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[ANN] Bitcoin ATM Project: bring ATMs nationwide! & CryptoCoin debit card [ICO] - Bitcointalk Forum Discussion

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Palm scans, unsolicited porno SMSs and ATM attendants chasing off Bitcoin scalpels. A Bitcoin ATM user's experience @ BitcoinTalk

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Bitcoin ATMs spreading very slowly it seems... /

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Why arnt we seeing more bitcoin ATM popping up? /

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Which bitcoin debit card will work in Hong Kong ATM to withdraw HKD ? /

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Looking for Bitcoin ATM advice /

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good movie on how a bitcoin ATM should be /

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Thoughts on Physical Transactions

Was reading this article on physical Bitcoins and it got me thinking...
A lot of people seem to want to be able to associate digital coins to a physical item, that can be exchanged easily in face-to-face purchases. One problem with most of the existing physical coin solutions though is that there's no guarantee that the person giving you the physical coin hasn't copied its secret spendkey already, and won't drain the funds out of the coin as soon as they walk away from you. The key concept I latched onto is this:
Another interesting idea, which has been discussed a few times on Bitcoin Forum (e.g. 1, 2, 3), is that of “hijacking” physical banknotes to carry a value in bitcoin. A physical bill (say a $1 bill) identified by a serial number would be assigned a value in bitcoin (say 0.1 BTC) and used as a physical bitcoin bill, with robust anti-counterfeiting measures automatically provided courtesy of the state.
“I found one of those powerful ideas that are so simple, but so odd at first sight, that can go unnoticed,” said Lerner in his 2013 post, inspired by a Bitcoin Forum discussion. “The idea is that people could use fiat banknotes as a medium to transfer bitcoins, for offline Bitcoin payments.”
Binding a value in bitcoin to the serial number of a banknote, in such a way as to permit the last bearer to redeem it, seems impossible to do in a watertight and decentralized way, but perhaps a central operator could implement a similar scheme.
Lerner’s solution is simpler: “[If] we transfer some BTC to a [unspendable] output which describes the banknote (e.g. country, denomination and serial number), we could bind the BTC to the banknote forever, as long as people believe the banknote represents those ‘destroyed’ BTC,” he said. “[For] the system to work, everyone must agree that those BitBanknotes really hold the BTC value. But you can count on me: I would agree! Why not?”
We could easily apply this concept to Monero. Hash the serial number of a $1 bill (for example - any fiat note would do) to deterministically produce a wallet address. This address would be constructed to have no spendkey, only a viewkey. If you want to spend some Monero in physical shops, first you load up a couple notes by sending XMR to the address of a $1 bill in your pocket. Then you go out into the world and spend the note in an in-person purchase. The vendor accepting your note just scans the bill to get the serial number, hashes it to produce the viewkey, and can immediately confirm whether the claimed XMR value is present. If you load the notes a moderately long time in advance of spending them, then the vendor doesn't even need a live fullnode to verify the balance; maybe a blockchain snapshot from days or weeks earlier will be sufficient. That means notes can be spent and verified even without live mainnet access.
As an optimization, since reading the entire blockchain to find the funds owned by the address could take some time, you could print onto the note a QRcode containing the block ID of the block containing the txn that you loaded the funds with. Then the recipient can just do a single blockchain lookup to verify the funds.
If this form of usage became commonplace, crypto ATMs could be set to accept these bills too, such that depositing into an ATM can credit a wallet with the equivalent amount of normal, spendable electronic XMR.
Just putting this out there, food for thought.
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Monaco (MCO) Raised $26 Million in ICO and Promised to Deliver Crypto Visa Cards, Rebrands Itself to and Then Chain (CRO) After Failing to Deliver Cards
The War On Shitcoins Episode 14: aka Monaco (MCO) & Chain (CRO). The war on shitcoins is a Crypto.IQ series that targets and shoots down cryptocurrencies that are not worth investing in either due to their being scams, having serious design flaws, being centralized, or in general just being worthless copies of other cryptocurrencies. There are thousands of shitcoins that are ruining the markets, and Crypto.IQ intends to expose all of them. The crypto space needs an exorcism, and we are happy to provide it.
Monaco (MCO) launched during the height of the ICO boom in May 2017 and raised 71,392 Ethereum (ETH) worth $26 million at the time. Monaco (MCO) promised to deliver cryptocurrency debit cards, which is essentially a debit card connected to a cryptocurrency wallet. The Founder of Monaco, Kris Marszalek, claimed that there were members on the Monaco (MCO) advisory board from Visa and Amazon Web Services.
If Monaco (MCO) delivered on its promises, it would have been a major step for global cryptocurrency adoption. Typically, cryptocurrency users have to exchange their cryptocurrency for fiat on an exchange and then wait several days for the fiat to be deposited into their bank account. Another option is using a Bitcoin (BTC) ATM which instantly converts cryptocurrency to cash, but there are high fees. Users would have to go to the bank and deposit the cash before using it on a debit card. A cryptocurrency debit card would have streamlined this process, saving users time and money. It would have also made cryptocurrency easy to use at any store. Monaco (MCO) even offered 1-5% cashback, meaning users would profit from converting their cryptocurrency into fiat versus the typical case of losing money from exchange fees.
