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Can we just make a giant list of ideas. I just want to know the possibilities

keep in mind there is a subreddit for anything that is specific
Food stand, participating in flea market, donating blood/plasma/eggs, doing real life surveys, provide a service of your specialty, day or micro stock trader, golf caddying, flyer delivery (better on election day), UbeLyft (better on holidays), medical study, letgo/facebook marketplace/craigslist gig, photography, focus groups, tutoring, handmade items (just look up DIY projects to make then sell online)
Semi passive:
Vending machine, eCommerce, buy existing business, merchandise, laundromat, rent out equipment, etsy or ebay, arcade, swing or position stock trader.
Invest in dividend or index stocks, bonds, referral, Adsense, stock photos, online course, software, music, subscriptions, information, Bitcoin mining, way more viable now because last gen (think RX460-80 or GTX1050-80) are cheaper now, credit card churning, private lending, rent space for storage or like a hotel, internet sharing, affiliate marketing, mobile apps.
Potentially all:
Blog, social media, lead generation.
Active: Drug dealer, prostitute.
When you make the top 2 spots on a subreddit.
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The International 2018 in Vancouver FAQ (Updated!)

Hey there again, you punks.
So with a tip coming from some of the moderators on the board, I've decided just to quickly update this FAQ that I wrote a few months back since TI is next week and I'm sure many of you still have a ton of questions. I've gotten some more information that I can pass down to you in regards to Vancouver but also now TI as well, including updated marijuana laws and beer recommendations.
Two quick notes:


This summer has been an extremely hot season in Vancouver (at least in Vancouverite standards). Like anyone who attended in Seattle last year, there is noticeable smoke in the air in the city due to the fires all over the Pacific North West. If you have breathing issues or health related problems do to particles in the air, be advised that there is currently an Air Quality Advisory in effect so act accordingly. Wind/Rain will most likely clear up any issues going into next week, but just a heads up in case new fires flare up or we aren't blessed with some light rain. Forecast is looking to be sunny through midweek and the finals, with an average of about 23-25C.


A staple for Vancouver residents since 1910, the PNE will be open from August 18th-September 3rd (closed on August 20th & 27th). If you're looking to do something after a midweek day, the PNE is the perfect place to go checkout for a fun night out filled with events, concerts, beer gardens, crazy carny food, rides, maybe BSJ, shopping and a lot more. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the PNE, how to get there and what's going on.


Yes, but it's not exactly regulated by AirBnB. Feel free to stay at one through AirBnB but know that it might be a little tricky to deal with issues if they come up with your rental. Also while you're at it, check out VRBO.
The general piece of advice you'll get from any local about where to stay for TI is going to be anywhere that's on the Skytrain Expo Line (the line in dark blue). The Expo Line will take you to Stadium-Chinatown station, which is where Rogers Arena is 30 seconds away. As in Seattle, the closer to downtown you are, the more expensive it is to stay.
Unlike Seattle Center, there aren't very many budget hotels left, if at all in the Downtown core. The cheaper hostels are available, though fair warning, many of them are placed on Granville Street, which is a place that many Vancouverites will tell you to avoid while you're here (Though I have never stayed at a hostel on Granville, if anyone has an experience, feel free to share). Check out the Ramada Inn and the Days Inn near Waterfront for some cheaper-ish options.
In my mind, there are two places that I would keep a look-out for avoiding while you visit Vancity.
  1. Granville Street. During the day time it's normally fine, filled with some cool shops (Golden Age Collectibles, The Rock Shop, Movieland Arcade) but it's packed to the absolute max with dumbasses at night due to the amount of night clubs. There's police around every weeknight, but since you're in Vancouver for a good time, head towards Gastown, Chinatown or Main Street for places to party.
  2. Downtown East Side. If you've researched anything about Vancouver, you'll know that this area as where a large portion of the cities homeless reside. There is rampant drug use, poverty and sex work in this neighborhood, focused mainly between 5-10 blocks in the area of Main/Hastings. That being said, the community is an especially strong one, with fantastic human beings supporting the less fortunate. Though there isn't too much danger in terms of being robbed, you might want to just avoid the area at night. Be respectful to the people of this community and you'll have no problems.


Sadly, no there isn't. We know, it absolutely sucks and everyone in Vancouver is aware. Your options are public transit or a taxi.
Super shitty if you don't like paying for parking. If you can, park outside of the Downtown core near a Skytrain and then head over to the Arena. Commercial Drive is pretty good for this if you can find certain spots. Tinseltown as well if you buy a movie ticket on non-event days.
If you've ever been to any major city, you'll notice that Vancouver shares the same load-up card/tap system that places like London share. It's called Compass Card and it's fairly easy to use. Just load up money onto the card, tap it when you enter and tap when you leave. It'll do all the calculations for you. Note that certain zones will cost more just due to how far you're traveling.
Yes it does! Car2Go and Evo are two of Vancouver's most popular car share services. Hot tip would be to register before you head over to Vancouver and it'll help mitigate the fact that UbeLyft aren't in Vancouver just yet. Just drive safely.
The easiest way to get to downtown from YVR, if you aren't getting picked up/taking a taxi is to take the Canada Line. It will take you directly to Waterfront station, from there you can take multiple buses, the Expo Line (the main line that will take you to Rogers Arena) or the Seabus (going to North VancouveLonsdale).


19 years old.
Vancouver has an exploding craft beer culture and you'll be happy to find that the variety of different beers/ciders to drink is absolutely massive, probably to the point of being intimidating.
Here are some of my favorite breweries and the beers that you should look out for when you're at the liquor store/pub:
Twin Sails Brewing
Dat Juice Pale Ale
Two Straws MilkShake IPA
Short Pants Mosaic IPA
Brassneck Brewing
Changeling Sour
Passive Aggressive IPA
Bjorn Again Farmhouse Ale
Steel & Oak
Changeling Sour
Passive Agressive IPA
Bjorn Again Farmhouse Ale
Bomber Brewing
Bomber Parklife Passionfruit Ale
Bomber Pilsner
Bomber Snow White IPA
Yes. First, there isn't any drinking in public if you already didn't know. Second, you must have TWO pieces of ID on you whenever you go to buy drinks in case you're asked for your ID. First piece must be photo ID, the second piece must be something with your name on it (in order for bartenders/servers to validate the first piece). I see a lot of tourists thrown off by this, so just know that Vancouver's liquor laws are much more strict than other places.
I've heard from a few Vancouver residents that this isn't exactly enforced harshly, but just to note that it is an actual law. Piece of mind.
%.05. There will be a ton of pubcrawls and side events going on for people that are attending TI and I'm sure that you'll be blasted one night or another. Please don't drink and drive. If you need a cab, here are the numbers you can contact in order to grab a taxi from downtown.
Yellow Cab: (604) 681-1111
Black Top Cab: (604) 731-1111
MacLure's Cabs: (604) 831-1111
Also, a note for people from outside of Vancouver: the cab drivers in this city are notorious for being hard to deal with at times. Broken debit machines, cash up front, not providing receipts. Use your common sense to get you through pushy cabbies. If they have a broken debit machine and they are still driving, kindly reject them and give your business to another cabbie that will. UbeLyft will be here soon and karma will bite them back.
If at anytime you are in an emergency and don't know what to do, please DM me and I will provide my contact info.


