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My thoughts and problems that I think exist in the crypto world today.

These are just my opinions and thoughts. It doesn't mean that I think cryptos suck but just wanted to highlight my thoughts and problems a new dude like me, 1 month and 10 days old, feel about the crypto world. The problems that I write is not to find fault with anyone or anything, just thought its good to share what I went through and felt. If, you don't think the problems I listed are right, share it and if someone or some company are already trying to improve the situation share it in the comments as well and I'll add it as an update to the text as a positive side to it. I know people and developers are trying to improve things and that it takes time for improvement. So, I'm still really positive about cryptos. Which is why I long IOTA, XRP, XLM and some other coins.
1) Crypto exchanges .
2) Humans.
3) ICO.
4) The hard side
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Dump of #de-central-station March 22 - April 8

(Answering Gary from Without anonymity you are giving more power to the existing powelegal structure. Bitcoin was designed to protect wealth from hackers, regulators, and incompetent managers. There are three types of cryptostate based on the level of anonymity. In the publicstate there is no anonymity, your "bodynyms" are associated with your "cryptonyms" for example when photos/video of you or your location are on a network that anyone can access. In the trustedstate this info is trusted to service providers like an ISP or social networks like Slack, Wikipedia, Reddit, etc. In the privatestate your identity is mixed with enough (lawful) users that it is unfeasible for regulators, hackers, and managers to control you. The privatestate is generally theoretical. It is very difficult to know for certain how this info could leak. The Tor network provides privacy from some but not necessarily the most powerful surveillance (or) those running the network, so this may be considered part of the trustedstate (assuming you don't leak a lot of personal info like me) or it could be part of the privatestate. Botnets may provide better anonymity though it isn't very nice. otomplodomo Doesn't freedom require a foundation of equality? Posted in #rhocMarch 22nd at 3:40 PM (edited) rilly 7:07 PM Any of these cryptostates change the game and offer opportunities from new power structures. Payment processors cannot simply block blockchain transactions in the public/trustedstate but regulators can still outlaw them. 7:11 This is the primary threat that blockchain advocates should be concerned about. They aren't likely to attack the blockchain (yet) they are moving to de-anonymize everyone. As the internet offers a far more efficient way of moving information, and people often (used to) commute only to move information). this gives them a level of control not see in human history. Straigh outa 1984! (edited) rilly 7:23 PM Anonymity is among the most difficult features to have it you also need security. Cryptonomic networks have to provide incentives to being part of mixes probably by issuing tokens to reward those who mix. rilly 7:34 PM I understand many/most laws are generally benevolent and I do not advocate "crypto anarchy" as in enabling markets for (sex) slaves, assassination, etc. Once the genie of a creditclaim market that can produce revolutionary infoGoods such as strong anonymity software, is out of the bottle we might regret this. While I tend to be more concerned about alternatives to "involuntary"/"unrepresentative" taxes, or the crime of outlawing vicimless crimes, I don't really know what I would be doing if I were aware of all the victim-crime. otomplodomo 7:36 PM I consider the freedom to say anything I want publicly,barring "fire" in a crowded theatre, more valuable than the right to say it in private. Sane people don't surveil. Those who do are rarely intelligent enough to understand what they are surveilling. rilly 7:38 PM Thus we need a way for an (autonomous) cryptostate to regulate itself. My solutions are "selective mixing" and the cryptocourt. Taxes are a "necessary" way of funding non-excludable goods like information goods or common goods such as the oceans and atmosphere. 7:42 @otomplodomo yes but I'd say "censorship" is the most important form of speech. We have to be able to filter out 99.99999999999% of what people want us to heasee so that we can focus on what is important. We don't have the right to force others to hear us or to flood a network with messages of what we believe to be important. 7:44 So we really need a system that can promote good ideas to those who need them or who can put them to use. otomplodomo 7:44 PM Censorship can happen between equals? rilly 7:45 PM Just telling people about threats can drive them to self-destruction if they can't do anything about it. 7:47 @otomplodomo This started with the convo about KYC. I suspect you are trying to rationalize this because you have no choice with the type of organization Greg wants to create in Washington. I'm warming to the idea. 7:47 Being a cyborg is difficult. 