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I was scammed and need help!

My name is Gabriel Acosta, a small business owner seeking representation in a securities fraud case. I am a victim of online broker scam; a operation I was coerced into, and as a result of which I was defrauded by a company named Tridixoptions (, claiming to have a registered address at 1407 Moon Harbor ct, Saint Augustine, FL United States, representing itself as a “financial broker”.
The perpetrators approached me through the social media platform, Instagram, using profiles inquiring whether I was interested in making a small investment into their platform, Tridixoptions. I decided to give it a try with $300 USD. In my eyes, this was an opportunity and decided to incorporate a business to use as a personal investment structure and decided to use this "online broker" as a catalyst for the opportunity. Shortly after the initial deposit, they began charging me fees as the “investment value” increased on the platform. These fees included fees to increase wallet value, enable auto-trading and finally a withdrawal insurance fee, among other various "fees". The value listed on their "platform" consistently showed an increase in value; I went ahead and believed their listed returns and continued to deposit funds into the account. At the time of payout, I was shown to have a value of over 108,000 USD and had personally invested approximately 50,000 USD into their platform. Unfortunately, on May 31, 2019 after depositing the withdrawal insurance fee, I received communication from the platform informing me that if I had not received my payout by then that I will not receive one and to proceed with filing a lawsuit against them.
I am able to provide email documentation detailing what is described above, it is house and organized within the company OneDrive.
Upon further reflection, it is evident that this Merchant is operating the online platform under the address and the deposit of funds were directed into a false and fictitious “trading account”. The cryptocurrency deposits I made into their account are as follows:
  1. Bitcoin (BTC) totally equal to 10,541.15 USD bought via Coinbase, LocalBitcoins and BitBase exchange ( platforms;
  2. Bitcoin (BTC) totally equal to 24,016.00 USD bought via Paxful exchange ( – owned and operated by Paxful Inc., a company registered under the laws of the United States, having its registered address at 3422 Old Capitol Trail PMB # 989 Wilmington, DE 19808-6124;
  3. A wire funds totaling to 9,720.08 USD to another entity acting as Beneficiary, namely Coin Trader LLC, registered in the US with company number 1293008-93, based in 4621 SW KELLY AVE STE 200, Oregon, USA and holding an account with Keybank National Association. These funds were used to purchase additional virtual currency (BTC) and transferred into the e-wallet of the fictitious e-wallet.
The entirety of purchased BTC (virtual currency) were deposited into the following wallet addresses, as designated by the Merchant:
1EqldoPtl96ZDYF2uoATG5YV6Bj3uih4u9 (
3Qd7ghJ39CA3VrTc4DtATAyT3kVjvGcv6b ( AND 3QfSA27pAU68YRahSbbusCtEyKnNyNxp48 (
The aforementioned should have never been treated as owned by the Merchant. Neither the Merchant nor the beneficiary of payments demonstrated capacity to keep segregated accounts for such investment endeavors. It remains unclear how the Merchant passed through the on-boarding procedures of the cryptocurrency exchange, respectively whether the Merchant acted on his own or by an authorized representative in his relations with the cryptocurrency exchange. Following the principle that possible breaches of banking and financial laws, such as the allowance of payment processing in favor of unregulated legal entity, shall be observed and established by the competent authorities, I hereby report alleged financial fraud.
This situation has destroyed the potential of the company and my personal finances. The pain and suffering I have incurred due to these actions include: destruction of my personal credit, repossession of the company vehicle, eviction from my residence and subsequent homelessness and inability to provide health care of myself or my pet.
Herewith I kindly request:
I am searching for an attorney that can complete the following:
  1. File a lawsuit against the brokers that house the perpetrators e-wallet and where the virtual currency was transferred into. To elaborate: The prior twelve (12) months, I have been collaborating with a company based out of Europe that was tasked with informing all stakeholders and regulators of the issues I have been facing and attempt to make recovery of the funds ( As of today, we have informed the authorities and the exchanges where the currencies were purchased (Paxful, LocalBitcoins, Bitbase, Coinbase) and have conducted an online trace of where the funds were transferred into using state-of-the-art cryptocurrency technology (Cyphertrace). There are two (2) exchanges that have processed the transactions and have violated domestic and international banking laws by not conducting proper due-diligence on both sides of the transactions: one located here in the United States (Paxful, Delaware) and the other located in Singapore (Luno). I have informed both entities of the illegal activities and at this moment, they are conducting internal investigations to protect their interests and contain liability. According to email documentation, they have traced the perpetrators and flagged their accounts to hopefully prevent another victim.
  2. Obtain the results of the subpoena and provide me additional representation in filing a lawsuit in an attempt to recover the stolen funds and provide justice for these illegal acts. This item may also involve filing a lawsuit against the cryptocurrency exchanges that failed to conduct proper investigations on both sides of the transaction to ascertain that the money was not going to fund terrorism, money-laundering, racketeering, trafficking or other illegal activities. These exchanges are now liable for violating both domestic and international law. They have failed to act in a manner consistent with being a "good banker”.
