Have you lost or forgotten your Crypto Wallet Password?

I forgot my Bitcoin Core wallet Passphrase. Brute force doesn't work. Is there any other way? Please Halp.

there's like 0.023 BTC in that wallet...........
and I'm not good at coding/programming.
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I forgot my Bitcoin Core wallet Passphrase. Brute force doesn't work. Is there any other way? Please Halp. /r/BitcoinBeginners

I forgot my Bitcoin Core wallet Passphrase. Brute force doesn't work. Is there any other way? Please Halp. /BitcoinBeginners submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

ALL of my stored cryptocurrency has been STOLEN from my Ledger Nano S!

Hey everyone... I recently logged into my account in Ledger Live expecting to see a great increase with the price of Bitcoin moving up. Instead of seeing what I expected to be about $13,000.00 worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum Classic, I see $0.00 balance on everything! I am absolutely blown away, saddened, and disappointed. I purchased the Nano S over two years ago BECAUSE of security. Now, it seems I have lost literally everything, and there is no phone number to contact this company, only through emails, which they have not responded to. I can clearly see all of the funds from every crypto I was holding were sent out to different addresess which have now all been confirmed on the blockchain. Does anyone here have any ideas at all as to what could have happened, or what I can do here? The only way I know of, that the funds can be accessed, is with the 24 word recovery phrase, and that has been written down on the card, by me 3 years ago, and been kept safely in a burn safe box all this time. So how in the world does something like this happen!? I heard about their data breach, and leaking customers info a couple weeks ago and I am wondering if somehow, someway, that access was gained to my wallet with info that was exposed? Can somebody help me here, or has this happened to anyone else in the last few days? Thanks.

Okay, after reading through all these comments, and everybody saying I must have entered my passphrase on my computer or phone at some point, you guys are right. I forgot, that 3 years ago, when I purchased the Ledger, I wrote down the recovery phrase, and it's been in the burn safe since. BUT, I also, can't believe I'm saying this, but I did enter it into my phone, and sent it to my own email address, where it has been ever since, I guess thinking if I ever lost the paper with the 24 word phrase, or it was stolen, I would have it there, so I could recover my assets. Well, I guess that means somebody else can recover my assets too. :( This IS MY FAULT, and I take full blame for it. I guess I just never thought, without somebody having access to my e-mail that anyone would ever possibly be able to get access to it. It's just so weird, that it's been 3 years, and the assets were just now stolen. I've had close to that amount in there for a couple years now. Again, I thank you for your help and research, i'm to blame here. $13,000 lesson learned. NEVER INPUT YOUR RECOVERY PHRASE INTO DIGITAL FORMAT. Still wish there was something that could be done, but I know once it's gone, it's gone in crypto. Such a shame now that it looks like Bitcoin is beginning it's bull run.
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Mycelium Wallet is EMPTY, any helpful ideas?

Can someone help me out? I Bought bitcoin in 2017 and kept it on a Mycelium wallet on an old phone. The last time I checked it was in 2019. I forgot the pin number, but I kept the 12 word passphrase. I downloaded Mycelium on a new phone and used the passphrase, and the wallet restored but says that I have ZERO btc and zero transactions. I am freaking out. What could have happened? This wallet was on a phone that was offline. No one had access to my passphrase either, it was on paper in a safe. Even if possible, theft wouldn't explain it because there are zero transactions.
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How to add a Trezor wallet to Bitcoin Core as watch-only