Vancouver is a glutenous paradise of places to eat. Instead of giving you specific places to go eat, here are some links that you might find helpful in terms of recommendations:
Meowjin's Guide to TI8
The 38 Essential Vancouver Restaurants
It's To Die For List
This is not confirmed at the moment, but if the rules were anything like Seattle, you will be able to bring outside food into the arena. You are not permitted to bring liquids into the venue. You'll have to dump out your water bottle and refill it once inside. Rogers Arena might have different policies, but thankfully the venue has twice the amount of food stalls including a much more varied selection.
Everyone from Vancouver attending will hate me, but this is going to be one of the hottest tips I can give you: there is a Costco food court DIRECTLY across the street on the lower level of Rogers Arena that DOES NOT require a membership in order to buy food. It is the only Costco food court in Canada that doesn't need a membership to eat there. Hot dogs, poutine, pizza, soft drinks, ice cream and it's all lovingly Costco cheap. Enjoy!


Visa/Mastercard are widely accepted everywhere. Cards such as American Express/Discover are also accepted most places, though a few places might reject them for whatever reason (higher charge rates, issues with their machines etc..) Best case would be to make sure you have a Visa/Mastercard with you at all times as a back-up in case you run into any issues. Most places in Vancouver also allow you to use Android/Apple Pay now as well. No bitcoin though.
Well, that's entirely up to you. If you're staying the full week, a few hundred dollars in spare Canadian currency won't hurt you, especially if majority of your spending is going to be on plastic. There's going to be the Secret Shop, but that'll be done through online ordering and not cash payments. Just don't come with nothing. Worst case, always have at least $30-$40 cash on you just in case you run into a bind. It's really entirely up to you and how you plan on spending your time here. Do note that because of the low Canadian dollar, don't be surprised if the price of certain things is higher than usual.
By far it would be the Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange due to their lower exchange rates. Banks will more than likely charge you higher rates than the VBCE.


Due to the amount of fires that have started in the Pacific North West the past month or so, please do not throw your cigarette/joint butts into the street, sidewalk, bushes or wherever that isn't a proper garbage. You'll get a ton of dirty looks by locals if you do otherwise.
Canadians are known to be rather polite, we'll answer questions for you or guide you in the right direction (as long as we aren't in a huge rush). As long as you're respectful of the people around you, take care of your hygiene, don't spit on the ground, talk over people in conversation or just avoiding being a total dick, you'll be fine. Though Vancouver is a somewhat socially cold city, that's mainly in dating circles. Get some new Bumble photos up!
Most places won't have the tip included in your bill. It's common courtesy to tip between %10-%15 of your final bill if you enjoyed your meal/drink/service. Feel free to go higher if you had a really excellent time. Some places do include the tip in the bill, but will have it noted usually at the bottom of the menu.
A few. Remove your backpack when you're boarding a bus/SkyTrain in order to create more space for the people around you. Hygiene again is a big one. Remember to fill your Compass card and check your remaining balance at least once a day in case you're transiting a lot. If you see elderly/disabled/parents with strollers attempt to come on board, the polite thing to do would be to offer your seat etc..
Don't worry at all! Vancouver is an extremely multicultural city and the residents here are used to hearing many different languages daily. Best bet is if you struggle communicating with anyone for any reason, download the Google Translate app and use it to answer questions you might have in a discussion.
Use common sense. Most players/talent would be more than willing to sign an autograph or pose for a photo with you. But also be aware that much of the on-screen talent (Slacks, Kaci, panel members) will often have to be running from segment to segment, taking in matches and so on. If they seem to have a minute, ask nicely, thank them for their time and cross one off of the bucket list.
Don't throw things at Slacks.


No update on this. Rogers Arena is mainly a concrete concourse, surrounded by a viaduct and multiple lower roads. Unlike Seattle Center (which had multiple fields and smaller available venues), the only place large enough outside the Arena that could hold a large crowd with a big screen would most likely be the "main" entrance through Expo Blvd/Pat Quinn Way. There are a few other options in the area, but we're going to have to wait to see how creative Valve is with the space around the Arena. Perhaps they rent out the adjacent parking lots?
No update on this also, but again, there's a lack of outdoor space beyond the concrete concourse. Sportsbar Live will be open, which also gives a view of inside the Arena while you're eating/drinking. But again, it's indoors.
From what I remember from Canucks games, yes, there are stations where you can plug your phone in to charge. But don't be surprised if a company like NVIDIA pops up a charging station outside much like in Seattle.
One of the more obvious differences that most people will find from Key Arena to Rogers Arena, is that unlike Key Arena, Rogers doesn't have an open space concept between levels. Meaning, you won't be able to just look up to the third floor and see players hanging out like you normally would. This year, they most likely will be held in the boxes above or in the dressing rooms in the lower levels. Look for autograph times scheduled throughout the week to see your favorite players.
The only thing right now is a Vancouver Whitecaps (MLS) game on August 18th and a BC Lions (CFL) on the 25th. So if you really feel inclined, now you know.


When: On October 17th, weed will officially be legalized in British Columbia and most parts of Canada.
How: Normally you need a medicinal prescription to purchase marijuana legally. Though, because of the soon to be legalization coming up in a few months, most dispensaries will most likely write you a prescription if you tell them a valid medical reason for the marijuana (Trouble sleeping, chronic joint pain, back pain, headaches, trouble eating etc.). My friends who smoke themselves told me that hot tip, so do with it what you will. Please DO NOT buy weed from a source that isn't verified by another trusted person or a licensed dispensary. You never know what your weed could be laced with.
Where: Here are some dispensaries located close to Rogers Arena.
Bloom Medical Dispensary
The Dub Dispensary
The Medical Cannibis Dispensary
You can't smoke anywhere that frequents children, even if there aren't kids around. So no beaches, public parks, playgrounds etc..
So just, anywhere that's away from people that don't want to partake essentially.


If you weren't able to buy tickets from Ticket Master, you have a few options.
Post in the TI8 Vancouver Subreddit and ask if anyone has a spare ticket.
Buying tickets from scalpers in front of Rogers Arena is fairly easy and shouldn't be difficult if you understand the basics of haggling.
  1. Know what you're comfortable paying and stick to it. Always remember that number.
  2. Be prepared to just walk away. The longer you stay negotiating, the more you show the scalper how important it is for you to buy the tickets. Play the long game.
  3. The less you talk, the less information you give the scalper. If he says he's got a Midweek ticket for $300, shrug and say no thanks.
  4. Have money in your hand/wallet when you're trying to buy tickets. When they see that the cash is right there, they'll be more inclined to just make the deal and move onto the next one.
You will most likely miss the opening ceremonies, but after that the prices for Midweek tickets will normalize and scalpers will want to just get rid of their tickets at a lesser price.
The advantage you have in this instance is that Vancouver, outside of the LoL tournament at Pacific Colosseum, doesn't have much experience with esports tournaments. So scalpers themselves won't have the same level of patience. The longer you wait to buy your tickets from them, the cheaper you can get them for. Only downside is that you'll be missing games.
The other thing you can do is literally just walk around the outside of the Arena and spot non-scalpers with extra tickets. There are always people who buy extra tickets and are just wanting to get their money back (friends flake on them, they couldn't flip them like they thought).
DO NOT panic and end up buying an overpriced ticket from StubHub, Craigslist or wherever. Tickets will be available, you just have to keep your cool.
The box office at Rogers Arena is located at the bottom of the venue on Expo/Pat Quinn Way at the Toyota Ticket Center. You can pick up your tickets between these times:
Mon, August 20th: 7AM - 9PM
Tue, August 21th: 8AM - 9PM
Wed, August 22nd: 8AM - 9PM
Thu, August 23rd: 8AM - 9PM
Fri, August 24th: 8AM - 9PM
Not sure about the box office times for the Finals. Will update that when I know.


