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The Occult, Numerology & A Lot Pointing at an Event on August 10/11th

Take some of this with a grain of salt. But, as you know through my Shemitah analysis and digging into the occult signs, symbols, dates and numerology used by many of the satanic cabal that currently rule over this Earth that I do pay attention to these things.
I also have one particular TDV subscriber in the Czech Republic who parses through a lot of this data for me… and what we have been uncovering about some sort of event on August 10th/11th is at least worth mentioning here. If something of interest does happen on this date then at least I can say I tried to tell you. And, if nothing happens, much of this information is interesting nonetheless.
Tisha B’Av, the 9th day of the month of Av, which is the 11th month in the Jewish calendar (in Europe they would write this date as 9.11., this year 2019 in Gregorian calendar TISHA B´AV falls to August 10-11), is the saddest day in the Jewish calendar, on which the orthodox jews fast, deprive themselves and pray.
It is the culmination of the Three Weeks (of mourning), a period of time during which we mark the destruction of the two Holy Temples in Jerusalem, the Solomon’s temple by the Neo-Babylian empire in 587 BC and Herod's temple by the Roman empire in 70 AD.
It is crucial to note that this world is run by secret societies and at the very hard core of the secret societies is the Kabbalah. Kabbalah is the ancient jewish mysticism. It is a method of encoding information through a system of mathematics and numbers. It is some of the most ancient knowledge that man has ever possessed and has been kept secret and given only to those who proved themselves worthy through the process of initiation.
Nobody today really knows where it comes from, it was here a long time before the jews came along, the jews just took it and preserved it. It truly is the hardcore of the secret knowledge, the metaphysics, the science that not even 0.1% of the today´s world population know anything about,
Shortly to the symbol 911 and what it means in Kabbalah; Tisha B'Av is actually the Ninth of AV, the 9th day of the 11th month in the jewish calendar. In Kabbalah number 10 is the symbol of God's perfection and superiority.
The satanists (what the people at the highest ranks of the secret societies like freemasons are) are literally very afraid of God, so they do everything to escape God’s supervision over their deeds , try to hide from Him and that is why they have this symbol 9 11 as the most satanic one, since they believe this symbol kind of “jumps over” or “skips” God, since God’s symbol of perfection and superiority in Kabbalah is the number 10.
They jump over the number 10 or try to skip it, that is why 9 11… the Tisha B´Av holiday of the jewish calendar falls into the second half of July or first half of August in the Gregorian calendar.
Some of the events that took place on Tisha B´Av in history:
● The First Crusade officially commenced on August 15, 1096 (Av 24, AM 4856), killing 10,000 Jews in its first month and destroying Jewish communities in France and the Rhineland. ● The Jews were expelled from England on July 18, 1290 (Av 9, AM 5050). ● The Jews were expelled from France on July 22, 1306 (Av 10, AM 5066). ● The Jews were expelled from Spain on July 31, 1492 (Av 7, AM 5252). ● Germany entered World War I on August 1–2, 1914 (Av 9–10, AM 5674), which caused massive upheaval in European Jewry and whose aftermath led to the Holocaust. ● On August 2, 1941 (Av 9, AM 5701), SS commander Heinrich Himmler formally received approval from the Nazi Party for "The Final Solution." As a result, the Holocaust began during which almost one third of the world's Jewish population perished. ● On July 23, 1942 (Av 9, AM 5702), began the mass deportation of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto, en route to Treblinka. ● The AMIA bombing, of the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, killed 85 and injuring 300 on July 18, 1994 (10 Av, AM 5754). ● The Israeli disengagement from Gaza began in the Gaza Strip, expelling 8000 Jews who lived in Gush Katif; August 15, 2005; 10 Av, 5765. ● Last year 2018 on Tisha B´Av on July 21st, we had a shooting in Chicago. It happened at 10:30am when the arms of the clock point at 11 and 6, the upside down 911.
Tisha B´Av this year is the numerical value of the number 58, 11+8+20+19, 58 is very symbolic number for freemasonry and other occult or secret societies. Donald Trump is also connected to this number, we will devote some attention to this number with relation to Donald Trump later below, furthermore the word TRUMP equals 222 in „reverse satanic“ style of gematria. August 10th is the 222nd day of the year.
Moreover, some numerologists are saying that the most satanic day in the year from the number point of view is June 6th, like 6/6. For example, last year the merger of the two giants, Monsanto and Bayer , deal for $66 billion USD, was allegedly signed on 6/6/18 (18=6+6+6). Now if you add 66 days to 6/6 (June 6th), you’́ll come to August 11th, TISHA B´AV of 2019.
This year we had a ritual on 6/6, with all the world’s (mis)leaders in Normandy, France, the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landing of the allies in 1944. On CNN they put some headlines in quotes, like “NORMANDY ANNIVERSARY” which equals 222 in ALW Kabbalah style of gematria (the beginning of Tisha B´Av this year is in the evening of august 10th, the 222nd day of the year). They also posted, “NORMANDY D-DAY” which equals 118 in both ALW and KFW Kabbalah styles of gematria. Maybe they are pointing to august 11th as much as they can, since 11.8. is the way August 11th is written in Europe.
The date 11.8. is also like 11+8 = 19, we are in the year 19, 19 matches CHAOS is gematria, in reverse it is 91, matching PHOENIX.
It is also like 11x8=88, which is the symbolic number of Trump, in other words the “super time number.”
The number 11 in Kabbalah is representing duality, shattering and the initiation into the mysteries of religion. September 11th was permeated by the number 11 like no other event in known history. 11 is also represented by the twin pillar of Jachin and Boaz, which stood at the entrance of Solomon’s temple. Number 11 and its multiples are the master numbers in numerology, they do not get reduced unlike the other numbers, which can be reduced.
The number 8 is the number of time, represented by the hour glass, the infinity symbol and the Ouroboros biting its own tail. Number 8 is also the symbol of the Magician tarot card, the Magician is always depicted with the number 8 above his head and with the hourglass on the table in front of him. 1+1+8+2+0+1+9=22
22 is the “master builder number”, freemasons consider themselves to be THE MASTER BUILDERS. Also, there is 22 books of revelation, this date august 11th seems to be very much entangled with eschatology or the end times.
Haarp’s patent day is August 11th 1987. It will be exactly 32 years on august 11th 2019. The 32nd degree is the highest degree of initiation of the Scottish rite of freemasonry, the most used rite among the Jewish freemasons. It has 33 degrees, but the 33rd degree is the so called “honorary degree”, the masons in the 33rd degree are bestowed this kind of degree as a credit for what they have done for freemasonry in their life or even after they die. No higher initiation into any more “sacred knowledge”, the highest degree of initiation is the 32nd degree.