I wanted to use Bitcoin Core to keep an eye on transactions (basically using your own full Bitcoin node to validate, instead of "trusting" Satoshilabs and their webwallet). This doesn't mean there's anything wrong with Satoshilabls' trezor web wallet - it's just a matter of being totally sovereign/independent - if you want that, then using your own Bitcoin Core full node is a must.
Spent some time investigating how to do that, so sharing here in case someone wants it. Feel free to point any ways to do it better.
  1. Go to the usual Trezor wallet site, then open the wallet you want to import to Core (don't forget passphrase if needed). Copy the ypub text string.
  2. Convert the ypub to xpub using something like this: https://jlopp.github.io/xpub-converte You can save the page and run it offline/airgapped in something like Tails if you don't trust it. There is no security risk (not a private key) but only privacy risk (with your public keys the site can see all transactions/balances of that wallet)
  3. Put the xpub in a Core RPC importmulti command with this formatting:
    importmulti '[{"range": [0, 1000], "timestamp": "now", "keypool": true, "watchonly": true, "desc": "wpkh([000000f1/84h/0h/0h]your_xpub_goes_here/0/)#7x87wdy3", "internal": false}, {"range": [0, 1000], "timestamp": "now", "keypool": true, "watchonly": true, "desc": "wpkh([000000f1/84h/0h/0h]your_xpub_goes_here/1/)#0jzlnc5f", "internal": true}]'
Then open Bitcoin Core and do these other steps...
  1. In File>Create Wallet, create a wallet with "No Encryption" & "Watch Only" - call it anything you like (TrezorA for example).
  2. Open Window>Console, select the wallet you just created (on the pull-down menu at the top) and then paste the importmulti command where you put your xpub.
  3. Core will complain that the checksum is wrong (the "7x87wdy3" and "wdxy2s2t" parts in my example) replace them with the right ones shown in the message and retry.
  4. You should see the wallet imported with success, but with no transaction history. It is necessary to rescan the chain to index the transactions that wallet made. To save time, you can use the blockheight of the first block where you made a transaction with that trezor, for example: "rescanblockchain 590500".
You can find out the block by putting the hash of your first transfer in a block explorer like https://live.blockcypher.com/, look for "blockheight" If you have no idea which block has your first transaction, you can just rescan the whole chain by typing "rescanblockchain 0" in the console (but Core will take way longer to do it).
That's about it, all transactions made from what wallet should then appear in Core and it will warn every time funds are received or spent. You can be running your own full node and constantly monitoring your wallet, without having to use the Trezor or load Satoshilab's site.
You cannot spend from that wallet in Core, but you can use it to generate receive addresses and send to it (keep in mind that if you generate bech32 addresses in Core, those transfers will not appear at Trezor wallet since it doesn't support it yet :| )
Edit: Forgot change addresses, fixed importmulti example.
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Trezor Troubleshooting Guide

I've noticed some redundancy in some of the issues raised on this subreddit, thought I'd start a generic troubleshooting thread of what I've found useful. I'd appreciate any suggestions mods or other experts might have.

I - Prerequisite

  1. Read the FAQ
  2. Read the Users manual
  3. Read the Developers guide
  4. Search the Wiki
  5. Try the trezor Troubleshooter

II - Trezor connectivity / stuck spinning circle

  1. Try different cable / USB port / computer
  2. Try without crappy Antivirus software.
  3. Manually add the bootloader registry value just to be paranoid.
  4. Install WinUSB driver with Zadig.
  5. Try disabling browser extensions / ad-blockers.
  6. Try Chrome Guest Mode (easiest way to disable extensions)
  7. Try different browser (Chrome / Chromium / Firefox / Brave)
  8. Try WebUSB
  9. Try Android
  10. Try VirtualBox
  11. Try old-wallet.trezor.io
  12. Try beta-wallet.trezor.io
  13. Try beta-wallet.trezor.io/next

III - Updated FW, coins are gone

  1. Try Legacy Account section.
  2. Did you use the right seed?
  3. Did you use the right passphrase?
  4. Did you enter the recover seed words in the order the Trezor asked you to (hint: not first to last)?
  5. Did you verify that your recovery seed words are in the word list?
  6. Did you check all accounts (click add account) for transactions, or check all MEW ETH accounts (next page) as well?
  7. Did you check your transaction history (Legacy and Segwit) to see if anyone moved coins while you were dormant?
  8. Did you regularly do a dry-run recover to verify that you actually possess the recovery seed that the Trezor is operating with?
  9. Check to see if your brother-in-law found your seed and stole your coins.
  10. Check to see if the digital copy of your seed was hacked.

IV - Can't / Don't want to update FW.

  1. Try performing a dry-run to ensure you have the right seed.
  2. Say a prayer and hope you have the right passphrase.
  3. Use an old version of Electrum / MyCrypto / MEW to see if you can find TXN history.
  4. Use an old version of Electrum / MyCrypto / MEW to move most funds.
  5. Use an old version of trezorctl to move the other funds.
  6. Buy a second Trezor and update that.

V - I'm new to this, How should I backup my seed / passphrase.

  1. Make it simple, your kids / kin may be the ones doing the recovery.
  2. Make it secure in a lockbox or safe or something reasonable.
  3. Make it accessible in case there is market volatility.
  4. Make it resilient and redundant in case there is a fire / zombie apocalypse.
  5. Don't make it digital, hackers are smarter than you are.