7:50 But eventually, after more software exists, I think a more appropriate bases for a global currency is one that promotes equality through anonymity. 7:54 I mean, this team requires a large amount of funding. Who is going to give you that without expecting more funding in return? 7:56 KYC is something the powerful require of you. 8:00 They want to extort taxes, enforce their financial oligopolies, etc. They might prevent victim crimes or this might reduce the powewealth going to certain types of criminal, so in that sense it is good, but not revolutionary or as revolutionary as a new economic system. There is another question here of whether yall are going to keep tricking your customers as with the last Synereo fundraiser. jimscarver 1:36 PM The legal requirement for KYC can be achieved by having identity that is provable but not revealed except to the authority in the event that a subpoena is issued for a specific account. An identity proof may be encrypted using a public key of an authority and the private key of the merchant such that the identity is not revealed to anyone except when required by law.Strong pseudo anonymous identity may be developed from within your webs of trust revealing only the necessary factors without specific personally identifying information such as having a mailing address or citizenship in a certain country, being over 21 years old, owning a home, not being a robot, etc.For any kind of democratic process unique identity must also be established which is a much more difficult process. Device, location, biometric, and state identification can be used to determine a probability of uniqueness in a set of participants without revealing the specific attributes of the individuals to others using homeomorthic encryption techniques. rilly 7:02 PM @jimscarver The debate about why it is right and proper to have central authorities deciding who is innocent or guilty, seems a bit off-topic for the "de-central-station". This channel is for those who believe in decentralized networks. An interesting subject none the less, I created #a-noobs-law-firm for discussions such as these. (edited) jimscarver 8:26 PM perhaps you would like to hold a #de-central-station panel @rilly as we started doing to replace the synereo fireside chat rilly 10:36 PM What would this require of me? Tune in to the Synereo/Rchain decentral station anytime you want at reddit Synereo/RChain evaluations and alternatives • ethereo Synereo/RChain is the latest of the cryptocurrency to be sold before they abandoned their pre-sale commitments. With proof-of-work becoming... (edited) jimscarver 12:07 PM @rilly choose a topic/theme, get well known panelists if possible, schedule a time, go live. I am not a big reddit user. Looks like mostly fake news :stuck_out_tongue: rilly 6:51 PM The way yall are collaborating on Slack and with videos presents many obstacles both to participation and research. At reddit I can click on vbuterin and see all his comments. I can't click Greg's name and see his contributions on Slack. I can register one name and am able to contribute to any number of subreddits (some require more karma, /synereo is particularly annoying in that they seem to be automatically shadowbanning any thread that mentions rchain). The worst part about Slack is that you have to register just to read any channel. Slack does have some advantages, no captchas and no shadowbans. Video is the worst. I can read much faster than people can talk. If I can search it I can find answers on my own. rilly 6:57 PM Ethereum's success has a lot to do with how Buterin presents his research. There were many times when I would search for an answer and find it in an article by Buterin in Bitcoin Magazine. I'm not motivated to listen to videos or live streams unless I am the one asking questions. rilly 7:04 PM In that case it won't be so useful to others. One of my aspirations is to create one social network that has all the best features of a wiki, reddit, slack, stackexchange (Q&A), and twitter. Second it should be "uncensored" yet have filters the reader controls. So the same page looks different depending on the applied filters. And it should all be P2P so that you control what is being stored on your computer so it can forget things that no one chooses to store. jimscarver 12:44 PM Try listening to videos at 1.5 speed. That helps some. Doing something else at the same time can help. Summaries of video with time markers for topics as we had done for synereo in the before time was really helpful. I have similar aspirations, perhaps we can cooperate. I seek to integrate the best of the best decentralized tools in cooperation with their open source development communities and communities wanting those capabilities. If we can divvy effort in this area we might accomplish something worthwhile together. I see and represent technologies worth bringing together. I've been working with, and but have yet to gain traction in cooperation. (edited) 12:49 (edited) 12:52 perhaps you might hold a #de-central-station panel related to your aspirations @rilly jimscarver 1:02 PM

de-central-station log