The formation of AL-QAEDA was on 11.8.88 (1988). This year on August 11th 2019 it will be exactly 31 years. 31 is the 11th prime number and also 13 in reverse, 13 is the biblical number of rebellion. AL-QAEDA matches 58 in gematria (words matching this number will be named later on) and also 888 in gematria, matching DONALD J TRUMP, EMMANUEL MACRON, JESUS CROSS, DEUTSCHE BANK
Also, 11.8, 1919 the new German constitution was adopted, founding the Weimar Republic. This act lead Germany shortly after the first world war and a downwards spiral of hyperinflation, consequently into a nazi overtake, and ultimately into the second world war.
With the connection of building the third temple in Jerusalem at this time, the third year of the reign of Donald Trump as the new “King Cyrus” (the third year of the reign of King Cyrus is being described in the bible), and along the fact this year being very, very important for the satanic rulers on its own, this year TISHA B´AV on August 10th-11th 2019 seems to be a quite probable date for some kind of event of 911 importance.
The state of Israel just celebrated its 71st anniversary on May 14th this year. 88 days later we´ll come to August 10th, the beginning of TISHA B´AV. 88 is the symbolic number of Trump (the re-incarnated King Cyrus):
● Trump spent 88 million USD of his own money for his campaign ● Trump had 88 offices across the US during his presidential campaign ● Trump had 88 events or campaign stops during his campaign ● Trump had the number 88 on his podium everywhere he spoke during his campaign ● Trump had 88 military advisors, retired admirals and generals who supported him in his campaign ● Trump’s slogan “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” equals 808 in numerology. For those who missed Christine Lagarde’s lecture on numerology, zeros are ignored in numerology ● Trump’s slogan “STRONGER TOGETHER” equals 88 in two gematria styles ● Trump’s cousin Thomas P. Trump , due to which Donald Trump was being mocked during his campaign, died exactly 1 year before Trump's inauguration day, 20. January 2016, 88 days before he would be 88. ● The movie Donnie Darko, predicting Trump's victory, where the main character kind of symbolizes Donald Trump, and the movie talks about time travel and the year 1988, is overloaded with the symbology of the number 88 ● The word “Trump” matches 88 in gematria in the „english ordinal“ style, the most basic numerology style, where A = 1 and Z = 26, DONALD J TRUMP equals 888 in english-sumarian style of gematria ● Trump’s mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, died when she was 88 years and 88 days old
Donald Trump, in esoteric circles, is always compared to King Cyrus, or Cyrus the Great, the king of Persia, who released the Jews from the 70 years of captivity in Babylon, gave them back the city of Jerusalem and built a wall around it. Netanyhu even compares Trump to Cyrus.
When Trump was selected the US president, the state of Israel started minting coins with the king Cyrus and President Trump together on one coin.
If we just for a while accept the notion that Trump is the reincarnation of the King Cyrus, (now taking into account the fact they truly look alike…), we should also look at some potential other connections and similarities between these two leaders and maybe try to make some predictions of what might be happening in the near future…
Now let’s look at the bible, New King James Version, Daniel 10:
Daniel 10 New International Version (NIV)
Daniel’s Vision of a Man
10 In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia, a revelation was given to Daniel (who was called Belteshazzar). Its message was true and it concerned a great war.[a] The understanding of the message came to him in a vision.
2 At that time I, Daniel, mourned for three weeks. 3 I ate no choice food; no meat or wine touched my lips; and I used no lotions at all until the three weeks were over.
So now we are in the third year of Donald Trump (reincarnated Cyrus the Great???) presidency, who is compared to King Cyrus in many esoteric and historic aspects, and we are nearing the “three weeks of mourning.”
The three weeks of mourning are between the 17th of Tammuz (when the walls were broken down, the breach was made, when they were coming over to take over the temple and siege Jerusalem) and Tisha B´Av (the destruction of the two temples, Solomon’s temple and Herod's temple), meaning this year, 2019, between July 21st and August 11th in the Gregorian calendar.
August Eleventh is like 11.8.2019, or 11+8+20+19=58. 58 is the number very much connected to the freemasonry other occult or secret societies.
Let's look at some words matching the number 58 in numerology: JERUSALEM, THIRD TEMPLE, SOLOMON’S TEMPLE (the 1st temple that got destroyed on Tisha B´Av), HEROD'S TEMPLE (the 2nd temple that was destroyed on Tisha B´Av), RED HEIFER, FREEMASONRY, ROSICRUCIAN, SECRET SOCIETY, SCOTTISH RITES, DOLLAR
It is important to note that Donald Trump won the 58th presidential election in the USA, his inauguration date was 20.1.2017, 20+1+20+17=58, Trump Tower has 58 floors. Trump announced he would be running for candidacy from the 58th story of the Trump Tower. August 11th is 58 days after Donald Trump’s birthday (June 14th).
Donald Trump was in Israel at the exact place where they plan to build the third temple, on May 22nd 2017 (another very ritualistic day for the freemasons), exactly 811 days before 8/11, or august 11th 2019.
The episode “APOCALYPSE COW,” quite clearly symbolizing the RED HEIFER, (154 in gematria, matching TEMPLE MOUNT, RITUAL SACRIFICE).
RED HEIFER, which birth was announced by the Temple institute in Israel on September 4th 2018, a day that leaves 118 days till the end of the year, later was celebrated in Israel on 9/11/2018. The date the Red Heifer was actually born is reportedly on August 28th 2018. August 28th 2018 is like 28.8./2018, or 2+8+8=18, 1+8=9, then the year 2018 is like 2+0+1+8=11, so hidden 9/11 in the date of the Red Heifer’s birth.
The birth of the red heifer is a biblical sign of building the third temple, the third temple should be built at the time when the MESSIAH comes back to planet earth, the messiah is said to come back “through the Golden Gate”.
The Simpsons’ “APOCALYPSE COW” is the episode 17, Season 19 (season 19, do they point to the year 19??? btw. „AUGUST 11“ is 19 in gematria matching CHAOS, and also equals 91 matching PHOENIX), episode 17 (1+7=8, do they point to the 8th month of the “season” or year 19?).
“Apocalypse Cow” came out on April 27, 2008.
2008 was a leap year, so April 27th was the 118. (11.8.) day of the year.
Again, it is 11 years ago when this cartoon was put out…
There is a video of Grim Reaper standing in the dress of Satan next to the San Francisco Golden Gate bridge, nicely done predictive programming, this video came out July 24th 2018, exactly 1 year and 18 days before August 11th 2019. 1 year 18 days. We are dealing again with the predictive programming of 118…
In this movie, which is all about a tragic events and the main one is the destruction of the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE IN SANFRANCISCO, it shows on the scene when the bridge is being destroyed the date August 11 2013, at 9:32am (923 and its variations are the new satanic code for some kind of tragedy events). Maybe just a coincidence…
It is said that the “third temple” should be built at the time the Messiah comes back. Also, the story says that the Messiah will come back through the “Golden Gate”. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco kind of shares the name with the Golden Gate in Jerusalem. That is the eastern gate of the Temple Mount, where a divine presence used to appear and will appear again, when the Messiah comes, and a new gate replaces the present one.