VI - I forgot my PIN now I can't access my device

  1. Say a prayer and hope you have the right seed.
  2. Say a prayer and hope you have the right passphrase.
  3. Wipe your device then recover with the seed / passphrase to reset PIN.
  4. Don't forget again.

VII - I forgot my seed / passphrase, what now

  1. Nothing, you effectively put physical currency in an incinerator, no getting it back.
  2. Realize that you've learned a valuable lesson that will serve you well in the future.
  3. Advocate to others the importance of following section [V] above.

VIII - I want support for CrappyForkCoin and I want it now!

  1. Figure out what the fork_id is for CrappyForkCoin and write your own coin JSON file.
  2. Use your JSON file to compile your own CrappyForkCoin trezor FW.
  3. Flash your CrappyForkCoin trezor FW to your personal trezor.
  4. Use trezorctl to make CrappyForkCoin transactions.
  5. Read the wiki on how to add coins just to make sure.
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Bitcoin and Ethereum gone after updating Trezor

So I have not used or checked my balance on my Trezor One in a good 7 months. I finally decided I should update it. I forgot my pin but I have all my seed words written down and stored in my safe. I did not have a passphrase. I successfully reset the Trezor and followed to input the seed words in the order they provided. Some were random works asked by the Trezor and some said to enter word 6 or enter word 1 etc. I followed this exactly. When I look at my wallet it shows 0 bitcoin. The legacy wallet shows 0 bitcoin. When I go to MyEtherWallet it shows 0 ETH. I'm freaking out. I have reset the Trezor multiple times thinking I might have entered a word wrong and the same thing happens. Can someone please help me. I would really appreciate it.
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New here: Have questions and need some help understanding a few things

So my background in Crypto and Bitcoin is not the best, as is, I came in late December 17, and as you can imagine, not doing well overall, and have now come across various coins and projects
I wanted to ask and learn a bit more about Bitcoin. I have watched various videos and read a few bits here and there, learnt more about the project and the reasoning for the split, to pursue the original vision of a P2P cash. But my first direct BCH interaction was very bad, and didn't look to carry on, until someone highlighted my mistake and I did some more research
Wallet and Transactions
So while learning more about Bitcoin, I saw saw the video promoting the wallet and getting free BCH, so I download the Bitcoin.com App (Yellow one), to test things out. I got some BCH, what I did was, to test the speed, I sent this from my wallet to coinbase wallet, I waited over 15 minutes and got nothing, with around 2 confirmations. Until someone told me, that this is because Coinbase is a custodial wallet, and I should have done wallet to normal wallet transfer, a hence the significant delays.
OProc Codes (I forgot the correct terminology)
Thank you, for taking your time to read and for your help and advice and answers!
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Funds lost after using recovery seed

To summarize the situation: - I forgot my PIN, never used a passphrase and kept my recovery seed on a secure place. - However, when I tried to recover, the seed doesn't seemed to be valid. - I managed to detect and correct a mistake in my recovery seed and I assume that is the correct recovery seed. It is difficult for me to accept that I made such a mistake when writting down the seed (i.e. exchanging "grunt" for "grant"), but I understand it is (almost) impossible to find an almost identical recovery seed linked to a different wallet. - The balance of the accounts after the recovery was 0. - I restored the wallet again. The balance was still 0. - I send some BTC to the wallet just to try and now the balance is is not 0 but I did not recover the funds that I had previously in the wallet. - Also, after that, I tried to restore my wallet to Electrum using the same recovery seed. The balance only shows the bitcoins I sent the day before but not the funds I had in the past. - Just in case it is important, after recovery I received a message stating "The bitcore server does not reply. Cannot connect to wallet", but after a second try the message disappeared. - I guess there might be a compatibility problem or something... I don't know... I have got public addresses of my former wallet (I checked them and the bitcoins are there so... not stolen). Is it there a way to check whether these public addresses match the wallet I restored with the recovery seed? Any idea of what may be happening? Any idea on how to recover the funds?
Thanks in advance!
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Login Troubles

