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Celebrating the ability to express something here

Hello, this is me celebrating my 20 karma points.
I’ve been lurking this sub for quite a while whithout the ability to express myself.
If it is of any interest; here is a little bit about my background: I am no developper nor IT man. I even don’t consider myself as tech savvy. I am a regular guy with a huge curiosity. I am not a trader by any means nor a professional investor. Eth is actually the first thing I ever invested in. I did so with a small amount of money a little more than a year ago. It was before the DAO crowdsale and subsequent hack. The perspective of the DAO was actually an important parameter for me to want to get onboard. Unfortunately (turned out to be some kind of luck in the end), I wasn’t quick enough to hop on the DAO train.
I “hedl” my Eth since then...because I always thought of it as a long-term investment. Well, I didn’t even see it as an investment really. It was more about supporting the project (...well, maybe that’s what an investment is...or, at least, should be...).
At some point in the previous weeks, i thought that i had reached the karma points i needed and tried to post what follows. Turned out i didn’t understand it properly. So my celebration is posting it again. Some of it might seem irrelevant as it was related to some discussions taking place at the time. The rest, i think, remains of a certain pertinence (sorry if that sounds pretentious). Anyways, thanks to all of you for many useful insights and more light-hearted bits. I learned a lot not only about Ethereum but also about blockchain and Cryptos in general... But also about many other things that are impossible to express. It has been very interesting for me to be the witness of a lot of things that took place here.
This is me celebrating and paying it forward.
Also; please keep having this open-mind that is the most valuable thing in this community. You don’t need ennemies if you are just positive about the thing you believe in. And if someone takes aim at you for whatever reason, don’t be silly enough to get into a fight, just let the animosity fade. Negativity is a powerful magnet that sucks a lot of energy. Don’t let yours be drained in that spiral.


There is no comparing this to the dotcom bubble. Because the thing we invest in is the dot between “dot” and “com”.
The growth we see is just the growth of a big pool where everybody who believes in a system puts money into it. We are not betting on the ones who are going to get benefits from this system (or new paradigm) because we feel that this system, or protcol...or whatever, is going to be beneficial for all mankind.
That’s just how bullish we are about it.
We are a community based on the promising perspective of a sharing/exchanging system we believe in.
To me ETH is not an “altcoin”. It is not even actually a coin. I believe it’s a share of our future. Sure i am bullish on Ethereum because i am bullish on blockchain technology. But you know, all of us have to start somewhere.
And to me Ethereum is not only the best placed in the blockchain technology race but also the entity that rose my awareness about the potentialities of blockchain technology in the first place.
Some day, Ethereum might be forgotten. But for now, it’s leading the way and it’s catching us all in its wave.
On the matter of knowing how much of a bubble this all is, the crypto-economy might be the perfect answer to the system that sustained the dot-com bubble.
Cryptocurrencies swell and burst all the time. And they have since they were born, whenever Satoshi’s paper was published.
“Bitcoin” might sound like a silly name. But it’s a perfect name. It tells you everything you need to know about it.
It is a code scripture that you can trust as much (or more, actually) as you trust the most trust-needed item of society: money.
The twist being, once that is made is possible, you can put anything on it. Bitcoin is a digital coin (or bill) for exchanging value. It is the digital iteration of value.
What Ethereum is bringing forward is that anything can be put directly on this coin, or bill. It’s like, instead of exchanging millions of any means of exchange (insert currency here), you would only exchange one note with everyting that bonds you together written on it. But, even better, this note would, through only algorythmic programmation, make sure its value is respected.
You know what, we sound crazy because we probably are. We really don’t know where this leads us...but we want to keep pushing to find out.
Fuck it, humanity needs some kind of reboot anyway.
We are all on our digital islands. Patiently building ships. For the rising tide. And when it’s high enough We’ll sail it together.
To wherever, be it the moon, the outer space...or just deep in what we are. It’s all for the best.
Buying ETH is not really buying. It is transforming your money into something else. It is, today, exchanging your currency for the fuel of the future.
You can think about it in two different ways:
what could become the value that i put in this today? Or Should I care about value at all ?
Sorry for the versatility of this post, its inconstancies and the mistakes. English is not my mother tongue and I am just bursting out of the frustration of being unable to express anything here.
TL;DR: Happy with my karma points, wanted to express myself. This whole thing is less about flying to the moon than diving deep in the core of today’s humanity.
EDIT: "hedl" instead of "hodled"...
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Bitcoin, Chinakohl, Fake News, dummes Geschwätz und Manipulation. Wer sind die Doofen?

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