So first off, understand that EVERYONE there is going for the same reason you are, DOTA. Don't be afraid to go up to people, say hello and start conversations. If they shrug you off, fuck them, they don't deserve your brilliance. Enjoy yourself. Worst case, just create a thread on DOTA saying that you want to go shotgun a few beers. My first TI was pretty much by myself, but the combination of a beer + a garden really did wonders.
Simply put, don't worry as much as your mind is telling you to worry. All the talent (casters/players) are incredibly friendly and are pretty much the same as us, just super stoked to be there. But do give them space if they're working or running around to the next thing.
During TI, after every First Blood in a match, there are potential drops given to in arena attendee's who have registered their badge with their Steam ID. There will be a Steam Link kiosk/section OUTSIDE of Rogers Arena, so look out for it. You must have tapped into the Arena in order to be eligible for those drops.
The link to register your badge to be eligible for these drops will be on the back of your badge when you receive it.
Try to pack as lightly and efficiently as possible. My two main staples during the last two TI's were a water bottle (usually given out in a goody bag for midweek + finals ticket holders) and a portable battery pack for my phone. Also know that you might buy things from the Secret Shop, do some shopping downtown and the last thing you want to do is carry that stuff around with you all day. Though consider bringing a sweater for inside the Arena, as Rogers is a fairly cold one.
Try checking with bell boys/concierge at any hotels if they can possibly check in some of your bags for you. I tried this at TI7 and was surprised how chill they were. I left them a $5 tip for taking my bags and was free for the rest of the day.
Avoid the Secret Shop on the first day or else you'll just spend the entire day waiting in line. Midweek the shop lines will be much more reasonable.


Well formatted thread to get you started.
Also a well-detailed Google Map of venues/places that should interest people attending TI for places all across Vancouver
Depending on your situation, here are numbers for emergencies in British Columbia.
Ambulance, fire, police: 911
Poison Control: Lower Mainland: 604-682-5050 Toll-free: 1-800-567-8911
Healthlink BC: 811 Deaf or Hearing Impaired: 711
Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention: Call 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) if you are considering suicide or are concerned about someone who may be.
Mental health support: Call 310-6789 (no need to dial area code) for emotional support, information and resources specific to mental health.
That is Roger Neilson, former Vancouver Canucks head coach and the inventor of towel power. Please treat it nicely!
Right here.
How sweet of you to ask! That would be Lush by Snail Mail.
Please, if you feel like you need to ask any questions, or there should be things added to this FAQ, post here or DM me. There are obviously some things that no one knows right now in regards to potential additions or subtractions from moving the event from Key Arena to Rogers. But I'll try my best to keep this thing updated if people bookmark it for future use.
Enjoy planning your trip to TI!
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I am a prostitute

Throwaway for obvious reasons. It is just not something I can tell anyone. This month has been so financially hard, so I posted to Craigslist about needing money and had an old man contact me to play with my nipples. It was horrifying. I try to keep an open mind. There was no penetration or even kissing. He just literally played with my nipples and sucked them but it was just so uncomfortable since I had zero attraction to him. The worst part? He was actually a nice guy! Not one you would ever expect to email a girl from Craigslist and say "I will play with your titties for $150" - he was grandfatherly and very kind/gentle/respectful and I just felt so dirty.
The even more worst part? I have a live-in boyfriend that makes zero income. Or rather, he plays around with bitcoins and can withdraw $20 every few days if he's had a "profitable" day but has no interest in getting a job since he was laid off over a YEAR ago. "Working is for suckers", he says. So I had to step it up since I lost the job I had and wasn't hearing back from the places I was applying to. My boyfriend is aware of all of this and condones it in the sense of "Hey, if I were a girl, I would totally do that" or "If a girl offered me money to suck my dick, I'd be all over that". Why am I even with him? I can't shake him. We just moved and have roommates. He basically moved with him since he had nowhere to go and after 3 years together, as done with the relationship as I am, I couldn't leave him at the side of the road. Since my roommates are all really cool, normal people, I do not want to bring drama into their lives by having the police come here and have to escort this guy out and he simply will not leave. I intend on moving out without telling him where I am going and let him worry about paying the rent for next month but I can't do that right now and I just emailed that old man about potentially meeting up since I am so incredibly broke.
This is a scenario typical of a drug addict but I am not one whatsoever. It's just unbelievable that my "boyfriend" (I have been very much over him for months now but moved to a new state with him and have been somewhat stuck with him as a result since I have no resources or networks here and thought he might come around - THE NUMBER ONE MISTAKE ALL UNHAPPY PEOPLE MAKE WHEN THEY ARE IN RELATIONSHIPS) can have the money to buy pot when he needs it but otherwise refuses to ever pull more than $20 from his cryptocurrency cache when we need it.
I'm by no means looking for a dude to "take care of me" but c'mon! What the fuck kind of relationship is it when you're supporting yourself (barely) AND a dude that thinks it's okay for some old man to play with your breasts for money? Just feeling so frustrated, had to get this off my chest. Short of involving the police (and what coud they honestly do anyway as I don't have a restraining order and since I paid cash to live here month-to-month, there is nothing to verify I am the source of income here?) I do not know what to do or how to handle this situation, except to get out as soon as possible and I don't even know when that would be...
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MIB Files: Knight's Templar

