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Crypto Faucet I use to store my mined bitcoin on, with 4.08% APR paid daily with accounts over 30k satoshi. Referral link included, I share 50% commissions with my referrals paid every Sunday if you're interested.

My referral link for the aforementioned FREEBITCO.IN:
I have cross referenced this post on my site:
Why should you sign on with me? I'm not a one off, you can reach me personally through DM or post comments. I've done most of the leg work, alleviating the trial and error process. Just follow the steps in this guide specifically in sections 7️⃣, 8️⃣, and 9️⃣.
I share 50% commissions, get a kick back on everything you earn weekly.
I trust this site, and personally have 270$ worth of bitcoin in one account with almost 500$ total including two other accounts.
Coming from Cointiply? Well, as a heads up, you're not actually holding any BTC. I suggest what you earn you HODL in FREEBITCO.IN.
Just some abbreviation and terminology explanation before we start for those unfamiliar.
USD=US Dollar
Click here Bitcoin price history, past and present
FREEBITCO.IN can be accessed from any device with internet.
Using a VPN or a TOR is now allowed given that your account achieves certain criteria similar to a captcha free account requirements.
🛑WARNING: FREEBITCO.IN wipes inactive accounts after a certain period! If you lose interest, withdraw your BTC!
📝NOTE: iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) are restrictive. The only way to access is via website, as BitBot isn't available.📝
FREEBITCO.IN is what's called a "faucet", a site that gives a small steady stream of crypto which FREEBITCO.IN does through hourly rolls and interest accrual.
FREEBITCO.IN also hosts other means to win or earn crypto, you can gamble with Multiplier, or bet on world evens and crypto prices.
After your account reaches 30k Satoshi, you begin to collect interest. The site also offers lifetime referral commissions, explained later in this guide.
All you need to start is an email. You can add more verification options for security later on. I would highly suggest it. Use a junk email though.
2FA and MFA are strongly suggested. A password should be 15 characters long. I suggest Google Authenticator for your 2FA needs.
I know you can definitely access this site from Brave Browser with add blockers enabled. I'm sure it will work with others. Even without an ad blockers, they only advertise their site gambling and games, no 3rd party adds that I've seen. It's not too invasive or spammy either.
This post is both an advertising platform I use, and a guide I've made to help those interested to automate and optimize earnings.
For those of a cautious mindset, I've uploaded all of FREEBITCO.IN's information on interest accrual, security, and proof of mining on Imgur, in case you're worried about visiting the site.
Transparent link here: Interest accrual structure and FREEBITCO.IN security.
My referral link:
So at this point, with hourly claims and daily interest, I'm bringing in roughly 8978 Satoshi (or .70$ USD with BTC at 7804$ USD) daily at full optimization on one account, and two other self referred accounts without lifting a finger. This is before the fact that a hourly roll (claim) can reward up to a max of 200$ USD worth of BTC (percentages in section 5️⃣).
They also have a weekly lotto (tickets awarded with every roll and referral roll) with the last 1st place winner receiving .32769156 BTC (2587$ USD at current bitcoin price).
This is also not including my current commissions on accounts not owned by me. In this post I will describe some of my strategies I've incorporated, and some insight into how this website works.
To offload or withdraw bitcoin, you're going to need what is called a "wallet". I personally use Coinbase (available on mobile or desktop) as you can sell it through here as well and easily move money to Paypal or a bank.
If you are already on FREEBITCO.IN, do you have someone who referred you? Do they share commissions? If not, why not make a new account and join me, where you'll get a return on everything you earn.
As you can see, large affiliate groups don't share anything, hoarding hundreds of thousands worth of BTC earned off their referrals
I share 50% of my commissions. I get 50% of your roll rewards, 25% of your interest, and 0.4% of your wagers. All of this is paid out by FREEBITCO.IN as a commission, so it's not pulled from your rewards or held BTC.
So the more you're active, the more you'll receive from me weekly (being active is doing anything that I get commissions from). IMPORTANT: Your (and all referrals) shares are based on activity, so if you are inactive for the week, you get a lower % for that week. If you're the most active of my referrals you get a higher percentage of what I share. This is to incentivize being active and to stop people from getting a cut without doing anything.
If you have FREEBITCO.IN automated, you don't have to worry about this. However, having a larger bankroll to earn interest, or playing Multiply BTC (I do not suggest playing unless doing so to meet auto roll requirements) will increase can your activity further.
Commission Structure
Here is some proof, I've actually shared about 2/3 of all commissions
Commissions update 12 January 2020
Here is a proof of Payment section per individual
📝NOTE: I've noticed when I was creating the images of commission sharing that the "RECENT" blocks are showing zero. If you look at totals from the first image, you can tell I'm actively sharing with all of my referrals.📝
Join my team FREEBITCO.IN
You can earn AT LEAST .00000552 BTC (.048$) daily when automated (or claiming every hour on the hour) before bonuses (like using reward points to increase rewards 1000%). After some testing, it seems that this amount will always be about .048$ worth of BTC, base claim rewards no bonus active.
After .00030000 BTC, you accrue compounding interest at a rate of 4.08% APR, paid daily. As soon as your daily interest is accredited, it too starts earning interest. The daily interest rate comes out to ~0.011% of your total held BTC.
FREEBITCO.IN gives you a roll once every hour, free
📝NOTE: Roll rewards fluctuate inversely with BTC price. BTC goes down, roll rewards go up, vice versa. The BTC rewards USD value will be extremely close to the values represented below.📝
Current rewards and probability with every hourly roll.
(.002$) -> 98.85%
(.02$) -> 1.00%
(.20$) -> .08%
(2.00$) -> .04%
(20$) -> .02%
(200$) -> .01%
UPDATE: I decided to do some research after some odd outcomes when extensively testing some of my Multiplier strats. Turns out FREEBITCO.IN does indeed have a house advantage that isn't too transparent. Longer sessions are almost always going to come out negative. If you still plan on playing, do short sessions, once daily max, with lower amounts.
There are a couple methods to play the Multiplier with a reduced risk (but still a risk) here as well. I would suggest small play sessions.
My preferred settings for AUTOROLL on MULTIPLY that I've had the best success rate with to date. (preferably with .00005000 in ACCT for best results)
BET: Minimum
ROLLS: (doesn't matter, 100)
BET ON: alternate
STOP BETTING PROFIT: .00000050, important as the bets will get exponentially higher with every loss. Win in small increments.
STOP BETTING LOSS: Set a loss limit if you want, I have mine set to .00001 and haven't reached it
ON WIN: select increase bet 0%
ON LOSS: select increase bet 65%
Here is a pic of the settings
Anything else doesn't matter. Make sure the boxes are checked for the above options.
With this strat, I've won positive on one account, about .000077 BTC, and I've only played 5 or 6 times, at less than 2-3 minutes of play time a session.
Good for accounts with a low balance. I've had a surprising amount of luck with this method, enough so that I thought I'd post it here with an update. This could work well for accounts with less than 1k Satoshi, as a losing streak wouldn't be a huge loss. For this strat, you should have at least 189 Satoshi in your account.
BET: Minimum amount
ODDS/WIN CHANCE: 189 or %0.5
ROLLS: 189 (remains the same no matter if you bet more)
BET ON: High or Low, but not Alternate.
STOP BETTING ON PROFIT: Minimum amount, once again, you want continuous small wins
UPDATE: Conducting more tests for viability
I played these settings 10 times, I came out positive 8/10 times. In the end I was positive 433 Satoshi total with selecting "hi".
On selecting "low" I went positive 5/10 losing 525 Satoshi.
On selecting "hi" and betting 10 Satoshi, I went positive 3/10 times losing 9708 Satoshi.
On selecting "high" and betting 100 Satoshi, I never went positive, 0/10. Losing 189000 Satoshi (~15$ USD).
There does seem to be a pattern of losing more when betting more. Like anything gambling, there's probably a house advantage that's not too transparent.
Win small lose small.
Pic of these settings
Another strategy I've tried is betting most of my balance once occasionally with a 94.06% chance of winning. This is, eh, alright to risk OCCASIONALLY, but a loss would set you back more than you ever made using this strategy, which happened to me, I lost about 40 USD worth of BTC after making maybe 5 USD.
Playing this in auto roll, out of 20 rolls I'd always lose at least once, putting me into the negative. Even with 10 rolls, I'd more often then not lose at least once.
Pic of these settings
There are other strats out there, such as the "Martingale", which is essentially doubling the bet amount every loss, then resetting your bet to minimum after a win to in theory "win back what you lost". At 47.5% odds of winning, I've had loss streaks that would drain my account.
My summary for Multiply, use sparingly. Don't use it as your primary means of earning. Use once or twice daily, limit play sessions to 5 minutes max.
📝NOTE: FREEBITCO.IN captcha requirements seem to be tiered, with requirements for Captcha free upscaling when you BTC holding passes a certain threshold.
I'm currently testing, as is another team member (Shout out to u/SrExtreme69) , what exactly these thresholds, if holding at these thresholds increases the length of Captcha free rolls, and at what amount does FREEBITCO.IN no longer require these to be met.📝
📝NOTE: To start automating, remember to verify email and setup 2FA or the Captcha will still appear even if your account meets Captcha free requirements. Check the site occasionally as Captcha free roll requirements can change. After certain held BTC amount you don't need to renew your requirements. I haven't had to achieve new requirements in over a month.📝
📝NOTE: You may need to manually roll for a bit until the the ability to achieve a Captcha free account becomes available. It doesn't show at first.📝
📝NOTE: It's very difficult, if not impossible to automate on iOS devices.
First of all, getting to this point can be a grind, but once achieved you'll have a steady flow of BTC with options to increase earnings through rewards claims using RP. I would suggest going to your PROFILE tab on FREEBITCO.IN and disabling lottery to increase RP production when starting out. Using other apps or resources to supplement income is a good idea as well.
On the FREE BTC page, there is a blue text hyperlink with requirements that need to be met to make your account captcha free, thus allowing you to enable autoroll on extensions or apps. It has multiple ways to achieve this and they can change, so if your autoroll has stopped, check to see if these requirements have changed.
Here are the requirements. (Amounts vary)
It seems only two of these requirements need to be met.
The less risky and easiest method is to buy lottery tickets and bet with jackpots on. Even better is depositing bitcoin if you have that amount.
The POSSIBLY least expensive method is to bet both regularly and with Jackpots enabled on MULTIPLY (for higher amounts required, IMO Multiplier strat #3 works best)
For computers
I would suggest using Firefox, as you can add functions and tools to your bar up top. One of the being a "auto roll" for FREEBITCO.IN, still requires a "captcha free" account. Turn it on and let go, check it occasionally to make sure its still going.
Autoroll firefox add-on link
My link again for ease of access
Not my preferred method, but good for a second account, as using a computer means devoting more attention to FREEBITCO.IN in an inconvenient manner if you are just starting out. After Captcha has been removed, this becomes more hands free, but not as profitable as using bitbot, as you can't autoclaim RP rewards.
I haven't tried many methods besides using Firefox addons, as I'm wary of sources or intent when it comes to 3rd party scripts or programs. If I find any trustworthy scripts or programs, I will update here.
For Mobile
📝NOTE: iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) do not have access to BitBot, nor do they allow extensions/add-ons on their browsers. I have not personally found a way around this. You may still access the site and manually roll.📝
I use BitBot. This is the best place to start from IMO. You can set it to notify you of rolls and gives direct access to the site from the app (you can also access the site from any device with internet). Once your account is "captcha free" you can set it to auto roll AND automatically claim rewards every 24 hours (RP increase, BTC increase, Lottery ticket Increase).
📝NOTE: Bitbot allows auto roll from the app for accounts over 500 RP. This isn't permanent, as it uses your RP. You'll need to log onto the website through a browser to achieve captch free account requirements, which Bitbot does recognize, which allow completely free rolls.📝
📝NOTE: Accessing FREEBITCO.IN through BitBot doesn't allow access to the Hi-Lo or betting games.📝
Bitbot optimization
I started manual claims by setting roll notifications to "ON" for a while until I supplemented my BTC in FREEBITCO.IN with what I was collecting from my miner and CryptoTab. Once I was able to AUTOMATE and I had enough RP to claim the RP BONUS, I set it to do that automatically every 24 hours as this nets more RP than you spend (EG, 100 RP roll bonus costs 1200 RP, but can net 2400 RP if claimed every hour). Eventually you accrue enough RP to claim the %1000 BTC bonus, probably at a rate of once or twice a week.
My current BitBot settings now that its auto claiming, I have the 24 hour auto bonus claiming 100 RP roll bonus and 100% claim bonus, spending a total of 1520 RP, but I'm making 2400 RP with the RP bonus, leaving me 780 RP in the positive each day. Every now and then I'll stop the auto bonus claim so I can buy the 1000% claim bonus (3200 RP). So on a normal day I'll make about 1344 Satoshi. Bitbot auto bonus settings
Once your accrue more referrals, or save enough RP, it's possible to claim the 1000% BTC roll bonus multiple days in a row. This is just about as optimal as you can get for auto rolling.
Self Referrals
If you have two devices (phone and computer preferably) you can make two accounts as long as one uses a different wifi or internet connection, as the roll rewards tracks IP addresses for roll counts. So if you have 2 devices on the same network, it sudo links accounts, so if you roll on one, it restarts the timer on the other. This allows you to collect referral rewards from yourself. Effectively adding 25% of interest and 50% roll rewards.
I currently have a phone autorolling on BitBot with a computer autorolling on Firefox with a tool to roll automatically as long as the page remains open. My computer account is referred from my mobile account, and is currently bringing in an extra .000015+ BTC weekly (currently, total will be this Sunday and I will update).
I've also made another account on my partners phone, linked it with bitbot and got it auto-rolling. Once bitbot is going, its non-invasive and you can silence notifications, it also uses minimal data.
Supplementing with CryptoTab
I'll use CryptoTab on my computer 24/7 to earn BTC from that while I have FREEBITCO.IN running. I also have it running on my phone at night when I sleep and on an iPad I have that I don't use much, its server mining, so no worries about battery on mobile devices. On computers it does actually use your processing power. You can directly deposit into you FREEBITCO.IN accounts.
CryptoTab Link
I've used it for two weeks and have earned a total of .000454 BTC (3.60$ USD). Not huge, but enough to start collecting interest on FREEBITCO.IN and to get the capthca free account requirements.
Supplementing with Cointiply
🛑WARNING: Cointiply's main currency is the constant, weighted against the dollar (10,000 coin/1USD). This means your actually BTC holdings will fluctuate with BTC's price.
For this reason, it's my strong opinion that DON'T HODL in Cointiply as you're not holding actual BTC.🛑
Cointiply is a great site to earn decent amounts of COIN which translate to SAT's. Earn coin, withdraw to FREEBITCO.IN (as you actually hold BTC in cointiply).
I also use an ASIC miner (Antminer s9i, DIY liquid cooled and overclocked with BixBit firmware), and whatever I earn I'll put that into FREEBITCO.IN to collect interest. If you want, I may be willing to do a rental.
📝NOTE: Since this faucet has been around a while, many people privy to sites such as this are already signed up. So getting referrals can be a slog. My tips for your ads is be genuine and don't hard sell or post "too good to be true" sensational ads.📝
This is another faucet. Its structure is a bit different from FREEBITCO.IN, as you complete offers to earn coin. Within this site (also an app) users can earn coins by doing PTC ads (and other offers), this is a good method to get exposure as you can advertise as well. Using this method my traffic for last week as about 800 people.
13000 coins buys about 1000 "clicks" on your ads. They also have options to advertise to people based on location (these options will increase or decrease cost). After your first ad, you usually get a 10% off coupon good for 7 days as well.
You can earn this amount within a day doing surveys on Theorem. I've done surveys before, and this has to be one of the best surveys sights I've ever done. Very rarely do I get kicked out mid survey, and if I do, I still get partial pay.
I will also use "Hideout" on my computer and leave it running. It has to be the open tab on your browser, with the browser open, not minimized. Let it go and check it occasionally as it has a timeout at roughly 2-3 hrs idle. As of now this is the best passive method of earning on Cointiply.
Pi Network, an ICO (Initial coin offering) based on trust and social media is another good medium for advertising. I will usually see 15-20 people click on my link with 2-4 ads posted per day.
Just go to "chat", select "random" and post an ad in the chat channel. No charge.
My tip, keep your ads short to medium in length, don't spam.
This is another crypto earned through "geo-mining". On the "coin" app you can do a "geodrop" where you can leave a note. Just click on the box with a parachute icon, select "any" on the "Tile" selection. Leave your ad in the "note" section.
It costs 10 "COIN" at the very least to do a "geodrop". This method may not be worth it if you aren't already involved in the program. To earn a substantial amount of coin, you'll need a subscription or a "sentinel". Sentinels can actually be purchased for under 20$ nowadays (depending on site) and is the best option to earn. Without these you'll only make approx .05-.18 coin every 30 seconds if you're actively moving.
My tips if you plan on advertising on this platform, once again keep it short, and only advertise around 7-9am and 4-6pm, as this will be peak mining hours with people driving to and from work.
My FREEBITCO.IN Referral Link
What is a Satoshi?
Bitcoins price through Coingecko
CryptoTab Link
Autoroll on Firefox
Coinbase Link
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Komodo's 2.0 Infographic Contest: 5,000 KMD Grand Prize!

