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[PSA] if you are invested or gambling at, please login and divest/withdraw asap! confirmed scam to players and investors
the chat trollbox has been shutdown so existing players/investors who don't follow bitcointalk may have no idea what is going on
in the past few hours it was discovered that had code which skipped nonces of winning bets. this caused gamblers to lose much more often. confirmed nonce skipping has gone back as far as august 28.
after being discovered, the siteop manl claimed that the code was inserted by a 'new employee' and offered refunds to players with historical losses on the site. players with positive betting profit were denied any refunds.
site investment has plummeted from 7500 BTC to 1500. suspiciously a new whale has emerged in the past hour and started betting at max profit, and somehow managed to win 125 BTC in the span of 15 minutes. profit has gone from 285 to 160. anyone who didn't divest has probably lost 10% of their investment
obviously the site operator is playing with the server seed and stealing from his investors in order to make some profit before they all leave. his explanation of the new employee and a two line image of the code sounds like premium bullshit.
if you are invested or gambling at, please login and divest/withdraw asap!
EDIT UPDATE: profit is now at -100. manl and gerry are raping the remaining 400 btc investors for everything. site is finished. grab your pitchforks and lets start hunting these people down
EDIT2: site profit now -200. 50,000 btc wagered @ 1% edge, and somehow this whale won 500 btc. people need to stop talking about variance, this is straight up theft. shame on those giving scammers the benefit of the doubt
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More free bits for all Primedicers!

Edit: Over now!
Reply here for a nice gift from changetip! I will be sending them all within 24 hours from when this post was made.
Make sure you subscribe to the subreddit so you don't miss any other giveaways! They happen often!
You must also have a Reddit account that is at least a week old and doesn't look like a throwaway! May make exceptions for some people however :)
First 100 people only (Keep in mind some replies will not be credited since people will attempt to use throwaways)
I'll be going around this subreddit every day and tipping all good content!
Post anything whatsoever to this subreddit (This doesn't apply for this thread though!). Here's some ideas for stuff you could post in this subreddit.
  • General Primedice discussion
  • General Bitcoin gambling discussion
  • Sportsbook discussion & picks
  • Bitcoin gambling news, articles & regulation
  • Outstanding or fun Bitcoin gambling sites
  • Bitcoin gambling site reviews or scam accusations
  • Big wins or streaks of luck (Or bad luck!)
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  • Primedice suggestions or complaints
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  • Referral or affiliate marketing dicussion
  • Gambling website suggestions
Anything what so ever that is to do with Bitcoin gambling, the Primedice community or Primedice in general.
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Had some trouble with the previous post of this, probably because of the Zap links. No big deal though, it was just trying it out and obviously it didn't work so hot. Here's the same post with direct links.
Play some games! These all have faucets so you can play (a little) without spending anything.
Come back once in a while because I may, and do, add to this list.
these are nearly all referral links

The Games

Just click 'em and go. Primedice Play through a VPN if you're in the US Cryptoskull YOLOdice DuckDice 999Dice Luckygames house token faucet

No Faucet

Still ways to get free bits, but don't beg

Extra Faucets

They may have annoying pop ups, but so far only as bad as needing to close a tab. Should any cross the line they will be removed. Use these collectively to fund the games for a little extra play or to fund a strategy.
AllCoins Clams4Free renamed, you'll need a Clam wallet, wallet and play at Instant-LTC
CoinPot required: Moon Bitcoin Moon Litecoin Moon Dogecoin Moon Bcash Moon Dash Bitfun Bonus Bitcoin
A note about CoinPot: you can convert one faucet bucket balance to another type, BTC to LTC for example, but it's not equal. If you convert do it to a balance once only or you'll lose some to the conversion regardless of what they say.


No, not fake web mining or scams. This will be a short list.
Electroneum Mobile Miner I no longer recommend Electroneum. Their "miner" worked as advertised, but they're a hairs breadth from being a centrallized coin which is just wrong.


You can trade between Clam<->BTC or LTC<->Doge or whatever you prefer
Cryptopia Popular exchange, has many cryptocurrencies. VirWoX high fees, but easy to get BTC from PayPal or back this way. Only useful for that purpose unless you play their game too.
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UserAccounts @ not like other accounts at other community's!