The Knight's Templar is still active, but operates differently than how people think. It never really ended, it just went underground. Most of the visible groups are not the genuine article of the real thing. A lot of them actually just work regular jobs, pretty much anything they can get their hands on and live as frugally as possible foregoing many comforts.
Even if they have a gig working at McDonald's or something and most of their money has gone to rent and food and they literally have pennies left, every extra red cent after that is handed over to the Templars and stored to gather interest. Even pennies on the ground are picked up. People like this are referred to as "Gatherers".
They keep it in physical cash, in banks, digital currency, and even vast vaults of precious metals, and it's stored in different places all over the world. They're behind some, not all, of the tungsten filled gold bars.
They've been sneaking as much gold as they can. They know about the Annunaki and have been gathering gold for wealth purposes, but also specifically for their return, but they're not sure exactly what Annunaki do with it.
They own probably most of the digital currency in the world. Even if it's "owned" by an individual, they are more than likely affiliated with the Templars. They mine the hell out of it. They tap into the electricity grid and bypass meters to steal power to fuel their mining rigs. They're built from scavenged computer parts.
They have some hidden ones all over the place, and even tap into the utilities down in sewers. They do a lot of things to save money and wanted to use sewage for liquid cooling of their rigs, but if they messed it up they would have lost the rig and had a foul smelling mess to clean up.
They pirate a lot of movies and games so they can have some entertainment in order to save money. Some of them do it as a hobby to bring a little joy to the others in their group, and also release it to the rest of the world in torrents. They do a lot of dumpster diving, scavenging of all sorts, and are expert couponers.
Lots of can recycling as well. They used to gather up cans and bottles from the areas surrounding Michigan, but a lot of people were getting in on that and the areas around it started getting bare. After a while the fuel cost for transport started not being worth it.
They do a lot of Ebay, Craigslist, car, and real estate flipping. They've been known to sabotage properties and whole neighborhoods to decrease property value then buy them at a cheaper price, fix them back up again, then sell them. A few properties have been done like this multiple times.
Some of the gathering of wealth is done by criminal activity. It involves things where people won't get hurt, like cigarette smuggling, and selling counterfeit goods. Some of the smash and grabs of jewelry stores are them. That type of thing is covered by insurance, so they see no harm done. Other things are specifically insurance fraud, but "good luck proving anything". They've gotten exceedingly efficient at it.
They've robbed their own stores before. Another thing they've done is had their own real estate appraiser to artificially inflate the value of properties then intentionally burn them down and collect a big profit from the insurance payout. They've kept valuable coins, bars, and artwork in private residences which they insured, then had one of their own "burglarize" the place and collect insurance for it.
They also just rob criminals who have just robbed others. Sometimes they give it back to the victim if they can find them, but don't go out of their way investigating things. Some have intentionally gone to prison to make money on the economy in there.
They're trying to cool it on the more unethical practices though and it's just something they've gotten carried away with. They used to follow the 10 commandments to a T, but started getting loose with it over the centuries as long as it involved gathering wealth.
At times things have been taken too far and have made the news before and there was collateral damage, but they try the best they can to keep the unethical activity within their group and just exploit the system. They've been doing this a long time and they've become a bit out of touch from society even though they've also been walking among everyone else.
Some of them are so hardcore that all they do is work multiple jobs and have no hobbies other than work. Some of them work themselves too hard or get injured and they start using drugs to keep them going. It keeps them going for a little while longer, but it has a detrimental effect in the long run. Some get hooked and can't stop, then feel the guilt about the money that they should be saving going towards their addiction instead of "back home".
They try to eat just basic but healthy food, and sometimes splurge on some dollar menu, but feel guilty about that too. They're allowed some minor comforts like this to keep up morale, but the guilt gets to them later because of the way they were raised.
They have different people within their group. There's military, intelligence, scribes, scientists, engineers, doctors. There are people who live full time in underground facilities. There are some who do about 50/50, and others who live full time on the outside. They refer to the surface as the "outs" just like prison slang. Anyone who takes up work involving going on the outside undergoes combat training.
The underground facilities are built circular like a ring within a ring reminiscent a bull's-eye. There's Faraday shielding all around it and hardened for EMP. Living quarters are the outside ring. The first inner ring is where they do their farming. The food isn't anything special, just basic organically grown stuff. Whatever isn't grown is bought in bulk in vast quantities. Lots of stored food in huge warehouses.
The "dot" at the center is their armor and military stuff. There's an elevator which goes down and that's where all their research and development is. They have archives down there too. Lots of ancient documents and scrolls. Mostly religious related.
Their military typically wears Urban Camo pattern. Their weapons are just regular guns, but usually the best the outside has to offer. They make some of their own, but it's usually just mixed parts and slight improvements on what's already been made. They do have better ammunition though, which is what they tend to focus on.
One thing they have is plastic explosive instead of gunpowder and striking the primer produces something like piezoelectric charge which detonates it. It has a higher muzzle velocity around double what conventional ammo has and they also have armor piercing bullets. There's no hiding behind cover with this stuff. They've experimented with Teflon coating them and supposedly have something better than Teflon, but that was a while ago.
They have something like "Power Armor" that they refer to as "Exosuits". It looks a lot like the Cyborg Ninja suit from Metal Gear Solid 2, only it has an inch thick ballistic glass lens for the eyes in a cross shape. No swords.
It's in the black and grey colors like Urban Camo. It's slim enough to be worn under clothes if you buy them a large enough size. It's a one piece armored suit that augments strength and speed. It's quiet enough to walk around without anyone noticing, but you can hear the motors if you put your ear up to them or have a sensitive enough microphone.
The suit can pressurize itself for either high g-forces in aircraft, or for stopping blood flow in case a projectile made its way thought. It can have movements programmed in as presets, like a higher and more efficient jump. It can also help steady aim from recoil of firearms.
The joints are flexible material. It has built in fully automatic guns and mini explosive homing rockets. There's a non lethal pneumatic "blast" to knock people down in if it's needed. It has a built in air compressor to recharge it, but it takes a while. There's removable ballistic shields that can attach to the forearms.
It protects against small arms, fire, and even plasma. The armor is something like a carbon fiber frame with various layers of different materials to protect against different things while still being lightweight. It has built in visual enhancement as well as acoustic amplification. It's also air and water tight and there's also a sonar system, and an integrated rebreather. It specifically built to protect against nuclear, biological, and chemical threats.
It sounds stupid, but it also has rocket boots. It's a single use charge that can get someone over a wall or other obstacle. The whole suit runs on batteries. It has a 12 hour run time with all the systems active. It has a backup hydrogen power cell for emergencies that can be refilled with water if need be. Distilled water is preferable, but tap water will work.
They have their own Navy which includes aircraft and boats. They just take old things like F-16s and B-2 bombers, gut them, and retrofit them with their own technology and are vastly superior to any F-22 or F-35. The boats are pretty much the same way and are stored in cliffs by the coast. They keep the shells this way to that the visual appearance is the same to keep everything else more hidden.
They have a few underground facilities. Most of them are for storing gold and technology. There's a main facility below the equator. Its exact location is classified. These types of facilities are protected by automated turrets and patrolling drones. They kind of look like R2-D2, but not quite. A little more refined.
They have nanotechnology, but don't believe in bio modification like genetic engineering. They practice eugenics and selective breeding. They don't believe in marking their bodies with scarring or tattoos, but some of them do so they can maintain cover in society.
There was some conflict between MIB and the Knight's Templar, but it was due to misunderstanding and compartmentalization. They have advanced technology and this was a part of it. Weapons, armor, anti gravity, etc. Not as good as MIB stuff though.
They don't have time travel, but there was an attempt at utilizing it for manipulating digital currency, specifically bitcoin to make more money. They believe this is what got the MIB on their back and raided. They describe it like a SWAT team on steroids. They have technology and intelligence gathering and still didn't see us coming.
They figured the MIB raid was about confiscation. Some people died, but everything got cleared up. Someone gave them some intel that if they literally just set their weapons down the conflict would stop without getting fired upon anymore and it went exactly that way. They're not sure where that intel came from.
They have their own intelligence gathering like CIA, and also take part in assassination. It's mainly about protecting the technology and wealth by any means necessary. The technology is more about protecting the wealth, and the research they put into the weaponry was to protect it even from the governments if they needed to. They weren't going to take the chance of being wiped out and having the wealth taken again.
They do some work loosely with the Vatican, but it's mostly religion related. They do believe in a supernatural God and Christ, but they also acknowledge a science based element to it all. They follow the Ten Commandments and a lot of the old scripture, but adapt to life on the outside. They tend to not curse and use foul language unless they're trying to blend in.
They live a lot like ultra conservative orthodox Catholics, but try to blend in on the surface as much as possible. So much so that something like doggy style sex would be considered kink to them. For them, sex is only for the purpose of procreation and that's it. There's no sex out of wedlock. When people who have been working on the outside come back they sometimes get scolded as being degenerates. Not always seriously.
A life of frugality sounds pretty hard, but they're raised this way their whole life with their parents and their parent's parents living like this going back generations. Small bits of joy and splurging go a long way. They used to live their lives more out of balance with no splurging or entertainment whatsoever, only wealth gathering, but take a more balanced approach these days.
The balanced approach has increased wealth generation by about 10% over a couple decades. That doesn't sound like much, but they track everything down to the smallest hundredth decimal and this is a big change for them. By allowing them to spend more money, they've had the effect of making more money. It's proven that happy workers are more productive works.
The rumors of them having artifacts they've been holding onto are true. The "Holy Grail", "Spear of Destiny", and a "Piece of the Holy Cross". This is something that's compartmentalized even from most of them, but one thing about it is those whom know about these artifacts are sure that they're not literal and are more than likely just codenames for something else. What exactly they are is unknown at this time, but the one constant is that they're ancient.
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I believe there is a colt of some sort following me and my babymama has something to dowith it all

