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How to diagnose and take away a bitcoin miner trojan

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BitCoin Miner trojan remnants leaving errors

I keep having these two errors come up on my computer about every ten minutes:
The code execution cannot proceed because cuda_djezo.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.
The code execution cannot proceed because cuda_tromp.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.
From what I can figure out, I apparently went to a site or somehow got a bitcoin miner installed on my computer without my knowledge. I ran rkill, malwarebytes, Zenmata, and Adwcleaner resulting in the malware-infected files being deleted, but leaving the miner itself. Now its trying to run, but the files aren't there so it can't and these errors pop up.
I can't find anything anywhere. The file running is "updatedg.exe", and when I google that the only thing that comes up is a recent Microsoft forums post that ended without a solution. Can anyone help me figure out where the process is in my file system so I can get rid of it once and for all? I can't live with these errors constantly popping up.
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Bitcoin miner trojans. FPS drops. Please help.

Just a TLDR Version:
I mined bitcoins using my gpu only with Nicehash mostly:AMD radeon r9 390. Temps never were over 80° and i only ran it for 8 hours being the longest time and others just a few hrs. Used nicehash version 1.7 something. Tried out sgminer. And tried out nicehash v2. Deleted all of them since. When gaming i started experiencing drastic fps drops.. Ran malwarebytes and hitmanpro. Quarantined/deleted a bunch of bitcoin miner trojans. Restarted computer. Rescanned with 0 threats detected. But problem with fps still persists. The trojan must be here still and is hiding very well. I have used task manager GPU Z and another gpu process manager. And I have no idea which file it could be. Its only the GPU as far as I can tell. The CPU is not acting odd at the moment.
If anyone can help me out. Please I'm begging you.
This has been hell. Especially since I need to focus on my homework and not my gaming pc dying on my right now as i have class in a few hours. And need to finish some illustrator drawings.
EDIT: CPU IS ACTING UP AS WELL All 4 cores of the intel i5 4690k are going up and down.. Never below 30%.
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Analyzing OS X Bitcoin Miner Trojan - OSX/Miner-D

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Used Malwarebytes to remove bitcoin miner trojan, PC stuck at startup repair.

I noticed I was getting ridiculously high cpu usage when I was idle, caused by svchost.. I checked around for a bit and decided to run MBAM to see if it was a virus. Lo and behold it found a bitcoin miner trojan. I had it delete the infected files. Computer is now stuck at startup repair and has been going for about an hour and a half.
Using Windows 7 Ultimate, and I don't think it matters but I'm running a Z97X mobo, i7-4790k and a 550ti.
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Acer Aspire v5-574g frame drops in games and overall performance degradation.

Good day guys. So I've had this laptop for almost 3 years now (Used) and I've encountered this problem since last year before the battery died. I've since been using this laptop as a pseudo desktop (It has to be plugged in all the time) without the internal battery. The system promptly shuts down once it reaches the desktop screen when I plug the battery in so I left it off. Basically it just drops the frames to zero every second when I play CS:GO, Apex Legends, Valorant or any of the games that I play before really. Adobe premiere and after effects really struggle with timeline scrubbing as well. Before this issue, I used to get 60 fps (smoothly) on CS:GO and it was a decent video editing machine for 1080p.
So far the only modifications or repairs I've done to it are:
-Changed the included hybrid hdd to an ssd+ Added an hdd caddy on the optical drive bay. (Running two drives now)
-Replaced the thermal paste to Cooler Master's IC Value V1 (Twice now. Since I believed I applied it wrong the first time)
- Updated the BIOS (With a few tweaks I've seen on tomshardware because it wouldn't update without the battery)
I'm not sure if this is related too but I ran Malwarebytes recently and I've found a Bitcoin Miner Trojan on it. Removed it too but the problem still persists. And yes, I've already done a clean install of Windows (About 5 times since the problem started to appear).
I've tried reaching out to Acer but they haven't responded to any of my questions yet and I'm pretty sure I've voided the warranty already.
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Desktop PC, CPU temp rises to 100 degrees C