However, the Monaco (MCO) cryptocurrency debit cards turned out to be too good to be true. Apparently the Monaco (MCO) Visa card is only available in Singapore beginning November 2017. Despite this, Monaco (MCO) has been offering the Visa card to United States residents, with the enticing details that the card gives users free Netflix and Spotify, as well as discounts on AirBNB and Expedia. Further, referral codes were given out, which give users $100 of free money if and when they receive the card.
Users who sign up to receive the Monaco (MCO) Visa card in the United States must submit their full identity and address information, including pictures of their passport or driver’s license, only to be told at the end of the process that the card is not yet available, that it will be shipped when available. The fact that Monaco (MCO) is doing everything it can to entice users to sign up in order to get their full identification information without delivering any product looks a like a shady business practice and leaves users at risk of identity theft.
Despite no time table for when the cards will become available, Monaco (MCO) continues to accept deposits of 50 MCO ($3.50) to 50,000 MCO ($3,500) to reserve premium cards that offer increasing cash back and benefits as more money is deposited.
With the Visa card project failing, Monaco (MCO) decided to buy the domain name for $12 million, the most expensive cryptocurrency-related domain name purchase in history. Monaco then changed the name of its cryptocurrency to under the same symbol MCO in July 2018, while assuring users the move would not delay the rollout of the Visa cards.
By November 2018, the team at launched a new cryptocurrency called Chain (CRO), which apparently is a blockchain that facilitates payments between users and merchants and accepts any cryptocurrency. This creates the confusing situation where there are two different cryptocurrencies with almost the same name, (MCO) and Chain (CRO).
However, the blockchain system for Chain (CRO) is scheduled to launch in phase 3, and phase 1 and phase 2 involve getting merchants to accept crypto payments and onboarding customers and different crypto apps. It is unknown what phase the project is in, and it is unknown if any blockchain has actually been developed since it is not live at this time. At this point, Chain (CRO) is a simple ERC-20 token. Further, says in the whitepaper that it will manage all funds and transactions, so users of this network must trust, which is perhaps not the best idea following the failure of the Monaco (MCO) Visa card.
In order to incentivize users to join the Chain (CRO) and to continue holding aka Monaco (MCO), an airdrop is being done where holders of (MCO) receive Chain (CRO). The major caveat is users must hold (MCO) from December 2018 through December 2019 in order to receive the airdrop, and the airdrop is quite slow with 60 payments over the course of 5 years. Since the aka Monaco (MCO) team holds about 50% of the total coin supply, the team clearly benefits from offering this incentive for users to buy and hold the coins.
Despite (MCO) failing to deliver the Visa cards and Chain (CRO) not launching the promised blockchain system yet, these cryptocurrencies have market caps of $68 million and $372 million respectively. This shows how the market cap of a cryptocurrency is not a good measure of a cryptocurrency’s reputation, utility, or value. In the case of Chain (CRO), 95 billion out of a total supply of 100 billion coins are held by the team, making it easy for the team to dump for profits at the expense of investors and traders.
In December 2018, the 459-page Bitcointalk thread for aka Monaco (MCO) — full of customer and investor complaints — was locked. A new, self-moderated thread was simultaneously launched, and in the past 5 months, there have only been three pages of discussion. Presumably, any negative posts are being deleted.
We’ve since learned that the Founder of Monaco, Kris Marszalek, was the CEO of Ensogo when it collapsed in June 2016. The shutdown of Ensogo was so abrupt that employees went to work and found their offices shuttered. Merchants were not paid for products they sold through Ensongo. Customers did not receive products. Investors who held Ensongo stock lost their entire investment, and Ensongo coupons instantly became worthless. Marszalek resigned from Enzongo the same day, and less than a year later, he founded Monaco (MCO).
To sum up this long tale, Monaco (MCO) raised tens of millions of dollars to launch a cryptocurrency Visa card that never materialized. Vast amounts of user identification information were collected in the process — is still being collected to this day despite no time table for the launch of the Visa cards. The company rebranded itself by buying the $12 million website and renamed Monaco (MCO) to, likely due to numerous users calling Monaco (MCO) a scam.
Despite not finishing the cryptocurrency Visa card project, the company launched a different cryptocurrency called Chain (CRO), promising to bring about global cryptocurrency adoption, but has not actually launched the promised blockchain technology behind it. The nail in the coffin is the founder of these projects, Kris Marszalek, was at the helm of Ensogo when the company collapsed and defrauded numerous users, investors, and merchants. Then Marszalek launched Monaco (MCO) less than a year later.
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B(TC)itcoin is slow || My small and humble contribution