Document from Google Drive Click to open in Google Drive jimscarver 10:25 PM Quartz Commentary Users should be able to own the businesses they love instead of investors Here’s a story you hear on repeat from apparently successful founders: Their start-up had a great idea, and users thought it was great too, so it became worth something. Investors offered fast money in exchange for chunks of ownership. The founders liked a lot of the investors and valued their advice. Some became real-life friends. But before long, the founders discovered that their companies were no longer built around that original idea anymore, or even around the users it could serve. The Show more… 10:27 (70KB) jimscarver 10:40 PM Is that what you hjave in mind @rilly ? mariada 1:18 PM joined #de-central-station. Also, @optictopic joined. rilly 9:37 PM @jimscarver Oh for me! If only you would spend so much time asking or commenting on what I said. There is no decentralized token issuance when a small group of issuers decide who gets what and this is finalized forever. All current crypto/fiat currencies are cronycurrencies. Even when anyone holding tokens get to decide who gets more (as with Steem or Dash) you have the problem that it is finalized forever so in order for me to obtian the creditclaim of the contribution that I want I have to get the contributor's consent AND either burn the token or (better) put it into a DAO that backs the creditclaim with the original token (Steem/Dash/etc) that was issued for the contribution. (edited) rilly 9:48 PM But more to your point, I'm revolting against the ethereo project by re-branding "ethereo" as a project to use ETH for clones of the synereo/rchain software. Sheeple are just too brainwashed to coordinate the issuance of tokens for their own benefit and ETH has good distribution, recognition, etc. For those who don't know yet the ethereo project is at reddit Synereo/RChain evaluations and alternatives • ethereo Synereo/RChain is the latest of the cryptocurrency to be sold before they abandoned their pre-sale commitments. With proof-of-work becoming... jimscarver 11:08 PM Why would RChain want to be subject to the health of the ETH which might dump tomorrow. Why should ETH holders be given a stake in RChain? Why buy tokens having a different purpose when you can create tokens specifically to support RChain for free. Why not kill two birds with one stone and fund using our own token so buyers have a stake in rchain. jimscarver 11:18 PM I am not much of a reddit user and won't answer the miss information you put there. How do you benifit from taking so much effort degrading Synereo and RChain. I try to be a neutral reporter of facts, not presumtion of evil. (edited) rilly 11:19 PM "Why would RChain want to be subject to the health of the ETH which might dump tomorrow." I'm not talking about RChain devs maintaining ethereo, it is a fork. Remember Litecoin was not the first blockchain to use scrypt for PoW, nor was Monero the first Cryptonote blockchain. (edited) 11:20 They didn't invent these things they rebranded them for their own blockchain. 11:25 "Why should ETH holders be given a stake in RChain?" Oh they shouldn't. It would be so selfish of everyone to buy ETH just because it is so much more popular and scarce and then use this to make an rchain sidechain. Only people with devious profit motives would even consider something so sinister. LOL (edited) jimscarver 11:27 PM Ethereum will be proof of stake, using greg's mathematics. what is ethereo? An ethereum fork using RHOC natively? I missed something. 11:27 isa a new blockchain that runs on anything? 11:29 rchain may run on other currencies someday but there are good arguments against it. 11:29 which greg may have a mathematical solution to,,, rilly 11:29 PM We should let the people who lost all that funding to Synereo LTD issue a billion more with full power to void any tokens they want and with no connection or obligation to limit the future supply of any tokens used on the first "rchain". It is our moral duty to buy an IOU for we know not what to reward them for all their promised work. (edited) jimscarver 11:31 PM Synereo is doing ok and so is rchain, nobody lost anything yet. 11:32 both are being built though rchain got the short end of the stick. 11:36 we ought to be planning for the decentralization of society here technology agnostic. The cryptocredit may be relevant to that, but we have no consensus on that yet. rilly 11:37 PM "Why buy tokens having a different purpose when you can create tokens specifically to support RChain for free." That's really my point. But who decides who is supporting RChain? The WoC decentralizes the decision making process and allows the market to valuate every contribution independently forever. Ethereo is just a plan B, assuming that we can't convince or explain why the WoC is essential for decentralized issuance without PoW. rilly 11:42 PM "Ethereum will be proof of stake, using greg's mathematics. what is ethereo? An ethereum fork using RHOC natively? I missed something." Oh no. Ethereo is a clone or a set of patches applied to the Synereo and Rchain software, probably using the latest versions. 