Komodo's 2.0 Infographic Contest: 5,000 KMD Grand Prize!
A total prize pool of 7,000 KMD in our infographic contest
Calling all creatives to take part in our infographic contest and compete for a prize of 7,000 KMD. The winning infographic will explain the architecture of Komodo Platform’s technology. Winners will be those who are able to communicate our architecture and tech visually. This contest will run primarily on Reddit, with the exception of resources being posted to Medium and a master twitter thread for submissions on Twitter. You'll find links at the bottom of this post.

Prizes for winning infographics.

Are you a creative designer? Here's what you can win…
  1. A grand prize of 5,000 KMD
  2. Two runner-up prizes of 500 KMD each
  3. Two third-place prizes of 250 KMD each

Prizes for sharing and giving feedback!

Not a designer? That's OK. You can still participate and win! We'll award five lucky winners 100 KMD each for sharing and promoting the contest. Winners will be picked in a raffle. If you'd like to take part click here and share this post with your friends.

Your Goals

  • Create a high-quality infographic that illustrates the genesis of our platform, the working tech that has been created and how Komodo has been built differently, and deliberately, from the very beginning to ensure security, scalability and interoperability. This is why we refer to the architecture, because Komodo was designed to overcome common problems like congestion, governance and attacks that other platforms did not foresee or prevent, from the beginning. This is Komodo DNA.
  • Share your submission far and wide and encourage your friends and followers to vote for you.
  • Encourage feedback, ask questions and make your infographic the best that it can be.

Our Criteria to Judge

Please note that upvotes and shares are not the only criteria we'll use to judge winners. While useful, we will value creativity, good questions and discussion on Reddit highly. When sharing your posts you will score more highly if people comment, provide feedback and are engaged.
  • How well the infographic conveys our working tech, it's core concepts and plans to build on top of it.
  • How well the infographic illustrates our story, purpose and conveys our tech so that it's easy to understand.
  • Constructive discussion, questions and feedback on Reddit that lead to improvement.
  • Sentiment and comments generated across all our social media. This will not include vanity metrics like likes or shares.
  • Upvotes on Reddit for the author's submission post ONLY. All votes will be counted (i.e. doesn't matter which week they were made).
  • Retweets of the submission in our master thread ONLY. Include your handle and a cover image in your submission. This means if you promote yourself on Twitter you ought to promote the tweet with your work in it.

How do you win?

You may submit up to two infographics. By submitting an infographic, you understand Komodo may post and use your submissions on our digital channels during and after the contest. Each infographic must have it's own post.
  • Create a post on Komodo's subreddit using the 'infographic contest' flair.
  • Add the infographic image into the Reddit post.
  • Include your Twitter handle.
  • Include a social media friendly cover image for us to use when we tweet your submission out.
  • Post a link to your submission post here in the comments for all to see.

Contest Timeline Guide (these dates indicative and are subject to change).

  • 7th September. Announcement. If you're reading this on Reddit before the big announcement then well done! You have two extra days before this is announced on Friday.
  • 10th - 21st September. Research and Questions. We will promote the contest, invite questions and requests for resources, in the comments of this master Reddit post (because this means all information and good questions will be visible to all participants).
  • 22nd September. Draft Submissions. Creatives to submit their draft infographics on Reddit. All submissions need to have their own post and then be linked to in the comments of this master post. This is important to remember!
  • 24th - 30th September. Feedback. A period of one week will be devoted to promoting the submissions and asking the community and team to give you feedback.
  • 1st October. Final Submissions.
  • 2nd - 8th October. Voting. A week of promoting your work and at the end we'll count votes, consider feedback and pick our winners.
  • 15th October. Winners Declared. The final decision by judges. Votes and community feedback counts towards judging but do not have final say.