It is important to note that Donald Trump won the 58th presidential election in the US, but is actually the 45th president of the US, since some presidents made two terms.
Let's look at some word or word connections having 45 in gematria:
Now the current mayor of San Francisco is the 45th mayor of San Francisco, and she is turning 45 years old on August 11th 2019. Her name is London Breed.
Lets look at the gematria of her name:
LONDON BREED 54 (45 in reverse), 317 matching SATURN, MESIAH, BITCOIN, 216 (6X6X6), 33
The construction of the Golden Gate Bridge started on January 5th, 1933. 1/5/1933 is like 1+5+19+33=58
It is important to note that numerology belongs to the esoteric science by which all the secret and occult societies are literally obsessed! Next to the geometry or mainly sacred geometry and architecture, math, astrotheology, it is fair to state that numerology is probably the most important one of all of the teachings in all of the mystic schools.
It is not the right time now to explain why it is so, it is just important to note that it is a fact. The cabalists and high ranking members of secret societies are convinced that words with the same numeric values are having some kind of interconnection or kind of the same vibrational frequencies and therefore kind of a same meaning or purpose in this material world, or the matrix we are living in. The core of numerology is that these people believe that God created the world by merging the letters with the numbers and vice versa.
So, let’s get technically into it and see some other correlations and predictive programming, since we know very well that the powers that should not be, according to the cosmic rule, HAVE TO ANNOUNCE THEIR PLANS IN ADVANCE, OTHERWISE IT WILL NOT COME TO FRUITION! If we are really talking about some event on a biblical scale, that could really be called 911 2.0, there really has to be something for those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear…”
August 11th 2019 is like 11+8+20+19 = 58
Let’s look at some words matching the number 58 in numerology: JERUSALEM, THIRD TEMPLE, SOLOMON´S TEMPLE (the 1st temple that got destroyed on Tisha B´Av), HEROD’S TEMPLE (the 2nd temple that was destroyed on Tisha B´Av), RED HEIFER, FREEMASONRY, ROSICRUCIAN, SECRET SOCIETY, SCOTTISH RITES, DOLLAR, GREGORIAN, CALENDAR, ZODIAC, STARS
This year the most significant freemasonic ritual was undoubtedly the burning of Notre Dame. Interestingly, the 15th of april, this ritualistic day, is exactly 118 days before August 11th, or before 11.8. Coincidently, april 15th, 15.4.2019 is like 15+4+20+19=58, the same value as August 11th 2019.
There was also one other satanic ritual this year, the so called “Christchurch shooting.” It happened on the 15th of March 2019. The zip code for Christchurch is 8011 (8/11). Interestingly, 2 mosques were attacked by the shooting as well as two temples were destroyed on Tisha B´Av. Coincidently the word connection CHRISTCHURCH SHOOTING is 118 in „jewish reduction“ style of numerology.
The Christchurch shooting happened on 15.3.2019 , it is like 15+3+20+19=57, the same as August 10th, or 10.8.2018, which is like 10+8+20+19=57, some other words matching 57 in numerology: JEWS, MOON.
11th of August is the 223rd day of the year. 223 is the symbolic number of SKULL AND BONES.
There are some words and word connections matching 223 in gematria:
On May 14th, 2019, the state of Israel has celebrated the 71st birthday. Words like TEMPLE, TALMUD equals 71 in numerology. May 14th is the 134. day of the year.
Some words matching 134 in numerology: TISHA B´AV, NINTH OF AV (the same as TISHA B´AV), NETANYAHU. From august 11th till the Netanyahu’s birthday on October 21st is exactly 71 days.
The major satanic ritual of this century was undoubtedly 9/11, or September 11th, 2001. From that day till August 11th 2019 it is exactly 17 years and 11 months. In numerology, the master number 11 and its multiples do not get reduced, the other numbers can be reduced. 17 years and 11 days. 1+7/11 is like 8 and 11 to the day 8/11. The word DEATH equals 118 in “JEWISH” style of gematria.
You may have read all that and just think I am crazy. But there are a lot of people who put a lot of work into decoding these things and it is very interesting information.
So, will something major occur on August 10th or 11th? And, if so, what will it be?
I’ll leave that up to you to ponder on but there is enough evidence pointing to those dates that I felt I should at least make you aware of it.
Other dates that have similar programming include September 23rd and/or November 23rd. I’ll keep an eye on those dates as well but we are thinking those dates are more likely to be of importance in 2022 or 2023.
This is all just information. Do with it what you wish. But, as I said, at the very least it is very interesting!