This is my small and (very) humble contribution: *English is not my first language so I apologize for spelling mistakes and inaccuracies.

B(TC)itcoin is slow

Bitcoin is slow because the block size was left at 1MB - 2MB with Witness Data on the SEGWIT network - after throwing the entire "team" developer of GitHub and being occupied by developers of what is now known as Blockstream.
This size has been maintained and keeps referring to two issues: Mining in China and the decentralization of the nodes or transaction validators that you point out in the article.

Mining in China occupies a good part of the pie that miners distribute - in turn these are the ones that confirm the transactions and undermine the blocks - since 2011 and these Chinese farms are behind something that in the West call "The Great Firewall "that prevents a stable connection and slows down the propagation of the block, its mining and confirmation of the transaction over 3 minutes [1] [2] causing a large part of the mining coming from China and therefore the power of 'Hash' decreased drastically affecting the security of Bitcoin; The less Hash the greater the possibility of being attacked by the Bitcoin network through a 51% attack that could cause double spending - although this gives rise to many debates since the 51% attack on an already "mature" network like Bitcoin requires a Considerable expenditure on mining equipment to control 51% of the mining power and receiving the block reward and the commissions for confirmed transfer on each block would make it less likely that said miner or mining group would like to make a double expense upon receiving sufficient economic compensation. So only a malicious agent with the intentions of destroying the network and assuming the total losses on the investment of equipment would be willing to carry out such operation. Possibilities exist but these are reduced by being the miner compensated for their activity.

In the same references to Chinese mining farms but in another more economical field; Bitcoin has 21 million that are obtained through mining and commissions on transfers. These 21 million are achieved over time and from there it becomes a deflationary element as there is no possibility of printing more coins. The question of the Bitcoin block costly and the influence of Chinese mining goes through the Bitcoin subsidy or, currently called as, block reward: When a miner puts a block in the chain he receives the Bitcoin reward that is "inside" "of that block and which is currently encrypted in 12.5. Every 210000 blocks the reward is reduced by half so in less than a year (312 days from today [3]) it will be reduced to 6.25 so the miners will see their subsidy fall in half unless Bitcoin's price per coin increases considerably or the mining farms begin to close or reduce mining equipment thus decreasing the power of the network's Hash. If Bitcoin reduces by half every 210000 blocks the subsidy per block to miners will come a time when they can only live and maintain their equipment for transaction fees and in a Bitcoin network with 7 transactions per second and a commission that tends to Increase the higher the number of movements in it makes it unfeasible for miners to continue in said 1MB network and above all that people want to use this payment method that is expensive and slow - more even than gold paper - Because remember that Bitcoin born as Peer 2 peer cash, not gold-.
Therefore, if in time the subsidy or reward is going to be 0 or unable to cover the mining equipment expense, it is necessary to find a solution if the developers do not want to touch the block size. And this goes through three issues already raised in BIPs and about the community: RPF (Replace By Fee), Lightning Network and Increase in the number of Bitcoin since the demand for Bitcoin does not rise because it offers a quality service but for security and above all for the manipulation of Tether (USDT) and the large exchange houses:

- The RBF consists in the substitution of a transaction without confirmations for another that would replace it with a higher commission eliminating the previous one of the mempool - the limbo of the transactions to be confirmed in Bitcoin -. Although this system seems effective, it does not eliminate the long-term problem of continuing to maintain the reduced block, but rather removes the problem of financing miners, but does not eliminate it and, above all, kills the operation of Bitcoin transactions by not eliminating the increase in commissions that would distance the user from its use. In addition to more easily allowing double spending [4] [5].

