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CLAMI THAT FREE HEX !!!1! or you could buy it, I guess...

CLAMI THAT FREE HEX !!!1! or you could buy it, I guess...
My No-coiner parent went to Home Depot to buy some edger line so I could do yard work, but they were worried that they got the wrong type, because it wasn't the circular round line we had before.
Nope, I don't see any problem here, It's not what I used before, but somehow it looks like destiny to me !

OK, lets do this !
How to Claim free Hex :

  1. You have your Bitcoin private keys in a Hardware Wallet. ( I hope!)
  2. You download the Electrum Bitcoin wallet
  3. You download the Metamask Chrome extention, this will be your Eth wallet
  4. Set up Metamask, log in, send a small amount of Eth to your Metamask Eth address
  5. You load my referral link to get +10 % on your Hex
  6. You connect your Hardware wallet to your PC and unlock it
  7. You load Electrum
  8. Go to Addresses
  9. Go to tools, sign/verify message
  10. Go to
  11. Go to Claim link at the top, when it is live (5 hrs from now)
  12. Enter each of your receiving addresses from Electrum (NOT PRIVATE KEYS)
  13. You sign each statement with the sign function in Electrum
  14. You enter the signed statement back into the claim entry line
  15. You set your autostake time, I suggest at least 364 days, so you will for sure get the big payday. I also suggest you use the same stake length, so you can combine your bags at the end stake time
  16. You do this for every UTXO (receive addresses in Electrum)
  17. Once ALL of your UTXO's are claimed, then you will have some leftover hex, you can sell or stake this, your call
  18. When your stake ends, you unstake your coins on If you don't do this on time, your coins will be lost to penalties, don't forget the date !

How to buy Hex from the Adoption Amplifier :

  1. You download the Metamask Chrome extention, this will be your Eth wallet
  2. Set up Metamask, log in, send a moderate amount of Eth to your Metamask Eth address, only what you can afford to lose ! Not investment advice !
  3. You load my referral link to get +10 % on your Hex
  4. Go to
  5. Go to the Transform link at the top of the page
  6. Look at all this insane amount of Eth being pumped into Richard's pocket, that is a lot of Eth, almost 14 THOUSAND ETH as of 5 hours before the end of day 1 !!!1! The more Eth sent here each day, the less Hex each sender gets, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT
  7. Game theory : This amount of sent Eth will go down each day after day 1, on average, because everyone wants to be first, and excitement does not last. IMO, you should wait 1 week, until at least day 8. I believe the amount of Eth sent will go down by a factor of 10 or more, while the amount of Hex on offer will only go down 50 % or so, so you can 5x your stack, if you can just delay your time preference a little bit. Trust me, I was in an almost identical coin to Hex, and this exact thing happened. Not investment advice, but common sense and experience. 5 X that stack, right off the bat ! Don't over pay !
  8. It's one week later ? Good, now log in late in the day, and check the amount of Eth sent. Is it much higher than the day before ? If so, wait another day, if its the same or less, then send 1/7 th of the Eth you want to transform
  9. Log in each day, get your Hex, check the Eth already sent, is it not too high, then send another 1/7 th of your Eth
  10. After 1 week more, you have dollar cost averaged into Hex, and you should have gotten a good price, too ! You can stake each day, or wait until you have bought what you want. I suggest if you have several stakes, that you time them to end on the same day, so you can combine your stack, and then sell or stake it as a unit. Combining the Hex will save you some gas on staking.
  11. When you set your stake time, I suggest at least 354 days, so you for sure get the big payday. You can also set the stake for 3652 days if you are REALLY hardcore, this will get you 3x your bag, and 3x all your other bonuses, but you have to wait 10 years. I'm going even longer, cause I'm a believer :P
  12. When your stake ends, you unstake your coins on If you don't do this on time, your coins will be lost to penalties, don't forget the date !