If you need help please post in this thread, or email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with ‘Infographic Contest’ in the subject line.
  1. A list of resources for the Komodo infographic contest including tools to create infographics.
  2. Komodo Platform: Redefining The Architecture Of Blockchain Platforms
  3. A bullet point study aid to help you understand the history of Komodo’s architecture.
  4. Logo Pack
  5. Mylo's notes on Software & Platform Architecture for Designers in the Infographic Contest
  6. Mylo's Conceptual Model of Architecture
  7. Video: A brief history of our working tech and an animated timeline of the Komodo Platform.
  8. Video: Komodo Atomic Swaps Explained.
Also please let us know if you are, or you know, a good GUI developer because we'd love to hear from them. Ask them to DM ca333#0118 or SHossain#8093 on Discord.

Entries and submissions for the infographic contest. You can click here to see them all in a scrollable thread on Twitter.

25/09/18 - First Round of Feedback

Infographics should use graphical design elements to visually represent the Komodo Architecture Story found here: included in our ‘required reading’. There’s also a bullet point aid: you may find useful.
  • We want to stress that the infographic ought to focus on the Architecture story. In the first round we've found many have focused on the five pillars which is a part of it but not the focus.
  • Copy should be short and concise and not dominate the infographic. The idea is to simplify the story and not to copy and paste directly from the story.
  • Colour Palette - avoid heavy usage of the old KMD green and yellow-orange. Would prefer usage of the interim KMD colour palette.
  • Recommended fonts: Montseratt, Roboto, Open Sans, Helvetica, or Arial.
  • Graphical - Imagery should complement the associated copy. Diagrams are encouraged in place of simple icons to explain more complex technology concepts.
  • Interim KMD colour palette
Interim KMD Colour Palette
If you’ve not been included in the first round it’s because the submission hadn’t been made when the team reviewed. Don’t worry though because we’re organising hangouts and further feedback to help.
  • #001 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by thesudio. There’s a lot of good points made, however, these would work better if there is a clear narrative and flow to the information being presented. Otherwise, it can be overwhelming and confusing to the reader. The #1 objective is to visually depict the architecture story and how KMD is redefining blockchain platform architecture.
  • #002 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by thesudio. We like that there is a clear structure and clear messaging aligned to each of the 5 pillars. However, the infographic should be focused on telling the architecture story vs the pillars.
  • #003 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by VolsenVols. Love how you’ve incorporated our existing graphic design elements into the infographic. This is heading in the right direction and the level of copy and content are well balanced. It would be nice to align this closer to the architecture story and to expand on the different layers of our technology using the same style.
  • #004 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by dexter_laabo. Needs to tell the architecture story. This looks more like it took information from our current website. “Anonymous” is not a key aspect of our technology that we’re focusing on.
  • #005 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by savandra. The visuals are strong but the narrative could be stronger. It would be nice to align this closer to the architecture story and to expand on the different layers of our technology using the same style.
  • #006 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by VolsenVols. Team prefers the other submission style in entry #003.
  • #007 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by cryptol1. Doesn’t depict the architecture narrative. Inaccurately describes cross-chain tech as “proprietary”. Simplification has the wrong messaging associated, should be white-label focused. This is considered more of a graphics versus an infographic. Needs to be more comprehensive.
  • #008 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by pacosenda. We like the unique design style and approach taken. Doesn’t follow the architecture narrative. Should be expanded out as it is a bit short on content with no clear flow or narrative.
  • #009 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by jeanetteLine. Great level of detail and thought on the layout and content. Doesn’t, however, cover the architecture story. Would be preferred if the design direction reflects interim colour and style vs. legacy KMD. The roadmap should be avoided. Looks like they borrowed more from the website than the guidelines.
  • #010 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by Meyse. Very creative way to explain and layout the content. This could be expanded out more to encompass the entire architecture story. Cross-chain verifications/smart contracts, blockchain bridging need to be incorporated in.
  • #011 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by Brenny431. Follows the 5 pillars versus the architecture story. Would prefer stronger visuals and design elements.
  • #012 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by ProofDraw. Design elements are good but need to follow architecture story versus 5 pillars.
  • #013 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by sayonara_girl. Needs to follow the architecture story.
  • #014 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by Limiter02. Good thought has gone into the copy, however, there’s way too much of it. Would prefer stronger visuals and utilizing a more visual storytelling approach. Doesn’t follow the architecture story. Remove the lizard.
  • #015 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by piptothemoon. Great thought into visually representing key points. Needs to be expanded out to incorporate the architecture story, but this is heading in the right direction from a visual storytelling POV.
  • #016 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by thecryptofoundation. Love the timeline approach, and mostly followed the guidelines and architecture story. Also, like the incorporation of accomplishments at the end. Would like to get the stock imagery used to reflect our interim colour palette. Not all visuals match what is being represented in the copy.
  • #017 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by jsteneros. As discussed in the Zoom call, this graphic is really solid but a little heavy on the copy. Would be good to see more visualizations of the info. This graphic hits on some of the important messages (e.g. Komodo is built differently from other blockchain platforms and solves many of the issues that first-gen platforms are struggling with) but it would be great if there was more information about Komodo’s architecture and how Komodo is different from other platforms.
  • #018 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by gravigocrypto. This one was also discussed in the Zoom call. Outstanding visuals and overall design. The info follows the architecture story well but could be stronger if the 3 layers of Komodo’s architecture were tied together into one, coherent visual. It’s a challenging task but that’s part of the contest : )
  • #019 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by PacoSenda. This is a really creative infographic, which is great! However, we’d really like to see the visuals a bit more in line with fonts and color palette described above in the “First Round of Feedback” section. Also, as with the feedback for many of the infographic submissions, sticking to the Komodo architecture story would be best.
  • #020 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by emmanmalaman. The visuals are pretty cool but this one misses most of our core messaging. It would be much stronger if it followed the architecture story and touched on the info provided in this post. There’s definitely potential here but it needs some work.
  • #021 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by immimidada. The colors and visuals here are spot-on. It’s also really great that it sets up the problem and then presents the Komodo solution. However, the problem and solution aren’t defined exactly the way we’d like. Check out the architecture narrative to learn more, and try to follow that story a bit more closely.
  • #022 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by mohitgfx3. This one is a bit heavy on the KMD logos. We’re really hoping to see a visualization of Komodo’s infrastructure architecture. As with the feedback for many of the infographics, it would be best to re-read Komodo’s architecture story and try to stick to that as much as possible. Using images from the current website is also not a great approach, as we’re preparing to launch a new site in the coming months.
  • #023 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by u/sayonara_girl. Some of the visuals are cool! It’s missing the narrative we’re looking for. In general, less copy and more visual storytelling would improve this graphic a lot. We’d like to see a smooth, linear flow of information. Take another look at the architecture story and try to follow that narrative.
  • #024 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by brunopugens. This one follows the narrative well! But it’s a little heavy on the copy. It would be much stronger if the architecture was displayed visually, rather than explained with text. Also, the design is cool but it’s difficult to read b/c the perspective of the text is skewed. It’s a really cool idea but might be better to put the text flat for the sake of readability and clarity.

We hosted a round of live feedback sessions via Zoom. The recording is here:


The first block in the KMD blockchain was mined just under two years ago, on September 13, 2016 to 9:04 PM. Since then, Komodo has demonstrated a commitment to innovation and established a history of execution.
  • February 21, 2016 — The vision for Komodo Platform is born with jl777’s Declaration of Independence.
  • September 13, 2016 — The first block in the KMD chain is mined.
  • October 15, 2016 — Komodo’s initial coin offering (ICO) is launched.
  • November 20, 2016 — Komodo’s ICO comes to a close with a total of 2,639 BTC raised.
  • January 2017 — The Komodo Mainnet is launched, complete with independent assetchains and delayed Proof of Work security.
  • January 31, 2017 — The KMD coins purchased in the ICO are issued.
  • March 2017 — Komodo’s development team develops one of the first atomic swap protocols.
  • July 2017 — Thousands of atomic swaps are made in a public, observable setting.
  • August 2017 — Private, zero-knowledge trades made possible with Jumblr, Komodo’s native shuffler.
  • October 2017 — Komodo develops a way to make atomic swaps in SPV Mode (“Lite Mode”), thus eliminating the need for traders to download entire blockchains to do atomic swaps.
  • November 2017 — First GUI for Komodo’s atomic-swap-powered decentralized exchange (DEX) is released, making atomic swap trading more accessible than ever before.
  • January 2018 — The mobile version of Agama wallet is released.
  • February 2018 — A public stress test allows 13,900 atomic swaps in a 48 hour period.
  • March 2018Komodo bridges the gap between Bitcoin-protocol-based coins and Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens, providing support for 95% of coins and tokens in existence.
  • March 2018 — Komodo holds its second annual Notary Node Elections.
  • May 2018 — The world’s first decentralized ICO is held on Komodo Platform.
  • June 2018 — The alpha release of HyperDEX, a new GUI for Komodo’s decentralized exchange, is launched.
  • July 2018 — Komodo enters a partnership with Netcoins, making KMD coins available for purchase with fiat currencies at over 21,000 locations across three continents.
  • July 2018 — Komodo announces the 5 Pillars of Blockchain technology and begins introducing some Komodo 2.0 technology features, like Federated Multi-Chain Syncing and Cross-Chain Smart Contracts.
  • August 2018 — Komodo takes two big steps towards mass adoption, announces a collaboration with Ideas By Nature, an industry-leading blockchain agency, and releases a full briefing on the development on UTXO-based smart contracts.


  • is a website that ranks 866 different blockchain projects according to the Github commit history of that project’s most popular repo. Komodo is ranked #1 overall for Github commits over the last 12 months.
  • China's Ministry Research Initiative regularly ranks Komodo in the top 10.
  • Binance CEO highlights Komodo (see this Five Bullet Friday edition for more info).

If you would like to update your post, please edit and add to the post so people can see the different iterations. Entries and submissions for the infographic contest. You can click here to see them all in a scrollable thread on Twitter.

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Uuhm... from the Digtal Currency Group website.