I have exhaustive documentation that is located in 3 separate links ( [1], [2], [3]) and organized in a manner to support my case. I seek representation to assist me in "digging myself out of the hole that I have been thrown into". I am hoping that someone out there can assist me in removing the "poison" from the "bite" that i received from these illegal actions and help me find justice, not only for myself but for the entire system which could cause societal crash and us into an new age of darkness and rampant avarice.
Thank you for your time and consideration,
Gabriel Acosta
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Bitbase - New Escrow Blockchain technology

What is BITBASE?
BITBASE is the very first coin that has changed smart contracting as a whole and fixed it’s flaws, BITBASE is the very first coin to allow you to recover your coins in case of a transaction that goes bad. This could be useful in many ways, along with that companies like , , and many more can implement it, Why should these companies integrate BITBASE, BITBASE coin could easily be integrated with their buyeseller protection feature.
BITBASE is not just a coin it’s an advancement to the blockchain technology as a whole it doesn't just end there. BITBASE also offers a unique VISA card that allows users to shop online with ease and no hassle.
Why we invented BITBASE, in the Crypto industry there are many scammers about with the current crypto technology, due to that the crypto technology is rising very slowly with BITBASE technology in place the calculations show that the crypto technology market will attract more people everyday, since people will not fear losing their coins.
BITBASE the future of cryptocurrency. Now let's see some advantages of BITBASE I. You can buy / sell with a piece of mind, you won't lose clients because they won't have to worry about being scammed. II. 5x faster than smart contacting. III. Simple and easy to use system with detailed explanation to accept the coin with the current payment gateway you are already using.
1)Traditional concept Traditionally, Person A sends the funds to Person B, and in turn Person B sends item to Person A to complete the trade. In a smart contract; there is an additional level of protection, unfortunately it protects the buyer only. When conducting a trade with a smart contract, Person A sends coins via Escrow feature (smart contract) where both parties must agree to release the coins to complete the transaction.
However if the buyer does not agree, the funds or coins are returned to the buyer after a time limit. There is a huge flaw in today’s blockchain smart contracts, because they only protect the buyers.
In fact today’s smart contracts may very well promote fraud on the part of the buyers. If a seller has shipped a product or item, and the smart contract keeps the coins held in escrow until both parties agree to release them, but what if the buyer decides not to release or confirm the transaction, despite the fact that they received the goods? Any buyer can easily take advantage of this huge flaw in the so called smart contracts.
If confirmation is not received by both sides, the coins are eventually returned to the buyer, after a predetermined time limit. In this case the seller losses the product and eventually will be out of business. We can clearly see that today’s blockchain smart contracts are in fact far from being smart.
2) Our Difference. The Concept: In our system, let's assume: we have a group chat. Person A and Person B are trading. Both ask Person C to send them an escrow identifier, Person C generates one (through his wallet) and pastes it in the chat, Person C also gets a unique hash password to control the outcome of the transaction. Once both parties are happy, Person C releases the money. If either one of the parties is not happy, then the transaction is held in escrow during the dispute process, until such time that a resolution has been determined. E.G: like Paypal dispute & resolution center. Person A binds the transaction (coin-cli generate payment [amount] [recipient’s address] [escrow ID]) to the escrow identifier and gives them the payment hash which can be seen at the blockchain explorer. Person B sends the item to Person A.
3) Case: Both parties are happy Both parties ask the escrow to release the funds. Escrow executes the command: coin-cli release funds [escrow ID] [escrow PASSWORD]
4) Case: Parties are not happy In case of dispute, escrow decides in favor of Person A, then he/she can execute coin-cli return funds [escrow ID] [escrow PASSWORD], otherwise if Escrow sides with Person B, then coin-cli release funds [escrow ID] [escrow PASSWORD]
5) Normal Send/Receive Transactions: If user wants to send a transaction as a normal payment, user can choose to do so, and it will just be broadcasted to the network just like bitcoin, but if they want to send via escrow the concept above should take place this can be done with the existing bitcoin code. You can find several links and Bitcoin commands at the bottom of this page that will make more sense to developers.
6) Case Studies: A programmatically API will help you extend the functionalities of the BITBASE coin! 1. For companies like and PayPal, they can act as the direct escrow with the assistance of our programmable node. They will be able to generate escrow ID, process transactions, release funds all programmatically. This could integrate well with their buyeseller protection feature. 2. Similarly for companies like eBay, Amazon, our smart contract BITBASE technology will allow any company, business or online website to use the node to generate escrow requests on the go. They can decide to release the funds after X days after buyer expresses their satisfaction. They could relatively depend upon the seller's reputation. Good reputation, less time to release funds.
7) BITBASE VISA CARD. You can use BTB coins in USD value toshop online, with your BITBASE VISA card
8) BITBASE Project Breakdown & Funds allocation. Funds raised both before and during the token sale will be used for the development and maintenance of the BITBASE system. Although much of the planning and a decent amount of the development work has already been done to prove the proof of concept at the shareholders expense. Funds will be allocated to in a 60 day period to ensure everything goes well. This helps protect the project from massive market swings and ensures this project is brought to production as soon as possible without market risk.
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