Well ive been dealing with this for a year now and it has really fucked up my life. I found out my babymama was cheating on me so i did what anyone would do and tell her family well it started getting weird but let me backtrack befor that part me and her was on youtube and i youtubed her gmail name and there was a bunch of videos posted on it like minecraft videos and abunch of videos with some muslims And aribic writing so i asked her ab9ut it and she had no explanation on how that happened or why they were posted by her so i was like ok so i tryed to find out i went to tor browser and found an anon chat site and just for the fuck of it i tried what she would use as her username and the passw9rd she use and fucking weirdest shit happened it logged on she had only one person on there his user name was a type of wine pinot and so i asked her about it and again she denied it said i dont even noe wat tor is or anyof that stuffs so im like wtf ok sure so in the past i use to google names for fun n when i google hers it would accuratly show me about her like grad info etc now this day n age since that stuff happened now a like 30000 diffent people apear with her name and if i keep going some pages are encrypted by bitcoins or some shit idk tech stuff n it be in arabic or russian also after that stuff i had screenshots saved of all the texts she was sending guys and shit sent to my gmail a month later my gmail has been deleted im like wtf i tried to contact google they said i closed the account a day before so im like wtf really also after allthat shit it was weird i would start looking on craigslist from time to time found some posts she posted when i confronted her with her family there my phone android mannager factory reset and made me look like an ass then i would go to places like bus stop, restaurant , store etc n these same people i never met before started reoccurringly appearing where i went i went to places i knew for a fact are never populated and people would be there id go to a st that was a dead end to try n think my thinking spot in the past nobody ever went there ive went there a week straight for a few hrs each dayy never once did a car ever show n now it was like 5 6 7 cars all of a sudden would drave down the dead end utyrn and drive back up then on the bus people started mimmicing my body language and how i walked noises i made or things i did also i started writing lc plates down and weiest thing is ive seen the same plates ive written to be on other cars on a diffrent car then what i wrote it to had been on every situation id tell why are you doing this she swares she is not the one who is doing it with the most unsinsear tone of voice but id tell her and then the same type of cars as befor but with either the troll face as a dealershop paper lc plate or a smilyface with a mustache like wtf then my phone starts like pullung drop bar down opening apps i dodnt open only when she was around it made alot of term oil in my life my family thinks i made it all up and they on her side like your crazy she never cheated u made it all up it was all the drugs u use to do butfunnyest thing is befor any of this i would get blitzed and never 1nce had a delusion or a single hallucination and id go online and not beable to be comfortable feeling as if my network was comprimised also when all this started we got new beighbors 3 houses down wgen i moved out a forsale sigh got put up 4 months later i move back in and some one buys the hoyse a week later idk whats going on
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Now Is Our Time Fellow Shibes!

Now is the time for Doge to take over as the #1 crypto. Bitcoin is crashing hard? Why? Because people are dishonest. People tried using it for drugs on Silk road and that got punished. Mt Gox doesn't know how to do anything apparently, so they got burned, but they weren't honest about it.
So here's what I say.
Doge is based off different values; sharing, caring, tipping, honesty, helping, charity etc. Let's continue to build our community by getting the word out, by tipping, and by sharing with everyone. Let's get businesses started, get existing places willing to accept doges, and in general spread the word. Invite your friends, show them how to get started, give them a few doge in a new wallet.
Get on places like Vault of Satoshi and buy more doges, yes giving all that info is scary, but having the ability to buy doge directly is huge. If you've got stuff you want to sell on craigslist, say you'll accept dogecoins for it. If you are buying stuff on craigslist see if they'll take dogecoins for it. Get the word out.
Remember if you share with 2 people and those 2 people share with 2 more people each there's now 7 people involved. Extrapolate that and your talking hundreds and thousands reached very easily. Encourage the devShibe's who are working on integrating with Facebook, SMS, Youtube by using their services. Buy things, even if it's with FIAT, as long as it's doge related. Hopefully the person you are buying from has a way to convert their FIAT to doge to make it grow.
Also, keep on mining so our transactions stay fast and so new coins continue to move into the ecosystem.
Welp, that's all I've got for now, TO THE MOON!
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[Table] AMA: I'm an 18 year old and I just made my first million