- Lightning Network is a side-chain or second layer, that is, a software development not implemented in the Bitcoin network itself and therefore is not an element of the block chain so this should already be repudiated since being a External and non-auditable element such as Bitcoin gives rise to "blanks" and therefore lack of existence and possibility of auditing accounts [6] and even the loss of money or cancellation of the transaction [7] [8]. It also faces the problem of routing since in a network in constant change with the openings and closures of payment channels it is unfeasible to establish a total and rapid diffusion to the nodes of LN - other than those of Bitcoin - so it comes into play Another new element of this network is the watchtowers in charge of ensuring compliance in open channels and over the entire LN network of payments. Obviously it requires an additional cost to hire this service and it is not yet implemented [9] and taking into account the pace at which Lightning Network is developed, it is doubtful that it will become available [10]. In short, to use properly - which is not successful - LN you need a node valued at $ 300 [11], a watchtower, have a channel open 24/7 and with sufficient funds to carry out transactions [12] [13] [14] .

- The increase in the Bitcoin offer was raised fleetingly by developer Peter Todd [15] [16] and will become an open debate in a few years when the mining block reward is low and the price of Bitcoin cannot be sustained only with uncontrolled printing of Tether and the manipulation on the price of the currency [17] [18] next to the collusion of the exchange houses headed by BitFinex [19] and personalities of the world 'crypto' [20] - if he survives long enough to see that moment since they are already behind Bitfinex for money laundering [21]. When that moment arrives I am sure that a BIP - Bitcoin Improvement Proposal - will be launched by Blockstream or directly notified of the measure destroying the essence of Bitcoin and the TRUE DECENTRALIZATION: THE PROTOCOL.

This brings us to the second reason for the slowness of Bitcoin. The correct and true decentralization goes through the code and the team of developers and maintainers, not any other. The protocol must be engraved in stone [22] and that the action of the miners distribute and decentralize the network and they maintain the nodes and the transactions in a completely capitalist economic relationship. Investing in machines and communication improves access, speed and spread of transactions and blocks and makes miners true competitors as well as facilitating the transmission of money and all kinds of transactions [22].
The decentralization of the nodes was the other great reason to prevent the increase of the block and therefore the speed in the transaction. It is based on a false premise to base the decentralization of Bitcoin - which is nowhere on the whitepaper - on the raspberry nodes. The dispersion of the transaction and all the stages of the transaction and the blocks depend on the miner and his team, as well as the search for excellence in communications to avoid orphan blocks - which are stipulated in the Nakamoto consensus and are part of Bitcoin and not they throw no problem in the transactions only in the resolution of the reward of the block that affects the miners and should seek greater efficiency - and reorganizations. The audit on the Bitcoin network can be perfectly performed without there being a Bitcoin node in each house, in fact it would cause the same routing problems that occur / will occur in the LN network.
Decentralization should not go through nodes but through developers and to a lesser extent by miners. If a protocol is continually being altered by developers they have the power of the network and it must be in constant struggle by the miners through the commission on transactions.

Due to these two factors, the BIP0101 proposed by the developers that Satoshi left in charge [23] and that originated the creation of Bitcoin Unlimited was rejected, later it was attacked due to its recent creation through DDoS attacks in a statement of intentions of the network Blockstream bitcoin [24] [25] remaining as a residual element.

These two reasons are the cause of the drowning suffered by the Bitcoin network - including many other elements that were eliminated and that corresponded to the initial code completely changing the nature and destiny of Bitcoin that are not relevant and I will not enumerate -, Any other reason is propaganda by those who want to keep Bitcoin drowned in order to enrich themselves with mining sub-subsidies and second-layer software like LN. Bitcoin has a structure similar to gold and can collect certain attributes of it but its destination in efficient and fast transmission as effective - among other transactions.

Bitcoin was designed to professionalize miners and create a new industry around them, so mining centers will become datacenters [26] and they will replicate all transaction logs and even this professionalization will eventually lead to specialization in other types of transactions born new industries around you that will support the nodes according to specialization - Data, asset transfers, money, property rights, etc ... -

Bitcoin scales to infinity if they leave the protocol FREE enough to do so.

P.D: Core, since the departure of Hearn and Andersen, they know perfectly well what they are doing: The worst breed from the Cyberpunk movement has been combined with the worst breed of the current synarchy; The ends always touch.

[7] ||
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The price of gold has grown over time considering the fact that then, as with it, the demanding situations associated with getting access to, shopping, and securely storing it.