Why is it that only allows the selling of user accounts? I cant think of any other community that allows the selling of user accounts! My hero account was hacked/stolen and supposedly sold to someone who bought it for the purpose of spamming the forum with a signature advertisements.
From my understanding people will pay users to spam the forum with signature advertisements. In my case someone by the name "STUNNA" was paying people to advertise something called PRIMEDICE and my stolen account was being used to propagate this via my signature on my stolen account.
So basically accounts with the status of "hero" are wanted for this purpose as people who are new or have low activity levels or low post counts are not trusted. Simply put, if you are spamming the forum with some loud signature the noobs are more inclined to click on said signature if you have a status of hero and above..
So this community that i had positively interacted with for well over a year has now been muted and all the posts that i had on watch are no longer pinging me and not only that but all the people who i interacted with are put at risk because someone is sending personal messages via my account and pretending to be me.
At the time when my account was stolen i had no idea that selling user accounts was ok at bitcointalk. Little did i know the guy who stole my account had a thread over at bitcointalk where he openly sells users accounts to other users!! WOW! unbelievable!
Ive sent Theymos and another mod signed msgs from the btc addresses from my account but evidently thats not good enough as the guy who stole/hacked my account claims i sold it to him but of course i did NOT and of course he has no "signed msg from me" to prove the account was sold.
Before this incident i had never sold anything at bitcointalk accept some potcoins once, i never even visited the marketplace nor did i ever do anything related to the buying and selling of user accounts ever. I have never once scammed anyone under any circumstance nor have i ever been accused of doing anything remotely not on the up and up.
Its mind blowing to think that someone can hack your account and then sell it to another user and they can continue using it with no recourse or repercussion.
I had a 36 character password on my account so it wasn't like i was careless. I still dont know how my account was compromised but i have not lost any btc whatsoever so at least there is that. My email account was NOT compromised either so this is solely a thing.
At this point i would have been more than happy if the mods just froze my account permanently so at least this guy cant continue to message other forum users and scam them in my name but im sure thats not going to happen.
Im not writing this in hopes of retrieving my account either. Ive msg'd Theymos and another mod twice and from their silence its crystal clear that they condone this type of activity and in their eyes its ok to steal other people accounts and then sell them right there at!
Thats said the reason im writing this post is to ask the community.. Why would it be ok to sell other people accounts especially in a community that does not have 2fa or anything related .. even a simple email verification to change email addresses?
Why ? Can anyone clue me in? If there is a perspective im missing please feel free to elaborate ...
I realize Theymos is a mod here at bitcoin and when i posted a comment in the "new forum thread" at bitcointalk noting that its pretty much a joke that a place like bitcointalk doesnt have 2fa.. my post was deleted!
Thats said, this is just a friendly reminder that its ok to disagree! If everyone is thinking the same then someone is not thinking!
Is it not ok to ask questions? Hopefully this post here at bitcoin is not deleted as well.
The real - Zedicus
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Client time?

Theres two main competitor clients in which people use to bet their bitcoin. One is called Dyborg which has features which are easy to use and a lot of people find useful. Also there is primebetter which is used by "xnickx" he is a pro martingale which makes 20btc ever time he has money, (he bust now) and as he creates a lot of publicity for the auto better, this creates opportunity for people to get scammed, and a scummy person has now created a client which contains a trojan, this has caused a lot of people to get scammed,
My suggestion is that you (primedice) creates a client in which people can get for free or pay for through bitcoin, this will help primedice and the community as this money could go into refurbishment or advertisement and as well as that will stop people from getting scammed.
Sincerely Zain Patel (Aatif on primedice)
Also, perhaps an bot which works on mac
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Primedice scam get your Bitcoin losses back. Game Protect has info and documents confirming that the Primedice scam and Stake scam operate illegal without valid license and do not enforce applicable AML, KYC and other laws!. We offer to enforce your crypto currency losses on a 50:50 no cure no pay basis. Controleer website is een scam of een beveiligde website. detecteren als het een scam, frauduleuze of is geïnfecteerd met malware, phishing, fraude en spam activiteit als je Ab sofort werden auf PrimeDice die Server Seeds in einem 3 - Monats Zyklus gewechselt. Dies dient dem neuen Sicherheitsprotokoll. Wenn ihr also mit eurem aktuellen Client Seed spielen wollt, wechselt ihn bitte dorthin zurück PrimeDice’s main attraction is the Bitcoin faucet which players can access once their balance is at 0. They will be rewarded with satoshi and can accumulate them to use for further winning rolls. The faucet grows as players move through the VIP ranks essentially meaning the more that a player bets the more the faucet gives. The other benefit of playing with PrimeDice is its rich VIP program ... Primedice is provably fair Bitcoin dice site with a long history. It was founded in May 18, 2013 being one of the first Bitcoin dice websites.Primedice has a Curacao casino license and supports also Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple besides Bitcoin. There is also a cool Bitcoin faucet that increases as your game level increases.Is Primedice casino review, ...

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