Why should you use my referral link ? Because I have explained exactly how to do this somewhat complicated process, I have given you some game theory, I found a funny image from my life, and I'm just a nice guy, so why not ?
HEX is everywhere !
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Logged into Coinbase for my first time in 5 years

The following post by SBFlash is being replicated because some comments within the post(but not the post itself) have been silently removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/7m9fh0
The original post's content was as follows:
Hi Everyone,
In late 2012 I was buying/selling bitcoins with friends through Coinbase when they were like $22/each. I sold what I thought was all of them for like $98/each later that year or spent them on Silk Road (my timing might be off a little bit, could've been 2013). The last time I tried buying some in Summer 2013 I was sent through some ridiculous ID check which was a lot more stringent then which I decided not to go through, i thought, because Silk Road was shutdown later that week. They basically wanted blood from your first born in order to complete the transaction.. On Sunday I decided to login to see if I even had a fraction of a bitcoin available. I had to purchase my old domain, setup email and reset my password because I guess I had 2FA enabled. Imagine my surprise when I find out the last purchase I made back then for 5 coins ended up going through...
I'm hoping to get some direction from some of you with where to invest it. I don't need the cash right now so I'd rather diversify in other coins. I kinda feel like a dbag because I've been giving my buddy who lives in Las Vegas a ton of BS for messing with cryptocurrencies and all of a sudden I hit a nice little payday from it.
The little research I've done has made me attracted to Ripple. This just came up last night so I haven't had a ton of time to look into. Hoping to get some direction from you guys.
Thank you, SB
P.S. What the fff is this $35 transfer fee? We used to pay literally 50 cents or less of bitcoin to transfer them around.
P.S.S How long would it take to download the blockchain nowadays? I used to have a program back then where I could download the whole thing for my offline wallet.dat (does btc still use this?). It's been such a long time that I'm sure things have changed.
I know, I'm a noob. People will probably think I'm trolling or faking but whatever. I don't care. Just looking for some insight.
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2-11-17 update
Do you have the redemption wallet set up yet? if you've never downloaded the wallet before, you're in luck, just go to the website at and download mirror two.
If you did have the older wallet and it doesn't say redemption wallet on it, try these steps just released this place to buy $PAC directly
All referral amounts will go towards Twitter Payday giveaways.


"Brad: A beginners guide on how to mine $PAC using NiceHash Thank you @Jared (US) for the great tutorial - A nice entry point to $PAC mining for those without their own rigs. :clap::skin-tone-1:


DO NOT use link 3 anymore, use download link 1
"I was so excited to hear there was a bulky extra wallet to download!" --Nobody
Yeah it sucks, but better safe than sorry, 2 GIGS is a lot of data for some people around the world, and I get that...
It will however be the last big download for the redemption.
This is the new recommended wallet for your coin swap -- just download it. It will be faster than asking "should I download it" then me saying, "yeah, you should download it"
(MAC redemption wallet upgrader & full install without full blockchain. MAC)
Redemption video explanation process:
"What happens if I don't download this and use the old wallet?"
It means you already know there is a redemption wallet, just download it.

The Million Dollar Question

1.)What is going on with my PacCoins at CRYPTOPIA AND YOBIT AND TRADE SATOSHI right now?

LIVE STREAM FROM YESTERDAY - I can't really give better information than Brad Marsh, and I find it unfair to quote him myself when you can watch it here for yourself. Theres Q&A at the end that answered a lot of extra questions. Watch the whole video that might help clear a lot of confusion you have. """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
I wont quote him myself, but Brad gives a bunch of good NEW answers on here
YOBIT - When wallets are down, do not send coins here. Never send any coins to any exchange in wallet maintenance
If you can see your balance, you're fine. You can't move these right now or maybe ever. Due to massive volume, the urge to buy PacCoin literally crippled their whole website and wallet for PacCoin. DO NOT SEND COINS HERE AT ALL.
Devs are working with Cryptopia to ensure that ALL PacCoins will be converted for you during the coin swap.
!Cryptopia accounts that have locked coins on them will automatically have their old coins exchanged into the NEW $PAC for you. So you don't need to have a wallet to be part of the RCO. - 1,000,000 PacCoins will turn into 1,000 $PAC after they are traded in for the coin burn!
Unfortunately I have coins on here too, and there's nothing we can do but wait for Cryptopia to fix their markets and/or work with the DEV team on the coin swap because their big boy wallet is broken.
!::!:!:!This may be like this until they manually do the redemption. In the video, there was a real hardship that was not everyone could be pleased, but all the coins on cryptopia MUST to be swapped unless they fix the wallet, which from my understanding is impossible to repair. The company said they were gonna take the risk out of the sense of LOSS in the case that you sent coins before you were told not to. Things like that!::!:::!:::!
I will say that they did not want this to happen, but they are stepping up to do what they can to fix what they can. They aren't gonna penalize the community for buggy issues out of the users control.