11:43 We can run synereo and rchain clones, as sidechains/mergchains of Ethereum. reddit Mergechains are when one or more blockchains are sidechains of each other • ethereo (Forgive me if there is already a word for this.) ---- Defining sidechains and mergechains The basic definition of a sidechain is a... (edited) rilly 11:49 PM "Synereo is doing ok and so is rchain, nobody lost anything yet." Uhh tell that to all the unnecessariates who bought AMP before it tanked! Synereo is apparently getting away with all the crowdfunds that were intended for Rchain. Greg is cool with that. You are cool with it. All these AMP holders here, who were trying to invest in Rchain apparently haven't even figured this out yet. Yall think you can just bail yourselves out by issuing more tokens! LOL rilly 11:58 PM "both are being built though rchain got the short end of the stick." Why has Greg not joined the movement to recover the crowdfunds from Synereo LTD? How much credit should Greg and others lose for this colossal failure? 11:59 Why instead do you accept that the people who lost all this money should be the ones to issue the new tokens? Is this not reminiscent of what we see with corrupt governments and central banks? 12:00 Those who fail are given more opportunities and entrusted with more power and wealth. rilly 12:12 AM So getting back to what ethereo is. It is the Rchain/Synereo software that you guys write, on a blockchain that we create, using an ETH IOU as the token for staking deposits and manditory fees. It would be similar to how Rootstock is attempting to be a sidechain of Bitcoin that uses BTC instead of ETH to run the Ethereum virtual machine. The difference is that Bitcoin cannot hold BTC in a contract to back IOUs on Rootstock so they have to use a multisig wallet and it is therefore centralized and insecure. Ethereum however can validate transactions on other blockchains as BTC Relay will do with Bitcoin. (edited) 12:17 Therefore we can make Ethereum and an rchain clone a "mergechain" (defined in the last reddit link I posted). That means the ETH IOUs on the rchain clone are fully backed by ETH on Ethereum and held in a contract that can redeem the ETH IOUs for ETH without trusting a multisig or third party. 12:18 I will call this rchain clone "ethchain" from now on. rilly 12:24 AM So assuming we create ethchain, what would be a more attractive investment, RHOC/Rev or ETH? Given that the chairman of the Central Bank of RHOC has already failed miserably to properly allocate and distribute crowdfunds and AMP for the benefit of AMP holders. Given that there is no limit to the supply rate of Rev and all questions about this are met with hand waving, wishful thinking, and deceptive marketing propoganda. (edited) jimscarver 12:30 AM I do not see much improvement over what we are doing now. ETH IOU's are cool and perhaps we should develope that concept. Now, USD is used for the bounty amount for work in the coop paid optionally in dollars or RHOC at the current market value. There may be taks later with fixed RHOC bounties. Sponsored divvy tokens function like a RHOC IOU, redeemable for RHOC and/or USD etc. on a metiticridous manner by consensus of the team or as specified by the sponsor. Self assignment of tasks leads to chaos without a cooperative effort with the team and workers both need to have the initiative to do a task, but accepted by the team to do the task. There are no little kings here and cooperation means not getting your own way on many things. (edited) jimscarver 12:38 AM Everybody will never agree on the same system. Teams must be autonomous and reward bounties by thier concent rather than be enslaved to a system they disapprove of.WE should find a team to experiment with ETHIOU. It's a great exercise for a divvy study group. (edited) rilly 12:46 AM "WE should find a team to experiment with ETHIOU. It's a great exercise for a divvy study group." Well okay but ethchain is not just ETH IOUs on Rchain it is ETH IOUs as the sole currency for PoS deposits, mandatory fees on ethchain AND the attention economy features (using the synereo mergechain). (edited) 12:51 "Self assignment of tasks leads to chaos without a cooperative effort with the team and workers both need to have the initiative to do a task, but accepted by the team to do the task. There are no little kings here and cooperation means not getting your own way on many things." Hmmm curious to read what rilly seems to have been proposing. The self-assignment of tasks! Rilly has come to make ye all little kings with your own little money printing machines! 12:54 In all seriousness I do see value in colaberation to avoid redundant and incompatible work. rilly 1:01 AM I try to do this by bringing various projects together to discuss some of their fundamental assumptions. A good example of the type of research I would like to fund would be this debate between Jae Kwon of Cosmos/Tendermint and Dan Larimar of BitShares/Steem/Graphine. GitHub [Whitepaper] Incorrect claims around BitShares · Issue #43 · cosmos/cosmos Hello there, I recently went through the cosmos whitepaper and am quite impressed by your work. Adding collateral to block producers is a great idea to keep them honest. This is certainly an improv... 