I tried to login to my Bitcoin wallet. I use the one at blockchain.com. I received the authorization email but it wouldn’t let me in after authorizing.
There is the trouble logging in page. I was pretty sure I had the correct password, because I had it stored on a file.
I sent for an email reminder of my wallet identifier. They sent me an email with two identifiers created back in 2013 on the same day. I never paid much attention to it, because my iPhone auto filled the identifier.
I tried both identifiers with my password and still couldn’t get in. I entered my 12 word passphrase but it said it was invalid. That is here: https://login.blockchain.com/#/recover
However if I enter my passphrase here:
https://login.blockchain.com/wallet/forgot-password It accepts my passphrase and shows the password I know is correct.
I have contacted support but they haven’t replied to my reply to my original request.
Has anyone else had a similar problem Id there a solution? I have about 1.2 Bitcoins in that wallet which is a lot of money to me. I am feeling sick to my stomach over this.
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Thank you Dogecoin and the Doge community!

I wanted to say thank you to this community and this coin for helping me get into cryptocurrency. I had heard of bitcoin before dogecoin, but hadn't looked into it very much until back when bitcoin passed the $1k mark for the first time back in 2013. I was living with room mates at the time and didn't have a lot of money, but had a halfway decent gaming PC and found out you could mine bitcoin.....but not really (ASIC had already taken over) but dogecoin could be mined with even just a CPU. I spent some time researching it and even then the community was friendly, mostly very hopeful, and very helpful. I mined coins and even bought some back when the dogecoin forum was going strong. It made crypto seem inviting, cool, and possibly a way to go to the moon. I took a small risk, invested $100 and about $40 in electricity and had about 100k doges.
Well life happened, I moved out, had a kid, got married, etc. But I still had that wallet, at some point I forgot the password which I really wanted back during this last rally where doge hit $.01 per doge. This started the long journey of getting the wallet on a new computer I had, syncing it to verify coins are still there (1 day), then looking into how to crack my passphrase, and even considered using a service (which would cost 20k dogecoin).
Eventually I figured it out myself and successfully recovered my password, which turned out to be a lot easier than it looked. I started taking a look at the Dogecoin sub and saw that mostly it was the same type of people who were interested in it originally. Nice people who are just excited to be part of the crypto rage and aren't worried about losing their lifesavings on an, in my opinion still unproven technology (meaning at some point getting mass adoption). This is impressive that the doge community is still welcoming and helpful after over 4 years.
So thank you to this community and Dogecoin. To give back I will be giving away 100 Doge to the first 10 posters here, and I will offer my services to either help people who also forgot their passwords (I'll make a separate post for that)
Again thank you to everyone. Too the moon!
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Bitcoin Core Wallet - Different Balances with Same Wallet


I have a system that has a wallet on it using Bitcoin Core.
I created a passphrase and forgot it.
I have a backup of the same wallet with a known passphrase.
On a different computer, I installed the Bitcoin Core, copied my wallet.dat file over, and started the program.
It verified and did the blockchain update.

The problem is, the older system shows a balance of ##.66544 and the new shows a balance of ##.64190
It's not a big difference but a difference none the less.

Both Bitcoin Core blockchains are full updated.

Any ideas?


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Possible to decrypt private key?

I have 7 addresses associated with my bitcoin Qt wallet. I know the private keys for 6 of them. The 7th one I don't know and I forgot my passphrase to unlock the wallet. Is it possible to translate the 7th key from the wallet.dat file by comparing how the 6 private keys look compared to their encrypted version? Or is each private key encrypted separately and there is no correlation?
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Armory Wallet Recovery Help?

So back in 2014 I played around with bitcoin and had an Armory wallet I was running on a mac. Completely forgot about bitcoin and didn't think about it again until October-ish of this year.. Today I came across the passphrase that I used to login to my wallet back in 2014.
If I don't have that computehdd anymore, will I still be able to recover the wallet with just the login and passphrase? Thanks!
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Sent btc to old Armory address after recovery, can I get it back?