OK. I'll try and do this one by the numbers:
System: Desktop PC. i7 series CPU, AIO liquid cooler. Windows 7, upgraded to win 10, dual boots into Linux. 32 Gb ram and an nVidia 1080 GPU. Coolermaster case.
Problem: GPU temp rises to 100 degrees where it stays, thermally throttling the processor and eventually turning off the PC. Problem occurs in normal use. Temperature is just about stable when the system is idle, but almost any app pushes the CPU temperature higher.
This is a new development: this same system has been running fine up until a few days ago. The problems started after I messed up an ENB install for Skyrim. I intended to upgrade the ENBSeries plugin and stupidly installed the oldest available version rather than the most recent. That put a lot of stress on the system, and now the system overheats even without any game running.
The problem also seems to happen in Linux. I have a dual boot system, and while I haven't got the Linux side set up for precise temperature monitoring, the fans run full-on and the machine runs slow even in Linux. So it's probably not a purely software issue.
I've monitored the temperature with HWMonitor and Speccy and the CPU is the affected component. Everything else seems to be within acceptable levels.
Tried so far: Cleaned the fans and got the dust out of the case. Upgraded OS to Window 10 (mainly in the hopes that being able to use all that memory would help, after finding out that Win7 Home only used 8gb). Booted into Linux and run a virus check. Found and quarantined a couple of bitcoin-miner trojans (but I don't think that's the whole story because the machine is also slow and hot under Linux).
Yet to try: Taking the radiator out of the case and checking it. (I have blown compressed air through the thing from both sides). Verifying that the cooler pump is working. I also haven't yet tried manually setting all the fans tp 100% to see what's working, mainly because I don't yet know how. I'm also not sure the radiator fans are working. I can feel an air flow from the top of the case but it's nothing like the case fan (which is generally running at maximum) and it could well be explained by the case fans moving air around inside the case.
At this point I suspect that something has broken in the water cooler system. I'm not sure how to diagnose that or fix it, so advice would be welcome. I'm happy to take the system to the local repair shop, but I'd like to know what the issue is a bit more clearly first.
There is also, probably, a malware issue. Again, this is probably a recent thing, but passed me by entirely until I upgraded to Windows 10, so it could have been there for some time. Unfortunately, attempts to do a proper system scan are being impeded by the fact that I have a fairly short window before the system heats up to the point where nothing really happens.
That's all I can think of, offhand. Advice on the cooling issue and the malware side of it would be very welcome.
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Preventing Trojan spreading through network

Hey guys,
I currently have a Trojan spreading through my network. Started from an email, picked up and removed by Webroot, but somehow still jumping between hosts. What’s the best method to combat this?
The original infected host was removed from the network and quarantined, apparently not in time. Webroot has detected and removed the same files on one of my DCs and a file server.
The Trojan appears to be a bitcoin miner.
Trojan appears to be Emotet, as indicated by webroot
MD5 1: 470B4F5BC84DB74AB1935186A3B5219F MD5 2: 66EA09330BEE7239FCB11A911F8E8EA3
Action: All machines remotely shutdown (middle of the night here) and will be started individually in the morning. Remediation steps as recommended by Webroot will be followed before each machine is reconnected connected to the network.
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Decided to scan my PC for malwares after some time of using it, using MalwareBytes. When the scan was ready, it found alot of Trojans, BackDoors, Bitcoin Miners, etc. I quarantined all of them and did a factory reset on the machine. Is this enough?

If not, what should I do next?
Edit: Thank you everyone that helped me.
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Got Bitcoin Miner from SIMPLEX. I Got proof I took a picture with my phone from the Microsoft Safety Scanner log as you can see here. The Trojan was SIMPLEX.EXE as you can see here it was contained in a rar folder and safety scanner wasn't able to delete it and I found about it now.