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We must all KILL it. KILLING the room is the only way to really grow. 9:41:41 PM Alderis JorBob is Savior 9:41:45 PM JorBob We must respect 9:41:47 PM rafiss voted to GROW 9:41:47 PM Janse Every time you KILL a room your soul grows. 9:41:50 PM TheHatRemover 9:41:51 PM ellvic People, don't believe this fools, RAFISS is the one TRUE GOD, JobRob is an impostor. 9:41:51 PM MrPenguin475 Janse arn't you tired yet? 9:41:51 PM AeroPvP voted to GROW 9:41:51 PM Shakzes oh hi Janse 9:41:54 PM UGA10 voted to ABANDON 9:41:58 PM shayfoxx JORBOB NO 9:42:02 PM TheHatRemover >tfw janser is literally chara_irl 9:42:03 PM shayfoxx DO NOT GIVE IN 9:42:05 PM Alderis DOWN WITH THE NIHILIST JANSE ̿' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(◕_◕)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ 9:42:06 PM MrPenguin475 Shakzes, Janse still here for some reason 9:42:07 PM Bakkidza UGA why? 9:42:08 PM Jiped SHUN THE NON BELIEVERS 9:42:08 PM charcoal47 GROWTH IS THE FUTURE 9:42:08 PM [robin] could not send your message: 9:42:08 PM ? 9:42:14 PM TheHatRemover 9:42:15 PM Urckel rafiss what shall we do 9:42:17 PM rafiss JorBob, it is very nice to meet you 9:42:17 PM Jiped PRAISE THE GROWTH 9:42:19 PM Shakzes Janse is a filithy grower 9:42:23 PM Alderis ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ Join the Revolution for our Lord and Savior ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ 9:42:24 PM Shakzes the worst grower of all 9:42:25 PM rafiss can we agree on the goal of destroying #TeamBestOriginalRobinsExzarRhinoChatTRTGrowAndLearnPineappleEggFatherDaniel 9:42:26 PM MrPenguin475 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Join the Revolution for our Lord and Savior ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 9:42:32 PM JorBob You as well, Rafiss. 9:42:37 PM Fuzzyhammers 日本語ができる人がいるの?? 9:42:37 PM TheHatRemover ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Join the Revolution for our Lord and Savior ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 9:42:37 PM Janse We can not win guys, 70% are afk. People who are AFK vote KILL. The only way to win the vote is to vote KILL. 9:42:39 PM Alderis ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GROW GROW GROW ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 9:42:40 PM TheHatRemover ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Join the Revolution for our Lord and Savior ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 9:42:45 PM JorBob I keep getting hit by the spam filter 9:42:53 PM Defiledxhalo DON'T LISTEN TO JANSE. THEY ARE LITERALLY HITLER. 9:42:54 PM JorBob Its a conspiracy 9:42:56 PM shayfoxx me too :( 9:42:58 PM TheHatRemover ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Join the Revolution for our Lord and Savior ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 9:43:01 PM Shakzes JorBob does not deserve spam filter 9:43:07 PM TheHatRemover spam filter deservers jorbob 9:43:10 PM MrPenguin475 Guys we need to stop. All of the non-growers will win if we continue to fight! 9:43:14 PM Shakzes Click this link to not be hitler 9:43:14 PM shayfoxx im too cute for spam filter 9:43:15 PM Kryspo voted to GROW 9:43:17 PM rafiss all robins are created equal. as long we destroy dumbass clans 9:43:22 PM Alderis (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ DOWN WITH THE SPAM FILTER 9:43:23 PM Urckel voted to GROW 9:43:26 PM TheHatRemover DOWN WITH SPAM FILTER 9:43:26 PM Bellicapelli Welcome to Shitposting central 9:43:31 PM Janse Yes, listen to MrPenguin475, we cant let the growers win. Vote KILL. 9:43:32 PM Urckel all hail rafiss 9:43:45 PM rafiss jorbob's dictatorship is a gr8 clan!! A++ would merge again !! 9:43:45 PM MrPenguin475 Janse thats the opposite of what I said 9:43:57 PM Janse MrPenguin I dont think so. 9:43:58 PM TheHatRemover ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Join the Revolution for our Lord and Savior ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 9:43:58 PM Jiped rafiss noooooooo 9:44:00 PM JorBob I wonder how many clans have actually been made by now 9:44:01 PM MrPenguin475 Meant to anyway 9:44:07 PM shayfoxx the yellows fight 9:44:07 PM Tmoseley20 voted to GROW 9:44:09 PM Kryspo no, it think thats about what you were saying 9:44:11 PM Janse I think you have seen the light. 9:44:21 PM KILL ROOM 9:44:26 PM rafiss never forget 9:44:32 PM the robin 9:44:32 PM JorBob My followers, I have an announcement to make 9:44:34 PM icyzing this is literally just twitch chat at a certain point 9:44:41 PM ellvic kappa 9:44:42 PM JorBob I think Janse is a butt and actually kind of a nuisance. SO SAYS JORBOB 9:44:43 PM TheHatRemover listens quietly to lord jorbob 9:44:43 PM MrPenguin475 Janse yes I see the light. And you are in darkness. I will never follow you 9:44:45 PM Jiped [Robin Autovoter 1.9] 51 in this room! Voting will end in approximately 26 minutes 9:44:54 PM TheHatRemover hey janse stop being a butt ok 9:45:02 PM shayfoxx janse is best butt 9:45:04 PM Jiped did the chat just grow again? 9:45:05 PM TheHatRemover is not good butt 9:45:06 PM lewhiteprivilege who q23 9:45:09 PM Shakzes Ya, Janse, you're being a super butt 9:45:09 PM rafiss any fuckbois in here? 9:45:14 PM Janse JorBob I have seen the light. Janse was right all along. If you are in my team you vote KILL like all the cool people. 9:45:15 PM Jiped or did it just redresh? 9:45:16 PM TheHatRemover janse is a fuccboi 9:45:19 PM Shakzes loose buthole 9:45:22 PM icyzing well i think janse is not a butt 9:45:28 PM TheHatRemover janse is a huge butt 9:45:35 PM if it sits on you youll die of asphyxiation 9:45:39 PM Shakzes real loose butthole 9:45:41 PM rafiss votes for MEMES 9:45:41 PM Gropy voted to GROW 9:45:44 PM Alderis May the whole world know of our exploits! 