoin. log in sign up. User account menu. 3. GSM-nation has a special page for Bitcoin Black Friday - Are they about to accept bitcoin as payment?! Close. 3. Posted by. u/kveras. 5 years ago. Archived. GSM-nation has a special ...

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Sans limites TV - YouTube

This channel i will Share tech tricks & Trips & Review tech Product, Make Money Online,Software review videos,Android tips ETC Thanks. Contact For Technical... While I do talk about money, finance, cryptocurrencies and many times I speak about what I am doing with my investments. I DO NOT GIVE FINANCIAL ADVICE. I AM... Tornado Watch ended for Red Deer area, hail hits region hard https://rdnewsnow.com/article/591873/severe-thunderstorm-watch-red-deer-and-area Southwest Monso... Chaine d'information Sans Limites TV éditée par le Groupe GSL Communication, Ouest Foire Dakar ( Sénégal ) Directeur de Publication : Yankhoba SANE SERVICE C... Come, step into my office...This is my version of modern-day treasure hunting. Vlogging the good, the bad, and the really really bad, alongside a bit of ever...