Think about what a huge clean up on isle 5 its gonna be. Its gonna take a lot of work to get done, but I'm confident they'll be successful.


"You have until February 25th to WITHDRAW your coins from your exchange wallet and put them into the new redemption wallet available on
Trade Satoshi are upgrading their platform in anticipation for the new $PAC coin - Old PAC will not be supported after this time."
Source: Trade Satoshi --


You thought I wouldn't personally say something about yobit and cryptopia? Well, I suppose its in the title. If you're that concerned about your yobit coins, just take the advice in the video that Brad said about just holding tight.
In my own words, without quoting him, he got across that
  1. If your coins are stuck on Yobit, the redemption window would be extended - he said it wasn't fair to the investor if their coins are locked up.
  2. You can still sell them for alt currency and buy at tradesatoshi instead.
  3. You can still buy into the RCO at cryptopia, but its way over priced.
I know I understand a lot of you are grieving over all the exchange issues, and if you got something bad to say about it, I understand why. It's frustrating to me and all of you for the price has been going down, and they cant be moved.
We all want to be in control of our assets, and sometimes things go a way we can't control, but I will finish this by saying there is far worse exchange news floating around lately than just cryptopia and yobit wallet issues.
The exchanges have 1,000 coins and people and things to do and communicate with. The harder we prove to them that we are impatient and flood their mail with messages, the longer its gonna take someone to read the same question again. And then answer that question again. When they need some relief and time to focus on what they can.
They aren't doing this on purpose and the last thing they want is another e-mail about how their website stinks. They don't want the problems, but they're kind of stuck with them.
I would only send a TICKET if your transaction says "Processed" and you haven't received from yobit or cryptopia, otherwise all your questions about why the wallets dont look are going to flood over people that are missing coins.
I'm sure out of the two issues, you would rather see the missing coins one solved then if their wallet is gonna work today, tomorrow, or the next, or the next.
Every email is a block in the ledger that needs to be digged away so they can find the emails that stand out that they can actually try to get a case started on.
They have over 161,000 followers alone on twitter. Cryptopia and Yobit, out of the two, I would say I give my respect to Cryptopia first.
Yobit is still working on wallet issues it sucks, but its the truth I personally bought at .0061 and sold for .0085, sent them to Trade satoshi, and bought all of them from .0071 all the way up to .0085, kept the profits and sent to my wallet. If you are that upset about yobit, sell your PAC, buy on Trade Satoshi, or just sit tight.
Theres no penalty for missing the redemption if they are tied up on the account of yobit. If you need to sell for financial purposes, you still can on yobit, so it shouldn't stress you out. The only people that ultimately deserve respect for keeping their cool is the people on Cryptopia for they could never send or receive after the crash.
At this time, I'm going to recommend just getting them into your personal wallet ASAP if you can.
"We recommend that after checking the exchange wallet status that you send only 100 coins as a test before trying to move a large amount." This is Dylan Pln, FACEBOOK MODERATOR suggestion.

2.) Where do I buy PacCoin? Why is this so difficult?

In order to buy PacCoin, I would recommend getting familiar with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or DOGEcoin. ETH is acceptable too. You're gonna need to own these to buy it.
DOGE is especially a good one for this coin, because right now DOGE market is the best price, because .00000001 Bitcoins is still too much to purchase this for right now.
DOGE is like the "Change" In cryptocurrency (for now) and can meet the extremely low price in the markets you will want to purchase in.

