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CryptoLark interviews CEO, Pierre Noizat! - Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange ICO

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Should money remain in the hands of states? From Bitcoin to Stablecoins and Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Next Wednesday, the 11th of March, a debate will take place at the french Science po university concerning the evolution of the cryptocurrencies (especially the Bitcoin) and the power they now hold.
Unfortunately, i don't think all of you will be able to come, but what do you think of the matter ? Should the money stay in the sole hands of the state ? Should the power over it be shared ? What of the regulation ? What is your opinion on the way countries reigned over money for the past centuries ?
Will Bitcoin break the hegemony of the state over the wealth ?
And for those interested, the participants will be :
Arnaud Delaunay Head of Banking services and means of payment at the French Treasury
Pierre Noizat CEO and Co-Founder of Paymium &, author of Bitcoin, mode d’emploi
Christian Pfister Advisor to DG Financial Stability and Operations at the Banque de France, Central Bank Digital Currency taskforce lead, lecturer at Sciences Po and Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne
Arthur Breitman Co-founder of Tezos (via video conference)
Moderated by Yorick de Mombynes Cour des Comptes, Sapiens Institute's “Bitcoin, Totem and Taboo” report co-author
The debate is free to spectate, you just need to sign up here if you can actually make it there : https://www.eventbrite.fe/billets-should-money-remain-in-the-hands-of-states-from-bitcoin-to-stablecoins-and-central-bank-digital-97740403177
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Stop Bank Hypocrisy Over Bitcoin

Stop Bank Hypocrisy Over Bitcoin
All is said
Our founder, Pierre Noizat, wrote recently an article for Maddyness on how banks undermine the progress of the cryptocurrency community, and we finally translated it !
You can read the full article here !
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Very interesting project. Their team is hyper strong, Pierre Noizat is pretty known in France and he was interviewed a few times on french TV if I'm not mistaken. He's also the CEO of Paymium which is a well-known and reputed Bitcoin exchange. I enjoyed this project. I hope the project will develop well and will be on the moon. Good luck to your team. I will support the project wholeheartedly
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The Internet as we know it is great for collaboration and communication, but is deeply flawed when it comes to commerce and privacy. The new blockchain technology facilitates peer-to-peer transactions without any intermediary such as a bank or governing body. Keeping the user’s information anonymous, the blockchain validates and keeps a permanent public record of all transactions.
That means that your personal information is private and secure, while all activity is transparent and incorruptible—reconciled by mass collaboration and stored in code on a digital ledger. With its advent, we will not need to trust each other in the traditional sense, because trust is built into the system itself.
In this context, Pierre Noizat founder and CEO of Paymium, A company he co-founded in 2011 as one of the first bitcoin exchanges in the world, will launch in 4th semester 2018 a new decentralized settlement exchange platform « ». based on Paymiums proven security and technological record. A high level of digital asset protection and safe record of transactions and built on fair exchange protocols enabling cryptocurrency atomic swaps to mitigate counterpart risk and allow the coin owners to keep a total control on their assets.
At this stage, we can list some benefits linked to :
- Ultra secure and non custodiable,
- Fully compliant & transparent,
- Reliable infrastruture,
- Institutionnal ICO and token listing,
- Select digital currencies,
- Prop and peer to peer lending.
The trading platform has been designed and will be operated with a focus on security, reliability and transparency. No doubt, it will be the leader in the european cryptocurrencies exchange market.
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The future of Bitcoin perceived by French

