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Bitcoin Price Is ‘Like MMM Ponzi Scheme’: Russian Economic Minister

The head of Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development has compared Bitcoin to the infamous Ponzi scheme MMM.
Speaking at the Federation Council, Maksim Oreshkin repeated the theme of “unqualified investors” buying into cryptocurrency being “dangerous.”
“Because if you look at the dynamics of the Bitcoin price, they’re very like the price of MMM,” he said quoted by local news outlet RIA Novosti.
MMM originated in Russia in the late 1980s as the product of serial fraudster Sergey Mavrodi. Law enforcement shut the scheme down and arrested Mavrodi in 2003, but in 2011 MMM resurfaced and is now aggressively targeting consumers in Africa.
“There are very high risks here for those who are interested [in Bitcoin],” Oreshkin continued.
“It’s clear the state cannot protect these people; their actions come entirely at their own risk. I’m simply calling for everyone to be very careful with this issue.”
The minister’s comments continue the increasingly contradictory position Russian authorities have taken on Bitcoin.
A similar offer to restrict Bitcoin to “qualified investors” came from the country’s deputy finance minister Alexey Moiseev earlier this month, while central bank head Elvira Nabiullina said she was “categorically against” allowing it on the Moscow Stock Exchange.
At the same time, state-sponsored efforts to involve Russia in mining continue to gather speed as China’s supremacy seemingly becomes cause for envy.
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«Bitcoin has been used to maneuver round a fair amount of money illegally,» Buffett mentioned. He joked that bitcoin’s «economic contribution» to society might be reducing demand for suitcases. In 2010–11 folks were capable of mine Bitcoins utilizing their PCs. If Winklevoss Brothers have greater than Bitcoins, it is rather straightforward for Bill Gates to earn greater than that ... Sergei Mavrodi at a press conference in 1994. If this story sounds like a one off—the kind of thing that only happens at the fringe when an economy is emerging from collapse, or that the world ... Bitcoin is experimental, and due to this fact, volatility is predicted to stay in place. Both the stock and foreign exchange markets are inclined to react to expected announcements at certain occasions of the day. With cryptocurrencies, it all will get a bit blurred since they don’t comply with the identical conduct or respond to the same sort of announcements. Now that we have a greater ... During the work of MMM, Mavrodi managed to buy the Cray Research Super Server 6400 supercomputer to analyze the global stock markets and manage the future empire: he was interested in US law, which he believed did not prevent the creation of such a pyramid. In the new system, which Mavrodi is now actively promoting in Indonesia, China and several other countries, the accounts of participants ... On October 20, 1992, Mavrodi founded MMM joint-stock company, a financial institution. The brand became universally recognizable after Mavrodi offered, several times, to all the residents of Moscow a day of free of charge travel in Metro (Moscow subway). On New Year's Eve of 1993, Mavrodi took the place of President Yeltsin to deliver a New Year message to all Russian people. At that time, he ...

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