The relative balance in the charge of gold and how it is able to serve the cryptocurrency market
Gold purchases nowadays for the sake of investing. One of the important features of gold within the forex market is to serve as a shop of wealth asides being actively traded. This can easily be seen by means of the appreciation inside the value of gold on every occasion the strength of the quote currency weakens as is the case with the US greenback.
This store of wealth and relative charge stability should easily serve the cryptocurrency marketplace which is susceptible to high volatility in prices.

A short comparison should effortlessly be proven the usage of the rate fluctuation of Bitcoin(BTC) and Gold inside the closing thirty days. Within this era, BTC has skilled fee depreciation of over $four 000 while gold has experienced handiest mild depreciation amid fluctuation of about $sixty two, this statistics is graphically shown under.

How Digital Gold makes gold an easy means of settlement
Why go through the hassles of holding physical gold and its related dangers whilst you may own digital tokens securely subsidized by way of bodily gold?
Unless you live in Saudi Arabia or China, it's far distinctly not going so that it will make a withdrawal at the ATM in gold to make purchases or for settling a few other monetary obligation. This makes gold — even though a notable keep of value — beside the point for day-to-day prices.

DIGITAL GOLD employs blockchain technology within the tokenization of gold to create Ethereum-primarily based tokens that are compliant with the ERC20 protocol.
These tokens called the Digital Gold Token (GOLD) serve to offer liquidity for bodily gold of excessive purity(99% FINE gold) which can be effectively saved inside the organization’s vault.
In case you’re thinking whether or not or no longer the vault might be empty,(due to the fact I concept of it), the vault is audited via BullionStar with which the undertaking has entered right into a partnership. This is to make certain transparency and to affirm that tokenized gold is appropriately stored.
Whenever any gram of gold is tokenized, a corresponding quantity of gold is physically devoted to the organisation’s vault and the quantity of gold saved can be proven at any given time.
Since the procedure of token purchase (which corresponds to the tokenization system) is controlled with the aid of smart contracts and securely saved at the decentralized infrastructure of the blockchain, transaction info cannot be altered, making sure in addition duty and transparency.

The Digital Gold Marketplace
To facilitate further liquidity, the Digital Gold platform has developed its marketplace for the smooth purchase, sales, and the replacing of the Digital Gold token for other cryptocurrencies like BTC or Ether. Relevant facts at the fees of gold and other cryptocurrencies like real-time costs and charts can easily be accessed to enable users to make informed transaction choices.
A display of proper confidence and proof of price; a completely evolved platform completely self-funded.

It is important to word that within the blockchain space wherein most projects input into the crypto currency marketplace via a few form of crowdfunding (ICO, IEO, STO), Digital Gold is a completely self-funded venture. Most initiatives improve price range through crowdfunding proceeding to create or increase a few service or generation that can or won't be of cost to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, ultimately, now not to mention tasks that come into the space proceeding to defraud investors.

Exchange charge as at the time of publishing

Cryptex Exchange
Catex Exchange
Consbit Exchange
Livecoin Exchange
Bitforex Exchange

GOLD provides the cryptocurrency area with the precise gateway into the gold marketplace even as additionally imparting similarly liquidity for the gold marketplace via making it available to the short-growing cryptocurrency market, offering enormous fee to each markets.
As technology continues to increase, the tokenization of physical assets will continue to experience in addition adoption due to the reduced dangers related to purchasing and proudly owning tokenized belongings which are subsidized via physical property, their ease of use, the excessive liquidity of the cryptocurrency markets and its income capability.
Interested in turning into the beneficiary of the virtual technology and benefitting from the lengthy-term appreciation within the price of gold? Or do you want to guard your funds invested inside the cryptocurrency market from doubtlessly negative market conditions? Why no longer become a pioneer of the destiny of bodily property by means of shopping GOLD these days!

Official Website: https://gold.Storage/
White paper: https://gold.Storage/wp.Pdf
Telegram: https://t.Me/digitalgoldcoin
Twitter: https://twitter.Com/gold_erc20
Medium: https://medium.Com/@digitalgoldcoin

Author: ifemini;u=2385091
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📣 We are proud to announce that Ferrum Network has partnered with DASH

