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August / September monthly report from v1docq47 (CCS + XRM.RU)

This is my monthly progress report (CCS.html) + XMR.RU).
Below is a list of what has been done and translated into Russian for two months of my work.

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The following video posted on Monero Russian Community YouTube Channel.

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The following articles / guides have been translated into Russian and posted on the XMR.RU website and my Github repository.
Note: If you would like to read the original article in English, then, open the article you are interested in, and at the end of each article you will find a link to the source.

Critical Decentralisation Cluster 36c3 (transcriptions (EN + RU) + translation (RU)):

01 - Monero Introduction (Diego "rehrar" Salazar) | Transcriptions - EN.md) / RU.md) / XMR.RU 02 - RIAT Introduction (parasew) | Transcriptions - EN.md) / RU.md) / XMR.RU 03 - Swiss Cryptoeconomics Assembly (polto, Ome) | Transcriptions - EN.md) / RU.md) / XMR.RU 04 - Namecoin Introduction (Jeremy Rand) | Transcriptions - EN.md) / RU.md) / XMR.RU 05 - Open Hardware developed at FOSSASIA (Mario Behling) | Transcriptions - EN.md) / RU.md) / XMR.RU 06 - Paralelni Polis (Juraj Bednar) | Transcriptions - EN.md) / RU.md) / XMR.RU 07 - Introduction to Replicant (dllud, Denis ‘GNUtoo’ Carikli)​ | Transcriptions - EN.md) / RU.md) / XMR.RU 08 - Open Source Hardware and OSHWA (Drew Fustini) | Transcriptions - EN.md) / RU.md) / XMR.RU 09 - ImplicitCAD (Juila Longtin) | Transcriptions - EN.md) / RU.md) / XMR.RU 10 - Program in Detail | Transcriptions - EN / RU / XMR.RU 11 - about:freedom (Bonnie Mehring, Blipp)​ | Transcriptions - EN.md) / RU.md) / XMR.RU 13 - Funding Models of FOSS (Diego “rehrar” Salazar) | Transcriptions - EN.md) / RU.md) / XMR.RU 14 - The Sharp Forks We Follow​ | Transcriptions - EN / RU / XMR.RU 16 - P2P Trading in Cryptoanarchy | Transcriptions - EN / RU / XMR.RU 17 - Monero’s Adaptive Blockweight Approach to Scaling | Transcriptions - EN / RU / XMR.RU 18 - Nym (Harry Halpin)​ | Transcriptions - EN.md) / RU.md) / XMR.RU 19 - Digital Integrity of the Human Person | Transcriptions - EN / RU / XMR.RU 20 - cyber~Congress (Sergey Simanovsky) | Transcriptions - EN.md) / RU.md) / XMR.RU 21 - KYC & Crypto-AML Tools (polto) | Transcriptions - EN.md) / RU.md) / XMR.RU 22 - Parallel Polis, Temporary Autonomous Zones and Beyond | Transcriptions - EN / RU 23 - MandelBot:HAB - Open Source Ecotecture and Horizontalism | Transcriptions - EN / RU 24 - Adventures and Experiments Adding Namecoin to Tor Browser | Transcriptions - EN / RU 25 - Fair Data Society (Gregor Zavcer) | Transcriptions - EN.md) / RU.md) / XMR.RU 45 - Designing a Communal Computing Interface | Transcriptions - EN / RU / XMR.RU 47 - Hackatoshi’s Flying Circuit | Transcriptions - EN / RU / XMR.RU

Zero to Monero - Second Edition

https://www.overleaf.com/read/hcmqnvgtfmyh - Chapter 00 - Abstract - Chapter 01 - Introduction - Chapter 02 - Basic Concepts - Chapter 03 - Advanced Schnorr-like Signatures

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Note: You need "Change Language" to Russian - Why Monero Has A Tail Emission - How CLSAG Will Improve Monero's Efficiency - How Monero Solved the Block Size Problem That Plagues Bitcoin - How Ring Signatures Obscure Monero's Outputs - Monero Best Practices for Beginners - Monero Outputs Explained

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Yay we are making money! What's next?