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Date: 2014-04-08
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Questions Answers
Where do you find your treasure? Do you go American pickers style to houses/yard sales/flea markets? You've made a mill doing this? Props brother! Yep, 1 million in 9 months, however, there was a bit of luck in it.
For the most part I would do exactly like American pickers and go to yard sales/the salvation army or even use Kijiji, i'd look for stuff that I could easily make money on (Best trick is to look for something you can double your money on), so for example: I would find an old fish tank, buy it for 30$, clean it, sell it for 60-80$.
I was doing this near 24/7, antiques aren't as profitable so eventually I moved onto paintings and misc items (Ex. furniture) although antiques played a crucial role.
Most notable items? 1859 brass coin - sold for 20k.
Picasso painting - Sold to private collector for 355k.
Those are the two biggest items I have sold, basically just pure luck, everything else I have sold has been below 2k.
You found a picasso? Whats the story on that find? Do you have a photo of the painting? I bought it at a police auction for 600$, and of course I have a photo! I'll upload it later tonight when I get back home to my laptop.
Who the hell just finds a freaking Picasso? Or a coin worth 20k, for that matter... And then how did you make another 600k? Do you know a lot about antiques/art/etc.? Did you work very long hours? Where do you live, that has so many antiquity sales going on? How did you start learning about all of this, and get to the point that you can buy someone and guess that it'll end up costing double what you bought it for? Have your parents helped/supported you in any way, during all of this? Have they asked you for any money, or have you considered giving them any? The other 600k was made right after the Picasso was found, since I now had 355k laying around I could buy more stuff, and as long as I doubled my money on that stuff, I hit 1 million in no time. But since it was 355k I could buy more expensive items (Ex. if I bought something for 400$ and sold it for 800$, I am that much closer)
I started learning about it from my family as thats what my grandfather does (He's a bit of a collector), but I got pretty good at guessing whether something will double my money or not by looking at the condition of the item, and then looking at other prices it has sold for on the internet -My parents havn't helped me at all, and havnt asked for any money, they are well off but if they asked I would give them some.
You actually found a Picasso in a yard sale in the middle of Canada? It was a police auction.
Tell us the story. Found anything you wanted to keep but didn't just for the sake of bussiness. I wanted to keep a couple of the paintings that I sold.
The capital? So Ottawa? What's the furthest you've traveled for a sale? Yep, furthest I went was Ottawa, unless you count that Picasso painting where I personally delivered it to the buyer in LA.
17 year old millionaire goes on a road trip with a very expensive Picasso painting from Canada to LA. Throw in some mushrooms or something and you could make your next million by selling the movie rights for that to Seth Rogen. Dibs on a executive producer credit. Lol, I didnt put it in the back of my car, the buyer had a police escort bring it from the border, I basically just tagged along.
How did you find the picasso? And what did you initially pay for it? You said you sold it for 335k. But i wanna lnow the profit of it to you. I paid 600$ for it at a local police auction, they had no idea what they even had.
Who says drug pushers cant have nice things?
When you buy stuff, how do you if you should buy it? How do you appraise it? In the US, most people selling stuff that might be valuable usually checked the internet and usually think their stuff in the condition they have it is worth top end money. For example, how did the 20K coin deal happen? How did you find it, how much did you pay for it, and were you afraid that you paid too much? Ex. when some people go to thrift stores they walk around with the item and scratch off the price sticker so that when they get to the cash, the clerks dont know how much they had it priced for, might get a better deal.
things that are not easy to google are also not easy for you to value on the go on your smartphone when you see the item... And for the coin, I basically just found that in a jar full of old coins that I bought for a couple hundred. it was a pretty big risk, but they were all old 1900s coins so I wasnt too sure. Thankfully the coin was in (What is known as) "fine" condition.
I mostly looked for simple items that I know people would buy (Ex. if it looks like it would be a great display piece, someone will buy it). if the price seemed a bit high, I would try and get it lowered If not, I'd just stick with stuff that I know I could sell for sure, but I took some risks with the pricing quite often though.
Ah, you got lucky. You also had a good eye, but that find was mostly luck. Probably not, that extra 355k allowed me to buy so many more items than before, I was able to buy so many more items that I could double my money on, skyrocketing my profit.
I don't mean to diminish what you've done, but let me ask you something: Without that find--without the money that came from that find--do you think you still would have been as successful? I'd probably be around 300-400k at this point, but even then.
Your experience dealing with other people. Do you take anyone with you when you go? Also if some of these (or all of these questions) have been answered, could you link one in the comment? Customers are usually pretty nice, I dealt with more "classy" people who actually follow through with the deals. (The less "Favorable" people don't want to buy paintings or artillery crates). but obviously some people are "no-shows". One of the reasons why I prefer to have people come to me to buy it, that way if they dont show up, its their loss and I didn't make any effort to go to some sort of fake address.
I take my girlfriend quite often when she is not busy with school.
How did you start this whole endeavor? What were the first couple items you started buying and selling? And how long did it take for you to reach 1k, 10k, or 100k, before the painting? Also, any college plans now Mr. Millionaire? 1k happened within a week, I originally started with 700$ or so, so it was a pretty good foot in the door, and then as I started to get more money the milestones just kept coming faster and faster.
I bought the painting when I had around 75k or so.
My college plans are pretty simple, I am going into "Pre-service firefighter training". I might also spend some of my money on some investment opportunities to broaden my options. (Im a big fan of fitness so I always liked the idea of my own gym, but who knows!)
Will you let it collect interest or will you look into investing it into sure things like mutual funds, google or microsoft? Mix of both, however, I'd rather invest into more physical assets than stuff like google or microsoft.
By that I mean, id rather own a whole business (Ex. I mentioned before I always wanted to have my own gym) and then once I pay it off, everything after is pure profit, sure its risky and might not work, but if I didnt take risks I wouldnt have a million in my bank account after only 9 months.
I almost asked why your computer's date was set for the fourth of July in the future, then I realized that it's set to yesterday's date. Oh Canada. I'd rather torch biebers old house lmao.
As for my question; now that you've got money do you plan on doing anything fun with some of it? Travel? Buy an outlandish car? Buy Justin Bieber's childhood home? But if I were to buy a car it would be a Lamborghini, not now, but in the future when the Aventador isnt so expensive.
Toe est quebecois? I dont speak french :(
Where do you do most of your selling? Craigslist? Ebay? Elsewhere? Kijiji (My local version of craigslist)
What objects/stuff did you find most profitable to buy cheap and sell for more? What was your best sell (compared to buying price)? And how often did you do bad investments (if you did)? Damn, I wish I had your initiative man. Anything that had history to it was easy to sell (Ex. I once bought a WWII ammo box and sold it within 2 hours)
Sometimes I'd be a bit unsavory and make up some back story to help push a sale.
And I never really had any bad investments because I either still have the item or sold it for just a little bit more than I paid (if I was dumb enough to buy something that couldn't make me a ton of profit, someone else would too)
I'm 21 and trying to raise 7000 to go to a tech school here in the states. I've thought about doing this as a sort of pipe dream. What capital did you have to start with, and what would you recommend flipping that I could do on the side? I started with around 700$ or so, I recommend that you start with small stuff, that you know is a sure thing, ex. go to your local thrift shop and buy a bunch of stuff that you know you can double your money on.
Ex. When I first started, I bought a vase for 5$, sold it for 20$, it may not seem like much but I quadrupled my money on it, extra 15$ to buy another, more expensive item, or more lower priced items.
Then after, just sell it online, I dont know if the US has a system similar to us here in Canada (Kijiji) or if its just ebay and craigslist. But either way, it'll be your most useful tool.
Hey, can you buy me an Xbox One? Nah, PS4 is better.
Not to call bullshit on you, but plenty of redditor frauds have been caught not doing it for the karma. Have you any other proof? Sure, what other kind of proof would you like? I have no idea what else I can use as proof though.
I demand one of those pictures of you on a bed with a bunch of cash, maybe some guns and gold chains. Oh and 100,000 dollars in bitcoins. You can PM me for my wallet. Ill give it back after. Going to be honest, I actually did take one of those photos back when I sold that painting, I'd post it but I sent it to my girlfriend (hint, wink)
What do you want to do with your life? And how do you hope to spend your money? I might just have to start looking through yard sells now haha, I'd kill for that kinda cash! Edit: I just noticed everyone's asking you to buy stuff haha, sorry man ): good thing you used a throwaway! I want to be a firefighter. And for the money, Im just going to keep it for now, think about what I want to do.
As a college grad, why go to college? You seem to have some pretty good life and trade skills already. Please don't tell me you want to get a business degree. Nope, im more interested in Pre-Service Firefighter Training, its only 1 year, but who knows what I will do after.
I'm beyond jealous, wow. 17 years old and I've never even dreamed of having that much money, it's never seemed remotely possible to me. Good for you, that must be a fantastic feeling. What do you plan on doing with it? Dude, if I can do it, you can too! Sure I may have had some extremely good luck, but even if I didnt, id still have alot.
I started when I was 17 and a half and now im 18 and have a million.
You don't know how great it felt to deposit that last bit into my account and see it jump form 6 figures, to 7... but if you try your hardest, put in the effort, you might know that feeling. Anything is possible and this is proof, you can do it!
What makes you think this is only your first million? I doubt ill be putting that much effort into it in the future (As I will be in college), but you can do alot of stuff with a million dollars, so who knows.
I imagine you are being careful with the money until you know what you want to do with it. But do you notice your sudden fortune changing your lifestyle at all? Not really, I am still extremely frugal and look for deals in the flyers and what not.
If you made $1M in 10 months why not do this for 10 more years and retire. Finding a job that pays you $1.2M per year is impossible outside the financial sector. Well as I mentioned in another comment, this was pretty much just pure luck, I came across a painting that I thought looked pretty unique (And had a signature) so I had it appraised and the next thing I know Im almost halfway there.
Had it not been for that painting I would be nowhere near a millionaire yet, since most of the stuff I sell is below 1k.
I'd love to do it as a full-time job but its not what I want to do in life + the business is unpredictable and im not always going to be selling 1k items.
My husband and I are sitting on an early painting done by Jackson Pollock that his grandfather gave to us. We can't afford to get it appraised though... whenever someone sees the signature they suddenly want 5,000 at the least to do the work. Just keep looking around for a really cheap appraisal, that 5000$ might be nothing compared to what its worth.
It takes 5 seconds and really basic HTML knowledge to be able to edit this in the browser.. EDIT: Oh look, I'm suddenly a billionaire.. I just sold 100 picassos.. AMA. You have a good point, but what would be the point in me doing this on a throwaway in a self-post?
At 25 years old with a house I own going to shit and regular adult debt: fuck you. Kidding. Congrats but those were my initial thoughts. Best of luck to your continued success. Dont worry, you can change any situation your in.
Also, if there are any "tricks of the trade" you can give, perhaps tips on how to find items, what to look for, what to pass up on, and how to sell, I'd appreciate it.
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[Table] IamA a Senior Account Executive at one of the largest Medical Cannabis companies currently in the industry, ask me and my Cooperate Operating Officer (COO) anything! AUA!