1:05 I would fund this by bidding on the creditclaim. This should work like Changetip but I would bid a lot more than 50 freaking cents. For more valuable creditclaims I could facilitate a small crowdfund using Weifund. rilly 1:14 AM Kinda like being the judge in a sport where I could bid higher for good arguments on important points. This is one part of the peer to peer review and funding (P2P RAF). The debaters or contributors could trade their creditclaims for their debate contributions, while they are debating. Score points for each other, re-formulate their arguments if they are persuaded to change and produce collaborative works whose creditclaims would have greater value because it represents agreement of those who otherwise have conflicting interests. (edited) jimscarver 1:23 AM We take one step at a time doing proofs of concepts of use cases independently but interoperably. The devil is in the details and technology is evolving rapidly. I suggest we employ Agile principles, starting with one work group rewarding themselves and building one use case at a time. (edited) rilly 1:31 AM Okay I suggest to create bureaucratic work group to organize developers and cryptocurrency speculators to discuss the conditions under which we will agree to hold RHOC or promote Rchain vs a token/blockchain that we control. (edited) jimscarver 1:36 AM I would not concent to be on such a team. We might try a circular leadership model where we are leaderless but with strong leadership. Everyone leads their own part but cooperates with the team. A team you pick issues rewards the way you want. Medium Beyond “Dreamers vs Doers” — Full Circle Leadership Operational leadership is often under-appreciated compared with visionary leadership, or not even understood as leadership. I used to get… Reading time 12 min read (337KB) Jan 15th, 2016 at 9:44 PM rilly 1:41 AM "I would not concent to be on such a team." (Spell check doesn't work very well on Slack.) Jim I'm not sure you can be removed from the team once you've been added, I'll have to check back with corporate and get back to you on that. Don't worry we will get this straightened out for you. rilly 1:49 AM "We might try a circular leadership model where we are leaderless but with strong leadership." Excellent idea! Okay so what do we call our team? We need something catchy but a bit stealthy so they don't know we the real revolutionaries.
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Calf Exercises (#GotBitcoin?) MULTIMODAL BIOMETRIC SECRET KEY USING RECOGNITION SYSTEM BASED ON FUSION OF PALM PRINT, FINGERPRINT Biometric Iris Recognition Advantages of biometric security Alphonse Bertillon

ETRI. From established biometric identification techniques like fingerprints or facial recognition to weirder, more experimental ones like users’ unique “heartprint” or even the shape of ... Fingerprint Identification. Using our fingerprints has already become somewhat of a norm when dealing with mobile devices. Every high-end smartphone seems to come with a fingerprint sensor these ... Blockchain and biometrics includes iris recognition is expected to bring widespread changes in digital identity management. Iris Biometrics - Iris Recognition. Research and publish the best content. Get Started for FREE Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Twitter I don't have a Facebook or a Twitter account . Already have an account: Login. Try Plus Plans Resources . Join Free. Research and ... Biometric-Based Authentication for Cyberworld Security: Challenges and Opportunities by M.L. Gavrilova May, 2014 Page 4 Biometric-Based Authentication for Cyberworld Security features, algorithms and decision-making strategies can, on its own, be considered an intelligent approach to biometrics. Information fusion originates with decision ... With a fingerprint authentication-driven digital identification answer, customers can authenticate themselves and connect with techniques based mostly on private info. This implies all know-how in a sensible metropolis, from lighting selections to constructing temperatures, could be attuned to every identification permitting residents to get pleasure from personalised metropolis experiences.

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Calf Exercises (#GotBitcoin?)

Biometrics refers to metrics related to human characteristics. Biometrics authentication (or realistic authentication)[note 1] is used in computer science as a form of identification and access ... Find more information about this project on this link : Code for the same project which uses dlib for face detection and OpenCV for fa... The biometric security systems are able to provide strong security through accurate validation of persons. This validation is based on a range of biometric qualities such as facial and iris ... VIDEO SIMULATION - BIOMETRIC IRIS RECOGNITION Iris recognition is an automated method of biometric identification that uses mathematical pattern-recognition techniques on video images of one or ... One biometric technique for unintrusive identification is gait recognition which basically identifies people by the way they walk. In former work, gait recognition is mainly achieved with camera ...