New York/Lagos, September 16, 2019 — Dash, the top digital currency for payments and e-commerce, today announced a partnership with Ferrum Network, a high-speed interoperability network for real-world financial applications, to offer Dash payment options to Kudi Exchange customers and merchants, and to host Dash in the Ferrum Network product line.
Dash has a heavy presence in Nigeria, with hundreds of merchants offering it as a payment method. Similarly, Kudi Exchange, the “Coinbase plus Venmo” of Africa, has been aggressively on-boarding Nigerian merchants and customers to its hybrid cryptocurrency exchange and instant payments app.
By offering Dash to Ferrum Network and Kudi Exchange users through the UniFyre Wallet (to be directly connected to Kudi Exchange), customers throughout Africa and around the world will have access to a top digital asset in Dash.
“We are thrilled to be partnering with Dash — one of the best and most trusted names in cryptocurrencies for the benefit of our users,” said Naiem Yeganeh, PhD, CEO of Ferrum Network.
From the standpoint of our Kudi Exchange customers in Africa, Dash fits the model of what we wish to offer — a real use case, existing users, and a focus on Africa through Dash Nigeria, said Germaine Ifudu, COO of Kudi Exchange.
“The partnership of Ferrum Network/Kudi Exchange and Dash represents a natural evolution of where we want to take Dash. With this partnership, Dash is now exposed to an entirely new set of users in a high-growth region who can truly benefit from the everything Dash has to offer — a truly decentralized global currency for instant, low-cost, peer-to-peer transactions” said Nathaniel Luz of Dash Nigeria.
“We look forward to working closely with Dash as Ferrum Network expands its product line worldwide. We will be deepening the Ferrum-Dash partnership in the future as we continue to release our products and our mainnet, said Ian Friend, Esq. COO of Ferrum Network.
About Dash Dash is digital cash, allowing millions of individuals, as well as thousands of merchants and businesses across the globe to carry out blazingly fast, secure transactions for less than a cent. A top ranked cryptocurrency, with a market cap of over $1.3 billion USD, and the rising alternative to bitcoin, Dash is accepted at over 4,900 merchants globally, accessible via 700+ ATMS and 90+ exchanges worldwide, making it one of the few offering safe, decentralized solutions. For more information, visit or follow the organization on Twitter @DashPay.
About Ferrum Network
Ferrum Network is a blockchain-based FinTech company bringing world-class financial products to emerging markets. Ferrum’s high-speed interoperability network supports financial applications such as fiat gateway and non-custodial wallet designed to empower millions of people around the world by giving them control of their own assets. The FRM token is now available, Binance DEX, and others coming soon. For more information, visit and follow on Twitter:
Ferrum Network Links:
Bitcoin Talk:
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Crypto Developer

Hello Guys , this first time for me write in reddit so sorry if there is any misunderstand in the rules of post
I'm Crypto Developer and i have good knowledge in Software and this is my links of my services ...
Any Project from A to Z Bitcoin Form
Crypto Cam Stream BitcoinTalk
P2P Exchange (No 3rd Part ) ( Easy to listed Coins ) BitcoinTalk
Make Electrum Wallet for your Altcoin BitcoinTalk
Create Payment Method with POS Terminal and ATM for your Altcoin BitcoinTalk
Design and Upgrade your Core Wallet PM me
A simple sample of my work quality
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Semux [SEM]

Hope you have liked my first post about Parachute Token. Let me present another ~$1M marketcap gem.
Semux has launched sometime last year. Instead of ICO it had series of airdrops (for alpha/beta testers, bitcointalk users, ETH/BTC holders). It is blockchain smartcontract platform, aiming to be basically faster version of Ethereum. It has quite modern consensus mechanism, that can compete with other much more hyped 'ethereum killers'.
What's unique about this projects it's that unlike ICOs those guys focus mostly on programming. It was never a token, those guys have working Blockchain version from day one. AFAIK team is just 3 core programmers, but they do amazing job, it is 100% unique codebase, not Ethereum copy-paste like TRON or Vechain. I think for what it is, it is steal at those prices.
Sure, it is just one of many projects trying to be better Etereum, but I really like how they got right ballance between performance and decetralization. Some people even say Libra is clearly attempting to copy Semux design. Why it is absurd to think Facebook is taking inspiration from such obscure project, similarities between Semux and Libra consensus design show how well well-thought-out and future-proof it is.
As 1.x version focused solely on blockchain and consesus and missed VM and smartcontract capabilities, version 2.0 is right around corner which will add VM, so project will reach it full form finally. I'm pretty sure that with 2.0 version will comes lot of marketing, and also some new exchange listings, so it may be very good time to start accumulating right now. Keep in mind volume is quite low ATM, so be careful about spread.
Team has lot of plans for the future, including light-wallet, mobile wallets and some kind of SDK. While 2.0 version is slightly delayed from original timeline, project has good history on keeping up with their promises.