As Bitcoin has experienced ups and downs in recent days, we waited for a lull to offer a new press review on the digital currency that shook global banking institutions. The Bitcoin is currently at 875 USD against 1087 USD on November 29.
Corner Cassandras:
" Did you know? Bitcoin will disappear ... « (
" It is therefore quite logical to infer that when central banks hiss the end of the recess, the Bitcoin become overnight» inconvertible ". In other words, those who will hold their eyes to cry. At best, they can continue to play the market by deciding them that their money is for their trade. But it will be in inconvertible currencies other traditional. "
Reviewed by E & D should learn that the predictions are almost all false , as well Nassim Taleb demonstrated Nicolas in Black Swan . Bitcoin is a black swan, nobody saw it coming, and certainly not Nothing can stop people to exchange Bitcoin against the euro, platforms already exist for it.
«Apple depreciates the Bitcoin on the App Store" (Igen)
IM Glyph [1.85 - U.S. - Free - Glyph, Inc.] is no longer possible to send Bitcoin. Apple has asked its developers to remove this function if they still wanted to see included their application on the App Store. What they did with bitterness as they explain in a long post an update on Apple's policy about Bitcoin. "
Reviewed by E & D: no wonder that behemoth like Apple is not leading in the Bitcoin is rather to his challengers to compete through the use of this money ... In any case Google uses instant Bitcoin : "Google is just the opposite . Google Play hosts many applications capable of generating Bitcoin and exchange. «Bitcoin is a technological achievement. But I do not know if in the end it will be legal, "said Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google. Until its legality or illegality is it’s engraved in the legislation, the Mountain View Company therefore authorizes its use. On the App Store, do not expect that the Bitcoin one day become commonplace. "
" The Bank of France is the Bitcoin pieces « (Liberation)
"This is the price of success: booming virtual currencies now attracting the attention of very serious financial institutions. And judgment may be severe. This Thursday is the Bank of France who spends a note to the "dangers" associated with the largest of these digital currencies, the Bitcoin. Verdict: it «has little or no interest for use by economic actors, beyond the marketing and advertising aspects, while exposing them to significant risk «. »
Reviewed by E & D recall that the Bank of France offers its employees the 15th month, on public money. They are therefore best placed to lecture ...
The most optimistic:
" But why the Chinese are crazy about Bitcoin? » (The Tribune)
" The Bitcoin a huge success with Chinese speculators, which exacerbate the volatility of virtual currency and seem hardly deterred by the recent warning from the authorities. [...] A perspective that does not seem to deter Chinese investors, for whom the alternatives are few: restrictions on property purchases are increasingly strict, Chinese Scholarships generate only meager profits and banks offering laughable interest rates, while the authorities closely monitor capital flows out of China. "
And balanced :
" Bitcoin : Chinese investors resist their central bank" (BFM TV)
" The Bitcoin traded at more than 900 dollars, Tuesday, Dec. 10 , after a fall of 30% of its value at the end of the week. Some companies have decided to refuse the money, but investors are not discouraged. [...] The Chinese became the first buyers of the currency, which eliminates the need for the banking system, monitored by the government. In October, boosted by purchases from China, the price of the currency had risen from 200 USD to 1,000 USD. But the anonymity of users might not last: the central bank also announced plans for mandatory identification of buyers BTC China, the world's most popular trading platform. "
" Leweb13: what future for Bitcoin and virtual currencies? » ( BFMTV / LeWeb )
" A few months still only insiders had heard of Bitcoin. Virtual currency now has its marketplaces and e- shops where to buy real products. The phenomenon is so widespread that the Bank of France has split it a few days ago a note, calling Bitcoin «some financial risk." Pierre Noizat , specialist that currency and author of «Bitcoin book," meanwhile sees an "alternative to the monopoly of Visa and MasterCard '," a militant act «. "
" The banned Bitcoin Baidu loses 54 % of its value " ( Forex Agony )
" This fall is a new 100% both related to a fundamental phenomenon , the giant Baidu, one of the engines of the most popular search in China and is also side Nasdaq announced that it prohibited the average payment Bitcoin . [...] When one looks at the historical chart of Bitcoin one realizes that despite price falls that may seem dramatic course of Bitcoin has always surpass these events and is clearly upward trend by creating successively new highs. "
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Pierre Noizat : Comment les crypto-monnaies vont changer le monde. @ NewFund Capital Pierre Noizat, Bitcoin Interview With Pierre Noizat of  2018 Bitcoin Ethereum Blockchain Super Conference Lancement de - Pierre Noizat Pierre Noizat from Paymium

All about Pierre Noizat - Biography, Books, Articles, Videos in Central-Banks Economic Blogs Pierre Noizat CEO and Co-Founder of Paymium & Bitcoin entrepreneur Bitcoin & Blockchain expert Author & Speaker Paris 01, Île-de-France, France +500 relations About Paymium Founded in 2011 by Pierre Noizat and Gonzague Grandval, Paymium is the first European platform for buying and exchanging bitcoins against euros, which offers a service in compliance ... Pierre NOIZAT. Follow. Feb 15, 2019 · 6 min read. Alice has x bitcoins and Bob has y litecoins. Assuming that these amounts are roughly of equal value, they would like to conduct an atomic ... Pierre Noizat. 5 ARTICLES 0 Commentaires . Décentralisation, GAFAM et banques. Pierre Noizat-20 septembre 2020 3. Bitcoin et thermodynamique. Pierre Noizat-28 juin 2020 5. Minage et enfumage. Pierre Noizat-5 mai 2019 11. Atomic swaps, un protocole étape par étape . Pierre Noizat-28 février 2019 7. Rapport Landau : la réponse est non mais quelle était la question ...

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Pierre Noizat : Comment les crypto-monnaies vont changer le monde. @ NewFund Capital

Pierre Noizat, Co-founder & COO Paymium, Buy and sell Bitcoin, The European exchange. Compliant: Euro payment accounts held by an approved Payment Institution; and Secure: 100% Cold Storage https ... At the Bitcoin Superconference in Dallas, CEO Money sat down with Pierre Noizat, Founder & CEO of Paymium and Together with Paymium, aims to become the leading ... Pierre Noizat, Bitcoin est intervenu au sein du forum "Tous banquiers !" sur le thème "Vivre la nouvelle industrie". Osons la France, tous visionnaire, le forum-exposition qui a eu lieu du 4 au 7 ... Interview with Pierre Noizat the CEO of This interview was recorded at the 2018 Bitcoin Ethereum Blockchain Super Conference - Produced ... Paymium and Founder and Chief Executive Officer Pierre Noizat is interviewed by the team of Cryptolingo to comment the crypto market and the upcoming launch of