Got Bitcoin Miner from SIMPLEX. I Got proof I took a picture with my phone from the Microsoft Safety Scanner log as you can see here. The Trojan was SIMPLEX.EXE as you can see here it was contained in a rar folder and safety scanner wasn't able to delete it and I found about it now. submitted by ivbp to PiratedGames [link] [comments]

How long does it take to recalibrate your battery?

I'm trying to recalibrate my battery, so I've drained it until it ran out, and now it has been in sleep mode for about 12 hours but I still get the "plug me in, idiot" icon when I push the power button, so there's still some juice in there.
Side note: It took about 5.5 hours to run the battery down by playing a constant stream of youtube videos. However, when I wake up and in the morning and am clicking around with three browsers and about 50 tabs open, it runs down really quickly. I'll be as 30 percent after 1.5 hours. I'm wondering if I have a bitcoin miner trojan or something, or maybe it's just the Chrome Browser Virus.
Edit: According to tubezninja I am a troll or an idiot, and doing this will shorten your battery life. So disregard the Google results for "recalibrate your battery" and just reset the SMC instead.
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Just got rift, get 99% gpu usage after couple of minutes and it causes stuttering (GTX 1070)

I just got my Rift a couple hours and setup and everything went very smooth. Did the intro stuff with the little floating robot and then ended up in Home. Then after a few minutes my hands started stuttering/jittering and I notice my GPU is at 99% (GTX 1070). When I take off the headset GPU levels immedeadly drop down to normal rates. I started up Google Earth VR and after a couple minutes the same thing happened. I have the newest Nvidia drivers. Can anyone offer me some help as this is a major bummer right now. Thank you for reading this!
EDIT: Solved (for anyone who comes across this) It was a bitcoin miner trojan that started using my GPU after a couple of minutes of no mouse movement. Thanks Brotiful for the suggestion!
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GTX 1080 ti FPS drops when at 100% Usage

I bought a GTX 1080 ti a couple of weeks ago and just today started noticing that the FPS drops to 30-20 fps sometimes even as low as 10 fps! I have everything maxed out, literally everything from FXAA, MSAA, Tessellations, everything under graphics and advanced graphics is set at the highest setting possible. I can achieve 60 fps with everything on but as soon as the percentage goes to 100% in afterburner, that's when the FPS drops heavily. When I alt+tab out and go back in the game, fps goes back to 60.
My system has an i7-4790k and 16GB Ram and as of now, am playing at 1080p resolution. This didn't happen before with a 970, never experienced this until today, hadn't even experienced post-installation of the 1080ti until today either. CPU usage sits at 30-50% and GPU sits at 40-70% normally. Any ideas as to what's causing this would be appreciated.
EDIT: Managed to fix, installed DDU to uninstall geforce drivers completely and reinstalled them, used malwarebytes to clear some bitcoin miner trojans I apparently had, ccleaner to remove any excess files, and toned down settings, grass on high, FXAA off, MSAA 4x, and all advanced graphics settings are turned off. Haven't noticed a drop in frames since then but will update this post if anything comes up.
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Someone named a trojan bitcoin miner called Synapse X lmao

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how to remove svchost.exe trojan

Hey all. I've been dealing with this trojan running on my computer for the last week or so and I can't seem to remove it. It would show up as positive on my mallwarebytes scan and I would choose to quarantine it and continue on to restart my computer. However, it would just come back the next time I start it up.
Basically what the trojan is doing is making my CPU run at 100%, from what I understand, it seems to be some kind of bitcoin miner trojan. Basically what I've been doing to stop the process is to do ctrl + alt + del and go to the resource monitor and end the process every time I start up my computer. It's getting really annoying and I'm just hoping to get rid of it. Any recommendations?

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GPU at 85%; Bitcoin Trojan ??