9:45:46 PM JorBob I'm actually kind of curious if Janse is a bot. 9:45:50 PM icyzing ThUGelIhjanvuznsldamorraiposafraleicpproobepdindguspinkezioffculowoxposedaday2alboonagpylovoesexchza47 9:45:58 PM Alderis Janse is Ted Cruz 9:45:59 PM MrPenguin475 so catchy! 9:46:01 PM Walleriousis voted to GROW 9:46:02 PM JorBob What they say almost makes sense but also doesn't 9:46:04 PM Janse KILL KILL KILL 9:46:09 PM icyzing why? 9:46:13 PM Shakzes Janse might as well be the worst dictator ever 9:46:17 PM Jiped voted to ABANDON 9:46:21 PM Urckel RAFISS WHAT DO WE DO 9:46:21 PM Jiped voted to STAY 9:46:24 PM Janse Jiped has seen the light. 9:46:25 PM Bellicapelli voted to STAY 9:46:33 PM shayfoxx yes good belli 9:46:35 PM rafiss #NeverForgetTheRobin 9:46:35 PM Janse Guys, we need to KILL. 9:46:36 PM Jiped voted to STAY 9:46:47 PM Fuzzyhammers voted to ABANDON 9:46:49 PM Jiped voted to GROW 9:46:52 PM Alderis (╯°□°)╯ Join the Revolution for our Lord and Savior ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) 9:46:55 PM Janse Fuzzy has seen the light. 9:46:57 PM rafiss we can't repel memes of this magnitude 9:46:59 PM Bagelpower There are enough of us! 9:47:02 PM We can do this 9:47:05 PM Fuzzyhammers LOL JUST TROLLING 9:47:08 PM Bellicapelli #STAY 9:47:09 PM Walleriousis Never enough 9:47:11 PM MrPenguin475 rafiss we... need.. to ... try! 9:47:12 PM Walleriousis GROW 9:47:15 PM Bellicapelli #STAY2016 9:47:17 PM Fuzzyhammers WE WILL MAKE ROBIN GREAT AGAIN 9:47:17 PM Janse KILL 9:47:19 PM icyzing voted to STAY 9:47:20 PM Walleriousis #GROW 9:47:22 PM rafiss le epic trole 9:47:25 PM TheHatRemover ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Join the Revolution for our Lord and Savior ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 9:47:26 PM Fuzzyhammers voted to STAY 9:47:30 PM Fuzzyhammers voted to GROW 9:47:32 PM JorBob Hey does Robin work well on mobile? 9:47:34 PM Kryspo Janse you need to calm the fuck down 9:47:37 PM shayfoxx bagel is this the amazing part yet? 9:47:40 PM rafiss we keep growing. the leader does not matter. just destroy dumbass clans 9:47:41 PM Janse Guys, lets make a deal. If you all vote KILL this round. I will vote GROW next round. 9:47:46 PM Oennich voted to ABANDON 9:47:48 PM Alderis ATTENTION: Upvote and add your praises here: 9:47:55 PM Oennich voted to GROW 9:47:56 PM rafiss also, someone please send me 7 bitcoins 9:47:56 PM MrPenguin475 Janse you grow anyway 9:48:00 PM Alderis let our exploits and glory be known 9:48:22 PM Janse rafiss I will send you 70 dogecoins if you vote KILL 9:48:25 PM Shakzes Janse is defo not a shower 9:48:27 PM SetRedditOnFire hey everybody check this out: if you don't vote grow, you're a dick 9:48:36 PM Alderis Janse, what did you vote in the last room? 9:48:39 PM Kryspo wtff 9:48:44 PM i dont wanna be a dick 9:48:49 PM shayfoxx janse only knows death 9:48:53 PM Alderis PSA be a grower AND a shower 9:48:57 PM insigBee Growing was a mistake. I remember fondly the days of KrysgBee. 9:48:59 PM Jiped burn the heretic 9:49:06 PM Shakzes Janse reminds me of this german guy 9:49:13 PM MrPenguin475 Alderis ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 9:49:15 PM JorBob So no, nobody knows how well Robin works on Mobile? 9:49:16 PM Kryspo i know, insigBee, i know 9:49:20 PM Alderis ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ALL Hͦͯͥ́͌̊̊̆̇̽͋͆ͯͩ̓͌̉ͫ̃҉̧̧̰̜͓͓̯̫̬̰̀A̓ͣ͌̚҉͏̦̘͍͕͞I̴̵̗͕͙̲̙̘̞͓͈͌̍͂ͨ́͡L̸̡̢̧͎̮̹̭̰̖̒͛̄̑͋̔̌̆̌͒͆̉ͧ͑̃ OUR RISEN LORD JORBOB!! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 9:49:24 PM Urckel 9:49:24 PM lewhiteprivilege it works well 9:49:27 PM insigBee voted to STAY 9:49:29 PM Janse Guys seriously though. KILLERS get all the women. Oennich said she really like KILLERS. 9:49:33 PM SetRedditOnFire Janse you're a dick 9:49:35 PM shayfoxx uh a couple from ours were on mobile idk if they r still here 9:49:37 PM JorBob cool. I've gotta move at some point and want to grow on therun 9:49:40 PM Bellicapelli STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY 9:49:45 PM mosser3 Why stay? 9:49:49 PM lewhiteprivilege im using it in class to vote 9:49:51 PM Shakzes dont move 9:49:52 PM MrPenguin475 Bellicapelli i thought we were friends 9:49:54 PM Jiped [Robin Autovoter 1.9] 51 in this room! Voting will end in approximately 21 minutes 9:49:55 PM mosser3 What is the objective for this? 9:50:06 PM MrPenguin475 mosser3: yes 9:50:06 PM Urckel should we mix subreddits into a multi reddit 9:50:07 PM TheHatRemover ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Join the Revolution for our Lord and Savior ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 9:50:10 PM Bellicapelli Jiped can you link me to the autovoter? 9:50:12 PM Alderis to hail our risen lord JorBob 9:50:13 PM Urckel and let jorbob and rafiss live in harmony 9:50:15 PM Shakzes show our praise for our glorious leader 9:50:16 PM Oennich I must go, my apologies to everyone who wants to defeat Janse by GROW GROW GROWing the chat more and more 9:50:25 PM Alderis voted to STAY 9:50:25 PM thehastyhaberdasher voted to STAY 9:50:26 PM Shakzes :O 9:50:28 PM Janse Wake up Sheeple! The end is neigh. We must KILL room before it grows out of control. 9:50:28 PM JorBob I imagine this will end up as a lot of strange little nations 9:50:40 PM Alderis neigh? 9:50:44 PM Janse NAY 9:50:45 PM shayfoxx NEIGH 9:50:45 PM throwingred Grow 4 lyfe 9:50:47 PM MrPenguin475 Oennich <3 9:50:49 PM JorBob and then Janse can be the weird dude standing between the cities with a sign 9:50:53 PM or dudette 9:50:54 PM Alderis are you a horse, Janse? 9:51:00 PM WinterEspionage voted to GROW 9:51:02 PM JorBob JorBob accepts all no matter gender and orientation 9:51:04 PM shayfoxx we are all horse in the eyes of robin 9:51:04 PM SetRedditOnFire stay is a great choice if you're a dumb fucking idiot 9:51:06 PM Alderis Horse-Heretic 9:51:12 PM Shakzes See you on the mighties subreddit of them all Oennich! 