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Beginners Introduction Guide for Pundi X

Beginners Introduction Guide for Pundi X Executive Summary;
Pundi X’s mission is to make buying crypto currency as easy as buying bottled water. As the Walmart and 7-Eleven of crypto currency, we want users to buy and use crypto currency anytime anywhere. Pundi X a leading Singaporean-based blockchain company recently ranked by KPMG as one of the world’s “Emerging 50” firms that are at the forefront of innovative technologies and practices in its 2018 Fintech100 report of Leading Global Fintech Innovators. We have a product poised for mass adoption infrastructure, where consumers can buy and sell crypto at any participating retailer and spend their crypto. For every transaction, through the XPOS (which is a point of sales) machine, there will be a token burn coming. Token burns mean reduced supply over time. The more machines in outlets and more people using crypto means supply will decrease, therefore the demand will increase. Pundi X will not be an erc20 token for long, Pundi X is creating its own blockchain called the f(x) blockchain. - Instant transactions worldwide 24/7. - No monthly charges or any hidden fees. - Merchants will receive revenue back, a whopping 65% from the total transaction fee, on every single Crypto related transactions. - Consumers can readily buy/sell Crypto currencies straight from the actual XPOS device. - No Banks needed, hence serving the un-banked and the under-banked population. - Merchants can receive payment in their local fiat to avoid Crypto fluctuations. - Supports Mobile payments, NFC, QR Code and all current traditional payments. - The POS can setup your inventory, loyalty programs, ads, and print smart receipts. - Avoid high Visa/MasterCard/Credit Card fees using XPOS solutions.
  • 5,500 XPOS Dispatched already to 25 countries.
  • Tested over a two day period in the Historical first ever crypto mass event with "Ultra Taiwan Music Festival" with 30,000 + attendees, went flawlessly, (see videos on Pundix Official YouTube Channel).
  • 300,000 XPASS dispatched.
  • 60,000 + Transactions over the XPOS.
  • 20 + Top Crypto Exchanges.
  • 45 + Events attended.
  • 150 + Team members.
  • 7 Head Offices globally.
All Partnerships (so far):
Major Partners: -American Chamber of Commerce Korea, AMCHAM is the largest foreign chamber in Korea with around 1,800 individual members from almost 900 member companies with diverse interests and substantial participation in the Korean economy. Their partners includes, MacDonald’s, Star Bucks, Hyundai, United Airlines, Citi, Hawaiian Airlines, MetLife, Ford, Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Cisco, HUB, Nike, Oracle, Kelly, Philip Morris, Hyosung, Cigna, Kim & Change, Pfizer Korea, and many more, see link below;
-Ebooc (Government UEA) Ebooc and Pundi X will provide several other applications for consumers such as making retail payments; paying for government services, fees and fines; utilities and bills; telecommunication bills and school fees on POS devices running a stable, digital equivalent of traditional fiat currencies in the region. The move brings our world-leading, blockchain-based XPOS technology, XPASS card and e-wallet to the Gulf, Middle East and North Africa region for the first time with Ebooc as the official partner under the terms of a strategic partnership agreement as executed. Additional Back information about the Founder of Ebooc: Entrepreneur & Senior UAE Government Official with deep Government experience of over 20 years. From his current role as Assistant Undersecretary, Industrial Development Sector at Ministry of Economy, UAE, Abdalla has been able to participate in policy-making and planning strategy for ministry of Economy and oversee the operations and major projects within the industrial sector. Developing action plans and programs for the industrial sector, overall supervision of the industrial licenses issued by the ministry, General supervision of Institutions Support Department, which specializes in conducting necessary studies for the development of industrial exports. Regulations and specifications of Foreign Affairs in coordination with stakeholders Prior to this was the CEO strategic planning & affairs at Emirates Post Group was on the Board of Directors of Wall Street Exchange Chairman of the Executive Committee ; Vice Chairman of the Emirates Marketing & Promotion Corp. Board Member of the Emirates Courier Services – Empost.
-Ubivelox, they have become an international innovator in the development of smart cards, mobile communications and blockchain (ranked 6th largest in the world). The two companies will work together on XPOS and XPASS technology development, security and market deployment, which will not only facilitate the promotion of Pundi X in Korea, but also help accelerate the layout in the global market.
Why Pundi XPOS;
Pundi XPOS not only facilitates cryptocurrency payment or transactions but also accepts transactions through mobile wallets and traditional bank cards. Our POS solution can support retail intelligence, inventory management, order management, marketing and loyalty programs. Pundi XPOS device is an all-in-one solution for retailers. • Accept cryptocurrency as payment • Intelligence clearing system to increase the value of the store properties • Selling and buying crypto currencies • Support BTC, ETH, NPXS, BNB, XEM, QTUM, XVG, ACT, LTC, DGD, XLM and more crypto currencies. • Support cryptocurrency payment card, such as Pundi XPASS card. • Support mobile payment apps, such as Alipay, Visa, Mastercard, ApplePay, E2Pay, Go-Pay, Pundi-Pundi, and WeChat Pay. • Support cryptocurrency wallet payment, such as Qbao, X Wallet, Nem Wallet and more. • Establish credit history and reduce financial risks • Provide a gateway for financial service providers • Support loyalty / membership management system • Support promotional and NPXS reward system • Support 3rd party delivery and logistic service providers
Additional factors; - Instant Transactions - XPOS transactions happen instantly at less than 0.5 seconds. No delays. Just pay and go.
  • Fiat Settlement without Volatility - To avoid any volatility risk, merchants will receive their settlement in fiat money.
  • Work Easily With XPASS & XWallet - The XPASS card is an easy-to-use tap card for crypto beginners. Top it up with your preferred cryptocurrency and pay with ease. You can also pair your XPASS card onto the XWallet mobile app and use it with the XPOS.
  • Support Multiple Cryptocurrencies - The XPOS is cryptocurrency-neutral, so you can transact with your favorite coins or tokens like BTC, ETH, BNB, NPXS, etc.
  • Buy Cryptocurrency With Ease - In addition to making payment, customers can purchase cryptocurrency like Bitcoin from the XPOS with ease. The experience is as easy as buying a cup of coffee.
  • Merchants get back 0.65% of the total fee for every crypto transactions.
Please see the Medium reports for more details on all developments to date:
XPOS Order Form; XPASS Card Order Form;
The XWallet mobile app connects regular digital asset wallets with the Pundi X payment ecosystem. It allows users to easily make payments in physical stores via the XPOS & e-commerce using our "Collect" feature of the app.
The XWallet can also be paired with the XPASS, making it a digital payment app that can be used anytime, anywhere. To download App for Android or ISO see below and to see a built-in guide for merchants and users guide are within the actual XWallet App or here:
Merchants Collect Feature (e-commerce);
  1. Submit an XWallet Merchant application via the app and once the application gets approved, then your “Collect” page would be marked with “Pundi X verified merchant”.
  2. You can open the XWallet app, then show the QR code on “Collect” page for customers to scan and pay;
  3. You can also tap “Save” on “Collect” page to download your QR code as a picture, print it out, and place it by the checkstand for customers to scan and pay. This would be a more convenient way to collect payments.
  4. Collected cryptocurrency assets would go directly to the XWallet Merchant’s Virtual Card account.
My actual QR code, scan to see UI on XWallet.
This is a powerful tool for e-commerce's to upload their QR Code on websites payout section. Sending any supported currencies on the X Wallet is accepted by one single QR Code, such as the above.
XPass Cards;
You can easily manage your digital assets, check your current balance, or top-up in the XWallet. By default, each user will have a virtual XPASS card in the app. You can also pair your XWallet with your Pundi XPASS card to make payments directly from the app when needed. If you lose the XPASS card, you can transfer all your tokens from the XPASS card to the XWallet app or to another XPASS card.
Instant Payments Online or Offline;
Transactions via an internet-connected XWallet or XPASS can be processed immediately, while offline transactions can be made by scanning the QR code, which will later be uploaded onto the blockchain. The XWallet, in short, keeps up with your busy lifestyle.
How to top up your XWallet from other wallets; • Select the ‘Card’ icon and choose the virtual card. • Select the type of currency you want to top up. • Tap on the ‘Receive’ icon and choose ‘View address’. • Copy the top-up address or scan the QR code. • On your other wallet, choose the correct type of cryptocurrency and insert the XWallet top-up address to make the transfer. (Note: The speed of transferring tokens from other wallets to the XWallet app varies, depending on their relevant blockchain network conditions. To make instant payment transaction at any XPOS merchant, we recommend users top up their XWallet account from other wallets at least 6 hours before using the app.).
XPASS Card Order;
Payment solutions;
Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Samsung, American Express, BNB, LTC, XVG, NPXS,, Alipay, M-bayar, Go Pay, WeChat, Xpos Consortium, Ubivelox, XPOT and many more. Distributors; Manticora Capital, Bit Captial, Ubivelox, BlockPay and more to follow. Blockchain; NEM, UTrust, GGOX, Verime, Wanchain, Stella, Genaro Network. More to follow.
Burning of NPXS;
A quick summary of Pundi X token’s utility on each and every transaction: 1. A bit of it is burnt for every crypto related transaction that happens in through our XPOS. 2. The token is used to list other tokens in our XPOS, for example, QTUM paid us a sum of NPXS to be listed later in our XPOS, and this will include future coins that will be listed in our XPOS. 3. Loyalty programs are made & paid with NPXS. 4. Ads that run through our XPOS are also paid in NPXS. 5. Future products will be paid with NPXS. 6. Claim goods and services from merchants.
The XPOS is comprised of two parts, the consumer and merchant.
The Point of Sale device (XPOS);
For the merchants; 1. You get 1% extra as a fee. You can set it up from 0-3%, but we recommend 1% fee. 2. You can sell crypto again with that 1% fee. 3. You can sell the XPASS cards. 4. The POS can setup your inventory, loyalty programs, ads, and print smart receipts. 5. You can accept crypto, again the 1% fee. 6. You will be one of the first to change how the world uses crypto.
For the XPASS holders; 1. They can liquidate their crypto assets through our merchants, hassle free. 2. They get a special discount. 3. If you lose the XPASS black card, we are able to recover it (as long as you have the security card).
Case study of fees;
▪ 100% of Pundi X’s revenue that is generated through transactions on the XPOS will be removed permanently from our NPXS token circulation (and that's called token burn). This means that if Pundi X makes $1 of revenue from a transaction, they will take $1 worth of NPXS out of circulation permanently. NPXS tokens taken out of circulation will never be able to re-enter the circulation in any way as they will no longer exist.
▪ if the transaction is made in Pundi X tokens, we will take the tokens immediately out of the total supply. If the transaction is made in other tokens or fiat, we will use the proceeds to buyback NPXS, after which we will permanently remove the NPXS tokens from circulation and ensure they can never re-enter circulation.
▪ In case of a fiat to crypto transaction (including a payment with mastercard/visa) NPXS will be also burned.
▪ Case study 1: a user buys $1,000 worth of crypto from a merchant in a store using Pundi XPASS card. The total charge a user has to pay is $1,010; $1,000 for the crypto and $10 for the service fees. Of the $10 received, $6.50 is paid to the shop merchant for rendering this service. $3.50 is paid to Pundi X for providing XPOS (switch) and XPASS (Issuer) service.
Function X Blockchain – A game Changer:
The f(x) (short for Function X) blockchain under current test environments, each XPOS is an f(x) node; all data from the XPOS will be fully encrypted and stored in f(x) low level IPFS. Our IPFS is one that is specially designed for XPOS, f(x) and other smart devices. The f(x) public ledger will record all transactions, and the chain deploys sharding and PBFT. At Pundi X, we believe that open source is the way to go and to strengthen the blockchain community. We will gradually enable all of our operating system and f(x) chain’s code to be open source. It will be free for all Dapp software and hardware manufacturers to develop products for the f(x) ecosystem, hence achieving true decentralization. Let’s all work together and re-engineer a decentralized world.
10x for Speed; Visa can run 7,000–20,000 transactions-per-second (“TPS”). Any blockchain that offers small multiples of speed improvement is unlikely to displaced a tried-and-tested system like Visa. A 10X increase means 200,000K TPS has to be achieved. Our upcoming blockchain called Function X (fx for short), we have to make sure we are comparable if not faster, at 10X it is at least 200,000 TPS, not just on paper, but in real application. Sharding depends heavily on the availability of nodes. Confirmation processes increase by an order of magnitude when you increase node counts, we are already deploying the XPOS which will act as nodes.
10x for Scaling; Scalability in a restaurant means how fast can you serve your meals, the faster you can scale, the more business you can have. Therefore, companies like McDonald’s spend a lot of effort shortening the time between ordering and checkout to serve its customers. Scalability in blockchain is similar: it depends on the code (how fast can the burgers be flipped) and also nodes (how many cashiers can confirm the order). So whose code is the best? We will only know when proven. And what about nodes? The blockchain with the largest nodes will prevail. Currently Ethereum has the most nodes, but maybe not for long.
10x for Consensus; And what about nodes? The blockchain with the largest nodes will prevail. Currently Ethereum has the most nodes, but maybe not for long. With our minimum plan to roll out 100,000 XPOS in three years, we will be able to scale up transaction numbers significantly as the number of XPOS devices increases. Can we do much more than 200,000 TPS? Let’s analyze: Sharding is a process of dividing a global network into pieces of a local network. Each local network would then take charge of two-thirds consensus so that a particular transaction is verified in the local network and then broadcast to the global network.
Five Pillars of Function X Blockchain;
  1. Fx Operation System - (ROM) Android-modified blockchain-enabled operating system. Users can switch seamlessly between fx blockchain and regular everyday android mode.
  2. FXTP - (Web Protocol). Decentralized transmission protocol (P2P) and similar to https.
  3. Docker - Open Source platform for developers to build, ship, and run distributed applications (DApps).
  4. IPFS - Storage of various contents.
  5. Public Blockchain - A High performance and secure public blockchain.
More details here; The Road ahead:
The Blok-on-Blok (Smartphone);
The Blok-on-Blok (BOB), and the first true blockchain phone call, we demonstrated to thousands that we had a new protocol for communication that could take blockchain beyond the world of financial transfers. The BOB is powered by Function X OS which is based off the Android OS 9.0, so there is a backward compatibility with any Android apps. Blockchain-based calling and messaging can be toggled on and off on the phone operating system, which builds upon Android 9.0. On the blockchain mode, the services in the BOB can operate completely independently of centralized carriers. Users can route phone calls, messages, and data via blockchain nodes without the need for centralized service providers. The BOB is in fact the first mobile phone that can run completely on a decentralized ecosystem powering telephony, messaging, and data transmission. The BOB itself significantly expands the use of blockchain technology beyond financial transfers. Every BOB Phone is also a node on the network to contribute to the operation of the blockchain ecosystem. Content and connectivity are organized in a distributed, node-to-node manner.
  • Every device in the Function X ecosystem will be a node and each will have its own address and private key, uniquely linked to their node names, not unlike traditional URL and IP addresses.
  • The OS can be overlayed to any existing Android devices without any compromises and compliment as a node to the function X blockchain.
  • Using a new DApp published on Function X, Zac hailed a New York City cabbie from midtown Manhattan to Central Park via a smart contract executed on Function X. The taxi order was both conducted and recorded on-chain and by-passing any ride-hailing service via BOB.
  • In the browser, you may browse the traditional Internet via HTTP or use the blockchain Internet via FXTP.
  • In f(x) OS, users are able to switch seamlessly between two modes. The blockchain mode allows a user to be connected to the blockchain - everything which you do in this mode like texting, calling, taking photos, browsing, etc. will be transmitted via the blockchain. In the traditional mode, it is like any other Android phone.
  • You can develop DApps for X Play Store and regular apps for Google Play Store. Note: Final design and specs are subject to change.
The FX blockchain: Giving data control back to users and creators. “What this all means is that data control can and must be given back to users,” said Pundi X Founder and CEO Zac Cheah.
“Telecommunications and Internet companies have derived tremendous value from controlling data. By decentralizing apps, we can put this data onto a smart contract, effectively giving control back to creators and to users”.
“Much of what we call peer-to-peer or ‘decentralized’ services continue to be built upon centralized networks. We are changing that,” added Cheah.
Mobile devices as nodes;
“Scalability in blockchain is derived from the number and geographic spread of nodes. It is clear how achieving a critical mass in terms of scale will require something with a high utility for people. The BOB thus has the potential to establish a large global pool of nodes,” said Pitt Huang, co-founder and CTO of Pundi X.
“And with Function X offering people the choice to be independent of a centralized communications network we’ve created a new use, a high and universal utility for blockchain. In turn, this will give life to a network large enough to support better scale, throughput, and new potential applications, plus true decentralization that has so far eluded blockchain.”
YouTube in-depth close up videos; 1. Introduction to BOB phone - Part 1 of 6 2. Bringing Function X to life with the BOB - Part 2 of 6 3. Setting BOB up as a Node - Part 3 of 6 4. Using the BOB to manage your files and browse the web - Part 4 of 6 5. Blockchain-based text messaging on the BOB - Part 5 of 6 6. Blockchain Call on the BOB - Part 6 of 6
More details here; Website;
The F(x) Coin;
The f(x) ecosystem is fully decentralized. It’s designed and built to run autonomously in perpetuity without the reliance or supervision of any individual or organization. To support this autonomous structure, f(x) Coin which is the underlying ‘currency’ within the f(x) ecosystem has to be decentralized in terms of its distribution, allocation, control, circulation and the way it’s being generated.
Broadly, there are four main participants in the f(x) ecosystem, as shown above: • Consumer: Users enjoy the decentralized service provided by the f(x) ecosystem.
• Infrastructure Service Provider: Providing infrastructure service like the ones provided by mobile carrier, Amazon AWS but in a decentralized way.
• Developer: Building DApp upon f(x) network like Uber, AirBnb, Alibaba.
• Financial Service Provider: Providing liquidity of f(x) coin like NASDAQ, Morgan Stanley.
Infrastructure service provider, Developer and Financial service provider contribute the seamless operation and service shall generate the positive circulation, innovation and value flow to the f(x) ecosystem.
The value flow of the Function X ecosystem; • Infrastructure service provider can offer the service, such as Blockchain, FXTP, DDocker and IPFS to earn f(x) Coin.
• Developer can build applications upon f(x) OS to earn f(x) Coin and at the same time they need to pay for the infrastructure service.
• Consumer enjoys the service and pays for the service in f(x) Coin.
• Developer and infrastructure service provider shall earn f(x) Coin in return by providing their service and they can liquidate it through the financial service provider to earn some profit.
Together, these four participants will create a positive value flow. More service providers will enhance the quality of service and attract more consumers. More consumers will bring more value to the ecosystem by attracting more service providers,and creating f(x) Coin liquidity. Deep liquidity of f(x) Coin will attract more financial service providers to enhance the stability and quality of liquidity. This will attract more service providers to the ecosystem.
Utility of f(x) Coin;
f(x) Coin is the native ‘currency’ of the Function X blockchain and ecosystem. Services rendered in the ecosystem will be transacted with the f(x) Coin. Possible scenarios include: • For service providers: To get paid by developers, companies and consumers for providing storage nodes, DDocker and speeding up of network connections. The role of service providers will described in other sections.
• For consumers: To pay service fees for using DApps, nodes, network resources, storage solutions and other services within the f(x) ecosystem.
• For developers: To pay for services and resources rendered in the ecosystem such as smart contract creation, file storage (paid to IPFS service provider), code hosting (paid to DDocker service provider), advertisements (paid to other developers) and others. To get paid by the enterprises or organizations which require the developer’s service.
• For enterprises or organizations: To pay for service fees, developer fees and advertisements. Services provided to consumers will be charged and denominated in f(x) Coin.
• For phone and hardware manufacturers: To pay for the Function X Operating System customization. Note: we plan to only build a few thousands of the BOB flagship handsets and leave the rest to third-party manufacturers to build more using our operating system.
• For financial institutions: to receive payment for financial services rendered for the ecosystem.
• Many more future scenarios. Hence f(x) Coin can be used as ‘currency’ for the below services, • In-app purchases • Blockchain calls • Smart contract creations • Transaction fees • Advertisements • Hosting fees
Updated fx article:
Contact Us; Please also read the white paper which can be found on the official webpage: A detailed simple guide for Pundi X in Spanish language;
Twitter: Telegram: Facebook: LinkedIn:
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[PSA] xCobalt's Complete Guide to Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know about CS:GO Trading