I'm having a major issue atm, my GPU (Gigabyte R9 280 Windforce OC) is running at 85% load all the time, even when my PC is idled.
Funny thing is, it only does that when I'm connected to the internet!!
i've had this problem before and it turned out to be a bitcoin miner trojan and I simply used Malwarebytes to remove it. Yet this time I tried running a full scan and it found absolutely nothing. I've also ran a scan while booted in safe mode. I've checked the processes in my task bar and there is nothing I don't recognize.
it still seems to be a Bitcoin trojan but I can't find any way to remove it, or if anyone has another suggestion as to what the problem might be? Please help :((
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What's going on with my PC?

I've been playing a variety of games recently, and until tonight I've had no problem running pretty much anything I could ever want on high or max settings. As of around 10:00 tonight, all of my games, no matter their graphical intensity, and many regular PC apps and programs, have absolutely tanked in performance. Where I was getting 1080p, 60fps in nearly every game maxed out JUST THIS AFTERNOON, I'm now struggling to get 30. I've gotten the error "Nvidia display driver stopped responding and has recovered" once, while benchmarking Forza 6 Apex. I did the same benchmark around 3 PM on May 8, and it clocked 55fps stable on Ultra. Later (around 11PM May 8), it struggled to hold down a stable 30fps. Same thing in Rocket League, which yesterday (May 7) I played at 60fps maxed out, tonight had framerates all over the place, with no stable FPS ever manifesting, at any graphical settings. What could be causing this?
Here's my rig specs: CPU: Intel Core i7 4870HQ @2.5Ghz idle, Turbo up to 3.9Ghz GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970M 6GB RAM: 16GB DDR3 HDD: 2TB (at around 42% capacity, most of my games are stored here) SSD: 120GB (at around 95% capacity, which didn't happen until recently. Much of the occupied space I can't seem to account for.)
I looked in Task Manager, and System and Compressed Memory has gobbled up a full 33% of my RAM and a chunk of my CPU as well (it varies widely). Opening the file location for the process takes me to System32, the program is ntoskrnl.exe, which is as far as I can tell a system app. There's apparently a memory leak issue with that executable, but I have no way of resolving it.
Google searches have revealed that I may be looking at a BitcoinMiner Trojan, but 3 separate antivirus apps (MalwareBytes, McAffee, and HitmanPro) all came up empty. I've thought about manually going through my system but I'm not sure where to look for something like that. I did find 7 or 8 .tmp files in my Temp folder in AppData/Local, all created at exactly the same time (8:12 PM on May 7, right after I stopped playing to go to the gym), which is apparently a marker of such a Trojan.
The March/April 2016 Windows 10 Update devastated my file system. I lost almost all my device drivers, including Wi-Fi Adapter and GPU. I've recovered all of what I lost since that happened, and I haven't had any noticeable issues from that.
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Computer randomly turning off/on

Hi Reddit, so I have been having a problem with my computer for about 9 months or so where it will randomly turn off. I have noticed that it also turns itself on randomly as well. Sometimes it turns off and then turns back on again and is fine, however other times it will turn off, turn itself on, then turn off again after a couple of seconds and then repeat this process indefinitely until I unplug it. I built the PC myself just over a year ago with the following hardware:
CPU: Intel I7-4770K MoBo: Asus Z87I-Pro GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 780TI Classified RAM: 2 x 8 GB Crucial DDR3 SSHD: Crucial M500 240 gb HDD: WD Caviar Blue 1TB PSU: Seasonic m12II Bronze 620W CPU Cooler: Coolermaster Hyper 212X Case: Coolermaster N400 Mid
There is also an asus dvd drive in there as well but I am unsure of the exact model. So when I first build the computer it worked fine for about 6 months, then I moved into a new house. Shortly after this I replaced the CPU cooler with an Intel Thermal Solution TS13X. I cant remember if I was already having issues or it happened after this replacement but around this time I started experiencing the issues. The computer would randomly shut down (most infuriating when gaming) and reboot all by itself. There was no event in the event logs to say why it shut down, just the usual ones when the computer boots up.
About 3 months ago I decided to change my motherboard out, and replaced the Asus Z87 with an ASUS Maximus VII Hero, however the problem still persists. A couple of weeks ago I decided to change out my PSU for a Seasonic 80 Plus Platinum 1050W, however the issues are still there. A few days ago I changed the CPU cooler back to the original one, and I also disconnected the optical drive but these had no effect and it is still happening
With all of these changes all of the cables in the computer have been changed, the hardware has been taken out and cleaned and placed back in. I have tried plugging the computer into different power sockets to no avail. I have scanned the computer with AVG free and malwarebytes but nothing is detected.
It might be worth noting that a month or so ago I realised I had a bitcoin miner trojan on my computer masquerading as a steam exe but I deleted that and haven't seen any recurrence.
Sorry for the long post, but I am at a loss as to what it might be. I guess my next step is to take all the parts out of the case and see if they will run, to eliminate the possibility of a short circuit. If anybody has any ideas about what could be causing this, or if there are any tests which can be done then please let me know.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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Possible Bitcoin-mining malware connected to steam