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Date: 2014-02-03
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Questions Answers
Do you get to sample anything, and if you're not allowed, would you like to? Follow up question, what's your preferred intake method, and your favorite strain? We do offer product testing as part of our network services. Everyone in the office has their own preferred products and methods of ingestion but usually we have specific individuals whom handle the product reviews.
I see. As for your personal favorite? My personal favorite is my aaron sokol black art of war mini tube.
When it comes down to the future of cannabis, where do you want to see your company in the next 10 years? Do you see Nationwide name brands like we have cigarette companies? Or do you think it will spark up a large volume of businesses like microbreweries? The laws now are not necessarily reflective of the laws in the future. Once cannabis becomes legal on a federal level state laws will have to change in accordance. I personally believe that depending on the way that the laws themselves are written you might see different "Ages" or "Periods" within the cannabis industry. B.F.L. would example be Before Federally Legal while P.F.L. would be Post Federally Legal, the way business is conducted in either of these 2 times will differ EXTREMELY. I don't want to tell you flat out no in terms of your large company cigarette example but the reality is that it really will come down to the specificity of the laws and whom the government grants growing powers to.
With legalization seemingly just around the corner, how do you feel this will impact the MMJ business? Also, what is your opinion of the actions of the federal government regarding state's rights for medical marijuana? Chances are that even as the industry continues to legalize cannabis for recreational use that more and more starts will start by legalizing cannabis for medical purposes ONLY. We believe that once we see a majority of states legalize medical marijuana (26) that the federal government will intervene and considering testing cannabis and the use it has medically. The hope, will be that the classification will then change from a scheduled 1 drug to a scheduled 2. this will allow larger pharmaceutical companies to then step in, and prove without a shadow of a doubt that marijuana does in fact have medical benefits. Once we see this happen, larger corporations will then start to analyze those different medical components. - John.
Hi, thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. Now lets get to the questions. How profitable is medical cannabis? Is your company a stock company? And if so, how well is the development? Would you say that your business in a strong competition with others on the market or there a dominating company or even a monopoly? Thanks in advance. It is EXTREMELY PROFITABLE, maybe not right now in the immediate present, but its potential is ridiculously high. And now we are a private company.
Depending on the specific domain we do have some competitors, however in others our system and network are truly unique and a first of their kind we believe. (MarijuanaDoctors.com, StrainBrain.com, Cheeba.com being the 3 that come to mind first)
What did you study in college / how did you end up with this job? I am actually currently still in college going for an associates degree in math and science - Jonathan
Where do you see the technology for things like concentrates/BHO/shatter going in the next 15 years? Is there currently any entrepreneurship in that element? I live in Flagstaff, AZ, and we have a guy in town who produces pounds of butter with a machine he made himself - is basement technology like that pretty much the standard? My time on social media has taught me that as of right now there are very small and limited companies producing concentrate equipment. As far as I am aware apart from the major vape pen companies there is no major superstar in that realm of business - Jonathan.
Thanks for taking the time to answer my question Jonathan! But in terms of the actual production of the medicinal product, is much of it done on a small-scale or is there large-scale production machinery? As far as I know that all depends on the growers operation, the reality is that so much cannabis is grown illegally yet sold at legal business that its hard to say. Eventually however grow ops will be extremely large scale, like huge.
Awesome, I really appreciate your answering both of my questions! Have a good day! No problem, the best advice i can give you is to somehow be innovative in the design or ease of use of a particular product. for example, re design a new kind of bhomb tube or something.
What's the strongest strain of weed you've ever seen? Do you smoke weed? If so what's the strongest you've ever smoked? Do you get to keep/buy any of the weed? Do you enjoy your job? Blueberry Haze when I was in Amsterdam last month - Jonathan 2.We dont handle weed directly via our company.
Yes we both enjoy it very much and see a huge potential in what we do.
Do you have any employees that abstain from marijuana? Yes we do, we believe cannabis has legitimate medical value that being said we do not promote its rampant and reckless use by any means
Do you feel marijuana use (off the job) impacts the performance of employees that use marijuana? vs. employees that abstain? How would this compare to an employee that might come into work with a hangover which is legal in all 50 states If someone is hungry they will work hard for it
Are you saying that the use of marijuana is extremely subjective and that such performance evaluations are (and should be) done on a case by case basis because you treat your employees as individuals rather than statistics? hah. Yes.
Are there any difficulties with your company doing business with banks? And will there be any troubles with taxes, etc? We dont handle actual cannabis, we offer business development services in the industry. Ie we make websites and advertising campaigns, we work with physicians, dispensaries, product companies, advocacy groups, we do it all.
Can I have a job? We will be posting our fax number soon, we will be accepting resumes.
You still use faxes? Wouldn't an email address be more useful? Believe it or not a lot of companies we deal with use it so we have to. i posted my work email you can send your resume to that.
How do you feel about GMO in regards to cannabis? It depends, are you speaking about using GMOs to alter the components of cannabis on a medical level? Because if so we feel that the studies would need to be done by pharmaceutical companies to better understand the relationships of GMOs and cannabis. One would assume/hope that an individual is not consuming as much cannabis as they are food/legitimate nutrients so we are still personally interested to see the possibilities of GMOs but only with further study.
What exactly does your company do with the marijuana you get? (Is it already dried and trimmed or do you guys have to do that?) And what is the process of what you guys do there with the marijuana? We dont actually process the physical cannabis, we offer business services to business and doctors within the industry. We are heavily involved in any aspect of this industry and if you name it, we probably have a website or a department that will handle it.
How do i get a job in sales with you? Seriously. I have sales training, tons of sales classes under my belt and almost a year of business to business sales experience. MMJ is huge and legalized is gonna be even huger, and I want to get in now. Please PM me with any contacts or leads? <3. Send me an email and ill speak to our CEO.
[email protected].
Hi, I have recently become interested (and invested) in Bitcoin and Alt-coins such as Potcoin. I hope that these new technologies can facilitate payments with credit cards in dispensaries without fear of legal reprisal. What are your thoughts on the uses for these new currencies in the legal marijuana industry? While our industry is still limited we think its great that alternate currency are possibly going to be accepted so that patients can obtain medicine in legal states. In preparation for this, we will be launching a brand new version of our website www.PotLocator.com which will not only accept alternative forms of currency such as BitCoin but PotCoin as well. For more info I would actually recommend that you visit potcoin.info
Where do you think we are heading in terms of legalization? Do you think the momentum behind the legalization in Uruguay, Washington and Colorado will help to push the cause around the rest of the world? I had to ask my CEO for his thoughts on this one and here is a summary of what he said -
Being a UK Ent it feels like we still have to far to go in regards to changing public opinion on the subject. Would you have plans to expand to foreign countries should the market be there? Just like alcohol prohibition the scheduling of cannabis needs to change. once that happens it opens the door for legitimate pharmaceutical companies to begin EXTENSIVE testing into cannabis' uses. I fully believe that the next president, regardless of party will essentially have no choice but to make marijuana legal. I believe that it will eventually become a prescribed medicine and remain in the same classification of drugs as xanax or vicodin. The reality is that recreational legalization is a unlikely and on the small chance it does occur, would only come AFTER AN EXTENDED period of it being a schedule 2 drug.