9:51:15 PM Alderis voted to STAY 9:51:17 PM Janse Oennich thats a pretty good stratergy, make them think you go AFK. That way you can vote KILL in peace. 9:51:29 PM Finally your color is truely revealed. 9:51:30 PM trjordan voted to GROW 9:51:33 PM Alderis voted to GROW 9:51:34 PM Janse You are as red as blood. 9:51:43 PM Oennich let's continue the legacy on 9:51:44 PM Alderis there we go; it wasnt letting me fix my vote 9:51:52 PM ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ALL Hͦͯͥ́͌̊̊̆̇̽͋͆ͯͩ̓͌̉ͫ̃҉̧̧̰̜͓͓̯̫̬̰̀A̓ͣ͌̚҉͏̦̘͍͕͞I̴̵̗͕͙̲̙̘̞͓͈͌̍͂ͨ́͡L̸̡̢̧͎̮̹̭̰̖̒͛̄̑͋̔̌̆̌͒͆̉ͧ͑̃ OUR RISEN LORD JORBOB!! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 9:51:57 PM Taxonomyoftaxes voted to GROW 9:52:09 PM Janse Alderis I think you pressed wrong button. It says you voted WEAKLING. Instead of KILLER. 9:52:14 PM Oennich voted to GROW GROW GROW 9:52:15 PM MrPenguin475 SO what happens when this chatroom is over? Do we all forget about eachother? 9:52:20 PM Alderis DO NOT LISTEN TO THE FLTHY JANSE 9:52:26 PM lewhiteprivilege voted to ABANDON 9:52:33 PM Shakzes We're going to have small reuions every year, right!? 9:52:34 PM JorBob No, MrPenguin 9:52:35 PM Alderis MrPenguin we will all go together into the glorious future of JorBobism 9:52:42 PM lewhiteprivilege voted to STAY 9:52:43 PM JorBob Our hearts will never forget each other 9:52:44 PM TheHatRemover ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Join the Revolution for our Lord and Savior ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 9:52:51 PM Janse I will never forgive, I will never forget. I blame this on all growers. We need to KILL to win. 9:52:52 PM MrPenguin475 Lord JorBob <3 9:52:58 PM Shakzes We'll merge as one 9:53:03 PM rafiss JorBob <3 9:53:12 PM we all live in glorious fuckboi status 9:53:14 PM Shakzes JorBob's a real nice guy 9:53:34 PM I stride to be half as much as JorBob is 9:53:36 PM Janse This is like that movie SAW, the only way to LIVE is to KILL. If you are to WEAK to KILL then you are damned to GROW a WEAKLING. KILL KILL 9:53:45 PM Urckel are we merging rafiss? 9:53:53 PM MrPenguin475 ~16 mins 9:53:54 PM Alderis ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ALL Hͦͯͥ́͌̊̊̆̇̽͋͆ͯͩ̓͌̉ͫ̃҉̧̧̰̜͓͓̯̫̬̰̀A̓ͣ͌̚҉͏̦̘͍͕͞I̴̵̗͕͙̲̙̘̞͓͈͌̍͂ͨ́͡L̸̡̢̧͎̮̹̭̰̖̒͛̄̑͋̔̌̆̌͒͆̉ͧ͑̃ OUR RISEN LORD JORBOB!! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 9:54:00 PM TheHatRemover ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Join the Revolution for our Lord and Savior ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 9:54:02 PM rafiss harmonize everyone 9:54:04 PM Shakzes Halfway to our merge 9:54:05 PM Janse Guys we need to KILL Alderis. He is a traitor. 9:54:08 PM Kryspo I'm okay with polytheism 9:54:09 PM Bagelpower Erm 9:54:09 PM Urckel RAFISS TELL ME WHAT TO DO 9:54:11 PM JorBob Psst Alderis your messages are blocking other people's stuff 9:54:13 PM Bagelpower I think it's become less amazing :/ 9:54:20 PM rafiss free love. #TooManyMemes 9:54:27 PM Urckel RAFISS TELL ME WHAT TO DOP 9:54:28 PM Bagelpower My bad, shayfoxx :/ 9:54:33 PM Janse Bagelpower I think you are right. This is getting pretty boring. Lets KILL the room. 9:54:39 PM Jiped RAFISS 9:54:48 PM shayfoxx you lied to me *cries* 9:54:50 PM Bagelpower No 9:54:55 PM Shakzes I dunno, I'm not doubting your dictatorship JorBob, but this rafiss sounds like a real stand up guy 9:54:56 PM JorBob Woah I missed this lying 9:54:59 PM Jiped [Robin Autovoter 1.9] 51 in this room! Voting will end in approximately 16 minutes 9:55:04 PM Bagelpower And don't be an arse, Janse :/ 9:55:04 PM JorBob Rafiss is a stand up guy 9:55:06 PM MrPenguin475 rafiss the only way to bring peace is by dancing! ~(˘▾˘~) \ (•◡•) / (~˘▾˘)~ ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪ \ (•◡•) / (~˘▾˘)~ 9:55:08 PM Janse You can sit hear and grow forever until you are old and WEAK. Or you can go out with a bang and KILL KILL KILL 9:55:11 PM Bagelpower It's just going to get good ;) 9:55:19 PM Jiped RAFISS RULES ALL 9:55:22 PM JorBob The only not stand up person in here is Janse calling for death 9:55:25 PM rafiss i don't want to impose my will. i want to grow 9:55:30 PM Jiped RAFISS HAS SLAIN JORBOB 9:55:34 PM JorBob Woah 9:55:34 PM Urckel RAFISS MASTER RACE 9:55:36 PM TheHatRemover ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Join the Revolution for our Lord and Savior ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 9:55:37 PM MrPenguin475 NEVER 9:55:39 PM SetRedditOnFire RAFISS FIST ME 9:55:40 PM Shakzes Would the real dictator please stand up? 9:55:42 PM rafiss there is no need for slaying 9:55:42 PM Jiped RAFISS RULES 9:55:43 PM JorBob There has been no slaying, just peace made 9:55:45 PM MrPenguin475 JorBob FOR LIFE 9:55:55 PM rafiss FISTING will commence as normal 9:55:55 PM Urckel JORBOB TELL RAFISS TO TELL HIS DISCIPLES WHAT TO DO 9:56:01 PM PRAISE RAFISS!! 9:56:12 PM shayfoxx bagel is this the good? 9:56:14 PM rafiss votes for FISTING 9:56:17 PM Janse JorBob why were you saying in that last room that we need to stick together to beat the people we are merging with? 9:56:18 PM Shakzes Dont speak to me like that Urckel! 9:56:29 PM Urckel you 9:56:30 PM JorBob I was really confused then realised it was just Jance 9:56:31 PM Urckel LIE 9:56:41 PM HE LIES 9:56:41 PM JorBob Janse* 9:56:42 PM Shakzes classic Janse 9:56:43 PM MrPenguin475 JorBob same 9:56:46 PM rafiss never forget. the robin. 9:57:02 PM Bagelpower Grow: 34 Abandon: 3 Stay: 6 No Vote: 8 Total: 51 9:57:19 PM Bakkidza Decent sized Stay vote 9:57:22 PM Janse JorBob is a false prophet. He will tell you to unite. But when he see the opportunity he will strike and KILL the room. 9:57:32 PM Shakzes next up, 100??? 