Whenever I open steam, my GPU clock jumps from ~135 MHz to a steady 1011MHz and the temp goes up to ~50c (40c with aggressive fan curve). This is just with steam open, no games running. As soon as I exit out of steam everything goes back to normal. I read about a bitcoin miner trojan disguised as steam.exe but I haven't been able to find anything suspicious like that in my processes and malwarebytes didn't detect anything. I also checked C:\windows\system32\tasks and \AppData\Roaming but I didn't see anything there either, of course I could be overlooking it.
I'm definitely not an expert on this kind of stuff but I'm starting to wonder if its actually a miner. Most of the cases I've read about had the GPU running at 95%+ which is more than mine is running. Could it just be a problem with steam or my GPU driver? My driver version is 353.30 and I made sure I am not opted into steam beta. Here are my specs without steam running. Here are GPU specs right after starting up steam. Not sure if it matters but I've also tried reinstalling Precision X before I noticed it was only happening when steam was open. Its also worth mentioning that I've been away from my computer for a week and a half and this was not happening before.
Any help would be appreciated, I would really like steam to not do this.
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Best Antivirus/Malvare for removing bitcoin miner?

So I think I might have gotten bitcoin miners infection. I Scanned my computer 3 times today including all of the drives, with Avast and Malvare bytes. I also did with Hitman Pro but it doesn't search my HDD which is where most my downloads go
So what would be the most ideal anti virus/malvare remover to use to detect and remove Bitcoin Miners trojans?
I am thinking of Avira. Any recommendations? Reason I ask is because my GPU jumps to 0-80% when doing nothing but idling browising the web etc. here is a picture with sensors etc. so you can see that it keeps going up and down.
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This link has a patch which claims to fix the ACU.exe crash bugs. I am having particular trouble with the crash after Sequence 2 (can't find any fixes at the moment). Anyone know if this site is legit? The fact that it asks for my GFX card makes me wonder if it's a bitcoin miner trojan. Thanks for any input.
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Help, I found a trojan bitcoin miner! Details inside

Hey guys, the other day I ran malwarebytes and it picked up a trojan bitcoin miner. It consisted of 4 threats, 3 registry which got deleted/quarantined, but 1 "file" that it said removal failed.
Picture of the scan results.
After the quarantine, when i scan with malwarebytes and windows defender it doesn't pick up anything and states that there is no threats? Am i safe?

Malwarebytes advanced results text file.