Any companies that deal with cannabis nowadays would probably be seen as hip by the general public. Are you personally concerned that one day the cannabis industry will become another big corporation with lobbyists and interest in public policing? We personally are not worried about it becoming big business as we hope to be on the innovative edge of that aspect but we do believe that eventually medical cannabis will be heavily influenced by big business
How do I get a good job in the cannabis job market? (I am attending a university next year) Any tips? I applied to a craigslist add - Jonathan.
How active is the company or it's employees in the legalization process? Do you openly support groups like NORML through monetary means? Cant speak on behalf of everyone else but we have made monetary contributions in the past - Jonathan.
If weed were to be legalized across the state/world what would you like/think the price for weed would be? With full legalization do you think we would see lower prices or staying the same? It would depend on the factors of production my good man
Have you had to deal with the DEA any? Any raids or stuff like that? Nope. We dont handle cannabis directly.
So I am from a non medical state. I am interested in getting into the business once my state allows it. What advice would you give to someone trying to find a job in this field? What is the best part about your job? Be prepared to spend money on a very good attorney. The people who are most informed about the law will be the ones who benefit fastes.
Thank you for the response. Follow up, do a lot of your clients end up in sticky situations with the law? Not to our knowledge
As the movement for legal cannabis gets stronger, how has your business changed from its infancy to today, where it is getting more and more legitimate on a daily basis it seems? We are actually moving into a bigger office which is always good. And also the types of people you see come into the office, when I first got hired I was somewhat in shock, then I got used to seeing real legit doctors and attorneys and businessmen come into our office, thats when I realized this was completely for real and going to be huge - Jonathan.
Do you think recreational legalization is helping or hindering the medical culture? Neither, it is simply a stage the industry most pass through on the way to federal medical legalization, as weve stated we dont believe it will become recreational on a federal level
May I also have a job? Young Veteran who knows a thing or two about the subject. We will be posting our fax number soon we will be taking resumes
Which is the next drug you believe will be legalized? And why? We focus solely on the medical use of cannabis, we like to refer to it as an "exit drug" to many of our patients who have sadly not been helped or limited to traditional pharmaceuticals
Do you guys work with companies such as Refine Seattle? Or do you stick strictly to cannabis buds and stay clear of BHO/nBHO? Another question, I'm currently a 17 year old student in college majoring in business management and botany. Do you think I'll have a good chance getting into the field you're in with these majors? Also, did you do any illegal ops before you moved on to legal work? Currently we do not work with them but we would if the situation ever arose.
I have a medical condition that I know qualifies for marijuana in my state (NJ) but I can't find a doctor who is willing to recommend it for me, can you help me? Our biggest website www.MarijuanaDoctors.com is aimed at aiding patients such as yourself for just this reason. Our owner created the Medical Cannabis Network after his sister sadly lost her life to cancer at a very young age and he was inspired to explore alternative methods of treatment. I would recommend checkout out the following website and seeing if that can help you at all.
Link to www.marijuanadoctors.com
What was your motivation to create this company? Our COO unfortunatley lost his sister due to cancer at a young age, this prompted him to dive into researching alternative methods of treatment and eventually he discovered the Rick Simpson case, this inspired him to pack up and move to California on a whim so that he could become more directly involved with aiding patients and assisting in the acceptance of the industry. www.MarijuanaDoctors.com and www.420Petition.com are some of the domains that reflect and work heavily toward those goals.
With a lot of people wanting to get into the industry what is most important for applicants to have, other than previous experience? As someone who just recently joined the company I feel that being a good people person, quick thinking, and adaptable were what helped me attain a position with the Medical Cannabis Network. I can certainly tell you that my education is no better or that I am no smarter than many of the people on reddit, I was blessed with a great opportunity at a great company - Jonathan
As someone who is looking to start working in the recreational cannabis industry within the next several years (after I graduate), what can I start doing now to get my foot in the door? We at MCN do not believe that the future of nationally legal cannabis lies in its recreational legalization but rather in its medical legalization. Once cannabis becomes a schedule 2 drug it will be controlled in a manner similar to Xanax and Vicodin
Fair enough. Thanks for the thorough answer! Not a problem! We felt it was important to speak as directly with the reddit community as our time lurking here has taught us that redditors and Ents in general are quite intelligent and can be extremely thought and idea provoking. Tough questions in the long run just make us better by forcing us to either know the answers or admit we dont and step up so it doesnt happen again.
You mentioned you work on the east coast. In most east coast states marijuana hasn't been legalized for medicinal use yet. If you're in one of those states what is it like working in a state that looks down upon your business? How do you see the east coast progressing in the next few years in their reform of marijuana laws? We believe that the next presidential election will be the main factor in bringing about nation wide legalization of any kind, we personally feel that it will remain medical for quite some time.
Do you guys have any affiliation with research on cannabis for medicinal use? If not, do you happen to have any sources where I could find out more about it? Thanks Our website www.marijuanadoctors.com is what we believe a good site to start any potential research you may wish to begin
Are there people that work at your business, or in the marijuana business in general, that don't smoke? Or is everyone there pretty much a smoker? Many people choose not to be users either medically or for recreation
Does your company have problems when dealing with Corporate Banking? Considering that Banks need to follow federal laws and cannabis is still outlawed federally? We dont physically handle cannabis so no that is not a problem for us.
What is the average wage of a vendor at your dispensary? and what is your favorite way of consuming cannabis? We are not a dispensary
Are you guys in the stock market and if so, has it boomed? No we currently are not a public company, in our infancy we used to be public but due to the nature of the industry at the time we felt it was inappropriate. We have since reverted back to being privately owned.
Application?! I will be posting our fax number soon so anybody who wants to send in a resume can do so. we are actually going to offer paid and unpaid internships as a result of the interest we have gotten from this AMA.
How do your parents/ friends view your decision to get involved in the industry? They know we are hardworking and understand the legitimacy of what we do. They are extremely supportive. Especialy we dont break any laws.
As an Ent in a state that is working to legalize (Maine) what can I do now to prepare for that in terms of starting my own marijuana-related business? Make sure you familiarize your self with your states laws and also contact a good attorney who can help you file all your paperwork.
Do you see companies in the future adding chemicals to the buds for a more cost-effective, faster output of their product, much like big tobacco companies did? It is certainly a possibility, however we cant directly speculate as to the future intents of possible growers.
Aren't you worried about the feds busting you? We dont do anything illegal, so no we are not.
Can you tell us how frequently you encounter prejudiced opinions people have about your line of business (i.e. people who don't realise that this is a legitimate medical product). This business has the Howard Stern effect, those who know the least speak the loudest and in turn help to educate more people who in turn become patients or clients themselves. We find that the prejudices have become less and less everyday as our industry becomes more mainstream and spoken about.
From your perspective how long do you think it will take a state from the east coast to legalize it... I am from New England and anywhere in New England would be great because it's not to far away We dont see recreational legalization as a viable reality in the future for the east coast.
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