Hey everyone!
This is a post that isn't just aimed towards newer players, but to everybody. I'm including a lot of information in this, and it is basically my guide to trading in general. It's a compilation of my past 2 years of trading combined with everything I've learned from other people, and I hope that it helps you all.
I will be adding more on to this guide, but this has already taken me 4 hours to type, so I will be gradually adding on. If you have anything to contribute or suggest to me, then please feel free!
I would also like to add that I'm doing my best to credit everyone who made x image, but some of the images were found on imgur or without parent posts, so if you could please tell me who made x image, I will happily update the post with credit to them.
Edit: Fixed a lot of typos.
Edit 2: Thanks for all of the support and feedback! Very glad to know that people will be using this guide :)
Edit 3: If you guys want, I will go ahead and work on the video version I was considering making this week. It will be a fair amount of work, but It should be nice.
Edit 4: More Grammar and spelling fixed
Edit 5: Removed Katowice price Generalization
Edit 6: Holy shit! This is now one of the top 6 highest ranking posts of all time on the subreddit! Thank you all so much for the love and support, and let's try to keep new traders always informed and aware!
(Press CTRL+F To Find These on the Page)
1.0 The Basics
2.0 Patterns: What are they?
3.0 Float Values (Exteriors): What is Float Value/exterior?
4.0 Key Trading 101
5.0 Souvenir Items
6.0 Stickers on Guns
7.0 Trading FAQs
Without further stalling, let's get started!
1.0 - Trading Basics
In late 2011, before CS:GO was even released, Valve introduced the ability to trade TF2 items in Steam. It was a phenomenon that nobody thought would become as big as it was, and it has only expanded over the last 5 years. With the Arms Deal update in CS:GO on the 14th of August, 2013, we were introduced to what would eventually become one of the largest and most sustained economies in gaming. A trade is when two steam users interact by moving items from accounts, and the safety and level of it has evolved since its release. Trades can be live, or they can be offers. An offer is when a user sends a non-live trade to another player, who can then spend time to think about it, and either decline or accept the offer.
1.1 - Getting Started
Against what all of the nothing to knife videos would lead you to believe, trading is not something where you can get to a FN Dragon Lore from a Nova Sand mesh... well not within 2 weeks (Unless you are very fucking lucky.) The best way to start out trading is to invest $50+ and start from there. The more you invest, the easier it is to make profit, but there are more risks associated with some higher tier items. The least amount of money you should spend when getting into the game is $10, $5 is fine too, but honestly, it is worth spending the amount of money that you might spend on lunch to buy some skins that will last longer then said lunch.
In order to get started with trading, you will need the following:
The rest is explained throughout this guide.
1.2 - Who to Trust
Deciding on who to trust is simultaneously extremely easy and incredibly difficult. When you're doing a normal trade, there is next to nothing that the other person can do to scam you. Basically, as long as they or you send a trade offer with both items in the trade, you're golden.
Never trade with people who do the following:
1.3 - Cashrep
So what is cashrep? Cashrep is a Reputation thread that a user uses when they are doing trades for real money. If you're looking to start trading with real money yourself, the best thing to do is to small money trades with extremely reputable traders who have extensive cashrep, to start building your own.
So what is steamrep? Steamrep ( is a community run website that is aimed stopping scammers in their tracks. Always check a user's account before trading with them, regardless of whether they are doing a cash trade with you or not. This is important, because some people will go to extensive lengths just to get a bit of extra cash from you. I am also aware that everyone does not believe steamrep is necessary, but believe me when I say that it is actually a very useful tool that has saved me plenty of time with figuring out people who have tried to scam me out of real money.
1.4 - The Most Common Scams
1.5 - Trading Etiquette
Here is a list of the things that you should and shouldn't do just as general rules of thumb.
1.6 - Trade Confirmations: What Are They?
Trade confirmations are done via a mobile device. They are pretty much forced upon players to make them do their best to keep their accounts secure. All that you need to do when trading is open your phone, click on the notification that the app gives you, and doublecheck and confirm the trade.
2.0 - Patterns: What Are They And Why are They Important?
A pattern is an ID from 1-999 that is assigned to any item in one's inventory. Randomly generated skins (such as Electric Hive, Crimson Web, Case Hardened, Modern Hunter, Fade, etc.) will appear unique in every pattern. Don't be mistaken though, patterns do affect static skins (such as Dragon Lore, Fire Serpent, Howl, etc.) in a significant way as well. Each pattern also changed wear placement on the gun slightly (i.e. two different skins with the exact same float but different pattern IDs can have completely different scratches.)
It is also noteworthy that every single skin on a given gun with a certain pattern ID will have the exact same wear placement, regardless of what skin it is.
This is important. Note that on ALL of the DLC Knives (Butterfly, Huntsman, Falchion, Shadow Daggers, and the Bowie Knife), the patterns are mirrored. This means that any 'double sided xx' on these knives are lying, or just uninformed.
2.1 - Slaughter Patterns
Slaughter has a wide variety of unique looks, but not all patterns that people claim are patterns are accepted by the community.
The most commonly used patterns are listed here:
This is an image that shows what all of the slaughter patterns look like (generally). It however does have a terrible example of a heart, but finding good heart examples can be difficult.
This is what the slaughter pattern i nthe game files looks like, the shape in the middle of it is the heart.
2.2 - Crimson Web Patterns
Crimson web simultaneously matters the least and the most when it comes to patterns.
Here is an album of 3 different factory new m9 crimson webs, each with different webs to illustrate my point.
2.3 - Fade Patterns
Fade value varies from knife to knife. On the gut knife it is actually unaffected 95% of the time (110% 0.00x usually goes for 105% of market, but nothing else usually sells for much more.) Flip knives are actually sold equivalent to their fade percentage of SA Price (i.e. 90% fade for 90% of steamanalyst, and same for 110%). Meanwhile Karambits go as low as 190 and as high as 700. I will have to update the guide with more prices soon.
Tip: You can use CSGOZone to check the fade percentages of most knives pretty acurately, but it isn't 100% accurate, so doublecheck with people to confirm the fade.
Tip 2: Metjm has an amazing database to scroll through every fade pattern on a few of the knives. View Here.
2.4 - Marble Fade Patterns
Marble fades are one of the most desirable knife finishes in the game, being quite popular in general. Against what some of the shittily made guides out there will have you to believe, you can only get True Fire & Ice with no yellow on the Karambit, Flip Knife, Gut Knife, and Bayonet. This means that you cannot get Fire and Ice on the M9 Bayonet.
On The M9 Bayonet, the most desirable pattern is the Max Red tip, the least desirable is yellow, and the middle child is blue tips.
2.5 Electric Hive Patterns
Electric hives are a skin with a wide pattern range, but many traders either ignore them or are even unaware of the pattern value ranges. I'm an Electric Hive enthusiast myself, and I'm speaking out of my own experience for this part.
Similar to Case Hardeneds, Electric hives desirability peaks at Full Blue, followed by Full Orange hives. Other hives are generally considered to be nothing special, and sell ar market.
The desirability of blue patterns is based NOT on the amount of blue/orange, but the solidity of the line itself. The ideal patterns are shown below, note where the purple line sits.
There is more to go into with these, will add more images when Metjm's buggy screenshots are updated.
2.6 - Kami Patterns
Kamis are purely based on whatever the person is willing to pay for them. A Good example is the Vagina Kami, which from what I've heard has sold for more then 20 keys in the past..
Many patterns exist on the back of the 5-7 Kami, but there aren't that many solid guides for them.
2.7 - Case Hardened Patterns
Case Hardened is simultaneously one of the most and least desired skin & knife finishes in the game.
The prices of these items involve too many factors for me to go over, but the TL;DR version of it is that Blue = Sexy and Rust/Grey = Shit.
Here are some examples of blue gems for each case hardened. Credit to acidaus for finding some of the METJMs and Alamer99 for 3 of the bowies:
2.8 - Doppler
Doppler is extremely controversial because of some of the terms that certain people use to describe their knives.
There are 7 different game files for the doppler, called Phases. The phases are as follows.
People use terms such as "Fake Black Pearl" and "Pink Galaxy" to describe their dopplers. Using terms that do not describe something that it isn't aren't allowed (i.e. a Phase 3 full black is just that, full black. Not a Fake Black Pearl. Phase 1 can arguably be fake black pearl since it has purple, not black.) This is the gray area of dopplers, and is up for debate.
2.9 - Other
This section is for skins that some people may argue deserve to have pattern price differences, but in my experience don't matter. Icarus fells for example are very debatable. I've bought and sold almost all of the Phases of icarus fells for 85% of steamanalyst in keys (only float has mattered in my experience), but I know that some people find certain patterns more desirable. With items such as Icarus fells, it is purely the user's preference that matters.
Other items that fall under this category are:
3.0 - Float Values: What Are They?
A float value (Or Floating Point) is a static numeric string used in programming to set a value for whatever purpose is correct in context. In the case of CS:GO, the float value of an item determines the amount of wear it has (relative to the pattern seed's wear placement.) Basically, higher float skins have worse wears (Battle-Scarred through Field-Tested) and lower float skins have better wears (Field-Tested through Factory New.)
The Float ranges for items are as follows:
3.1 - Float Values and Knives
Float ranges vary on every skin in the game. It's noteworthy that on the Karambit, the pattern is just as important as the wear, as you can get 0.04 corners that look better then 0.000x ones.
Many knives have a minimum float of 0.06, which makes Factory New extremely rare, since skins have a bell curve on condition (making Field-Tested much more common then Factory New and Very Battle-Scarred)
As you can see, most of the knives with Custom paint finishes all have a 0.06-0.80 float range, making FN equally rare on all of them. Fades are uncommon in minimal wear, but not as rare as a FN Crimson web.
Rust coat and slaughter are the only knives that don't follow the trope.
3.2 - Float Values and Skins
Skins float ranges are determined by their creators.
The only skins that have 0.06 min floats are usually valve-made skins (such as fire serpent, safari mesh, etc.) and most other skins are usually 0.00x - 1.00.
Notable exceptions are AWP/M4 Asiimov (0.18 - 1.00) and Galil Chatterbox (0.35 - 1.00.)
4.0 - Key Trading 101
Keys are the universal currency of the Counter-Strike economy. So how exactly do they work?
If your item is regularly listed on the steam market (and doesn't have any special stickers/patterns), then the typical way to list it is to use SteamAnalyst's averages, and multiplying them by 0.80-0.90 depending on the item's desirability. 0.8 is 80%, which is usually considered a quicksell. 85%-90% are considered quicksells by some and normal prices by others. Note that no item should sell for 100% of steamanalyst if it has no special traits, unless the person wants the item very fast.
4.1 - High Tier Key Trading
For items over 130 keys, the most common thing to do is to look on Reddit (or lounge, depending on your style) and find similarly listed items that actually sold at that price recently. These are the community's agreed prices on these items. If you're using items that are regularly listed on the steam community market to trade for high tier items, then you will need to use the 80-90% averages as explained above.
4.2 - Key Prices
When buying keys with real cash, the price for you depends on several factors.
The Price for keys varies depending on these factors. Basically, the more reputable you are, the easier it is to get cheaper keys (Via Bitcoin rates are usually $1.8-$2.0). This completely depends on the above factors though.
5.0 - Souvenir Items 101
Souvenir items are items that were dropped from Souvenir packages, which were dropped from Valve-Sponsored Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Majors. These are all of the majors that have happened so far:
5.1 - Which Stickers Add Value?
This is a debatable subject.
Stickers based on rarity (Rarest to Most common):
In the latest two 2015 tournaments, signature stickers were added, and some of these add significant value to guns. These are the stickers that add the most value.
Most other signature stickers don't add significant value. These are just the most noteworthy ones.
6.0 - Stickers on Guns
Up until mid 2015, stickers adding value to guns was considered to be a joke by the general trading community. Once the Katowice 2014 stickers skyrocketed, people realized that the look was actually worth paying for, and Kato 14 collectors started to grow. Now, stickers are considered to be an important part of the trading meta if their value is > 10 keys.
6.1 - Calculating Sticker Values
Before anything else, check these factors:
Unfortunately, the price from stickers varies too greatly based on these factors as well as trivial things such as StatTrak and all of that, so I will not be adding back the general pricing.
7.0 - Trading FAQs
Q. What are steam levels and why do they matter?
Steam levels are a level (ofc) that is determined based on the number of badges a user possesses. Each badge is worth 100 XP (with a few exceptions) and they cost money to craft (usually). High steam levels have spent considerable amounts of time & money, and usually don't want to risk their high level account as it is hard to replicate. This does not mean that someone with say a level 300 account isn't scamming, but it is much less likely for someone with a steam level > 200 to scam then someone with say a 50 level. (Though there are scammers and legit dealers at all levels.)
Q. I got scammed, what do I do?
Report it to Steam Support and on the Steamrep Forums & Partner communities. GoTrade itself is a great place to report scammers.
Q. Why are Katowice Stickers and some souvenirs so expensive?
Simply because of the fact that they are from a time when CS was newer and less popular, so there is a small supply of them.
Q. Why do traders pay so much just for a certain float or pattern?
Because of the rarity, uniqueness, and look.
Q. How do I get started on cash trading?
The best way to get started on cash trading is to deal with well known traders in small amounts to build a rep.
That's the end of the guide (For now). If there is anything that I should add to it, please let me know as I will be expanding it in the future. It took a considerable amount of time to make this, so I would very much appreciate your feedback!!
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[Promotional Giveaway] 1,000,675 Dogecoin Giveaway / Contest & Fun!