New to bitcoin, I'll preface with that.
Here's what I did:
I created an Armory wallet, and created a password with Keepass as that wallet's passphrase. Created a backup sheet of my Armory wallet. I sent some BTC from Coinbase to my Armory wallet successfully. I then needed to restart my computer for an unrelated reason, and turns out I forgot to save the Keepass database after adding my passphrase to it.
I then wanted to send some BTC from Armory to elsewhere and it asked me for my passphrase. This is when I realized I had made a mistake and didn't save the passphrase. I recovered the wallet from my backup sheet and added a new passphrase, and saved to Keepass. I wanted to then add more BTC into Armory and used my old address from before the recovery, rather than a new one, $20 worth. Apparently, after a recovery, all wallet address before that aren't tied to that wallet anymore. Do I have any options in getting that $20 back?
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does anyone recognize "blockcoin" wallet?

someone gave me a little bitcoin a few years ago.
I kinda of forgot about it, until I found my login info. All I have is 3 things: the word "blockcoin", a super long passphrase that does not look like it was made up by me, and what appears to be a PW.
Searching for "blockcoin", I see a lot of results for blockchain.info but nothing for a wallet named blockcoin.
Anyone recognize any of this by chance? I remember logging in and setting up an account and the person transfered me some, but that's the last I've done with it in like 3 years. I'm kinda more curious than anything and was hoping to login to the account but don't even know where to start.
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Dave Bitcoin comes through again! Bitcoins saved from the abyss!

I wanted to thank Dave Bitcoin from walletrecoveryservices for recovering my wallet.
I had installed a MultiBit wallet and I had deposited 20 BTC into the wallet, but I forgot the passphrase that I used. I sent Dave a quick e-mail with the wallet file, the possible passwords which were used and he was able to recover it within 5 hours of e-mailing him. The fee he charged was 20%, so I got back 16 BTC which is great given that I thought I will never recover any of them! BTW, he had all of the 20 BTCs at his disposal, but still sent back to me the other 16. A really nice guy, if you ask me! Thanks Dave, you're the best!
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Don't be stupid !

First bitcoin peak I bought a nice whopping 0.1 btc, i did my homework, I red a lot of about crypto's, made an account @ BTC-E, Kraken etc, just to play around and see what is what and how it al worked. Moving btc to btc-e sell it to usd and rebuy it again, stuff like that.
I learned about peercoin and sold my BTC for PPC, see it going up to three dollar something and see it go down. Moved it to my own wallet and forgot about the crypto world for a bit, couple months ago i switched systems and harddisk, made a nice copy of everything including my peercoin folders and my old TXT file in which my passphrase was saved. No idea why i ever used such a long passphrase that i can't remember but for some reason I did.
3 weeks ago messing with another HDD, from another PC, delete /use dir and then it hits me when I see my desktop. Everything is gone :( since i wasn't only deleting stuff but also copying at the same time I was unable to get my txt file back without corruption, and unable to open my wallet :( - Now I have like 12copies of my wallet file with 72.x ppc in it and no passphrase :( There is a chance 1 of those wallet files is still locked with a more easy passphrase but i am unsure which one and also not sure what I used as a passphrase @ that time.
Short story use a passphrase you can remember, save - backup / write it down somewhere you can find it back ! And since I locked my wallet in I think 2014 ( I see now I had a little bit different thought process for coming up with such a stupid way to lock my wallet )
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Salvaging an old bitcoin wallet

Back in 2013 I experimented in a little bitcoin mining using an asicminer blade v2, bfgminer, and bitcoin-qt, until my computer crashed. I forgot about it for a few years, but with the rise in bitcoin price I decided it was worth the effort to retrieve what little bitcoin I made.
So far I managed to get the wallet.dat off the old hard drive. I installed bitcoin-qt but have unsuccessfully tried to download the blockchain over the past month. It tells me I've got over 0.19 bitcoin. I might be better off importing it into electrum if I can get the private key.
The console asks for a passphrase when I try to dump the private key, but none of the passwords I have written down are working. One password has a comma in it and gives me a JSON error message including the half of the password after the comma.
I have been using John The Ripper Bleeding Jumbo to try to extract the hash but bitcoin2john.py tells me that the wallet.dat is not encrypted.
I'm not sure how to proceed at this point. Do I need to download the entire blockchain in order for my password to work, or to send my bitcoin to another wallet? Is there another trusted program I can use to get the hash or private key?
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Guessing my bitcoin core wallet passphrase, how to speed it up.

