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Dear jurov, > new clients have to be distributed to majority of mining power in such way that the “Satoshi gang” is unable to do anything about it. We can find out which coins are in the Satoshi hoard right now. And retroactively declare them (and any mixer descendants) invalid. And there is no need for the majority of users to do this. If only a hundred users do it, it will still disable ... jurov if btc is to be small part of international trade then it just has to go there. herbijudlestoids well the highest valuation i had heard so far was 798,000 jurov oddly specific number. herbijudlestoids i take notes of oddly specific numbers jurov sounds like a winkle. herbijudlestoids winkle? nubbins` voss jurov something a winklevii drops on the floor and nobody wants to touch. mircea ... 18:27 jurov if you read till the end, the transactions end up being only 6kb total 18:28 TD anyway, yes, at the core of his post is a point - eventually bitcoin APIs will need to start working with sets of transactions instead of single transactions 18:28 TD i suspect there would have been an explanation in the log Posted on November 30, 2015 by Jurov. Signature operations or "SigOps" in Bitcoin transaction scripts requires checking ECDSA signatures to assure a Bitcoin transaction is valid. This is computationally expensive work making it an avenue of potential disruption on the Bitcoin network. The possibility was known for months . Yet little attention was paid until yesterday's events caused ... #bitcoin-assets log. home log search bash PREV: 25-08-2013. hide bots links only kindergarten. NEXT: 27-08-2013. Transcript for 26-08-2013, 488 lines: 00:00:01 benkay: and if asic development follows typical silicon deployment patterns, those chips'll be everywhere pretty dang soon. 00:00 ...

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