BitcoinTalk topic (it is massive as Semux was strongly marketed there)

Basic info:
CoinMarketCap (keep in mind that TOKOK is fake volume exchange, most of trading happens on STEX)
Block Explorer

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with this team and project in any way. My current position is in 1k-10k SEM range.
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Welcome to OracolXOR platform

We welcome you to find the Oracol Xor universe before turning into an investor.furthermore, you will be awed and see better that we have laid out a strong foundation where we can expand on its highest point and extend without any cutoff points. Oracol Xor presents potential investors with a better open door than claim an exceptional crypto currency that is the center to a platform focused on the long haul improvement and conveyance of new and imaginative innovation solutions that aim to encourage mass adoption at the grassroots dimension.
Since the beginning of Bitcoin, the traditional methods for getting crypto resources has experienced advanced exchanges. The technique has constantly included associating with a bank or budgetary organization. From here, fiat reserves are exchanged to the exchange, offering clients the chance to change over fiat currency in crypto. The process is long, dull, and requires moderate PC proficiency. As of late, endeavors have been made to legitimately interface consumers with purpose of-procurement platforms by means of crypto ATMs situated in enormous metropolitan regions in a couple of select
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Projects on Ardor Platform

Hello together,
here a short conclusion about announced, active or pending projects on Ardor Platform incl. some infos and links. If there is something out-of-date or has to be added, leave a reply and I will edit the start post.
[last updated: 17.06.2019]

Ardor Child-Chains

Ignis Description: First Ardor Child-Chain with all features activated and free to use for everyone. For list of projects, see below. Founder: Jelurida Status: live Website:, Social Media: Twitter Articles: -
Ardorgate Description: A gate between the Euro and the Ardor Ecosystem Founder: Martis (Martynas Bacevicius) Status: live Website: Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk Articles: Ardorgate and the new AEUR token (Medium)
Bitswift Description: A Canadian IT-Service provider specialized in blockchain solutions Founder: Bitswiftbro Status: live Website: Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk Articles: Community Updates (Medium)
Max Property Group Description: International property platform Founder: Munte Immobilien & Max Property Group Status: live Website: Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk Articles: World’s First Global Property Platform on the Blockchain (Medium), Inside Dominium: The decentralized platform for everything property (Coininsider), These Blockchain Millionaires Whom You’ve Never Heard of Are Disrupting a $217 Trillion Market (Medium)
Migretor Description: Decentralized Exchange Founder: Beecrypt (Hariharan) Status: in development Website: Social Media: - Articles: Beecrypt: Decentralized P2P Exchange Migretor (Jelurida)
Mobs Description: User-Generated Video marketplace Founder: Raquel H Schafhauser, Andreas H Schafhauser Status: in development Website: Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn Articles: Interview with the CEO of Mobs, Raquel Schafhauser (Medium)
Xendbit Description: Decentralized Exchange Founder: - Status: in development Website: Social Media: Twitter Articles: -

Ignis Assets

Triffic Description: Gamified GPS App Founder: Coinerz (James Malach) Status: ICO finished, Snapshot on July 14th, Worldwide Release in final Quarter of 2019 Website: Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk Articles: Blockchain Gamified GPS Crypto Rewards App? (Bitcoin Exchange Guide), Triffic Reaches Funding Goal, Closes ICO Early, Announces Airdrop to Ignis Holders (
Tarasca DAO Description: Decentralized Autonomous Organization for the creation of games and art services on blockchain. Founder: - Status: in development, public Test ongoing Website: - Social Media: Twitter Articles: Empowered Cards (Medium), Project Summary (Medium), Public Test Rules (Medium)
Janus Description: Creating platforms which target carefully selected markets and leverage the social fabric of the internet to attract audiences and capture market share. Founder: - Status: live Website: Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk Articles: Janus Token (Medium)
EZYcount Description: Developing an AI-powered accounting system and blockchain-based token-as-a-licence model Founder: Vivien Fuhrer Status: ICO in progress Website: Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk Articles: Token-as-a-License or TAAL is changing how companies sell software (Medium)
C2C Description: Offers services to convert paper-currencys and coins into different cryptocurrencys via ATM's Founder: - Status: in development Website: Social Media: Twitter Articles: -
Frasindo Description: Self-sustainable Blockchain & StartUp Incubator Founder: Sandy Budiman S Status: live Website: Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk Articles: -
Volpcoin Description: Developing a new standard of consensus communication of blockchain A.I. & Big Data Founder: - Status: in development Website: Social Media: Twitter, Bitcointalk Articles: What is Volpcoin? (Medium), Volp A.I Protocol (Medium)
Ardor.Rocks Description: Social Platform with tokenized reward and advertise system Founder: TheWireMaster Status: live Website: Ardor.Rocks Social Media: - Articles: -
SmartVoting Description: Showcase for Blockchain-Voting Founder: TheWireMaster Status: live (testnet) Website: Social Media: - Articles: -
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Future Looking Bright For Litecoin!