3.) What are Exchanges?

Exchanges are places similar to the stock market you would see, but more specific for users, as they aren't hidden behind user interface, like Fidelity or Robinhood.
These exchanges are like driving a manual, vs. driving an automatic car. If you don't know what you're doing you should research on youtube for tutorials.
You're going to send, DOGE, LTC, OR ETH to an exchange and try to buy at the most affordable price NOW, or place a buy order at a cheaper price and fish for a good deal. - try to stick with trade satoshi.
These are going to be the best two places you should buy PacCoin right now. They are the cheapest and if you're using BITCOIN to buy, you are doing it wrong. MOST ASKED QUESTION:

4.) I heard "Blah blah from some unofficial source and is it true?"

This website holds all official news.

5.) What is PacCoin, I still dont get it?
Start by going here and downloading a wallet and talk to PacCoin4Prez on twitter to get started.

6.) Is PacCoin a scam?

No. This is not a scam. It is just the beginning though, and somethings aren't as polished looking as businesses with many seasoned years.

7.) My wallet is not working right.. I can't figure it out.

Start here before asking around, although someone will probably help you.
AFTER YOU GET YOUR WALLET WORKING, BACK UP YOUR WALLET.DAT file by clicking "File" - "Backup wallet" save off your computer in case your hard drive crashes or the file stops opening on your computer.

8.) What happens during the redemption process?

Everyone that I sent 5,000 PacCoins to in their OFFICIAL PACCOIN WALLET, will need to download the new (Much Lighter) wallet. The wallet is scheduled to be released on Feb. 3rd.
I don't want to get into price speculation, but ultimately the idea is that the 5,000 PacCoins you got will turn into 5
PAC, the new coin and the value should stay the same, but the price should increase more reasonably.
In march the official redemption happens. If your coins are on cryptopia, they should be converted into the new PAC for you.

Otherwise, you are going to be sending your coins to PACCOIN.NET with their specific instructions. DO NOT SEND YOUR COINS TO ANYONE ---- ONLY THIS WEBSITE. THERE WILL BE PEOPLE TRYING TO SCAM YOU AT THIS TIME.

9.) Are there any Faucets? YES.


10.) Where will the NEW $PAC be featured.

The coin is guaranteed to be on Cryptopia!
Otherwise this is a complete list of exchanges applied for. It appears devs are taking this seriously, because it isn't free to apply to most exchanges!
Thanks for reading
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New to Bitcoin, have some questions/need direction, please!

I'm new to Bitcoin and I have some questions I was hoping you great folks to clarify, if I'm not understanding things correctly (which I think I'm understanding about 50-60% of it). I'm from Canada and would appreciate if you relate things to how they may work in Canada, or internationally (just not specific to the US/UK or anywhere else that might be region specific).
I've been reading through the threads here, starting with:
I have created an account for Coinbase, Blockchain and QoinPro, but I think they may be US specific? This is the start of where I need assistance, as I want to make sure I have the appropriate accounts created for use in Canada/internationally.
With Coinbase, my understanding is it is used to purchase Bitcoins. It asks me to link my bank account to purchase Bitcoins, which overall, I don't have an issue with, providing this is the site I should be using. Is there a Canadian equivalent I should/could be using? Is that the overall idea for Coinbase (to purchase coins)?
With Blockchain, I'm a bit confused. I have my account, can log in and it almost seems like a Coinbase type of site? I have a Wallet and shows Transactions and whatnot. Should I be using one or the other? Or both?
If I do link my bank account to a site, is it bad/not a good idea to link my bank account to multiple sites? Or even one site? I want to ensure my security but I also want to be involved in as much as I can, safely.
Now, once I'm setup online, I also want to setup an offline Wallet (so I'm told is a good idea). I was wondering if folks could suggest a good app to download. I downloaded Electrum but want to make sure this is the right app before I do anything with it. I'm fairly tech savvy, but since I'm new, maybe something simple to start out with but has some advanced features once I'm comfortable with it?
I apologize for all the questions and confusion, if it seems like I'm all over the place, because I feel as if I am! If there's already a thread going that lists the steps from getting started to setting up an offline wallet, linking multiple accounts (I ideally want to make sure all my Bitcoins are in the same place so I don't have $20 in one place, $60 in another, $100 in another, etc) to using Bitcoins in everyday use, I would be super grateful. I plan on purchasing $10-50 every payday so I can start amassing some BTC! Also, if there's anyone who would be up for answering what very well could be a lot of questions, I would also be forever grateful!
Thanks for your time in reading this, hope I didn't make anyone's eyes bleed from the questions.
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Bitcoins for Extra Life