EDIT!!! Giveaway is OVER. Thank you all so much for your great feedback. I had a ton of fun talking to and getting suggestions from everyone. Really awesome! I have 100,000 dogecoin left. Since the CONTROLS seem to be the biggest issue people are having, I have a proposal. The other 100k will go to whoever writes up the best idea how to make the controls as fun and intuitive as possible! I -REALLY- want to focus on this aspect to make it so everyone enjoys the game and there aren't any mechanic-related pain points.
Hey /dogecoin!
I come bearing gifts! I have 1,000,675 Dogecoin loaded into my tipbot account ready to have some fun with to celebrate the launch of my new mobile game, ASCIID
Here's how it works: I have a new game JUST LAUNCHED TODAY for iPhone and Android and am looking for feedback, and what better way to do it than a giveaway :) So, I'm asking you all to let me know what you think of the game - in exchange you get doge! On top of that, we'll do a little contest to make it interesting as well as some other ways to earn prizes.
First off, the contest! Check out the game (it's free!) and play it. Take a screenshot of your highest score and post it here. When this post is 8 hours old (8pm PST), the contest is over and the prizes go out.
Note: buying extra lives is cheating - be honest, shibes! Everyone starts with 10 continues they're free to use for the contest. If multiple people end up beating all 50 levels in New Game mode, then the top score will carry over to New Game + mode (there are infinite randomly generated levels in the New Game + mode which is unlocked when you beat the campaign).
Ok, so that's 400k Doge for the contest.. what about the other 600k?
I'm glad I asked! There are plenty of other ways to get some doge without having to even play the game.
Both of these giveaways will be handed out when the Contest is over.
Note: I'm not referring to App Store reviews, although if you want to rate/review it, that's great!
If I have Doge leftover at the end of the contest after all of the prizes have gone out, FREE FOR ALL. Random double tips and more! ALL 1,000,000 MUST GO!
Where to Download
iOS Download
Android Download
Youtube Trailer
Ready.... set.... go!
Contest Entries
Fan Art:
current bug/suggestion list
EDIT!!! Giveaway is OVER. Thank you all so much for your great feedback. I had a ton of fun talking to and getting suggestions from everyone. Really awesome! I have 100,000 dogecoin left. Since the CONTROLS seem to be the biggest issue people are having, I have a proposal. The other 100k will go to whoever writes up the best idea how to make the controls as fun and intuitive as possible! I -REALLY- want to focus on this aspect to make it so everyone enjoys the game and there aren't any mechanic-related pain points.
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Yet another rebranding post