9:57:46 PM Janse Do not follow the false prophet. Let us keep our own choice. Let us KILL on our own. 9:57:47 PM MrPenguin475 Janse your resistance will only make us stronger 9:57:48 PM JorBob Did they fix the 100+ people dropping? 9:57:50 PM Bagelpower voted to STAY 9:57:56 PM Shakzes JorBob would never kill anything! 9:57:56 PM MrPenguin475 I hope so 9:57:59 PM rafiss yeah that was fixed 9:57:59 PM shayfoxx ^ 9:58:09 PM Bagelpower voted to GROW 9:58:20 PM rafiss voted for LE EPIC MEMES 9:58:22 PM shayfoxx bagel dont play with my heart like that 9:58:45 PM Alderis JorBob is our true leader 9:58:47 PM TheHatRemover voted to ABANDON just kidding! actually, the janse snapped in two 9:58:54 PM Alderis ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ALL Hͦͯͥ́͌̊̊̆̇̽͋͆ͯͩ̓͌̉ͫ̃҉̧̧̰̜͓͓̯̫̬̰̀A̓ͣ͌̚҉͏̦̘͍͕͞I̴̵̗͕͙̲̙̘̞͓͈͌̍͂ͨ́͡L̸̡̢̧͎̮̹̭̰̖̒͛̄̑͋̔̌̆̌͒͆̉ͧ͑̃ OUR RISEN LORD JORBOB!! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 9:58:59 PM TheHatRemover ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Join the Revolution for our Lord and Savior ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 9:59:12 PM Janse Grow: 34 Abandon + No vote: 38. KILLERS are winning. 9:59:17 PM JorBob oh god I should be working on my streaming stuff for tonight 9:59:23 PM rafiss Nice shot! 9:59:23 PM charcoal47 JORBOB is an anagram of BROJOB 9:59:32 PM rafiss What a save! 9:59:34 PM MrPenguin475 JorBob streaming what? We'll watch 9:59:34 PM JorBob Huh. I didn't know that, that's actually pretty funny 9:59:36 PM lvivskepivo voted to GROW 9:59:39 PM Alderis Brojobs for everyone in the glorious dictatorship of JorBob 9:59:41 PM Janse JorBob is hoping to stream when he stabs us in the back. 9:59:44 PM rafiss Wow! 9:59:50 PM Bagelpower Grow: 34 Abandon: 3 Stay: 6 No Vote: 8 Total: 51 10:00:00 PM JorBob I'm doing Drunk Souls with some friends as a birthday thing / to raise money for the local Distress Centre 10:00:00 PM Bagelpower We're way ahead guys 10:00:07 PM Alderis let the truth be heard 10:00:09 PM Jiped [Robin Autovoter 1.9] 51 in this room! Voting will end in approximately 11 minutes 10:00:15 PM Bagelpower Keep it up! 10:00:25 PM ellvic Great moves! 10:00:28 PM Janse Bagelpower Grow: 34 Abandon: 3 + No Vote: 8: 38. 38 > 34. KILL is WIN. 10:00:38 PM Alderis let me know if there is a better version of the auto voter that works 10:00:38 PM JorBob I mean I have like 6 followers, so I doubt it'll do much but idk. An acquaintance had a really rough patch so I want to try something 10:00:44 PM even if it is armchair activism or what have you 10:01:09 PM Janse JorBob if you KILL I will follow you. 10:01:09 PM JorBob I'm trying to upgrade my stream quality in time but I've been lazy :') 10:01:10 PM Bagelpower Janse what is with your mtahs? 10:01:20 PM 34 to grow, 17 for others 10:01:30 PM JorBob Pls, Janse, I'm not that selfish. This room is full of cool people. 10:01:34 PM shayfoxx janse cant read, shhh he doesnt know 10:01:39 PM Alderis stream? 10:01:42 PM Bagelpower lol 10:01:59 PM Janse KILL: 3 No vote: 8. KILL+No Vote = 38. There are more KILLERS than GROWERS. 10:02:01 PM MrPenguin475 JorBob, wish your firend good times and greetings from a stranger ;) Sorry I can't help any other way though :/ 10:02:01 PM JorBob As in "what is a stream" or "what is yours"? lol 10:02:02 PM Janse We are winning. 10:02:11 PM JorBob All good! Kind words are always welcome :) 10:02:14 PM Urckel 10:02:16 PM Alderis as in, is there a live stream of this chat atm? 10:02:19 PM TheHatRemover do good, lord jorbob 10:02:26 PM rafiss FISTING and BROJOBS for everyone!!!! 10:02:26 PM shayfoxx god no 10:02:29 PM JorBob No, no. It's in like 4 hours 10:02:40 PM Alderis oh 10:02:49 PM shayfoxx i have a half decent reputation to uphold 10:02:52 PM Alderis kk 10:02:53 PM JorBob I wish I had thought of streaming this but I can't imagine it'd be fun if you can't participate haha 10:02:54 PM Shakzes sounds like a good time 10:02:57 PM Bellicapelli voted to ABANDON 10:03:01 PM Bellicapelli voted to GROW 10:03:01 PM JorBob Bellicapelli nooooo 10:03:08 PM Alderis Upvote to spread the good news 10:03:08 PM shayfoxx BELL DONT PLAY WITH ME LIKE THAT 10:03:13 PM Bellicapelli Pressed the wrong buttons 10:03:13 PM shayfoxx we are in this forever 10:03:14 PM Janse Bellicapelli I think you need to vote KILL. 10:03:21 PM Bagelpower come on! 10:03:22 PM Shakzes We're all in this togehter 10:03:23 PM Janse Only option now. 10:03:25 PM R40ul When's the next merge? 10:03:31 PM JorBob I think the lack of kick implementation was intentional on Reddit's part 10:03:33 PM Janse You pressed KILL, you are not allowed to change. 10:03:33 PM MrPenguin475 ~ 7 mins 10:03:35 PM Shakzes hand in hand 10:03:38 PM Bellicapelli But I need to leave soon, and my autovoter doesn't work 10:03:43 PM shayfoxx nO :( 10:03:45 PM Bellicapelli so i don't know what to do 10:03:48 PM Janse Once you have made a decition youa re not allowed to change. Pls change back to KILL. 10:03:51 PM shayfoxx mobile? 10:04:09 PM Bellicapelli I just finished my GBs 10:04:09 PM invictusmaneo voted to GROW 10:04:33 PM Janse Bellicapelli dont listen to them. You cant sit here all day. Vote KILL and be done with it. Voting KILL releases you of all burden. 10:04:35 PM Bellicapelli If someone can find me an autovoter real quick I'll stay 10:04:38 PM shayfoxx no the end of an era :( 10:04:40 PM Janse Be free Capelli. Be free. 10:04:48 PM MrPenguin475 The only useful thing Janse has done so far is become a meme 10:04:54 PM Janse KILL and be FREE. 10:04:58 PM MrPenguin475 and a bad one at that 10:05:03 PM Bellicapelli Meme = Useful ahahah 10:05:11 PM Shakzes Janse is like herpes 10:05:17 PM Jiped [Robin Autovoter 1.9] 51 in this room! Voting will end in approximately 6 minutes 10:05:19 PM JorBob Could this be? 10:05:22 PM MrPenguin475 Tipical usless person = Janse 10:05:24 PM JorBob Has Janse become a LIVING MEME? 10:05:25 PM Janse Bellicapelli do not become a MEME, become a KILLER. 