To start with - Here's the Litecoin Roadmap
Litecoin was created as Open Source
with No Premine
Lightning is coming - so are LApps for it.
The 'Litening' Network as some call it.
MAST 1, 2, Smart Crypto-Vault, Covenants, RootStock, Schnorr Signatures, and Confidential Transactions/Quantum Resistance
Litecoin.Network - will track information regarding the Litecoin network, making it easily accessible and viewable in one place.
Atmoic swaps with - Viacoin (Just activated Segwit 8/3/17) - Particl - Vertcoin - Bitcoin so far.
First video of someone using a Litecoin ATM released May 13, 17 - video here when there was only 14 Litecoin ATMs at the time, now there are over 229. (It's hasn't even been 3 months!)
Companies are slowly starting to switch to Litecoin: 1, 2, 3
Just thought this deserved it's own post. Feel free to leave suggestions. I'll update as we continue to grow!
Edit: There's a lot of Lightning Network Questions so here's some more links.
Lightning Network FAQs
Lightning Resources
Lightning Network GitHub
ACINQ - eclair GitHub
"We ran eclair on Litecoin (testnet) and it worked!"
Video of eclair on Litecoin here.
Also, in case you didn't know: Atomic Cross-Chain Transactions needed the malleability fix SegWit provided and doesn't need LN (Lightning Network), but, instant atomic needs LN.
Charlie's Vision For SegWit And Lightning Networks On Litecoin And Bitcoin - here.
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10 bitcoin hack just 2 minutes. Link in description bitcoin ATM Coinsource Talks About the Rise of Bitcoin ATMs BITCOIN ATM EXPORT Bitcoin Munich Meetup - 2018-10-24 - Bitcoin ATM

After telling a story on how he started to gain interest in Bitcoin while he was a paramedic and finally started a Bitcoin ATM business in 2017, Cory was asked to explain how is cryptocurrency stored in the machine. He explains that you can link the ATM directly to the exchange via API or you can use the cold storage wallet. Linking directly to an exchange is less risky because you buy or sell ... Bitcoin Discussion General discussion about the Bitcoin ecosystem that doesn't fit better elsewhere. News, the Bitcoin community, innovations, the general environment, etc. Discussion of specific Bitcoin-related services usually belongs in other sections. Bitcoin ATM Pros (BAP) is your best Bitcoin buddy. Backed with the full support of FinCEN regulatory agencies and several automated teller machines (ATMs) all over the city, BAP provides its clientele and cryptocurrency enthusiasts with the most convenient, efficient and seamless way to transact anything and everything Bitcoin while guaranteeing that all your transactions are 100% legitimate ... Use web sites like Coin ATM radar that will help you discover a bitcoin ATM, which matches very similarly to an everyday ATM, besides you changing your cash for bitcoin. Use websites like Libertyx to discover retail shops throughout the USA in an effort to give your bitcoins as an alternative for coins. Use websites like Paxful to discover financial institution branches so as to provide you ... Budgetcoinz Provides A Network Of Bitcoin ATM’s Where You Can Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency With Cash. Learn More. Buy Bitcoin. Visit one of our many ATM locations and buy up to $15,000 per day with cash. Sell Bitcoin. Come exchange your Bitcoin for cash in less than 5 minutes. Our top of the line ATM’s can dispense cash on the spot. Low Rates. We’re known to have the lowest rates around ...

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10 bitcoin hack just 2 minutes. Link in description

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Queue Bitcoin ATMs - Wie geht's in Deutschland und der D-A-CH Region weiter? CM Talk Herzlich Willkommen zu einem neuen CryptoMonday Talk. Heute habe ich Daniel mal die Bühne überlassen und wir Ivan ... bitcoin c implementation bitcointalk c-note c-cex bitcointalk plan c bitcoin mining bitcoin definition bitcoin dollar bitcoin download bitcoin daily chart bitcoin december 2019 bitcoin duterte ... bitcoin kraken bitcoin k line bitcointalk bitcoin k-means clustering circle k bitcoin 1099-k bitcoin circle k bitcoin atm richard k bitcoin 401 k bitcoin k-means bitcoin kurs bitcoina k dollaru ... Bitcoin ATM. Bitcoin ATM. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading... Close. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Remove all; Disconnect; The next video is starting ...