I'm doing Extra Life this year. I'm pledging my donations to the Gillette Children's Hospital/clinics of Minnesota. I want to see if we can plug in bitcoin donations. Neither the Charity or the Hospital currently accept bitcoins directly.
What is Extra Life? It's sort of like a charity walk for the modern era. At 11pm (-6GMT) on November 1st I will turn on my Twitch stream. There will be games on that stream until 12am on November 3rd. You throw money at me and I throw that money at the Children's Miracle Network.
Why pledge to you and not someone else? In another life I reviewed video games on the ProAm circuit. I still have some contacts with some publishers. I cannot promise anything yet, but I will do what I can to get some games on the stream before you might otherwise see them. I have a few friends on the journalism side who may stop oveskype in to chitchat about games. Nothing has been confirmed yet. I may just be another slob playing Payday 2 for 25 hours.
How do Bitcoin Donations work? As of right now I'm accepting donations for this drive at 139ZYAUZykU3xUnHq4azZkVw2dgTLoHyTN. I am also planning to donate the bitcointip balance of this account. Starting the week of the 28th I will fire up my account and convert as many bitcoins as possible to fiat at the going rate. If I don't sell it all I will buy as much as I can afford the morning of the 1st at that rate. Whatever I cannot afford will go to Sean's Outpost.
How do we know you won't run away with the money? I'd be a hellova jerk to steal money intended for sick kids in the city I live in, but I suppose it's possible. With the links I've provided you have all the information you need to sic law enforcement on me. Some of you have downloaded my software in the past or have used my bitcoin tip lanyard service. That still doesn't really solve the issue though. I've asked the mods about it, and so far we haven't struck a great idea. Pester Extra Life to accept bitcoin donations next year. Maybe you work for one of the processing networks/know someone who does. Maybe you set up an address and make the donation pro bono. I'm willing to hear any ideas you've got. You can donate directly to the charity using the first link in this post.
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Fully Explained, Bitcoin !!!! #Bitcoin Pay Day 2 Wolf Hud Download Tutorial 2020 - YouTube [SA:MP System] Bitcoin Mining/Exchange - FREE DOWNLOAD Coinbase Tutorial - Bitcoin Como Baixar e Instalar PAY DAY 2 - Completo [TUTORIAL ...

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Fully Explained, Bitcoin !!!! #Bitcoin

COINBASE: Easiest way to buy Bitcoin here! (download)👇 ROBINHOOD: Buy & sell stocks & crypto! You now ... 2.Variatia pretului Pretul Bitcoin-ului se va schimba la fiecare Payday, in functie de cate tranzactii au fost efectuate si de raportul vanzare/cumparare. De asemenea, jucatorii isi pot trimite ... This Payday 2, Obduction, Blade Runner Memory Lab, Job Simulator Infinite Overtime, Five Nights at Freddys, Pimax Kickstarter, Project Sidewinder Adobe, Nvidia Near-eye Light Field Holographic ... Games,Cheats, Youtube SHOW! ЧИТ ДЛЯ RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2, ПРИВАТНЫЙ ЧИТ, НАКРУТКА ДЕНЕГ PRIVATE HACK RDR 2, MONEY HACK - Duration: 3 minutes, 8 seconds. The next video is starting stop. Loading...