Over the last few days I got increasingly interested in Raiblocks. I have been thoroughly enjoying the project as well as the dynamic of this tight-knit community. And like a lot of people on this platform, I wanted to give a bit of my time, hoping it would help the project move forward. As a fresh outta school brand designer in search of new adventures, the prospect of imagining the identity of a revolutionary type of currency was really exciting. This might be a long read, but it's got pictures! If you just want to see the result : 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

First and foremost, Rai is a currency

(I know a fair amount of people find the simplified name off-putting, apologies!)

Rai has the potential to become the currency for peer-to-peer transactions. But to be considered as such and to reach mass-adoption, I believe it was crucial to first think about its monetary symbol. Not many competitors have one. Litecoin is using the west Slavic 'L with stroke', and the Bitcoin community made their own. (Although it took years for the unicode consortium to add it to their code.)

I thought it’d be best to avoid the hassle and instead to follow Litecoin’s path by using an already existing and accessible symbol. The ‘R with stroke’ uppelower case pair used in the Kanuri alphabet immediately caught my attention ⟶ Ɍ. The uppercase symbol could be a primary monetary unit, while its lower case counterpart ‘ɍ’ could perhaps represent a smaller unit.

Behind the currency

Colin's team will be in need of a visual identity, which I believe should be somehow linked to the symbol of the currency. What makes Rai special to me (and you) is Colin’s block-lattice technology, seemingly simple. I came up with this mark which aims to reflect its uniqueness. I used the typeface Aften Screen. I particularly enjoyed its subtle friendliness, and interestingly, this font was made only with screens in mind. Can’t get any better than that for a cryptocurrency. :-) I tweaked the wordmark so The ‘R’ becomes an ‘Ɍ’, while two gradients were added to echo the block-lattice structure of the currency. And that’s it.

Exploring the concept

This mobile version layout is an (on-going) experimentation with colors (I haven’t decided on the full color scheme yet), but it was mainly a way for me to make a custom Rai cross icon. I came to realize that the simplicity of the mark could become a strength of Rai’s identity. So I proceeded to play around with words and icons.

NOTE: As Colin stated in his AMA, people have an issue with the pronunciation, which could be a problem when it comes to brand recognition. « Pay with Rai » is, I think, a way to bypass this issue while keeping the name. I come from a non english speaking country, but I believe these words are simple enough to be understood by most.

Being a sucker for subtlety, I also made a couple of animations with the wordmark, which could be used on the website’s header. (The .gif should play on loop, but the host doesn't allow it somehow), I wanted to make a loading icon and some other stuff, but tiredness came my way.

I Hope you will enjoy these visuals as I much as I enjoyed making them! :-)
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Help us create the best mobile wallet – join Billion test-net beta! [iOS]

Hey there, folks!
We are a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts behind Billion Wallet (screenshot) for iOS. It's common among developers to think about their project in a special way, and we are not an exception – we do feel like we created something different. We believe we have a reason to think like that, and we invite you to participate in a public beta test that allows you to play with all features without spending real bitcoins ㋛.
We value Bitcoin Cash very much, but due to roadmap inertia we still do not have a version that works natively with Bitcoin Cash – we are sorry for that. What makes us very sad, is that our posts on Bitcoin are always deleted for no apparent reason and without any explanation. It's not a kind of treatment we expect – we work hard for the benefit of the Bitcoin infrastructure, we are a very small, self-funded team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and the ability to participate in open communities is vital to us. We hope you do not mind we invite you to test the wallet that works in a test-net Bitcoin Core chain.
Here is what's unique about Billion:


Not only Billion never asks you to enter email or phone number, but it also implements a unique feature called Reusable Payment Codes. Payment Code is a special kind of address that can be freely published online and no one will be able to calculate the amount received. Kind of Monero Stealth Addresses but in a Bitcoin world! You can read a high-level overview of this technology on our Medium blog (a 10-min read). Billion is an SPV wallet that does not depend on a central server for any critical functionality.


To make cryptocurrencies easy to use for everyone we have developed an entirely new visual paradigm. If you ever experienced struggle while using a crypto wallet, we encourage you to try Billion – that's something new on the market. You can read a brief explanation of Billion user-interface on Medium (4-min read), or watch a 30 seconds-long promo video. Please forgive us the part of the video with 10$ fees :)


One of the most important aspects of Billion is a system of contacts based on Payment Codes. Once you have added your friend to a list – either using Air Connectivity (Bluetooth connection) or by importing/scanning a Billion Card – you can make payments without any copying/pasting/scanning. This way, a payment workflow is simplified drastically, and the privacy is not sacrificed at all. Moreover, such a system is cross-platform: you can add contacts from other wallets that support Payment Codes. As of now, Samurai (BTC-only) and Stash (BTC + BCH)) on Android are two wallets that support Payment Codes (and Stash can be used on TestNet). And by the way, Stash Wallet works great in test-net so you can experience the magic of cross-platform Bitcoin contacts right away!

How to Participate

  1. Download Billion TESTNET Edition from the App Store
  2. Create a new wallet. Once it's synced, tap onto the balance tab to display your Billion card. Assign a pseudonym and avatar to make it more recognizable.
  3. Share your BillionCard picture in comments, or join a dedicated Telegram channel. We will send you some test-bitcoins so you won't need to use any faucets!
  4. Add BillionCards of other users who participate in beta testing to your list of contacts (tap onto 'Contacts' icon -> 'Add contact' -> 'Scan BillionCard' -> 'Extract QR-code from picture' and choose the image you saved to media library). Send them some coins, and tell us how do you enjoy the workflow.
  5. If you have friends with whom you can test Billion irl, we urge you to test Air Connectivity and Billion Requests.
Thanks for reading and let's create the best mobile cryptocurrency wallet together!