-Log Details-
Scan Date: 9/6/19
Scan Time: 4:03 PM
Log File: 87833c4a-d0b7-11e9-ae35-1c1b0de454d3.json

-Software Information-
Components Version: 1.0.613
Update Package Version: 1.0.12355
License: Free

-System Information-
OS: Windows 10 (Build 18362.295)
CPU: x64
File System: NTFS

-Scan Summary-
Scan Type: Threat Scan
Scan Initiated By: Manual
Result: Completed
Objects Scanned: 325218
Threats Detected: 4
Threats Quarantined: 3
Time Elapsed: 0 min, 58 sec

-Scan Options-
Memory: Enabled
Startup: Enabled
Filesystem: Enabled
Archives: Enabled
Rootkits: Disabled
Heuristics: Enabled
PUP: Detect
PUM: Detect

-Scan Details-
Process: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Module: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Registry Key: 2

Registry Value: 1

Registry Data: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Data Stream: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Folder: 0
(No malicious items detected)

File: 1
Trojan.BitCoinMiner.E, , Removal Failed, [3775], [723556],1.0.12355

Physical Sector: 0
(No malicious items detected)

WMI: 0
(No malicious items detected)

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Vírus minerando bitcoins no meu computador! How to Remove Trojan:Win32/CoinMiner Virus Manually ... How to Remove BitcoinMiner How to Find and Remove a Hidden Miner Virus on Your PC 🐛🛡️🖥️ Bitcoin Miner Malware  Incredibly Stealthy! - YouTube

Trojan: win32 / Coinminer, besser bekannt als CoinMiner, ist ein Trojaner, der ein Bitcoin-Miner auf Ihrem Computer zu starten. Diese Arten von Infektionen verwenden im Wesentlichen Ihre Computer-Ressourcen, um mir für Kryptowährung, häufig entweder Bitcoin oder Monero. Dieser konzentriert sich auf den ehemaligen Bergbau. Es ist nicht die gefährlichsten Computer-Infektion, die auftreten ... BitCoinMiner (abbreviato in CoinMiner) è un gruppo di trojan che installano l’applicazione Bitcoin Miner. I Bitcoin sono una valuta virtuale che fa affidamento su computazioni complesse. Per la sua natura, è possibile guadagnare piccole somme di moneta effettuando queste computazioni e rafforzando il network di bitcoin nel processo. Comunque sia, questo viene utilizzato in modo errato dai ... Wie das Prinzip des BitCoin Mining genau funktioniert, erfahren Sie in diesem Praxistipp. Laden Sie sich das kostenlose Programm Malwarebytes Anti-Malware bei CHIP herunter und installieren Sie es. Hierbei handelt es sich um einen äußerst zuverlässigen Viren-Scanner. Führen Sie eine Überprüfung Ihres Systems durch und entfernen Sie anschließend alle Funde. Sollte der Virus immer noch ... Findet sich auf Ihrem Rechner der Trojaner, sollten Sie ihn entfernen. Wahrscheinlich haben Sie ihn als Teil eines Bundles mit einem anderen Tool aus dem Internet geladen. Der Virus kann Ihre Browsersuche umleiten und persönliche Daten sammeln. Über diese Infektion. BitCoinMiner Trojan ist ein Namen geben, um Trojaner, die Ihren Computer verwenden um Bitcoin zu mir.Sie sind nicht gerade gefährlich Computer-Infektionen in dem Sinne, dass sie werden alle Ihre Dateien nicht löschen, aber sie müssen so schnell wie möglich gelöscht werden.

[index] [5281] [6933] [35871] [30316] [40399] [3915] [44474] [36986] [36732] [11776]

Vírus minerando bitcoins no meu computador!

How to diagnose and remove a bitcoin miner trojan - Duration: 4:57. EZOVERDOSE 195,574 views. 4:57. Retirar vírus do navegador da internet completo por William Azarado. How to Remove Trojan:Win32/CoinMiner Virus Manually ( SYS64/Starter.exe and Driver.exe ) Bitcoin Miners can tax your CPU and use up your system resources without you even knowing. When you open task manger to investigate, the malware process stea... 👍 Watch how to remove a hidden Bitcoin mining virus from your computer. If you noticed that your computer – while you’re not using it - still behaves as if i... Download link - Read article: BitcoinMiner ...