I forgot the password to my bitcoin core wallet, in fact i cant remember ever putting a password on the wallet, i started with v0.9.3.0-g40d2041-beta but recently i updated the wallet to 0.15.1. Anyways, now i need to try out every password i think could be the correct one. First, i need to know what rules bitcoin core v0.9.3.0-g40d2041-beta imposed on creating a password, i assume that the same rules still apply to newer versions. I investigated the console a bit but i didn't get a clear answer from it. The example in the console suggests to me that you can use "space", [walletpasphrase "your passphrase here" 600], other than that i couldn't discover much. Second, I'd like a way to speed up the guessing, anyone got an idea or experience? If not i was thinking of first typing out a list of complete password commands in notepad and then pasting them one by one into the console, instead of messing around typing into the console.
Thanks in advance.
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Questions About BitPay Win10 Client

Dear Bitcoiners,
I wanted to buy 1btc and needed a client for it. BitPay was recommended to me.
BitPay gave me a 12 word passphrase, which I'm keeping safely stored. I now have 1btc in my BitPay.
When BitPay starts up, it gives me full access to my personal wallet without asking me for a login/password.
When I uninstall BitPay and reinstall it, it also shows me my personal wallet.
I thought I'd easily find the answers to this on the web. But hours of searching have gotten me nowhere. I'm obviously looking in all the wrong directions.
Maybe you guys can help me out!
My questions:
  1. Let's say a thief steals my PC and fires up BitPay. What stops him from sending it all to himself?
  2. I don't see a way of setting a password in BitPay. How can I secure my wallet?
  3. I searched for 'wallet.dat' on my PC, but I can't find the BitPay wallet file. How do backup my wallet.dat with BitPay?
  4. I read something about a 'spending password'. I was never asked for one and never set one. Some people on the web are saying they are asked for one, but they never set it. Where can you set it?
  5. Let's say I managed to set a password somehow, but I lose that. Can I always restore my wallet by using my 12 word passphrase?
Thanks in advance for your help!
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Cant send btc from my own wallets!

I have several wallet.dat with bitcoins,one of them 30.28 btc,second 1 btc,third some btc.In all I forgot my passphrases to my wallets.I ask wallet recovery services no success.I use pywallet with web version,after I click change passphrase,bitcoin core was closed,nothing worked,and my passphrases dont changing.What I do wrong?What alternative methods for change passphrase?or send btc directly with bitcoin core on my coinbase account?
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How to recover your BTC.com wallet if you forgot the ... Crack wallet.dat lost Password - YouTube coinbass wallet password reset How To Restore Bitcoin Wallet Using Recovery Phrase on ... Forgot My Bitcoin Wallet Password! - YouTube

I forgot my bitcoin core passphrase. Is there anyway I can recover? Ask Question Asked 2 years, 9 months ago. Active 2 days ago. Viewed 3k times 0. I've tried brute forcing it. Doesn't work. 0.02 BTC in the wallet. wallet-recovery passphrase. share improve this question follow asked Dec 22 '17 at 18:21. mixmutch mixmutch. 1 1 1 silver badge 1 1 bronze badge. 2. No. Fortunately, there is ... When you sign up for a Blockchain.com Wallet, you should receive an email that contains your wallet identifier and that prompts you to verify your email address. If you did not receive this email or do not know your wallet identifier for any other reason, follow these steps to regain access to your wallet.* I forgot my password. What can you do to help? October 22, 2020 11:17. Follow A brainwallet is a cryptocurrency key created from a password or passphrase chosen by the Bitcoin wallet user. The key is turned into a 256-bit number using the SHA-256 hash algorithm. Since SHA-256 is a deterministic method, users can always use the same password to recreate their private key. Still, there is one thing you need to consider: using this method means the security of your Bitcoin ... I Forgot My PIN: An Epic Tale of Losing $30,000 in Bitcoin I Forgot My PIN: An Epic Tale of Losing $30,000 in Bitcoin The Trezor: January 4, 2016: 7.4 BTC = $3,000 In January 2016, I spent $3,000 to buy 7.4 bitcoins. At the time, it seemed an entirely worthwhile thing to do. I had recently started working as a research director at the Institute for the Futures Blockchain Futures Lab, and I ...

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How to recover your BTC.com wallet if you forgot the ...

Flux is proudly sponsored by Webflow, start a new account with an awesome discount: http://bit.ly/FluxWebflowDiscount - Gear & Book Recommendations: http://b... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Simple tutorial that explains how to recover your BTC.com wallet if you forgot your password. Do you have an old v2 wallet at BTC.com? Check this recovery pr... This guide is a offers a few examples of ways that you can use BTCRecover to recover a BIP39 passphrase if you have lost it, forgotten it or have mistyped it. (Ledger wallets call this a hidden ... How to Recover Blockchain wallet ID & Password Hindi Step By Step ----- Subscribe my Youtube Channel for more...