The past couple of months, especially the last week, has been pretty euphoric for the price of our green coin. In this post I want to attempt to explain how we got here, where we are now and what's next. Tell me if I missed something, or if my interpretation of what happened (or what is to come) is not how you see things. Obviously this is all my personal opinion, I hope it will start a healthy discussion about the future of the coin and it's community!
How we got here
To explain the recent bull run we have to look back a couple of months. Vertcoin implemented segwit and was one of the first coins to complete an atomic swap. Personally this was the first time I heard of the coin, after reading around for a bit I didn't think too much of it; “oh an other Bitcoin clone with some extra gimmicks, cool.” Obviously there would be a spike in price because of the attention, but I didn't yet realize what potential the coin had or what made it unique. Judging by the price action I wasn't the only one. The community seemed nice and ASIC resistance seemed like a smart hedge against the bigger PoW coins, but a small coin is still a small coin. Who knows what happens next right? Well some of you did...
Skip forward a few months and the whole Segwit2x debate starts to get more and more serious and uncertainty about the future market starts to grow. I don't want to get into a debate about this one. Simply because there doesn't seem to be any genuine debate about it at all. It feels like the whole debacle devolved in both parties regurgitating their talking points and pointing out how the opposing side is lying/power hungry/satan himself. What did bother me quite a bit (bit! Get it?) was the fact that market forces was pretty much left out of this discussion. Which is a bad sign to me. Ideology and principle is fine and all, but we have to go with what works, not with what is forced the hardest. We are talking about creating an alternative currency to fiat based on neutrality principle, how is market mechanism not the main tool?! Well that's where the ASIC centralization rears it's head. This whole debacle wouldn't have gone this far if mining power was spread evenly, if both parties can't agree they can split up and start their own project. Now we have 2 parties that are straight up hostile towards each other and the normal user can either join one party or watch from the sideline. This is where I started to look for alternatives for Bitcoin because I was done with the whole centralization problem. At first I moved in to Litecoin, but this coin is actually as centralized, or even more, as Bitcoin is. All though I love that community and the hard work the developers put in, hell vertcoin wouldn't be here without them, I couldn't get over the idea that Litecoin now might be a good alternative for what I want in a coin, but it isn't this way because the users demanded it, it's this way because the miners allow it to be. This is (obviously) the point I bought Vertcoin, the whole ASIC resistance thing started to make a whole lot of sense all of a sudden.
Where we are now
I'm guessing the most recent bull run didn't start because of these events, the Ledger adaptation seemed to be the main initial driver. People were reminded that Vertcoin existed and most probably realized that Ledger exposure means more price action. This exposure did create awareness about the ASIC resistance part. The timing is almost perfect though, the whole segwit FUD starts to reach new highs, alt market goes down and the people who lost confidence in the Bitcoin project start to look for alternatives, and Vertcoin says hello.
This massive bull run might not be close to done yet, considering the general uncertainty in the rest of the cryptomarket. Vertcoin, at the moment, is a good hedge against ASIC coins while other alts are sinking. The momentum now reminds me of the insane run ANS/NEO had a while back. At a certain point more and more people notice this coin that just keeps making massive gains, has a solid foundation, a low price and a relative small market cap. It's not unthinkable this run will keep going during this FUD month, I would absolutely not be surprised if Vertcoin hits top 20 within a month because of this, but there will be a correction. Especially if this run keeps going, it will mean more people buy Vertcoin to profit short term instead of buying it for it's long term potential.
So... What's next?
I think this is the beauty of Vertcoin. Since we are ASIC resistant it means everyone can profit from mining, which mean EVERYONE should mine. I'd like to compare Vertcoin's method to an other ASIC resistant coin, Monero. Monero shares this part of the philosophy, the coin should be by the people, for the people. BUT, the Monero mining isn't the easiest to get into. It's mostly a tech savvy and highly ideological motivated crowd. This group isn't that adverse to put in the effort to mine. However, this is not the target group Vertcoin aims for, Vertcoin seems to go for more general adaptation. This is where Vertcoin shines, the one click miner makes it easy for the beginner to mine for themselves. It's still in beta, it's not as easy as it could be and AMD videocards aren't optimized yet, but this will all happen. Most people reading this, especially through this wall of text, will have little qualm with starting to mine Vertcoin at it's current state. Soon it will be easy enough to let mom and pop do it too! I highly encourage people to spread the word on this and start mining, because we simply need it. Last time I checked were are on 2 Thash/s, which compared to other cryptos isn't that much. Think of it like the old days of P2P downloading (member Napster and KaZaa? I member). Those networks don't work if no one seeds, our network isn't secure if people don't mine. The plus is, this time you actually get paid for participating!
ASIC resistance has some other advantages and some disadvantages we shouldn't ignore. The Monero crowd realized that mining could be implemented on sites as an alternative to ads, which seems to be a great idea. The network get's more security, the coin more exposure and the humble internet surfer no ads! It does however open up other forms of centralization. Big sites implementing these methods would indirectly control a bigger portion of the hashrate. Not only this, but the mining is open for malware implementation. Why not infect some office pc's with a miner directed at your Vertcoin address? Or to go full doom and gloom, what about a double spend botnet attack on the network?
These concerns are not that pressing today, we can enjoy and celebrate our achievements for now. But soon we need to get back to it. Start mining everyone and start thinking about how we can protect the network form these risks! Lastly, create awareness among other investors how easy and important it is to mine! The added bonus is of course, the more people mine, the less tempted they are to buy in and get out at a profit!
People, this is all about healthy discussion. Don't downvote opinion you don't agree with, upvote the whole debate if you think the subject is important.
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