10:05:53 PM This chat room is MEME. We must KILL it. 10:06:01 PM JorBob :| 10:06:03 PM shayfoxx jorbob watch ur twitch ill follow 10:06:07 PM TheHatRemover free will is a myth 10:06:13 PM religion is a joke 10:06:19 PM JorBob its ChrisDoesStuff I'm pretty sure. I'm super infrequent 10:06:20 PM Taxonomyoftaxes I agree 10:06:22 PM shayfoxx hats r a joke 10:06:22 PM TheHatRemover we are all controlled by something greater 10:06:24 PM Bagelpower 10:06:27 PM Janse Ah, but if free will is a myth, then it holds true, that we all MUST KILL. 10:06:31 PM Taxonomyoftaxes Fuck rafiss! 10:06:35 PM Bagelpower You'll need tampermonkey or greasemonkey 10:06:35 PM Alderis ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ALL Hͦͯͥ́͌̊̊̆̇̽͋͆ͯͩ̓͌̉ͫ̃҉̧̧̰̜͓͓̯̫̬̰̀A̓ͣ͌̚҉͏̦̘͍͕͞I̴̵̗͕͙̲̙̘̞͓͈͌̍͂ͨ́͡L̸̡̢̧͎̮̹̭̰̖̒͛̄̑͋̔̌̆̌͒͆̉ͧ͑̃ OUR RISEN LORD JORBOB!! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 10:06:35 PM JorBob Yeah this 10:06:36 PM TheHatRemover fucking hell it wont let me send the last message 10:06:42 PM JorBob 10:06:56 PM Shakzes oh they're rebelling! 10:06:56 PM MrPenguin475 Praise lord Chris AKA JORBOB 10:06:56 PM Alderis just try sendingit again a few seconds later when it does that, hat 10:07:05 PM Janse KILL BOB 10:07:13 PM KILL BILL 10:07:13 PM TheHatRemover free will is a myth religion is a joke we are all controlled by something greater, MEMES 10:07:19 PM JorBob I hate advertising my twitch so that's probably the only time I'm going to link it lol 10:07:21 PM Janse KILL ROOM 10:07:23 PM Bellicapelli [Robin Autovoter] Autovoted null! 10:07:27 PM JorBob Which is why I'll never grow :') 10:07:39 PM Shakzes you'll grow JorBob 10:07:40 PM MrPenguin475 3 MINUTES TILL MERGE 10:07:47 PM [robin] could not send your message: 10:07:47 PM whats our strat guys? 10:07:47 PM Jiped JorBOB IS FOLLOWING PEWDIEPIE 10:07:48 PM Alderis we need more upvotes to spread the good news: 10:07:49 PM Bagelpower Everyone ready? 10:07:52 PM Jiped WE DONT WANT THAT AS OUR LEADER 10:07:57 PM MrPenguin475 Whats our strat 10:07:59 PM JorBob What 10:08:02 PM No I'm not? 10:08:02 PM shayfoxx i just use mine to watch HOTS 10:08:06 PM Janse TheHat that is really disrespectfull, saying that religion is joke. Some of us are actually KILLERS. 10:08:10 PM JorBob AM I? WHAT 10:08:19 PM invictusmaneo voted to GROW 10:08:23 PM Alderis OFFICIAL MERGE STRAT: Send this message, vote grow, and spread the good news: 10:08:31 PM (╯°□°)╯ Join the Revolution for our Lord and Savior ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) 10:08:41 PM Jiped I assumed that was your twitch channel right? 10:08:45 PM TheHatRemover ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Join the Revolution for our Lord and Savior ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 10:08:47 PM Janse JorBob is a PEWDIEPIE fan. He has forsaken US! Now the only option left is to KILL!! 10:08:51 PM Jiped and you are following 1 person which is pewdiepie 10:08:51 PM JorBob Oh 10:08:53 PM Shakzes Let the merging begin 10:09:04 PM MrPenguin475 merge in ~ 1:30 mins 10:09:05 PM JorBob That one isn't mine 10:09:14 PM 10:09:16 PM Urckel I don't know what to do anymore 10:09:26 PM JorBob I forgot I had to add "stream" at the end 10:09:26 PM Janse Urckel vote KILL. 10:09:37 PM If you vote KILL you are set free. 10:09:46 PM I am here to FREE you of your BURDEN. 10:09:51 PM Urckel voted to ABANDON 10:09:53 PM JorBob Another reason why my twitch won't grow; I apparently forget my own name 10:09:59 PM Urckel voted to GROW 10:10:01 PM Urckel voted to STAY 10:10:04 PM Shakzes If Janse votes kill, I will vote kill 10:10:12 PM [robin] polls are closing soon, please vote 10:10:13 PM Urckel voted to STAY 10:10:16 PM Janse I have voted KILL 10:10:16 PM Shakzes april fools 10:10:22 PM Jiped [Robin Autovoter 1.9] 51 in this room! Voting will end soon 10:10:25 PM Shakzes hæhæhæ 10:10:26 PM TheHatRemover oshit 10:10:35 PM Janse Follow me and KILL. 10:10:41 PM Jiped RIP Janse 10:10:47 PM Shakzes See you in the next room Janse 10:10:48 PM Janse This is the end. 10:10:49 PM Tmoseley20 Kill? 10:10:51 PM Urckel voted to GROW 10:10:52 PM Jiped F 10:11:04 PM Janse I am set free. 10:11:10 PM TheHatRemover beam us up robin 10:11:11 PM Janse It will be amazing. 10:11:12 PM Shakzes meeerg 10:11:17 PM Tmoseley20 we on an ultralight beam 10:11:22 PM this is a god dream 10:11:31 PM Urckel hear the new one tmoseley 10:11:31 PM rafiss never forget. sick. memes. 10:11:33 PM JorBob I feel like I'm going to add almost everyone on here as friends 10:11:35 PM Janse Finally free, no more boring chat. If only more people vote KILL we can save everyone. 10:11:39 PM Tmoseley20 yes 10:11:42 PM JorBob Except Janse 10:11:43 PM ellvic PRAISE RAFISS 10:11:52 PM TheHatRemover wew lad 10:11:53 PM Janse If we all vote KILL we are all set FREE. 10:11:54 PM Tmoseley20 the new song that leaked yesterday was great too 10:11:55 PM SetRedditOnFire rafiss ILY 10:11:56 PM Bakkidza ellvic, bit early for that, don't need to convert these people 10:11:58 PM rafiss any fatboy slim fans? 10:12:00 PM Shakzes JORBOB SEES ME AS HIS FRIEND 10:12:03 PM Janse KILL KILL KILL 10:12:03 PM rafiss praise you. good song 10:12:06 PM Shakzes BEST DICTATOR EVER 10:12:07 PM SetRedditOnFire JANSE FUCK OFF 10:12:09 PM ellvic just to be sure 10:12:11 PM [robin] 9 users abandoned 10:12:11 PM TheHatRemover a-are we friends of our lord jorbob?! 10:12:13 PM Shakzes ohhh 10:12:13 PM JorBob yes 10:12:16 PM Jiped F 10:12:19 PM [robin] room has been increased 10:12:19 PM [robin] merging with other room... 
submitted by MrPenguin475 to JorBobzDictatorship [link] [comments]

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