We have to polish the version on a single platform with one cryptocurrency first, and we need your help. We are looking forward to testing Billion with you!
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    3. Anyone else having issues with Chrome? I login then it logs me right back out. (8 points, 11 comments)
    4. Hulu Quality Keeps Changing To Auto on Chrome Browser (Windows 10). (4 points, 6 comments)
    5. Are they ever going to fix the quality settings from changing back to Auto? (1 point, 0 comments)
    6. I keep getting logged off whenever i try to watch anything. (1 point, 6 comments)
  31. 45 points, 1 submission: CredibleSalamander
    1. Hulu finally added Chromecast support on chrome (45 points, 11 comments)
  32. 43 points, 2 submissions: xxxCRACKERxxx
    1. I love Hulu! (40 points, 16 comments)
    2. Live TV guide for 3rd GEN Firetv? (3 points, 0 comments)
  33. 43 points, 1 submission: Kirko_bangz
    1. "Stats for nerds" (43 points, 3 comments)
  34. 43 points, 1 submission: black094
    1. Why tf are they taking off Aqua Teen Hunger Force????? (43 points, 25 comments)
  35. 43 points, 1 submission: mitstaguee
    1. Hulu, please let me build my own TV station. (43 points, 15 comments)
  36. 42 points, 1 submission: Pipboy3500
    1. Hulu-Showtime add-on Increasing to 10.99 from 8.99 (42 points, 17 comments)
  37. 42 points, 1 submission: cincysportsfan
    1. Fargo Season 3 is live (42 points, 7 comments)
  38. 41 points, 1 submission: PlayboyCG
    1. Does Netflix own the skip intro feature? (41 points, 13 comments)
  39. 40 points, 1 submission: siennah5
    1. Shows and Movies being added in September (40 points, 1 comment)
  40. 39 points, 3 submissions: HenryK81
    1. I am a subscriber (no ads) to Hulu Plus. Why can't I access all seasons/episodes of certain shows? (18 points, 17 comments)
    2. Did Hulu just stopped working for Amazon Fire TV? (13 points, 21 comments)
    3. CNBC Originals: Bitcoin: Boom or Bust (8 points, 0 comments)
  41. 39 points, 1 submission: miquelon
    1. I binge-watched the original Kojak (39 points, 10 comments)
  42. 39 points, 1 submission: tacodesiac
    1. What is Thermostat Wars and why is it in the kids section? 🤔 (39 points, 9 comments)
  43. 36 points, 1 submission: Juan_Ball
    1. MAS*H is finally on Hulu! (36 points, 6 comments)
  44. 35 points, 2 submissions: melvinmaya
    1. Streaming on Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix in August 2018 (25 points, 6 comments)
    2. Streaming on Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix in September 2018 (10 points, 0 comments)
  45. 35 points, 1 submission: Nintendork316
    1. Future Man (2017): Sci-Fi / Hulu Original (35 points, 17 comments)
  46. 35 points, 1 submission: Pablinex
    1. Just wondering when should Hulu get offline downloading because they stated that by Summer of 2018. Any Updates on this? (35 points, 13 comments)
  47. 31 points, 4 submissions: juventuz
    1. TV Shows under My Stuff reset so ALL shows show up as Unwatched (27 points, 8 comments)
    2. Live Guide Overlay on Different Devices (3 points, 3 comments)
    3. Hulu Live Subscriber, but need the Hallmark Channel. Options? (1 point, 15 comments)
    4. New to Hulu Live and have some questions (0 points, 4 comments)
  48. 31 points, 2 submissions: WaldenMC
    1. Update: Subtitles are now appearing for me! (17 points, 0 comments)
    2. Anyone having issues with subtitles? (14 points, 2 comments)
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    1. Castle rock (31 points, 19 comments)
  50. 31 points, 1 submission: rockstang
    1. Really impressed With Live Service (31 points, 23 comments)
  51. 30 points, 1 submission: Cluelessgamer44
    1. How do I disable this tiny screen that shows up after each episode (30 points, 8 comments)
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    1. Did anyone else notice that Hulu rather silently rolled out 5.1 on Xbox One? (30 points, 12 comments)
  53. 29 points, 4 submissions: NerdBanger
    1. Ghosting on STL v CIN MLB (15 points, 2 comments)
    2. CNN 60FPS? (8 points, 11 comments)
    3. WKRC Cincinnati (CBS) (4 points, 8 comments)
    4. Go to Live? (2 points, 7 comments)
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    1. Hulu now remembers user name on Roku (17 points, 5 comments)
    2. Hulu Autoplay used to be the best (12 points, 6 comments)
  55. 29 points, 1 submission: cpne
    1. Live TV Guide (29 points, 3 comments)
  56. 27 points, 3 submissions: Chess_tactician
    1. Good service, horrible interface (16 points, 6 comments)
    2. Unlimited screens/remote devices (7 points, 5 comments)
    3. Why commercials on "No Commercial" plan (4 points, 13 comments)
  57. 27 points, 1 submission: Hadfromthetown
    1. Thank you hulu! (27 points, 0 comments)
  58. 27 points, 1 submission: elizabethjamesjacobs
    1. If YOU got this email, what would you think it meant? (27 points, 15 comments)
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    1. What Hulu Original do you enjoy the most? (16 points, 48 comments)
    2. When watching live tv, our ruku restarts. (5 points, 2 comments)
    3. If Hulu Live had the DirecTV Now guide (3 points, 8 comments)
    4. Recoding live TV (2 points, 2 comments)
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    1. ‘Light as a Feather’: Horror Series Adaptation Ordered at Hulu (26 points, 2 comments)
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    1. Saw they brought the Matrix Trilogy to hulu recently. Go on hulu today and its gone (26 points, 12 comments)
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    1. Roku now has guide (26 points, 8 comments)
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    1. When will hulu update its library of shows? (26 points, 10 comments)
  64. 25 points, 2 submissions: MisterTruth
    1. Auto play now not playing just one show (19 points, 8 comments)
    2. Latest Roku update ruined my experience (6 points, 2 comments)
  65. 25 points, 1 submission: Glittery
    1. How do i get to see what is after the dots on "unlo..." in this case? It wont let me scroll to that area. Im on a Hulu Plus app on 2016 Sony Blu-Ray player. I dont know how to view any of the full details when browsing. (25 points, 11 comments)
  66. 25 points, 1 submission: SHOW-ME-SOURCES
    1. How to change the subtitle settings on Roku? (25 points, 5 comments)
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    1. Things I'm wondering about the forthcoming offline viewing capability (16 points, 10 comments)
    2. When seasons are added... (8 points, 2 comments)
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    1. Anyone else have this visual glitch on the bottom right with the image box? Vizio 4K smartcast display (24 points, 21 comments)
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    1. Archer Danger Island? (24 points, 7 comments)
  70. 24 points, 1 submission: YouSaidWut
    1. Small rant about Seinfeld in HULU.. (24 points, 28 comments)
  71. 24 points, 1 submission: tarajack82
    1. My Hulu Live is not syncing correctly. Voice and audio is off. It’s only happening on Roku tv. Apple TV and Ipad works fine. Any solutions? (24 points, 9 comments)
  72. 23 points, 1 submission: Kanchome
    1. I havent been on hulu for when did this happen? (23 points, 7 comments)
  73. 23 points, 1 submission: blahsi
    1. PS4 2.00 update - sound issues (23 points, 19 comments)
  74. 23 points, 1 submission: human6742
    1. If I have Hulu with no commercials now ($13) will I have the same thing plus live TV if I switch to Hulu Live TV? (23 points, 26 comments)
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    1. Status? (23 points, 20 comments)
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    1. Live Guide Review (9 points, 13 comments)
    2. Is my logic sound? (3 points, 5 comments)
    3. AppleTV 4k (2 points, 3 comments)
    4. Hulu Live on AppleTV 4 (2 points, 2 comments)
    5. Local Live Affiliates (2 points, 1 comment)
    6. My Live Streaming experience to date (2 points, 18 comments)
    7. Hulu live experience (1 point, 2 comments)
    8. Live Guide Issue (1 point, 0 comments)
    9. Espn live networks not showing up (0 points, 1 comment)
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    1. NBC Sports California a Local channel in TN? (13 points, 6 comments)
    2. HulU commercial free and live TV (9 points, 8 comments)
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    1. beIN SPORTS (22 points, 12 comments)
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    1. Can't login (22 points, 17 comments)
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    1. New to Hulu live tv and love it (22 points, 16 comments)
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    2. Signing up for Hulu Live TV tomorrow - Is there anything I should be worried about that I don’t know yet? (6 points, 25 comments)
    3. Hulu Live TV + Philo TV — Is it a good combo? (5 points, 4 comments)
    4. Why am I not getting local channels? (2 points, 6 comments)
  83. 21 points, 3 submissions: boozcruz81
    1. Anyone else extremely disappointed that Hulu doesn’t have AMC? (13 points, 5 comments)
    2. Not all too impressed with the Fire TV cube app version. (7 points, 9 comments)
    3. So there’s a live guide on the Fire TV 1st and 2nd gen, but not the 4K? (1 point, 7 comments)
  84. 21 points, 2 submissions: ShadsuX
    1. [US] Tron Uprising cartoon Expiring soon on Hulu (21 points, 5 comments)
    2. Hulu on Roku and some movies and tv shows are now showing No content available. (0 points, 2 comments)
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    1. Hulu on PS4: Blinking Green on Screen during scene changes. (21 points, 8 comments)
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    1. Wings... (21 points, 4 comments)
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    1. Any news on updated Hulu for AndroidTV? (21 points, 14 comments)
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    1. Episodes out of order. My hero academia (21 points, 12 comments)
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    1. Hulu Live TV - delays (21 points, 15 comments)
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    1. Remove "TV-MA" from the screen? (21 points, 17 comments)
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    1. Question on Hulu with live tv (6 points, 10 comments)
    2. Still trying to decide (4 points, 5 comments)
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    4. Question on Hulu live dvr. (3 points, 7 comments)
    5. Question on Hulu with live tv. (3 points, 2 comments)
    6. Hulu not working on my iPhone. (1 point, 3 comments)
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    1. Why do some shows not have every episode? (20 points, 18 comments)
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    1. What’s the point of Cloud DVR? (20 points, 19 comments)
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    1. "Just a moment while we gather what's new..." (20 points, 3 comments)
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    1. Hulu Removed The I.T. Crowd (20 points, 10 comments)
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    1. Can I remove trash I don't want to see from the "Lineup" section or do I have to see it every time I launch? (19 points, 5 comments)
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    1. Old interface back On Roku Ultra (19 points, 30 comments)
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    1. Why does Hulu not tell you which device is currently streaming?? (19 points, 9 comments)
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    1. When will Hulu pick up season 2 of Atlanta?! (19 points, 3 comments)
  100. 19 points, 1 submission: JayAche
    1. Hulu's TV rating icon won't go away? (19 points, 23 comments)

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